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what's going on guys this is the all day here welcome to another video now right now I'm standing in front of Bruce Lee's mansion this is a mansion that Bruce Lee lived in in Hong Kong and it's been abandoned for a super long time this mansion is valued at 100 million Hong Kong dollars and as you can see it's being left completely what we're going to do is we're going to go around the back and we're going to enter the mansion and we're going to go inside I'm going to explore this place I'm trying to think the easiest way now make sure it's the right building

just use these maids balance

okay so we're now inside one of the rooms we made it inside now before we keep exploring I want to give like a little tiny bit more backstory so this was the the home of Bruce Lee and his family for a long time until this building was sold and it was bought by a man who turned into like a love hotel which sweaty no you rent rooms to somebody so this is one of the bedrooms here and as you can see the power the power is still running and we'll show that off in a second I see from turn some lights on the power in this building still running and also the waters all running so it's absolutely amazing we're going to keep exploring this place here's another bedroom

cigarettes you here's only the ball

as you can see here this roof is just caving in let's go quite a boat moly smell in here it smells bad

so these building is just full of like these rooms because as I said it was turned into a love hotel so every rooms have these bedrooms with this nice lighting and I can imagine like you know what was going on inside of here just crazy think Bruce Lee's family was living here like he's such a role model inspiration to so many people I just sad to see his his house just being destroyed TV isn't connected

these are inside like a very similar layout let's check out census ice we've explored upstairs we've seen like all the bedrooms here so now we're going to head downstairs and see what's down there's a sec it's not going to head down

so we've found like some animal poo or something on the bed on the way which is really disgusting so now downstairs in this place is like a lot creepier it's just another one of those bedrooms you could see

documents you if any of you guys can read Chinese you can tell me what this says here you wanted to that tower doesn't work anyway so here we've got like some little stuff like thank you all in this table second office cigar phone power in this room isn't working

look here's the key

[Music] so what are these rooms just then tend to have like a really similar layout as I said kind of like a bed and then a table we want to go to the courtyard but there's two God boxes in this area so we don't know if there's security here so we'll find out and if there isn't security we're going to go outside to like some some painting spot work here

whoa Balkan another one is big bed

place is really dark here look Bunch the towels they use for the hotel the room service wow this is luxury Emma we're now in the courtyard of the imagine me so now in the courtyard of the manager but there's so many people and we feel like someone's easel we feel like someone sees us and I call the police this crate is right behind me though


so outside inner void kitchen good luck all these supplies at my desk and here is like sugar and stuff meat cleaver

making a noise whoa

so I'm now going to go to the roof of this mansion there's a train coming right here full of people I wonder if we're gonna get spotted crazy so I want to walk across out on the roof but it's way too dangerous this shit's like gonna break

okay so we're just walking around the front courtyard as you can see because I wanted to film some scenes some lady walked past she seems quite pissed off which was like my old Chinese lady so I'm going to end up this video we've completely explored Bruce Lee's abandoned mansion in Kowloon Tong Hong Kong absolutely amazing place like there was just so much and it's crazy how the powell was working the TV is working so we've explored what we can we've shared everything there is how we're going to end up this video so I want to thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope you did enjoy and if you definitely want to see some more about it videos or anything along the lines of that definitely like this video and remember to subscribe

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In this video, we went to explore the old abandoned home of the famous star Bruce Lee and his Family. The house was abandoned after it was sold to another person and it was turned into an operating love hotel. This abandoned Mansion is like no other, the power and water inside is still working and the mansion is in a pristine untouched condition for the most part. ENJOY SUPPORT ME HERE - https://www.patreon.com/illsight

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