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so we're finally here performing for you there's a doll on the ground and he's doing a poo oh shit put your hand together if you wanna crap as we take you through it is medication on the ground DK shit yeah DK chicas doing a shit ah I don't get everybody on how I introduce it oh yeah that's how we're doing this today's theme obviously is the dong dong the dong today was my admiring his girlfriend oh shit IBM could be back for 10 minutes and that is the story I go what wait what are we doing what is ho ho think about the data today's environment of stories or Kevin makes my life exactly so your first scenario of today clearly you want dr. Conlon's yes so the theme is Donkey Kong yes theme is donkey kong sweet so what better way start off then donkey kong going out for his daily morning junk ah so it's like a day in the life of yeah this is a day in the life and always going night let's bring him in yes we just wakes up from it's very early morning you know like I think I'm go for a job first all right really let's do it you know I don't know okay so let's go so place some morning music Louie yeah Danny what the heaven Satan does it also guided me Oh today is Saturday why should I what is was gonna be like yeah no only I want to make it talk okay okay cool yes I'm going oh it's a beautiful day to do to start is shining the birds chirping uh I set up three bananas last night having Gaza my ass Oh July it's okay ah okay let's go for a jog okay so he went for a jog all right cool move off he went for a jog all right cool so he's gone the job watch this outside fog around the eye to comes your granny's helm yeah Mikado Tuffy goes God donkey go and to add the additional world after his joke he always likes to do his daily morning routine let's do that after the job right oh god she's gonna lose ooh little job always Jesus hey the Spaghetti Monster kit okay so here's the continues routine oh okay so after sorry what did you say these just he's gonna do something that he know yeah yeah he's no no his daily routine okay okay okay morning joke okay okay now it is to go piss off cranky come it's like it's nine o'clock okay giggles a cocky Kong I want some bananas because he's like out of food right and he feeds off of his yeah I think that's his grandpa I think it no it's it's uncle isn't it whatever I'm so fucking sharp out there shit whoa I always thought outside and so do you go to size like cranky I want them banana it sound like a two year like could easily he's a child at contact of itself oh that's the kind of person that we don't be okay so he goes inside but then suddenly yeah cranky Kong was up towards in in the middle of an experiment oh ok so he comes in but cranky Kong isn't gone yeah well in here yeah which is nice ok then you see season on a desk you like and you go take a shit we ran out of toilet yeah and I'm not gonna shit on the ground like you do every morning and so he's like oh maybe he has some bananas delay event we're gonna go sneak around take some bananas hungry that is a very interested mission no he needs to be more happy ok ok more happy 50 flex scale shit oh you're hanging out 50 30 oh yeah he's super happy now ok all right go ok so he's off you know like this is not like this textile shucks oh he's very happy a seagull you know how they like a big gulp with the fish you like Callaghan the Pelican she's making milk foam okay okay we're not that happy it o is detected it did it did it and so he's looking around he's knocking all the shit over okay on the desk but don't you go accidentally knocked over a vial of chemical oh no any knocks okay let me get some chemicals out okay okay you drop some napalm buy something Parvati no bleep me Lord like ah shit okay god damn it Kevin is what happened why did you drop me off because he was experimenting with me I was gonna bomb the big crocodiles from the caucus volcanoes is funky oh yeah he's gonna he doesn't walk on you really warfare Oh Oh my armor she just lost our shit fit oh you get it right he went bananas all right he went apeshit hahahaha hey looks okay so don't y'all monkeying around I got ha ha ha all right so dr. Kong wasn't affected because he eats me Palmer but then he sees that there was a banana poo on the floor and it got he got to hit by the napalm yeah and so then the banana right it began to began to shake shit ah then it a little banana with ice yeah no no no dog orange banana oh they tell it to a banana phone oh shit I gotta fucking it whoa so it goes and then so he goes like holy guacomole enough it's can you see my background please all right good making my making Kevin's background boy I don't Thomas the Tank Engine on my background hi and so he's like what is this and so Nana so we be can you play some beeping sounds like be specific I talk to the hand button but then he actually hits the colon call button and any he is um he summons a banana person okay and then who hates Donkey Kong because he's been eating these people hey hey a banana Joe descended from the sky and it was like who dare touches my banana for who did it calls me he's like ah he dies but then suddenly he was an important member of society oh that is he was summoned and then he was taken up our oh shit and then he was summoned into a banana heaven okay where all the bananas have died okay how the hell are we gonna continue a story from this okay no he's like it's like a cold room oh okay I'm not sure this'll be a TV he he was spawned inside a boxing ring but it's more with court okay okay that's it judges are judging you sir yeah someone on it so eating all of an honest I wanted to submit no story about donkey goes a lot if kids are gonna fuckin boxing being judged by Jordan I mean hey what do you want your can you expect you know the whole theater Arthur oh yeah I'm surprised - so audiences do it but I'm surprised they haven't gone mad yeah yeah and so you Nevada jelly time peanut butter jelly jam so this is begins enjoy overall all fear actually know it will do multiple they all like gods and all surrounding the race you know I'm from Majora's Mask like look for giant God yeah it's got the moon scary shit ominous as hell dude all right so we have holy shit gods of banana land and where the whole song becomes I like the story so far we should do this on lesson G for comment below cover the law we should really make this a story should Donkey Kong be the main character I don't think you ever done anything with Donkey Kong yeah whoa and so he was you know was being judged whoa Derr Derr than so you okay can you make my voice sound really cool you have eaten off more than enough youth fact pieces shit afternoon last year's oil housing and you will pay you will pay your next scenario okay well the Donkey Kong has to pay the ultimate price yes the alternately on an isle look look we go yeah banana and so a bolt of lightning shucks down from above oh just like put some green screen really shitty Green Team Lightning effect on the screen oh shit I am the mallanna here you go it looks like is in a boat it's actually banana boat dad Thank You CJ I'm gonna eat myself wrong he's a 30-foot coffee yeah so it okay if anyone even catches on bye click to final you will die oh shit now you will learn what it's like to be us ha ha I'm gonna get color for the back and then cranky and all his friends come and they see him and so he was teleported back to where he was it fun of monkey book he's not the head he grows on it ok stop it like but then like I eh is my a seviche but I don't know why I don't worry about it the Diddy Kong comes is like oh can you play that all bananas sound up there you go oh are you gonna lick him I'm gonna lick you and then I go he's like no no done enough and then you went away yeah and so the chase of him and so Diddy Kong counts but then lanky Kong Kong's eyes oh shit so like it oh god you're okay play like he come and you should be taking all those shrooms so he sees them is like oh my and it's like raised it on a constant come on and I saw every Kong in the world just like that generic cons okay sorry they all came to manage and hand your corner yeah that shit shit no this brings you to your fourth and final world oh no what will happen doc calm yes the cookie don't so what happened killed um Donkey Kong finds a way to make everybody happy oh but he's not happy that I got a good one I got a good one what um Donkey Kong joins Jamaican bobsleigh Donkey Kong mesmerizes everybody somehow and start to fitness program okay I should lead you want me to do that yet okay yes be incorporated you have to put it on your own credit twist okay so but uh Donkey Kong was like don't you recognise me everybody and all the Kong's are like but no time so they were closing in on him yeah okay holy shit it like a he's like a jello he's like a bowl of jell-o oh it's like they put it around that in six you know that when Bay takes off her clothes buy it all on oh let me just there's nothing pertain to the story by the way doing this for Lowe's my beta come work alone a beta cause for clothes hi and so anyway let's continue a story and everybody was close didn't but then don't get hung had an idea yep he was like I am if you are I am the dong God I am the God of all comes ok the concorde why because it is holy God okay fine no gods he's he's like I also Fitness it is okay so like everybody I'm I I'm actually your yoga I'm a new yoga instructor in town and I'm just showing you that get rid of your banana fueled diet I mean to fix your banana diets you got to have some Fitness in there as well and I only found this out by being a banana yeah and I I why I myself became a banana to you Peter I wonder here join today for some commercial music suggested itself he played some nice dance music right if you fuck me over me right here right now can you play this deeply give it all your God yeah my job damn it I get it I caught this one banana ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I just want the banana split oh and I could this one the killer I want to die that everybody was doing it another dance ok I saw everybody accepted him into everyone every comma accepted Donkey Kong into his into their land when he was like ha ha ha I was like yeah and saw the banana gods saw that he embraced being a benign and then with bananas took over the world is something that I learned from doing this hobo theater with you for so long yeah it is really hard to end of story now I wanted it was beautiful looking hard it is ohayo bananas oh hell the heaven this started off with a day the life of the vehicle now you have got you got stuck in a giant ass beat banana doing yoga with banana God surrounding it I guess anyway let's do the wrap up dude that was fucking crazy and how do we go from his house to here I don't know no this is what is the 1i audience with you guys I'm sorry guys oh my god I mean I do it to you guys before we do the wrap-up can you let us know what did you think of that story do you think it's not stupid enough it need to be more stupid or it's just the right amount of stupid let us know in the comment section yeah anyway let's do the wrap-up so your first word your first scenario was he had to go to jog and do his daily routine yeah you made him run and then go annoy thank you go over here that was not good I like that thank you can i lipet blue sweet but then your next word was he stood over chemicals and so some napalm drop on the ground and he got taken to another god no but now a banana Joe which was an important man of society hey but you came down very very good cinematography thank you that's Sean thank you so for that oh hell bananas well don't do that 5 out of 15 banana jokes yay your next scenario was the banana phone ok was it no the one on the phone was when he was summoned what's the next load oh we had to pay the ultimate price y'all you need to pay the ultimate price that he became a banana I really liked that you incorporated a new thing in that's that's what I contracted development see my becoming a man and doing on my face this is the face of courage development so if you ever want to develop character just look at it become a banana I'll give you 18 out of 32 squidgy Lee's yeah ok then and then your final word was he Yoga I'm million out of a million because out my butt I just pick that up ya know the way every Kong in the world became healthy and then they all lived happily ever but then the bananas look like a happy ending so I'll give you 15 out of 16 bananas but they're never Nana's took over oh sure it's not a happy maybe that's next time on hobos next time and all the data hope you guys enjoyed that bye guys this is a face of Kappa to develop notifies like it's like when you're learning well when you're trying to focus on Bay but you're trying to stare at it to the bow I don't know as a narrative I have at this one it's like when one day is talking but you keep staring some but a finance walks apart like you look at it through directly it's like uh one over there and one over there okay last one okay okay when you watch an X 54 video ouroboros video Oh


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