I'M BLEACH! - GMOD Prop Hunt Funny Moments

by: Vikkstar123

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oh shit hi it's really good to see you oh my prop it would be really cool to see you to my playing prop bun I'm on Cyrus team today I'm popping right now popping a - I'm proper as a proto Simon I did I'm I did I think I fucked up hey ho we'll see how it goes because when I change something I went invisible it's making sure there wasn't you is basically I'm just here oh no I'm you're a fucking massive fridge yes here here let me leave your ball here you can take this ball foul music I see anything you need to put on the table I can't see you I can't see you okay this bothers you for this map in there you're a lost cause mate you can't see anything right connect don't speak don't wait I can see here Vic can you bring down to the step can you break say is this enough flex will come oh my god it's so hard to tell where you're going even it's like I'm trying to fucking feed you fucking Bob hey there you go off you go mr. Bob who saved you give me we saved an endangered frigid oh yeah there's a lot there are yeah he was one of the excited that's why the blood stir you know when you click the taunting and it says rats fries begin yeah Ian I wish it was me good pigeon yeah you should be Jim yeah we should I wonder you can customise your download of our quotes not begin me to be Jen Psaki Oh tables or your chair there's a lot of fucking shit in your room yet I'm know upstairs give out anything neither wait I'm not sure anyway I've been yeah what some just died you know there's no see your charm ha ha I see the chocolate yah I need to kill myself I just work on him a freezing trickshot yo Pikachu's in it where is pika the fuck you could say I'm in Cali you could say I'm in plain sight the fuck and the plane he's outside the map so do you get I'm good I'm good I'm good I'm good attack with you attacking big the fuck there's a hula girl on the balcony has always been there you know yeah yeah sorry yeah big why Saints at the finger walls a big bros for one minute you're Josh I want Josh to come here I see I'm outside you and son but I'm hiding in plain sight oh my god yeah bitch of trash bro another thing is I didn't realize those cops don't move wait too old what they do move I am excellent it makes so much it's like a duck somewhere yes yeah like it's close though oh wait quick noise I swallow that's why what yo someone you eat deserve to stop what was it look like yeah I rode with that oh okay my so finally describe yeah that would be tinny oh yeah I'll come into the main hall wait where's the door Oh Josh I should come back come back come back hello hello it's nig Josh remember Josh here um okay I mean I can't even move I'm female you see me Josh no oh yeah here hey okay join me join me okay okay yeah I'm saying oh you're there okay all right and then yeah well you reckon hey bait yeah I will see we'll see I'm deploying the sounds just get ready Josh okay we do it up deploy sounds I'm gonna activate okay die Kevin Allah no Josh no no Josh so to the house I just come out does zilch did you get expose know you just know just come out and set it Josh you got cool job what do you mean just come back what do you mean I go through I have to Lisbon three mad there you go more anything oh my god oh he got found out how to eat your tea cosy dad many decided you were just watch your pupils no I just press video direction we're in the second round how would you win no clipping Josh yeah that's why you were gonna as we good that's like very good very slowly round as a bottle oh I'm teaching me I just straight mortgage-related okay chillies do that okay and he eat froze edit flipper off where for some sounds thank yo would be smart and playful but out charge biggie even is somewhere around here unless he's downstairs who's Mike directly below me no just just silence wait inside inhibitive I found him you could play a sound these next few even even come in the room on your right yeah that's lovely oh my goodness dip in the nerd yeah did it no shit get to the stairs sorry on a five-way where do I get your turn to go Justin I'll get high for the best okay forget though okay what about this yeah yeah get high pop is that the banging bass right there Oh show them stuff I'm gonna tell you about yeah you get around the doors of fucking sofa nice moves Ethan keep it up jump jump No so this is gonna let me is I wanna get inside he's trying to escape my stairs yeah I'll turn around for four seconds yes I would I like how you close the door behind you even the sound kind of makes it very easy to follow you oh my big where am I need all the sleep in there I might be precise well I might new places for bait was like I sell a double is this your embossing yeah I was looking at I was looking for Ethan sound ah is it so great away bro as Ethan early well hey them boys better furniture just fucking runs all over the place time for you to see me but a perfect time for them to not lose him Vic I lamb go even easier let me go right in me and in me so try and hit me and hit me okay

that's why that's why Simon yeah thanks bro and then hey well that means well shitty Jesus Christ jobs to our time while they've got that back to me who's on top of it I just had a dolphin house laughing then thought if there's a dolphin communication it must be upstairs must be long I can hear it

what the fuck right then where are you oh my god you down man you still there about it yeah it seems likely where I said freeze I come out a new dog sneeze a teacup that's literally what I said in it or behind behind the fountain yeah I live she won't even dare to see is we want to avoid yeah great man I'll give it a valid on camera I wasted my first retard shit it didn't retreat I didn't your dad you look dead I'll Simon Brown I'm still there he's not Oh Simon I've got a really fucking good idea for next round um Vic can you see us no no icon okay then uh hello Java hello Chum no but I know I'm listening to it made me kind of see I'm hearing things but they're very distant yeah he just said hello impossible possibility of a briefcase microphone oh fuck it won't was I gonna be vicar yeah I was that the whole time so I'm doing the window go it you should go in a room when humor but he knew no no no before he was jumped in the window next time I would I I was looking a Josh yeah my G my G like that they do they'll die I'm fine no Jim I don't think we should play sounds nice round I'll just - one hundred seven hundred is well done but this is the wombo combo I don't think you ever see anything like this ever again oh you'll never see me lies again oh they should add the noise of wearing dark focus for one vocal well um I might be stood on a wombo combo bro you should just wait no I just got her I hit a hay and we're here for you this anticipation see you later you got a spot bro keep it the vapor you suck cock are you in here somewhere even what noise are you playing that's

that's a good troll there's a good chole it would be because a bench outside I'm the corridor here's a veg they're being Dench you're getting lucky oh no we will not accept your charity

how'd you go I just fell on you 60 you guys stuck in the doctor fell in here Josh meet me bottom floor middle of the bottom floor yeah yeah the bottom floor right now and I can actually leave my room okay well I would ask you to describe your room that will probably be counterproductive there in this one again okay oh god I can't believe it let me just sit aside please and just just inspect right how this happened it's a good place to be but right which is no no yeah I think we're you always kind of authentic yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah Santa oh thank you guys fuck kind of sent genuine 97 percent won't even believe this is a real thing genuine this genuine genuine article come look at this TV where are you brother I'm looking at TV it was no TV look at that ha ha ha a genuine oh oh oh Josh didn't know Simon loo cause your piano the bathroom right only just noticed took me a while I'm quite slow today okay Josh okay get in hi yeah let me get it Leah you guys you guys are at a bar with a piano with balls doc I want to sit and play on you wait i drowned him I'm stuck I'm driving me I'm started underwater I can't get out you're difficult you're drowning me we use weapons I can't use it on the water out in Oh oh my god Josh I was drowning if you come under here and I am hey hey I'm the children doll I like my body is just leaning I'm pissing me off bro okay oh hello Josh I made out Josh I wanted you say that as it was achievement when we're literally looking at Josh's a dead head okay I wrote you leave my drinking is done which way left all right now some more hug it's more about like that

no he Leroy Jenkins - no need that way you know what Josh just hanging to the ground yeah oh my god easy oh my god like sweet is easy I like wanna see my legs big if I'm Alex it's not a trap bleach if I drink it all day I know page just like a cheerleader hey brother I'm not bleach I'm not bleep ha ha ha ha I'm saying how I said have a sip Dragonball go hey that was horrible that was gonna be epic you guys anymore bro my video I would have in an epic moment you can add rent the bleach

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