Giant Despicable Me 3 Minion In Real Life Toy Hunt

by: Gus the Gummy Gator

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what what's that over there

[Music] under the Governator hey little Gators today we're gonna go on its joy hunt so first we need a friend to play with hmm hit check out what's in this period McDonald you this fun toy hmm hello anybody in there whoa Wow this is is joy minion we found a friend hang a minion we're gonna go on a toy not good what's that you're saying well he says all his friends are hiding around this room we gotta find him let's see who can collect more minion toys let's go he's gonna turn to be some minion look at that we found our first one oh come on in my basket daddy better Oona baby whoa here's another one we got another one too we found another one we got three little minions I think I see one oh yes here my minion this one looks like a banana that sticks commander it's gonna be Glenn Beck yes buddy kind of a name I don't know a little big jump for minion hmm maybe we should lift up the mattress no other with your friends Wow minion look at all this mess you made what to do that for just let me get another toy can I see Wow minions reading me he's gotta learn more toys than me no better catch up with me here would I hide ya this quick and fetch ouch moving on and my yummy strength yeah thank you much drink oh right we got two more minions using one yo run miss go check the kitchen what it's a gas minions already gone you get a pink me yeah what you doing digging in the trash minions I've done more minions than you what what's that over there

minions are finding their victory yeah look at all my minions for this there's more minions in the kitchen [Music]

another one is you can begin no man we're all done we got joy hood hmm I wonder who has more minions next let's count our minion minion you go first yeah link relator this didn't look like you mini minion you're right minions go ahead and kill a guy came Jane yes wait a minute back I'm good at anything bug big boss yes you're right minion how many toys do you have six joy you don't have stick joy and you get one you say big plus one and two you got nine joy at all I think I got you beat no Rex my turn here they come whoa it's not a minion nobody was working hard come on out minion and you're a we get 1 million two eleven seven twenty five eight nine ten fourteen you know you know you know what it's all wrong what you think little Gators with that right no right get it correct display counting one two three four five six seven eight nine ten wait a minute there were more minions up here what'd you do yeah that one 11 12 13 14 yeah 14 get a minion joy yeah right but there was a good job anyway minions do what you take the Gators who won today neat yeah guess the Gators the winners thanks for playing with me minions nano let's have some gummies and celebrate ok minion there's some gummy for you and then gummy for me yeah everybody good yeah right thanks for watching it again hope you had fun today see you next time if you had fun today clip my other videos to see Liam my yummy gum click on the red button to subscribe to watch more of my videos and my yummy gummy new ventures [Music]

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