The Saint 3x04 The Scorpion

by: Jocquise Hayes

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well so much for tomorrow's weather the next program something like the fewest I've just been told that there's a high pressure area whatever that may mean moving in from the Atlantic and a low-pressure area moving in from France the two scheduled to meet round about here sometime tomorrow morning now this means so to believe a rain or hail or snow or maybe the Sun will shine like not even sleep that's why I'm confused excuse me hello I'm st. this is Long Harry you know Harry damn it I've got to see you right away well when to drop around you know where I live I think if anybody can help me [Music] thanks for letting me come around alright alright I was glad to see an old friend now what's this all about see last week in Regent's Park I broke into our house whose house there's a knob called Everest marked Everest would you know yes is connected with Ministry of aeronautical hers sorry mr. TT if he's apparently was I can see you're brokenhearted go on well you see there's all sorts of silver and stuff like that no I've got to do is to get this letter from the top right hand tour of every stitched who for 12 to list right now you've got a sticker the same this one calls himself the scorpion scorpion do you think that's funny he was no joke he's got a skid kid outside he's been following me or not to kill me

there's nobody there he's out there somewhere he's been chasing me all over London up and down streets fatigue you've got to believe me I'm Harry I believe you why is he following you my only contact with this scorpion characters on the phone my oldest is to check this later in a luggage lock Victoria Station and the game I took that to a nightclub in Paddington called the bird's nest I'll give it to a hostess Betsy Butler she give me hundred quid or I should have forgot the whole thing but you didn't know why not cause I didn't understand I think it was in that letter but I knew right away what it was wanted for black mr. t I'm bent all the way our break Islander don't drill the fillings out of Mom's front teeth but blackmail now go on home well I was curious e so I'll go back to Victoria Station and I watched that looker there sure enough after about four as he turned up I got a good look at him put a name to it well I know his face again trouble is he he saw me as having followed spoken cake is deadly Oh Harry we'll have to try and draw a sting get me in coach why it's cold out you stay here don't open the door and any other window for wander off yourself to make mr. t you wouldn't shock me would you what do you think I'm sorry where you going first time the low as well as being on your tail and I should leave this part and drop in a month there list


you didn't see a man coming air with a form rain curtain across cap did you know sorry



if you just sign here mr. demarest you'll have this news rise tomorrow yes I knew good making out to have it fair to state it and send the copy to Crandall yes well that's finished I'll see what that is will you count on there's no use trying to persuade you to have a nightcap I imagine you want to see mr. dev first surprise yes come have a big come on okay thanks a lot that'll be over the night Spence will drive you home okay

with skin water isn't it not that you need a reason Simon but tell me what things you out here curiosity Ghanim is my lawyer maybe needing him right this moment there's a fella something in my flat since he robbed your house last week are you serious true I do I don't even know what you're talking about he claims that you took a letter from the top right-hand drawer of your desk that's absurd also social being blackmailed blackmailed Simon this is absolute fantasy things preposterous this man must be mad I think you realize what would happen to your life and your career if I sent that letter to the newspapers bring the money to me tonight 250 pounds I'd be glad to one aware Paddington it's called the bird's nest if you got it yes I understand I gather you've got people there you're absolutely right can you make it here by 11:00 I'd be very happy to do that yes I was sitting at a table near the door if you don't turn up mr. Davis

this the doctors it's no trouble at all believe me I'm only too happy to help out sorry Simon let me top up your drink no thanks mark I must be going I'm sorry I troubled well then your friend must be suffering from hallucinations they're suffering but I've worked mr. Everest for three years and I'm very fond of him I know you're his friend the truth is but there was a robbery and he is being blackmailed how do you know he nearly tore the house apart looking for that letter what was in it they wouldn't see him then I listened in on that phone call tonight yes he was faking his energy I guess it's very obvious who was it a girl named Patsy Butler and he's going to give her some money tonight at a club in Paddington called the bird's nest

[Music] you're members of course no my special guest what's the difference now table here thanks for that this your first visit to my establishment as well have a good time we have music wine and sex maybe so evening Sam's our drink dispenser and by the way my name is Burt Montgomery bird I own this essed well thank you mr. Burt two whiskeys yes do you think that's subscription you see them together he's right on time mr. sit down mr. Demarest

ever drink no - why are you just a plain simple girl trying to get along how did you know about that letter I didn't I just collect the money who's behind you please mr. devvra's no questions did you bring the money yes then give it to me the letter first surely you didn't expect to get the letter back but you sit me on the phone tonight I told you to bring me 250 pounds that's your monthly payment from now on so it's like that is it yeah you little goodnight mr. Demarest newspapers will have that letter in the morning oh wait I don't like your language yeah sit down apologize hi guys

[Music] where's that there's now in a safe place and their looks are broken up even large income and we're not breeding 250 a month is reasonable all around and don't look at me like that you're not exactly the soul of integrity yourselves I like you so I suggest you pay up and shut up now come on I haven't got all night

well on your own yes so it is




what could anyone write in a letter to mr. Davis that will did this compromise

I'm looking for it to be saved what's wrong no I'm swung area you read it maybe I think Jovi's memory is not very bright [Music]



please mark for the past week you've been prowling around this house at all hours of the night why what is it you don't understand I just can't tell you well you see the fact is I feel ashamed darling not with me I love you yes I know mark are you in some sort of trouble yes I am sit down you know when I took this job in the ministry there are nautical Affairs I was required by law to divest myself of all my shares in the Kimba Holling Aircraft Company well I didn't lots of 20,000 pounds well I had the shit's transfer to a nominee who and it's cool well well the usual letter saying that he was holding 90,000 Kimberling shares in my name but 10 days ago the air Minister announced that Kimba Holling were going to build the new F 109 jet fighter exactly so you can see where this puts me Cynthia I did not push that contract I've done nothing dishonest and what exactly is the problem a few days after the contract was announced Col bells letter was stolen for my desk I missed it about a week ago yesterday must have been still on the night that we went to the militants with dinner and you know somehow now it's fallen into the hands of a girl called petty Butler who she's a hostess in a nightclub I don't understand how did this girl she just collects the money I never met her before until tonight anyway the deal is that I have to pay 250 pounds a month or Cornwell's letter is sent to the newspapers you mean every month yes I suppose I can afford that but don't you understand if this goes to the newspapers [Music]

nobody wants one man out of a character called the Scorpion as he's doing this you're asking questions again we have a fine but incomplete three cases the blackmail over the past year the cross-shaped they back to that neighbor we never had a very complete why not because people are being blackmailed or either too frightened or too ashamed to report it to the police the public had a little more gutsy wood how about job a great deal this caulking character hasn't got his hooks in you by any chance no Claud what about done with Laney open to blackmail it's too late to give you my list of suggestions let me make one point Simon those blackmail victims I mentioned just now one committed suicide with his killing here tonight I want a scorpion for two murders [Music]


I'm sorry good clothes never guessed about Iran in the office

okay what do you want that's all right I'm not after your money I relieve you you were in last night that's right as your special guest what do you want some information what about about this tell me about it why should I because I'm nasty well Genest is a very respectable club yes I can see that thank you maybe not severed but a niceness just the same undercover for what blackmail what are you talking about what do you know about the Scorpion why don't you try this you okay we're stopped again tell me about our friend with the black leather jacket on a motorcycle I don't know who you mean she's just the hostess who works here at what hostess what she does in her spare time is her business well I'm making of mine where does she live I don't know girls yeah they come and go as they please I don't have to be and if you don't get out of here a bit lively I'll call the police

Scotland Yard NASPA Chief Inspector broad used to steal tell him that I've been asking about a point a leather jacket will kill a man tell them I been asking about Patsy Butler took money from my Deborah's last night and while you're at it tell them about the scorpion straight out of this nest into a cage with bars [Music] so I didn't drop the housework that's okay that's about what about her to tell me



about them first on number three now I'm just feet [Music]

you want a general rule I never forced my attentions on the lady but with you I made an exception I said what do you want to get to know you better did you spend all your money on clothes

what do you got 10% of the Rio Hondo first look I don't know who you are but believe me you're messing around in something dangerous move out before you get hurt your concern for my welfare stuttering one of you Bell underbust asking I have but he's not being very frank with me well that makes two of us now shove off

Harry Garrett I never heard of him Debra's house crazy Eddie's a killer he chased poor old Harry all over town last night poor old Harry wouldn't hurt a fly who was scared of a stiff breeze but he knew too much so Eddie put a bullet in his chest I don't believe you paper it's all over the front pages your lover boys wonderful murder well that's nothing to do with me there's no you're blackmailing no not me personally I don't know I don't know what is real I don't know I'm not sure let's see you're in this right up to your neck the only way you're gonna get out of it is to talk I can't I'm too frightened please please will you leave you ever seen the inside of a woman's prison it's not very pleasant and you're gonna spend an awful long time there you calm down and thought things over call me [Music]

[Music] Oh carlomon come in thank you Karen perhaps you would like to take care of this little sign I brought the letter has come to a sit-down now look before you start there's something I want to tell you I lied to you last night lied I am being blackmailed at first I was going to knock London pay but of course my wife convinced me that that was the wrong thing to do like me Oh what in heaven's name well I think I'd prefer to save the details till template gets here he's on his way now [Music]

that's about it I'm supposed to pay this girl 250 pounds a month from now on you're shocked aren't you gonna Minh yes sir mr. Mitch I am you see mr. Ghanim and is any concerned with nice clean respectable company Lord EADS titles contracts this is like something from another world isn't it I'm no more narrow minded than other men in my profession I just happen to admire integrity and I respect you for it mr. Godwin what exactly do you would that is mr. Davis does any one possible choice oh you mean the police of course tell them the whole story in their protector that means mr. X routine and it doesn't work you can't fight these people yourself I can in fact I've made a fair start I saw you're Miss Patsy Butler today through a real scare into her extra measure of corn within 24 hours as I think she knows who the Scorpion is what's more I think she'll tell me mr. Templar you must see I can't take part in your activities but you wouldn't have to take new risks as you yourself said I'm concerned with respectable law now look suppose we give Simon 24 hours if he fails all right then I'll go to the police all right I'll wait till I hear from you good and don't think too badly of me if no human being did anything illegal or stupid and stuff to death from that yes well thanks for being so understanding [Music]

[Music] he


[Music] we're in trouble the same some to that girlfriend of yours we shall have to look after him there are my little friends in 12 there right but another committee quit looking like you ready really and Boutrous they grabbed up they can kill it and tear it to pieces shut it they the laws of nature that's the secret of power well I mean the man is an animal in its natural for him to behave like them denying the animal in us because this makes us pleura [Music] if sport games really kill you let's put but he scan there showed any chemist focused on what I had you die within three minutes just talk about something else yes like Betsy battler what exactly does she mean to you she's a bird nothing wrong she said his visual animal instincts precisely she's a threat Eddie well you mean we've got to stop her from talking [Music] hirama good go I'm doing as I tell you and you'll end up a very rich and transient on that




oh really funny good baby I wanted to see him huh what about do I need a reason hey you're shitting me I must be getting a tow what about him same again out of this room all day he hasn't been here is he anybody says he got your address from Sam downtown of course he hasn't

got some I think no my pack a bag I didn't you know Patsy a man has to be ruthless innocent obey the laws of nature that's the secret of power man's an animal did you know we have to know you see easy at all frustrating [Music]


Christmas is over this year no but I buzzed up a telephone delight and it's a call I don't want to trust my answering service so it's my job to mine the phone well you're next that's right do you think mister did wrong am I to judge there's always a conflict between public service and pride again from probably some stunned female surfer cars on the inside


as please yourself take this they had some good yes this is terribly urgent Simon Templar Regent five three double three I must see him doctor says no visitors an idea will you stop humoring me and do as you're told region five three double impression would drink afternoon tonight he gets it back yes fancy clothes I bet the person s you have a number you sure you're linked

hello hello mr. Simon Templar I'm speaking from his petty battle she's had an accident accident hospital some magnets Paddington she does come overnight though doesn't you sure make it along there with you that's what I was gonna die but you are going to be alright my dancing days are over I'm sorry yeah I'm sorry two other things I'm still getting mixed up with a swine like Eddie it does work for a man called the scorpion do you know his real name no but his telephone number is parks I had 3000 mr. Templar can trace their trace thank you if you can pin one on Eddie into the bargain you'd be doing me a favor [Music]


you've seen this Butler yes we heard about the extras mister never thought you may be able to tell us something if I talk to her she gave me the scorpions telephone number it was ticketed funds to the police I promised a man I'd report to him where is he at a club called the bird's nest [Music]

and please do exactly as you're told

can't you read there's private on that door so everybody keeps telling me so out buddy I suggest you start singing make things a lot easier for you Chris if you don't blow I'm called the police that's bad see tonight I told you once before the girls he had come and go as they please I don't know where she is all right what about leather jacket was he yeah speak of the devil you've been causing us a lot about man anything so was Karen bait we've got her an autonomous hey get out of the way [Music]





Eddie's back he's been dealing with mr. Templar that leaves us with you miss babes yeah I'm just saying oh yes the tale of the small penis very flexible the sting consists of a needle sharp spine the vesicle containing the poison glands no species of relatively harmless these are deadly how do you get on Eddie we've got a visitor come over here where I can see you police operation government as a lawyer use your knowledge of people's affairs to blackmail them so over now you'll be charged with extortion murder somehow mr. Templar identifiably charged [Music]

too late Miss Bates this demon mammoth understand legend has it mr. Templar that scorpions faced with a hopeless situation commit suicide that gunpowder mist what I have to say I shall be able to repeat it because within three minutes actually did method everything web of black males spread over a dozen of his clients it's absolutely incredible you know I trusted government completely a lot of other people incidentally I have sold all my Kimber hauling shares so that puts me completely in the clear now yes thanks to Simon [Music]



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