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hi everyone its Alicia what a treat for you today to see me like this but I thought I will demonstrate and show you how I do my glycolic peel it is time for me to do it so I usually do it at weekends and I do it once a week for six weeks then I have a break for a couple of weeks and start over again the brand that I use is from bravura London and I've told you about before and minus thirty per cell first of all what you will need is couple of dishes I mean these are quite big you could have something small and they should be like ceramic you mustn't use metal obviously because metal will react with the acid so one of them is to squeeze your acid into the other one is to make up your neutralizing solution depends where you buy your glycolic peel some can be washed off with water some have a spray of neutralizes bravura London does this and if I knew before I bought it that all it is is bicarbonate of soda I wouldn't bother so it's just your there's nothing else to it is bicarbonate of soda first of all when you get your glycolic peel you have to do patch test and do it somewhere here for and wait for 48 hours to do it the same way as you would do peel on all of your face but just in one place somewhere here usually no one gets reaction to it they are very safe glycolic acid peels and how long you live it on you need to read the instructions mine said that you should start with two minutes so you will also need a stopwatch I did at first two minutes and I did three you can go up to seven I think and now I've been doing six I've been tolerating it quite well so I've been doing about six minutes I also have this little brush which I bought from bravura London as well but you could use any synthetic flag brush to apply it with so I would normally do it in my bathroom but obviously I don't have computer in my bathroom so I have to do it here okay before you start you you should have washed your face with something mild nothing with anything else they exfoliating and you shouldn't have used any facial scrubs anything like that done your special wipes because all them cotton pads because you will you don't want to irritate your skin anymore um and from the moment you wash your face you have about half an hour wait about 15 minutes and then do your glycolic peel before you start you need to make up your solution and it's very difficult to explain the ratio you just have to I don't know guess it they say use a teaspoon full teaspoon I use mom I just Chuck's I mean but don't pour water in because it dissolves really quickly I almost have my water running really slowly and I hold this with the powder in and I sort of flick the water into it if you know what I mean because you want the consistency to be something not running but can you see like a paste paste consistency so it takes like trial and error you know so I sometimes put too much water so then I have to add a bit more powder and you son will laugh okay so we have our neutralizer prepared now I am going to squeeze the whole pipette of it into my well maybe not all of it hang on about that much that's about half when I squeeze that into my little bowl you can always add a bit more if it's nothing that that lasts for ages honestly half your watch ready I'm gonna set it for six minutes so my watch is on and you quickly start applying it very quickly first and then you can go over

okay and now I can slowly go over the bits and it's already tingling so what you're going to experience is tingling is almost like prickling and that's fine that's what you should be feeling it almost feels like your face has been sunburned but that's fine if if he's getting a bit hard to get something to find yourself with I actually have a proper Spanish fan they usually find myself with okay remember one thing you mustn't go right under your eyes you can go under this socket bone but not under your eyes don't get it into your nose or on your lips you don't want that so if you worry about not being able to apply it carefully then put vaseline around you let's run journals you know places like that and now I'm just whatever I've got left I'm just applying it in those places that I wanted the most I've got a lot of discoloration I don't know if you can see on my cheeks it is getting very dark now so I don't know what the lighting is like okay and I'm just going to wait I've done two minutes so if you were doing it for the first time you would start neutralizing but I am going to do it for six minutes so yes um I can feel it now stinking a bit so I'm going to take some printing paper and found myself and that's find that really helps if you really feel such unbearable burning then neutralize it straight away but it's supposed to tingle and burn a bit that's the whole point because you are basically bending your skin with acids but it is very safe strength and that's how I was skiing then fixing the production of collagen and and staring you eats itself so you'll basically cause an injury to your skin I know it sounds a bit drastic and therefore your skin starts repairing itself so it's really not the actual glycolic acid that repairs your skin is your skin doing it by itself because you've caused it an injury that's how I can explain it but remember I am NOT an aesthetician I am NOT a dermatologist but okay I'm almost four minutes then what's going to happen when I start neutralizing and it is very important you cannot skip that bit and neutralizing basically stops the acid working and why that works because these two have different pH so you have to do it twice like a double and neutralizing to make sure that you've got two because if you don't neutralize the asset it carries on working basically okay phone minutes 27 it's not so unbearable now it's just very about it wasn't unbearable to start off with it's just very mild I can feel it quite here on my cheeks and my my chin so I will start neutralizing in a minute and what will happen okay I've got 30 seconds what will happen when I start new tree lighting you will you might hear it I don't know if you will hear it I hope you don't you will be like fizzing and crackling and that's fine that's only might burn at that moment a bit more but then he just goes away and that's fine that's what's supposed to happen that's the neutralizing process okay so what I do I take my paste in both hands can you hear it I hope you can and you press it everywhere you applied the acid and this is burning now this is really really hot but that's fine and goes away within few seconds and then keep doing it you will know where you haven't done it because you will face where you've already neutralized or it's fizzing here if you've neutralized in a play in one place already one feels again but where you have a neutral you will fish that's why you have to do it twice and I've got quite a lot of space left I've made them to match but it's better to make too much they're not enough because obviously you want to neutralize it all okay I think that's me neutralized so now what I'm going to do is go and wash it off with just cool water don't do it too hard obviously you can see my skin's gone a bit red I hope you can see um and you're done and tonight our I will not use any other exfoliant like my glycolic for last choice or a BH a none of that all our use is my serum and just a light moisturizer and that's it so I'm going to go now and wash it off okay so I have washed it you might be able to see my skin is looking a bit pink but it is not uncomfortable I am absolutely fine now I've just applied some light moisturizer make sure that that much choice it doesn't have any exfoliant in it or retin-a or anything like this just something the best thing it would be just like a hyaluronic acid serum or something like that that just gives you some moisture and I know we say asked hyaluronic acid but it's not the same acid as this so as you can see is quite easy is quite safe as long as you follow follow the instructions from the companies lift legs because depends where you buy it like I said not all of them neutralize the same way and also a very very important always always do a patch test although the colic acid is very safe sometimes you never know you can get reaction to anything so it's very and to do that patch test but other than that it is good for your skin so I hope you enjoy that I don't like coming on here without makeup on but when I first bought then click alike acid a lot of you ask a lot of questions have to use it and watch it over there so I thought doing demonstration like this will be the best and thank you very much for

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