Minecraft Top 5 Elytra Tricks and Tips

by: cubfan135

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howdy everybody today I'm here to tell you about five tricks you may not know about this not my beard it's actually the Latro right here so here are five quick tips and tricks you can use with the alight try the first alight throw tip I'll share with you guys today is the bow boosting trick many you guys are probably already familiar with it but in case you're not basically what you need is obviously the Elektra a bow with punch too and preferably some type of armor as well so you don't take too much damage from this but basically I deal with this is that it allows you to fly upwards with the Elektra so let me just do what demonstrate this here I'll go ahead and jump off of this you can also take off from the ground if you get really good at this and you'll see we are now much lower than our platform but if we pull back this punch to bow ever so slightly you'll see we hit ourself with an arrow and actually has allowed us to return to almost the height of the platform here let's see if we can just spam the bow a little bit and get the speed to go back up which we just did right there and there we go and so that basically allows you to go both up and down while wearing the Elektra which is quite useful and also if you have errors of instant health for instance these are actually much more friendly to use you don't take as much damage with these in fact you actually uh you get the same effect with the punch as you can see here we're now much higher than the platform but you don't lose any hearts basically so that's quite useful if you have some of those although it is worth noting that those get consumed whereas these and regular arrows don't if you have infinity so yeah just note note that and yeah on to the next trick this next tip has to do with infinite flight as well except this method does not actually require any arrows or any external force underneath kind you can simply do it from the mechanics of the game so I'm going to go and show you the f3 debug screen right now don't worry I will explain what you need to know here basically right here you want to look at the number that is reading 24.4 right now so that is your angle that you're looking up or down so right now it's twenty four point four so from the horizon which is about right right see if I can get it exactly that right there it's at point one it's close enough though you want to look down 40 degrees and that is the angle you basically want to fly at so if you fly at an angle pretty close to 40 degrees let's say thirty nine point nine here and then back up at negative 40 degrees so at this angle right here you'll actually achieve infinite lift from the Elektra itself so I'm trying to go ahead and try this right here ah let's see we need to start off going about 40 right here so we're going to dive down we're going to gain some speed here so we're looking at 40 at 40 at 40 and we're going to go up to minus 40 or so right there now we're falling again we're going to go back down to 40 40 40 40 40 and then back up what I overshot there overshot by a lot and then we're going to go back down to 40 and then I'm going to go ahead and turn around this next point here so there we go 40 right there down to the bottom up at minus 40 right there I'm going to go and turn around come down at 40 you want to get as close to 40 degrees as possible horse without whoops without hitting something like I did there with my mouse on accident there we go we'll get down to 40 we'll see if we can land back on the same platform we took off from and that will sort of prove that this this does indeed work and you can go on for quite a while like this so there we go 40

there we go went a little bit high there but yeah you can see we are already higher than we initially took off from and we should be able to land on the platform right there very good so yeah flying downwards at 40 degrees upwards of 40 degrees allows you to have infinite flights still Andy this is even in the 1.11 snapshot so yeah kind of a cool thing the next trick I want to show with the Electra has to do with nether portals so here I've made about 60 23 by 23 black portals which is the maximum size of the portal allowed in the PC edition of Minecraft back-to-back-to-back so they're all together they're all lit and basically what you can do with this let me just get over here and show you you can fly through the nether portal here while you're in the air and come out in the nether while still flying so this represents a pretty quick way to get around in Minecraft if you set up like a little network of these so let me just go ahead and show you this is actually possible so we'll just go to game-mode 0 I got my light drawn and everything good so we'll just jump on off of here we'll fly into these portals and then we want to sort of like lose speed by going upward like this and you'll see well go through will come out and we are still flying through the nether there's the portal behind us and then presumably what we would do after this is we would have another portal over here somewhere the same thing 60 blocks long and yeah then we go through it and continue flying in the overworld and so you could fly for a very long time like this without ever having to stop flying so yeah that's pretty quick way to get around with the elantra and a little tip that you might not have considered the next step I'm going to show you is how to mine more efficiently for diamonds with the alight trust so I have my light ray equipped here and the way we're going to make this more efficient usually people dig out like a 2x1 tunnel to mine for diamonds just like this problem with this is that you're digging out two blocks and you're only exposing six new blocks but if you were to say I try to get into a 1x1 tunnel so I'll just start the tunnel right here you're going to be digging out one block and exposing four blocks so it's a lot more efficient than the 2x1 tunnel and the way you get into this one-by-one tunnel is you dig out a three-block tall area here above yourself so you can activate your Electra basically butt up against the place where your one by one hole starts activate the Electra and then keep holding forward so you can see now we're on the right level and once you're at this level just go ahead and hit your sprint button which I just did right there and you can see now we can move around within this one by one hole and once you're in this hole you basically stay in there for a while you see I have a yeah some other 1x1 holes around here so I can get around easily but this is a really easy way to to mine you can also place you know torches as you go or place blocks even as you go like that the other thing you can't do is shift while you're in here because if you shift you'll start to suffocate you can actually see it looks very weird if you're in a third person here it looks like you're standing up in the block when you're actually not standing up on the block but yeah that is a very easy and efficient way to mine compared to normal mining the final electro trick I'm going to show you involves ender pearls and actually this is a great way to quickly and easily get down to the ground when you're flying with the light ray and it's particularly useful in like PvP situations if you're being chased while you're flying away with an Electra and so let me just show you the trick here so this basically is kind of a change double change in 1.9 in 1.10 so the change was made in 1.9 that velocity of thrown entities now is preserved when you are moving so what that means is before you can only throw an ender pearl about 40 blocks or so you could maybe do some stuff with slime blocks to make it go additionally a couple dozen blocks further but pretty much you are limited to just the regular ender pearl throw but now if you go really fast like say with an ax light ray equipped that velocity is added to the velocity the ender pearl which means you can do something like this so if I go ahead and just fly on down here pull up at the last second and then toss it out that way and then immediately start to fly the opposite direction you will see I was not teleported there and that was intentional so that enderpearl is actually now over there frozen in midair so it's just basically hovering in midair and then when I fly back to this region to the region where I threw the ender pearl you'll see that the ender pearl will then start to fall again and I will actually be teleported so this is a really easy way to sort of get yourself to the ground or to a specific location very quickly and it allows you to like get away from enemies super quick so there you go you see it got me to the ground really really quick so yeah that's another little trick you can use with the ender pearl and the Elektra combined to either you know escape from enemies or ah yeah just get back to your base faster than normal so that is all I think I have for today for the Elektra tips and tricks if you enjoyed please do leave a like and thanks once again for watching this has

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