Dream Daddy- Carve That Pumpkin!

by: Fighting Dreamers Productions

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welcome one and all to the annual Christiansen family pumpkin carving extravaganza who loved your pumpkins son okay so today we're gonna be learning how to carve a basic pumpkin into a nice wholesome family design courtesy of myself and Joseph Christiansen and my son Christian Christiansen see you look at the camera son okay let's uh let's get started shall we come on son come okay son so first step is we're going to choose our design for our pumpkin and I'm gonna draw a eggplant because they're both a seasonable vegetable and Roberts been texting me a whole lot of lately so I have them in my head how about you son what are you gonna design we wanted you want to sketch it out with it with a sharpie you sure just a little sketch sketch that's beautiful so creative my son here all right now that we have our sketches out we're gonna start cutting into our pumpkin this is the fun part son all those guts take this big bread knife here we're just gonna we're gonna cut into our old pumpkin here how you doing son doing well in school [Music] sure you drop your you're in the second grade son that's that's going to help you with your homework sure Marilla just studies Bible studies uh Christian studies you know the usual science science oh that's a good once my son the comedian over here right yeah a little surprising why I do is when your son is least expecting that you take some pumpkin guts and then you turn around and you just well I why son why do you have an umbrella with you [Music] all right it's now time for the grand reveal this is my pumpkin what do you think son look at that long shaft and that little uh no get up there it's spitting image of a uh no son this is an eggplant it's a beautiful eggplant really let's see your pumpkin show get well son let's never speak of this again alright this has been pumpkin carving with the Christensen's so remember everyone if you're looking for a nice wholesome family activity to do this October with the whole fam Jam pumpkin carving it brings families together

happy Halloween son hmm hmm eggplants you know it does kind of look like a dick oh no what am I gonna do with those 58 plants [Music] should do one more time oh that's funny man what am I gonna do with us 58 minutes in the rain a little too fast

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