GZA - 0% Finance

by: Ama Hussla

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took off the showroom floor no money down near the Chrysler Building the heart of Midtown 200 horsepower under the hood junk in the trunk very far from damaged goods designer frames with windshields state any the most suitable thing someone invented I'm wrangling how to stick on the bumper assigning kicks tow trucks try jumper rearview mirror data Selena Williams stand with the crime then the look tell them brush the showers in the concealing your racks cash in the glove compartment freezing packs low mileage on the odometer graduate with more degrees than a thermometer swab cloths betray compensation she will focus on the finish line a destination staring in the right direction make sure I wore seat belt had airbags for protection in a tank she loved the stash my tool I kept before super unleaded fuel she had a room full of sturgeon rims the old ones you swing off rub that off and hung some limbs attempt at the Ford modeling agency Berman area but to Cork agency a great grandfather with a Cherokee Indian explorer and navigator traveling day began shopping in his hours on Plymouth Rock command in chief raised cattle and selling the livestock king of the frontier right up there as he was just a sharp as a needle down fat legend and shooting on the run to her sons were old we'll bill to drink Thunderbird man sit on fertile soil with equipment the ran off expensive oil folks bragging said a horse pulled the most wagon they loved mustang sally' loud gagging fished in lake tahoe Cocula hunted impalas with six-shooters from a long range with the dog over there was something else seeing not molar something got caught in crossfire bunch rabbit indicating these dudes retire one was going bald rockin the sunroof or gas guzzling grill was one tool a strong accent in the bed like Lincoln who hated the golf course but he loved drinking Avenger used to pick up chicks cat magnums ever Tramp tough thick walk blazer we used to hide the brew before encounters with Jack was cruising a better Angela saloon sing the handsome in accord with the plan he was a phantom you got a fat lady they call home on and on she need a body work for the whole summer she had a few friends will you stay in the pound bend in the parking lots of junkyard down regulars and rest areas truck stop cassette player Nona making take pop gold diggers you wanna cream like Wells Fargo in Vegas it's circling around and more follow you know the snakes with the same fibers blood suckers who will juice paestum tightly met the Cavaliers Outback Steakhouse chicken clucking supreme just take out one of those forced to live in the story cuz at the auction the a Crown Victoria to stand up friends charge the battery how to run enough sweets flattery she kept a loud muffler can trust the kaliesha's to always pull over this duster a pothead some cold Firebird foul-mouthed could it use wise a word a man you start someone ran a crack wanna curly kept LoJack on him peeping with his body's low-high demon temple will accelerate privatize semen he was checked console rubbers she passed the inspection with flying colors she would turn left if he said right on a cycle he would often run red like his voice heckled if she thought convo a previous owner all he did was bawling some drove crate she was just Alona he had a leak transmission fluid said it was an accident didn't mean to do it no insurance what a drill team she saw the so lovely still stayed another total eclipse of the heart like freezing weather they never gave us star plus he had a sidekick in his garage and if he needed a vote she would give him a charge he was sent into running an escort service skating prisons what made a few nervous his baby mother and wife the BMW number one on the list who he brought trouble to she done everything to regain deliver he tried to be a li but went into the Beverly moved to Aspen and survived the Avalanche a different element inside battle ranch far away when she changed cata the

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