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by: Mini Ladd

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this is this is me okay hi this is me with my eyes and I have a droopy mouth here you're gonna go into your favorite Chinese place and my local one is called the walk-in it's literally a thing and you walk in and you can't wait you're like yes I'm gonna get my favorite Chinese food that can't wait so I walk in right and then you go boom segue here's the menu than you what I want you got some light they got some Peking on there then you got your like extras and stuff but then your favorite one is this one I'm like oh yes I will take this one now it's this part of the word if you can get that and I don't even go to Chinese Risch okay yeah I'm lost on this one okay um though it's not sweet it's oh you should even put a picture John there should just draw your drawing yourself but guys we're at the faceoff already taste like oh I should like the warhead yeah yeah just drawn a warhead dude okay so whenever there's an accident they put these on the road and then sometimes people put them up there but that was a lightning round holding Chris okay John you were the best explanation of the night so far sometimes we put it up but like really happy um big synonyms for the last one here is that cone again and you put a fun but let's think of a synonym for it cuz it's kinda clean the up the butt part ass bum like anal yeah I might be ten I don't know you sexual the XS rule yes of course sex come on idiot sex oh I don't wait I'm really confused on sex what actual Christmas tree it's I don't know why and elbow is it's a toy I think he gave up I used using my nap how about I thought the sex blight would deepen what sexual toy years old okay goddamn it now we're gonna play a little game of gasps that shape okay say it out loud you fucktards right yes what's this one where yes what's this one that wasn't it no what circle thank you what's this one a rectangle I'm done here okay spoken yeah I can't type great game guys give me something hot in the bag we're all gonna get through kindergarten soon what the is he any more rectangular all right so one day I was walking through the gym right and I was like hey you know what I'm gonna go play some basketball because I like I like basketballs but I was I was pretty happy I was just walking into the gym you know the gyms just gyms over here this is a really terrible drawing I'm sorry friendly friends I'm but I go in and so walk into the gym are you clear this is it this thing nope oh my god that was so promising you cancelled his turn was the word it was silence where were you going with that Oh opened the doors to the gym it was just quiet it was absolute blank sighs we've got ourselves a band here okay this is the bass drum this guy has got a little drum there a drum there he's a happy little bunny he's hey hey look at me I drum kit mom do you love me yet no all right then we're gonna go over here this guy's got ourselves a nice that's that's that's a guitar I swear a little yeah my bitch strings and stuff and he's like whoa so metal I love it this guy over here he's kind of way at the bike way way the back out of the way it's like I'm only here because I want people to like me and he's using this instrument Oh God now what is he doing to that instrument to make noise fine little raucous I mean they're whatever you think they are Oh God now this guy is also best friends with the guy who's playing the triangle area the cow feet these are maracas I'll give you that these are maracas what do you need a maraca is to make them noise you shake them yes Oh

I was gonna rattle sing my bucks look the other thing outside the box see you gotta make this a bit interesting okay did you know there are many books I say my drawings are bad I think they're just outside the norm which I like all right so we got a map this is a map or the Explorer you are here and not sponsored by Dora but bounced about Dora thanks for the money and let's pretend wow there's so many places you can go is but this place is the place that you want to be whoa all right that's that's your huh nice job BT good English very hard yes donation that's the baby she this edition smells like a very violent sex act I'm not afraid of it Jake is the longest otter all right just okay I'm gonna I'm gonna make this uh I mean I'm gonna throw it back this was a there was a man who had dreads who sang this song he went by the name of uh Sean Paul he was really angry dancer he was very short man and you know girls were getting really really hot they had long hair longer than normal here actually it was really strange I don't know why but their hair was really long and they had nice booties really nice little little ghetto blues there was rattle these things and that's I start getting really really hot in the room uh-huh really honey oh my god because they all had the right blanket to turn em on it's a big either right and then annotator you from the song oh but I better not meet buddy knows what he says

okay okay well I'm gonna draw the penis drain again hey mr. penis rate is the rough drawing of the penis train less than boys kids having a rough day though yeah yes God he's hurt this is it kind of derailed Wow are you serious that's are you me hey what wait are you me Wow okay how did you do there yeah I don't appreciate it but I see what he did Tyrael I was like no off okay here's a butt that's really bad here's an asshole well no the videos gonna be a treat what change that for that one dude here's the censored asshole you can't see that okay and here is an object of bleach part of the human body curled into a certain shape DS mug of doing this all the fun oh wait what oh my god oh ma that doesn't look like a black I don't know what's going on actually the one you're doing the same that's because you're 12 years old it just turned 12 I'm not even that old come on Jase a guy like you gotta be crazy just want you to fish there near y'all you also had also punch things with it ok I gotta say I've never heard of somebody fist from their own asshole my a key issue videos oh no aah kids look away all right is it worse than fistic it kids look away just skip for like a minute in the video all right so you've got Jesus I can I hate myself alright so here is China is that a anus wound in up close kids look away oh this is literally what you think is she's oh she's having a bad day oh my god yeah alright and this one are used to looking away just it she's all sweaty she said come on I got this it's good ok so I have this piece of paper right and I have a needle this is this is a needle this is a needle right and I have to make a hole and the action of poking the needle through the hole is to blank its placing all the way yeah yeah yeah I'll zoom in a little bit to make it a little bit easier so this is X educational Nido J need a classical I got it and it creates the whole when it pushes through it paper isn't probably ok I don't know what else is education IMG bottom one looks like a glory hole I gonna puncture a hole in this wall or this piece of paper I don't know dude god this is weird learn here's the tire diet would have been smart that is a fantastic drawing of water ocean that's a shark that's not no it's not not a skank you got it dude and he's like yeah yeah I'm leaning back and I'm holding on to this thing and then there's oh oh we lost this emotion yep guys got us there you go 3d look it any time so getting laid tonight I like it I'm always Monday right look at that face yeah yeah I'm in late dinner Oh Carl alright so awesome guys I'd um I give you my motor and the yarn II nearly had it I know I just like I can't think of what like onesies amenities when someone is something and are not on the ocean at all right Oh Serge mate something's wrong he sort of surf the Naro just a surf windy part early morning what is waterboarding that's really bad yeah worry about it don't worry about a good honest oh god please do things draw this well they got a that's a but but it's a green but Kermit the frog's but what's off all chopped off but tossed a the Frog maybe it is it is Pepe if this is what you're trying to draw the stove okay Beavis only famous okay baby Pepe what do you called baby peppe's nematode okay so what is Pepe a frog okay what are what are young shut up shut up uh I know what they are I don't know how to spell out there no yeah yeah young prize before they bull or lamb there you go there you go what is it is it on Emoto nimit oh you're gonna kick yourself a refocusing nematoda know what this is oh come on guys for the love of God I see pollywog on you take a tad of a tiny step back just look at it oh that's a great pad Betty oh god I love me oh god okay so this is me when I was about 14 okay cool all right I got gas here that I out now there you go this long and this is Jennifer or just goodbye Jennifer are you doing worried like oh yeah one look I just really draw drawing lines for a face awesome lady hey she got great clean so when I'm talking to her and I had no idea these are Direction these lines should be I'm like oh oh hey yes hi how are you I just can't contain it anymore I don't know what - tomorrow me I'm back all over her you gotta puke every oh God anyone else not get this who got this I haven't got everyone I have a guy drinking mouthwash with the finest not feeling confident and don't I'm not confident at all therefore I'm on see ya nervous yo see did you go to school on the opposite of confidence damn dude which so much is great okay so I'm gonna actually go back to the last story where he's with the girl all right he's like all right cool so this is me this time see I'm not him and I'm really confident but I'm happy I'm like yo this girl's about to be mine I'm feeling happy not sad how do you draw yourself yeah it's curly hair dude it's okay so I'm about to go pick her up right and I'm walking out the house I'm walking towards the car right this is my car it has only two wheels it really - whatever it's a sausage cool motorbiking in the hood all right nah dude we live in it go cardboard boxes what wheels we doing it but then I look at my shirt right and I know this is a tiny tiny little something here that really ruins me for the rest of the day and I'm like oh I'm naked I'm like oh what oh no God icons this this thing right here it's all my shirt how did it get there I don't remember eating they catch up at all today what is this what's going come on come on Z oh no I can't go see come on please watch see we believe in you z just go to school what is when you spill something on your shirt you get a thumb stain how was how was he born via stain z stain

I'm doing I don't the word he said it when he said home stain oh okay okay okay um Jesus what is another way I can try yeah there's like pieces of papers and you could call these something it's

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