Triforce! #15: Feeder Week

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hello welcome to Triforce episode 15 um it could be yeah yeah you it is it is yes it is yeah you're right I'm good one well yeah hey welcome to Triforce episode 15 he says with the shirred confident yeah so be assured if you're a regular listener of course episode 14 which went out last week now was the infamous one where all of us were very knowledgeable about brexit and bro main but we're not going to talk about that this week yeah we just had a discussion before we started we said you know what I think we're too advanced in what we know about it and the average Joe just doesn't understand like they're not on our level sort of thing I mean like Mike said the British people are sick of hearing from experts so we're at yes we're going to shut up about it we're gonna not go yeah we're going to talk about other stuff it makes you're like a big part of the news but I'm avoiding it you know that innit yes by the way about episode numbers someone did actually donate when I was streaming and asked me not to call one of the episodes 13 yeah yeah I get so good yeah they're afraid I'm like yeah sure is that way school triskaidekaphobia yeah and I forgot and just did it I didn't measure in here sorry sorry to that guy or girl probably guy let's be let's be real so what does that mean though what does that mean can we just backtrack a bit would you mean by that um well I think just if we do a quick straw poll of our audience yeah I think a lot of them are gentle gentle men well see this where I disagree I think our demographic is definitely 18 to 21 year old blonde size 8 women sigh hey that sounds tiny yeah it is I don't want you I don't want this no skinny bitch no no well I mean they're like yeah I guess like Pammy's we would like 35 we want size 8 and a half year old yeah Baywatch expertise no I'm not being fun I'm 40 now right so if I 55 when I when I see girls are like hot ten-year-olds unthink yeah they're too young they're too young I mean I'm an old man now it's it's morally questionable if I would hide in a total opposite I mean I'm almost as old as you and I don't think that at all I'm like hey baby what's up in my mind I say that obviously in my mind yeah I would never I would never articulate that out at words cuz you know I'm a horrible recluse and you know I feel uncomfortable around other human beings but I in my mind I'm like fuckin Casanova like one you know for us you know I'm hitting it I mean what I'm saying is why not I'm not I'm not into grannies you know what I mean I'm not like oh I'm not into great but I'm saying like no I think if you can't appreciate a woman in their 30s or 40s I think you're looking at them the whole wrong way and I don't think beauty is not just about being a hot 18 year old nymphomaniac you know I'm saying that there are other flavors to the yeah ladies it's all about that but in some ways it is kind of about that because sexuality very fluid yes you can be attracted to all sorts of things it is if I'm feeling a pony very flu animal little I mean at the very end of that spectrum there's the guys that are attracted to feeding their their loved ones you know like 20 happy meals from McDonald's yeah the feeders if you keep it in big yeah yeah it's not cool that's not standing down like they're like leathery chafed skin fragments and stuff like you know the way you know the way women when they make foie gras they they force-feed don't know I'm wondering it yeah where they're force-feeding the ladies to make them the sexual equivalent of foie gras yeah maybe yeah no because they sit around Lois they can't get they can't they can't they're not mobile right because they are fed so much so there's skin chafes big time and gets like all like hard and leathery in spots and it's really important to like with it with that like a huge nail file you have to like sand it down a bit just stop you on top you'll go down this path it's it's cool whatever you're into yeah keep it to yourself that's only you know what that is that is it's so funny that's like the typical response of people have when they talk about other people's sex lives is they're like whatever you do in a previously bedroom don't care about it but just just keep it to yourself it's like I don't wanna hear or see your alternative lifestyle just keep keep keep it boy can find shit underground you go live underground like a mole and just live there and do it you know that's been a feed your girlfriend and have sex with her like a mole or whatever and just just shut up I don't want to see it over here I think you know to conquer a bunker and live in there and that's it I'm by me well how fucking generous thank you I can live in a hole now hey sis have a fucking week where we celebrated this have chubby chase week right oh you can all see the Pride Month right it's not chasing after wieder it's a similar look they got cool it nice something my feet are right then go with that hey laughs furries weak and they're not or easy one no it's not official but there is one for everyone okay all right that way they'll be will what cuz look you have to like you know say that you're cool with like these these these Nazis even if you're not why are we below is she gonna bump into some some people into a weird moment feeding his wife kami and having sex are they're gonna dig through the fucking bald man place Jesus you try to keep it to the bedroom I was feeding my wife can't see into it pop some guy's handsome we weren't expecting to see anyone down here's a mugger but skinnies whole careful we should have skinny appreciation week as well oh we should have asshole appreciation week as well exactly we don't we don't pick them up nearly enough you know people who are all souls or actual physical assholes the anatomical weak one can be for the people and then week two could be for literally assholes whether they're bleached or like they're just oh natural or whatever you know let's celebrate those things they work hard yeah if you know what I'd like to braise this drink to functioning assholes everywhere yeah congratulations if you're in possession of a functioning also I I appreciate mine on a daily basis when I think I need a poop but I'm not gonna panic because I know that my bunghole has this covered no problem yeah I'm gonna get to the toilet and then he's like cool we can do this now that's good that's good it's an amazing piece of evolution imagine where we'd be really is imagine where we'd be if we have to shit where we stood constantly like horses and cows you'd never get anything done oh man that'd be so awkward thanks whitey Taylor worse - hey horses just just shit anywhere let's just stand there and it just just comes out like it's so weird I want to do that well I think that if we've met like an alien race okay there's a good chance they're not just gonna be you know the Star Trek between five four eight six foot - nice nice teeth you know yeah I reckon accent that's weird like with some purple paint on their face yeah and a calming like mommy's like too cute yeah yeah it's gonna be it's gonna be like a horse monster that poops everywhere and that's gonna just walk around the ship that's gonna poop ever you're like oh my god what the hell is this and they're like yeah we don't have an asshole yeah hoop all over the fucking greetings your rescue hell of the climate well you know weed slave this minor race you go around cleaning up all the poop and they use it for energy yes yes I hope they bring like Star Trek and you can write for it Louis that's like some gene roddenberry level love yeah yeah right there pooping horse monsters sing horse people of horse poop 14 it's like some Futurama Levin here go to bridge we have found the pooping horse monsters please ed help prepare a prepared a white party alright hands up who was to go on the away party to the planet of shitting horsemen anyone Spock no the Bach would be all up for that he'd be like like it is miss Upton this is illogical I must see these creatures shitting in their natural habitat captain that's my fetish we we better have gay horse asshole appreciation cuz when I come back is this luck is that Spock to me doing sips is fuck which is like a mix of data from time to time and then it like it sort of transitions back to Spock but yeah it's just that sort of robotic like you know they make decision time Star Trek weather yeah yeah folklore oboe or yeah whatever okay they're all they're not emotional it that the key trade is they have no capacity for emotion so everything is very logical it's really easily act because they have this permanent sort of straight so slutty yeah slightly confused or angry look on the face do you know date on which they when you really look at those characters yeah I mean everybody loves Spock right and data and they were like two popular characters in the show but I look at them and I mean I get why they put them in there but all they use them for 99% of the time is explaining complicated shit to the viewers by explaining to the idiot humans that happen to be in charge of the ship that's literally their job is their captain's like full speed ahead and mr. date would be like wait a second captain because here's a very reasonable scientific reason why we shouldn't do that oh yeah yeah data's got it yeah thanks for the advice Joe a full speed not half speed ahead he's like looks at data for approval data like winks gives them little thumbs up is like you know just fucking put the robots in charge for Christ's sake yeah but yeah but they occasionally they got to take one for the team as well they got to go on those tricky away missions by themselves where they're very emotionally charged like like for instance if they came across a race of aliens who really took a lot of delight in slaying unicorns for example I mean Picard would not be the best man for that job right he'd get down there and he'd just be like a blubbering mess he crying because these people would be like hello humans and just like you know slitting a unicorns throat or whatever but you sent data down there and he would just do that stupid fucking facial expression he does you know where he is sort of like say so well slag a bit yeah and his eyes like open a little bit or whatever yeah peculiar these people seem to be slowing unicorns hmm then he has to like check check his receptors or whatever that virus might be able to you know he'd be able to like put a really good trip report together and present it back to the board and to Picard and stuff in in a fashion where Picard wouldn't get too upset yeah of course loves horses so and in any sort of creature that's related to a horse like but the thing is Dana is always going to uphold the fucking first direct or the prime directive right Davis could be a guy if you program data don't fuck up the prime directive he's gonna be like cool and he's going to have the perfect logic like Spock did like yeah these are the guys if Starfleet was real they would never put curry in charge of a ship in a heartbeat they would say get Spock gets booked you can do the exploration because he's a guy you know it's not logical we wouldn't do it prime directive you all which makes sense we got to be shit chill about this we can't fuck with uniforms sake okay I have a real problem with Prime directors of all consists in Star Trek okay it's almost like like that you know every like the holodeck okay the holodeck is a liability you know yeah but it's it's gone wrong so many times Sony people almost died so many times it's almost like if I couldn't destroy the ship it's ridiculous okay stupid dangerous and Vulcans are the same they're like bullshit like there's always every sort of seven right episode someone there's a medical illness or some bullshit that's going on with someone where they've gone crazy for some reason and medical science is is at a loss okay they're like oh let their brains chemistry's will scramble what are we gonna do we can't the neural stimulator is not working and the volcker is like step aside how about we try a mind meld it's like no you're right up universally that was glad time for my Mel G's figure cycling with you guys are fuckin mind meld you obsessed with them yeah so just be trying to mind-meld know is that your only fucking suggestion yeah the Vulcan death grip is kind of bullshit too because it's just you know I know I understand that like you could cripple somebody if you have like intricate knowledge on pressure points and stuff like that but I don't know like maybe a like a proper karate chop or like a dropkick or something would have been better for Vulcans policy like no one has ever got no no captain has ever gone oh my god this man's gone completely crazy does anyone know a Vulcan so we could do a mind meld it's like we're a death grip on empty he's a capacitated yeah they're just like crew of like Vulcan ninjas like you know going around death gripping people it's mental anyway maybe there is maybe I missed episode maybe holy shit yeah so anyways if you guys be doing other than watching Star Trek this week well listen I got a I actually thought about this before I came out here to record this with you guys I do actually have some exciting news from my household oh um yeah you ready for this yeah we got a new kitchen sink tap oh you son of a bitch it's fucking nice too it's one of those ones that goes up really high so you can actually get the kettle like right in the sink under it and there's still place for lots of dirty plates and stuff to pile up in there and the water flow is exceptional got it you know you really build that up ship so well you're like I'm in a holiday home we're selecting or we will the launchers almost extravagant no yeah no nothing that exciting but I mean we've had this old kitchen sink tap that was leaking for quite some time and I'm pretty lazy I never get around the stuff right and then finally I phoned the plumber and I was like are you guys able to come here and fit a kitchen sink tap and he's like yeah of course so I went and bought one and then he came down and fitted in like 20 minutes and then when he left I was like fuck I probably could have done that but I was glad that he did it it is culated but happy with the new time yeah because the thing is he it the difference was he left and there wasn't a big mess or a big puddle of water or anything like he put all the stuff back under the sink and and whatever if it was me there would be big mess there'd be stuff everywhere and people are we mad and I went to start with that yeah so I'm glad that I drove off yeah I've no idea we don't know if you have to turn the water off to change its what do you once know there's like a UPS they have their own little knobs on them it like under your sink and you just turn those off if you don't like on the tap like if you have I've actually fitted taps and changed washers and I can do all that stuff because you can look up how to do it and it's really not like anything involving plumbing yeah like you've got to have the right pressure and the right kind of pipe and it's gonna be the right width then you've gotta have the right you know benzine annoyed no way that's that's super skilled stuff obviously yeah but talking about changing a tap come on now it's funny it's not difficult you did well in my defense he did come to look at the boiler primarily and then it was just like okay do you mind fitting this while you're here and he was like yeah okay so you know it was like two birds with one stone so that's right but you know if I was released you know if I was really sort of gung-ho about fitting a kitchen sink tap I probably could do and you say gung-ho anymore why can't you say gung-ho why can you say gung-ho what sounds racist gung-ho against who against like a guns of manchuria great friends against uh against hose well you know just I don't know it's tell you know it's one of those things that you cannot we donäôt say certain things we're not that's cool it's a Chinese waiters it is it's the yeah nice it's a it's an anglicized pronunciation of and forgive me here Chinese speakers Gong Hall which is us sanga's oh haha come home I'm trying my best here there was I'm pretty sure that there was a GI Joe figure named gung-ho let's have a look there's that as well I'm pretty sure there was actually I think yeah or did they only he was the dude he looked a bit like Blaine from predator with the yes the flat hat big burly guy massive yeah yeah yeah that's clear limited heroes Joe Joe John watcher when I was a kid I mean this was my first appearance 1983 that was right in my wheelhouse right there I was three at the time but I grew into them I had a whole bunch of GI Joes by the tender age of six wake shoot I'm about to ruin your appreciation for gung-ho are you ready yeah gun hose real name is Etienne are Lafitte doesn't ruin it that makes it it's it's kind of like teary Orry you don't like I'm like etsion Oh Lafitte is gonna be like you sweet gung-ho let's go and jump over the top he's gonna be like maybe we should go have a cup of coffee first hey Degas oh she's we go home he lost his French accent he became more like the guy who cuts himself shaving in the predator he's Cajun he's caged it's a good kind of a tiene okay an oral a fee from Nolan's eventually moved to New Orleans earning a reputation as a bare-knuckle brawler and no fighter joined the Marines at age 18 and was the distinguished on a graduate from Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island he was attended Airborne School rekon dough school marine ordnance school administration school at Camp Johnson and is a qualified expert in all NATO infantry small-arms most Warsaw Pact infantry weapons and the XM 76 grenade launcher I love the GI Joe lor it's amazing it's so amazing and it's not appreciated enough like nobody looks back into the into this stuff like sergeant slaughter remember him and then there was Jenks there was a woman named jinx and Lady Jane and there was Duke and who else uh which was like I know all there was the guy who was the American football player and I think they called him like the fridge or something made a GI Joe of them yeah I've got a GI geojo online exclusive seven packs here's the that you the assault on Cobra Island squad Snake Eyes remember sneaking into your mind who's fuckin cool man holy shit a condo zap Macondo chuckles hitting rock chuckles I remember chuckles I fuckin I remember chuckles he had like camo pants and then he had like a beige dress shirt yeah and he had blonde hair and then am i right hit-and-run you all right and there's a guy just called wet suit wet suit here's the coffee supply transport it's the guys who made GI Joe made transformers like or or Americanized transformers Mattel I could be wrong I could they were all so similar though like the names and like that I'm pretty sure the voice actors and the cartoons were like pretty much the same like the guy who did Starscream I think did Cobra Commander and stuff like what sir blind I'm sure there was a lot of crossover there oh they were Hasbro they were also Hasbro so transformers was also hasbro holy shit oh man but the engine super team was dr. Mindbender and then it's just this true range Viper alley Viper there's a guy called lampreys a guy called bat night creeper and Strato Viper what was the guy they had destro and then they had that dude it was like man-at-arms or something he had like metal arms and an eyepatch well he's a bad guy and had a guy called man-at-arms it was like his buddy right but I do maybe that's who I'm thinking of but there was definitely there's a GI Joe guy he had like um he had like a Cobra shaped helmet I guess like if that makes sense to you but he had an eye patch and a mustache yeah and then he had like two black metal arms um but I can't remember his name now he was you know just thinking of like a guy of more combat or whatever all the GI Joe guys did sort of look like mortal kombat guys yeah like I think there was a lot of inspiration there no this was way before there was a boxer there was a GI Joe there's a boxer guy GI Joe as well yeah many guys who was the blind ninja guy Storm Shadow who was the white ninja guy like his his costume was white Cobra Commander who was of course the blue Cobra guy destro yeah who was the guy with a metal head yeah that's right yeah he had the silver hair scarlet Duke to Flint Slinker Lady Jaye ah roadblock you can't forget block yeah roadblock and then they had sewer sewer rat or whatever remember that guy Tunnel Rat Tunnel Rat I think he has a really huge band but he was very cuz all that's good crawling through sewers and stuff you know one of the figures I had when I was a kid was shipwreck who was a sailor and he had a little parrot on his shoulder and the toy game with a little parrot yeah I remember that I had the bass I had the offshore like platform looking bass I had like the the risers and stuff that was pretty cool had like a helicopter landing pad ship and then one year my my grandma bought me this huge helicopter totally V with sips he's just got to get the doll and your ta about GI Joe Joe I don't completely you guys it was Action Man right you guys had like the Barbie sized maybe the reason why I'm a beauty like millennial like pussy is because I never had GI Joe nice frock name right so I never got given a GI Joe maybe thought it was too violent or like the way that the toys were made to if you had a small screwdriver like um you know the ones that you use like typologies like on on your computer you know when you build a computer you have those small little precision screwdriver things yeah so if you had one of those handy you could unscrew a GI Joe from their back and take them apart and they had like little elastics and stuff to like hold them in place so you could like swap and change them around so you can put like tunnel rats pants on like chuckles 'as body instead and stuff if you wanted to but people who did that were like no kind of weird and you didn't know you wanted that you just have to just be pure you didn't want to have like any weird pure it's out of the box Joe none of this and no muss none of this none of this messing around with the with GI Joes but yeah we had we had tons of GI Joes when I was small and we used to play with them out in it in our front yard right so dig trenches oh yeah I got in trouble for it and we'd have big wars with them and stuff and it was really fun it was great and then every every week like every Sunday or whatever everybody would be like super upset because one or two of them would be left in the yard by accident and then they'd get run over by the lawn mower yeah just like cut into a million pieces so it just looked like there's like a horror show out there that just be like little limbs and stuff laying all over the all over the freshly cut grass but then you know you just get some boring over a lawnmower Gomer so yeah they came with like little weapons and everything to fuck there was such good toys they were good the width about kids shows now compared to kid shows when I was when I was a kid is that now the toys seem to come along if the show is successful there'll be some toys to go with it but yeah does it felt like like back then it was literally an advert for toys like the he-man show when you watch it they were like oh look it's a new friend and you know this guy is now available in stores they didn't say it in the show but they may as well done all of these things all of these new characters they introduced and all of these awful parts they come it's all just to shift more toys the thing is as a kid yeah it sucks that they advertise directly to kids like that but I fucking loved it and it's not like it was my money all my parents had to do was say no we're not fucking buying you more GI Joe toys you can have a book and that's what the book of you know what I mean the parents just have to say no you can't have yeah the Cobra Island playset you're gonna have to have a book and a job we had to wait for like Christmas exactly for big stuff like we I like I we barely got anything throughout the year except for like your birthday or Christmas and then you get a couple of like you know big things to tide you over until the next birthday or Christmas sort of thing and that was it but and then as you got older it was games instead like I remember I used to get all of the like the NES and the Super Nintendo Final Fantasy games they could always get one at Christmas somehow how old how I'd only went when you stopped playing with toys because I can remember the occasion various things like Oh second I never a second I never fully stopped alright cuz I had a brother why I have a brother still but he was six years younger right so as he was coming up he was getting into like Ghostbusters and Ninja Turtles and he had all these toys and I was kind of getting to the age was like no fuck you know tours know what don't buy me any toys but I'll gladly sit here and like play with them with my brother sort of think they were still kinda sweet actually honestly that's look literally I can imagine like you two like sitting there as like babies I think it's like better be flats little ball baby and imagine a balding baby right okay you guys are sat there like what your ass you know with your legs out in front of you and you just look at the do you look at the GI Joe and you just said ah I'm I'm too old sadly like miserably write up a cigarette I look at God God with toys

yeah your first birthday really disappointed a little bit of but I was like yeah Jesus I remember was around the time Ren and Stimpy came out I think that's when I was like sort of getting out of toys it was it Ren and Stimpy came out and people would come over to my house after school and we would watch British it was so good man yes it was and and people would fucking raid my cupboards and eat like all of our snacks and stuff my mom would always get really mad and that's when I knew that I was like transitioning into just like a fucking dope of a teenage instead of just being a kid who stayed home played with toys or whatever that that's like that's like the hallmark isn't it when random people start turning up at your house after school and hanging out there until like you know whenever somebody comes to pick them up or they'll get in trouble sort of thing that's that's that's the transition period isn't it that's when you're just like no longer a kid you're just like some asshole who's you know always in your Aaron's house and they're just like they can't wait for you to move out sort of thing maybe yeah III was said I I had some best friends like when I was growing up one of them my friend William who was absolutely my best friend when I was growing up and we were we were colossal nerds together right and he was he was a kind of an unusual character I'd have always had friends who were kind of a bit weird or maybe people didn't really get them sort of thing and he never bothered me that people had strange personal foibles his his were multiple like for instance if we were going into town together and I'd say hey let's take the bus as I'm getting on the bus he'd say I'm gonna walk so I would ride into town on the bus and meet him in town after he'd walked in and I'd be like okay and we'd go to the shops or whatever and he'd be like no I'm gonna go and he just sort of go but he wasn't that he was being unpleasant he just had no social skills whatsoever and yeah it was kind of it was kind of strange like that but um it never bothered me like we played all kinds of dirty games played all those loads of spectrin games we played board games for hours and hours and hours like really complicated ones like Star Fleet battles and shit like that that's like a fucking textbook of rules and I was at his house one time and he had loads of toy soldiers I had loads of toy soldiers and we should play in his in his garden quite a lot with him because he is his mum had dug quite deep flowerbeds and around the flower beds it was like an obvious trench and so you can set up your troops in that trench without having a dig it was great and the pond was like the main central fee you know we'd have to battle around the pond everything like that I remember one time weren't ran there with my soldiers and out of nowhere he just goes like I don't wanna play with toy soldiers anymore I was like oh like I was crushed I loved playing the toy soldier because I realized subsequently that that was me wanting to play like tabletop board gaming and miniatures and stuff like that but I was still there with soldiers had my little bag of soldiers that I brought over and he was like nah I'm done as I just reaches his arm out of like out of scene and then you know he pulls back some like fourteen-year-old girl no joke so that was a big bit of girl it would it be by now mid to girls now I was like oh yeah alright that's Colin's cousin soldiers he was just literally he didn't wanna do it you just want to do something else as I okay I was crying puts his arm out of scene and pulled in a fourteen-year-old boy I'm dumbest soldiers we were probably about 10 or 11 and we lied about right we I was too old for a soldier but it was subsequent to that I got into like um tabletop gaming and stuff and he instantly did as well like we used to play like what one 40k and stuff like that yeah but it was it when I was 11 at school that some of the sick formers were playing that game and they were good to play I was like yeah fuck yeah like they were really cool and nice it was great fucking love it I wish I had the space for a massive I always want to have like one of those massive tables that people have and you know you see a picture of the internet it's like taking over their whole basement is just a huge tabletop gaming thing yeah yeah but that's like later in life though right like people people become like massive enthusiasts about it or whatever like as as a bit older and they have more disposable moolah feel these massive nerd layers in their basement or whatever we had something with trainsets right used to is used to always be but that sort of refuge in the basement where you put together is model train set yeah I guess that'll be replaced by you having a you know GI Joe battleground no no it's just computer now like you just get a big computer with all your games on it and then well that's me anyway just like sit out here my dad garage just fucking play I remember what I enable top board games and stuff with my friends just cuz I when we had like a big dining table in my in my dining room stroke living room which I had in my so we lived in a sort of a big bungalow with a big bit weird took place anyway it was was really nice to just sort of hang out there when it was like hot in summer with my friend playing Warhammer and we're both like pretty young you know we didn't really follow the rules we'll know the rules particularly but we argued over the rules all the time we were just like yelling at top of a voice yeah about fair like arguing away we have it was wonderful time I loved it yeah you liked arguing about war hammer girl tips give us your dad basement dreams well I'm in I'm in it right now it right now like this is what I do sort of living the drainage is pretty nice but I remember it with it come back to toys and getting out of toys or whatever I remember get I remember getting out of lots of toys kind of around like 11 or 12 or whatever and then we sort of all collectively decided that it was no longer cool to play with toys or whatever we had to do other stuff but one thing that we still kept doing like really like for years afterwards up until we were like maybe even like 16 we still played with Lego a lot like we'd make these huge huge bases out of Lego and then we'd make like a ball out of Lego that we'd throw at each other's bases so you had like a huge base and you had to have like a power cord that was like hidden somewhere so they knocked out your power core you were dead why and we because we all of us had tons of Lego so we at one point I think we just combined all of our Lego together just had like thousands and thousands of pieces of Lego and we just sit there like it always happened if there was just like nothing going on right like if nobody had money or we just like weren't doing something or whatever we would just sit in our friend's basement and we just play fucking Lego forever it was crazy it was really fun too but site was like it was really harsh too like we couldn't go to school and be like you ever played Lego for like 30 hours this weekend absolutely like we just it was it was just this thing where you'd see your friend on Monday at school or whatever and you just give him that knowing look but like we never talked about infant shame bury em to the ground yeah yeah it was on ready for anybody it was awesome and that's where like we started a lot of this fucking weird you know chit-chatting when you're not really paying attention and you're just like you know making shit out of Lego or whatever and stuff we just do that for our song at the moment yeah we're just hobbies with them yeah feeding our girls and just playing Lego like oh yeah it was good time please do you ever wonder if I mean I I don't know if kids still play games that way where they all just play like that kind of really inventive stuff or if they just go and play fifa and i think it is kind of a shame that as much as i love games I'd hate to think like a lot of the games are I still remember them they're really founding memories that I've made of the games that I played and I think the toys that I play with like sometimes I go to my mum's house and she's still got a wild toys bless her so I kind of go and go to these boxes and pull out something I haven't seen for 30 years and I instantly recognize it and I remember the games I play with it and the things that we did like I've got a remember P flex when we were kids we were bored out of our fucking my that's it we already like telly and there would be nothing on the telly right because you'd have that day time you'd be able to do it's no net nothing to watch no YouTube no screens you didn't have a mobile phone you had no games you had shit you had literally fuck all you had never literally playing outside for like 12 hours again when I was small like it would it be in the summer it would get dark at like 10 o'clock at night or whatever and you just be out like right until it got dark and then your parents be like okay every time come in or whatever but that's like all you did because like Lewis said it was just fucking nothing to do we played baseball in the streams because you got the you know you weren't allowed to get him or you ain't got them like once it what's a one day yeah if you rented it from the local video shop or whatever if you were lucky yeah they know the rest of the time it was like yeah just fucking entertain yourself and so you just pretty much kind of I mean I think we were times were different P Flags remember that oh I know they were different what I'm saying is I want the people the young people of today to suffer as I did because otherwise how is that fair that's not fair they're just they're just so fucking plugged in nowadays that you know the clown origination was a false tip some of mass boredom know it's literally like being put in solitary confinement in prison right like your mind will stop making shit up and creating the league's amazing like world stuff you know remember this same what's amazing is when my kids say how long until we go to so-and-so and I'll say oh it's like a week to go a week and it seemed like the longest time and I think you're right going back to the whole boredom thing a lot of time I mean they'd have to go to school and I fucking hated going to school when you're sitting or let's just sitting there just waiting as a good I start to really like watch the clock and be thinking oh my god I just want to go home and play I just want to go out or get on my bike we'll be running around doing something without people telling me to sit down and have a learn about volcanoes and stuff and that you know all the kind of stuff you got to do at school we just gotta pawed through it and it's literally so much that you want to do as a kid you've got all the energy in the world you buy me my kids just never stop they'll say they're tired and then they'll see something want to do and then they'll do that for like four hours just bounding around leaping off stuff and I think you said you were tired two seconds ago what you meant was you're bored you just fucking bored to tears how desperately sad yeah it's the way it is though like it's just the way that kids are like they just think that they have no they have no concept of like of time really yeah kids you know like we like we went we went on on vacation last year we took my son to Disneyland this is like months before we even left I was like hey guess what we're gonna go to Disneyland you like now no whoa like can we fuckin now it's gonna happen in like six months but we're going he's like okay look you know just like he has no unless it's like literally splashing him in the face at that second he's just not interested like it's yeah it's hilarious but it's really realistic I guess it's really true living in the moment it's a good way to live really it's kind of you think so yes like if it was up to my kids they'd have the same thing for dinner pretty much every night and they'd how huge it was easier to the ice cream every night and then what would you what do you want to do today just play all day if the world was run like that Luis nothing would ever get done if we didn't play that out Greece and Italy work right politics check gosh like if you're if you're from Greece or from Italy I just want you to know that I don't share the same opinions about you as Luis so don't ya if I see you in like an alley or something like a back alley is that great two types of anyone out an ally yeah Senor yeah so I like that anyway that's Delta C not Greek or Italian no disrespect meant no disrespect men okay that's all I'm saying but um yeah I remember when we were when we were kids I remember a big problem for us when we were kids because we had to play outside a lot was the street lights weren't bright enough to be able to catch a baseball or football and is thrown at you so it was like it got to be a bit of a problem like you know sort of as the Sun was setting like all of a sudden say hang on you know that this guy got a home run but actually wouldn't have really been a home run three hours ago when the Sun was out I could actually see what the fuck was going on sort of thing and that led to like a lot arguments and stuff to you what you try and bring in a rule that says like David like as the light goes down the distance you hit the board like a technicality right like you know this this guy who never hits home runs with just like you know hit his first home run and it was because of that and then everybody would be sitting in the back grumbling away like you fuck this guy's fuckin that's not a real home run we think kids kids fucking love making up rules like they love everything has to be really quite strict I find when they play like ice you know when my daughters are playing games the rules are so fucking overbearing at times I'm like Jesus Christ girls give it a break with the rules like you know touch this and then this is my land then you have to come around the side then you get a do you get any up two of these and four of these and we're gonna split them up even then you can't come over my side and here's my band it's like shut the fuck up and play my son does this thing where he's like all right uh we're going to be characters from the show I'm going to be like the main character like you'll always pick the main character or he'll pick the bad guy like the main bad guy like for whatever reason those are like his go twos and then he gives me the option he's like what character would you like to be and then I'll be like oh I just want to be you know some fucking obscure nerd that like you know nobody cares about it sometimes you know chuckles he's like no dad no you can't be chuckles you have to be like the right-hand man or you know somebody that he can like you know sort of like control like the game with sorting I get and every time he asks me I always try to pick like the most obscure asshole character like to see what his reaction oh it's really buddy this is not a moment of confusion is it we're trying to figure out who that is yes no no he can't be because he I don't think you have not knows who that is yeah we try to remember it in his head yeah it may be up it's really really good that's it it's funny it's funny like like playing like games like that with kids and stuff because their reactions are so genuine that likes so funny too because they don't have a filter right like they're just like whatever they're thinking I'll just come out sort of think so it's like yeah it's it's really excellent good oh my goodness so this before to what games you guys been playing this week what of you guys been playing that's good ah man I picked up fallout 4 again I start playing it I I create a new character and I start from the start because I thought last time I played it I played it for like 50 hours I didn't do any quests I just went around I dicked around and stuff so this time I thought you know what I'm gonna do the main questline follow it through and I'm like getting through it and I've been enjoying it actually like the main quest is pretty cool like I like the whole thing with like the Institute and everything and just finding out what's going on I haven't like read anything about it so I don't there's not that many spoilers out there for me about it or whatever so I'm enjoying it and there's a whole bunch of new DLC for it to like you can make like these factories now in your settlements like contraptions so it can automate like conveyor belts and stuff jeez so I'm gonna check that out and there's some other shit there's a couple of like sort of quest based DLCs and then I think next month there's a DLC coming out where you can manage your own vault so like you get I guess you get a vault and then you can like recruit people to live in it and you can build them exercise machines and shit like that so that looks pretty fun thank you sighs I like all that kind of shit so yeah I've been playing that and um overwatch competitive play came out I guess like yesterday played the competitive stuff yeah yeah I did all my placement matches and I'm ranked or rating 51 Wow so yeah I'm grass things that mean I don't it's it's on a scale of one to hundred so not my the average I guess bang in the middle see that's not average like if you think about dota you'd think that like for instance there are some players who are 9k MMR so you'd think that being four and a half thousand to five thousand MMR would be like the average but it's not it's always like a pyramid like most people that play these games fucking suck and genuinely when you play with them you realize I would normally put myself in that camp so right but like I bet you're not like a lot of people play games and I'm so so bad at them they put thousands of hours in but they're even worse than us which is amazing to me but it does ammon so I wouldn't I don't have any place to although like it changes the rules of some of the maps and stuff so like um you know like that you know the capture point like leading into payload Maps sort of thing like in the first round let's say you're defending right and Orono say let's say you're attacking okay and you you the other team defends so well that you can't even capture the first point right all right all you have to do when you're defending is is make sure that that that happens as well but for the attacker all they need to do to win the whole game is capture that first point because we were unable to capture yourself because I was thinking it's fucking stupid when there's no benefit to me like you you need like four overtimes to capture the point or whatever like that it needs to be it's like saying well we I want four nil in the first leg and you won one nil in the second leg so it's a tie it's like no it's not a tie I should be winning by four to one like you know yeah that's good I'm glad they brought that in it's pretty cool and then they've introduced this new almost like in-game currency now like every time you play a competitive game or win a competitive game you get a competitive point which you can save up a ton of and buy like cosmetic shit with so like soldier 76 has like it cost like 300 competitive points was like a Golden Gun I'll sort of thing he's won here's my favorite hero I love so just be cool yeah I like so that just shit like that but it's it's definitely sort of heading in the right direction it's it's interesting anyway it's pretty fun so I've been playing that a bit and then Prison architect as well still playing that it's fun Joe yeah I booted that up I played a little bit of prison architect I think it's good isn't it it's a lot I mean come when you compare it to rim world it feels like rim world is is cuz I play rim or first right as knocked it feels like a such a slick much more polished well done first of the engine playing rim world it's kind of a bit top rough around the edges a bit yeah kind of a feet a little bit little bit janky you can see you can tell rim world is still like a very well it's pretty polished you know all things considered but it is still working progress no there's no we had a lot of static she's like just a hundred times better on prisoner tip yeah enjoyed up I pick steam summer sale on and I picked up a bunch of things to try them out and I need uh pre-funding like three or four things and because he didn't sort of work properly first of all but watchdogs had never played there and I wanted to play and then I couldn't fucking just I couldn't get it to run so I was like well the new watchdogs watch dogs too yet no not new watchdogs I don't think you watched us out yet I don't even know where it's coming out no I don't think so I think it's out fairly see I were to blow blood to play the first one before so I might have to rebuy and try again but god I took no annoyed about that and then I bought like a series of kind of RPG type I just fancied like a dungeon crawling robe like Nami G sort of experience preparing so I bought a couple of them on Steam and on the Steam sale and I got I couldn't I either couldn't get into them or they were a little bit too grindy a but so but you know I'm happy I spent a weekend like trying out a bunch different games and you know I had to go had a good time about it so yeah I feel like um I feel like recently I've been playing games a lot more naturally because like you tend to sort of not do that when you record for YouTube and stuff sometimes you're like playing games that you might not necessarily be playing a lot of in your spare time or whatever but I feel like I've got a couple of games now that I'm playing regularly and looking forward to picking back up and playing sort of thing and I think like having two or three games that you sort of like you know jump around you need like one really grindy game that's like sort of like your overarching game sort of thing yeah so like for me right now that's like overwatch something that you know the progression is very slow and you just sort of like gather these points or whatever as you play and it's like pretty fun bursty fun or whatever and then like fallout prison architecture my more like long brewing games where there's like a story developing and stuff like that so it's like yeah I like those as well I like to just like chop and change it between them and then when I'm done with one of them I'm sure something else will just replace them but it's a nice system um Simon came in this week has checked me after we recorded Wailord about how basically he still plays Wow a lot yeah do you put you would you ever play well people I know but um every time I play hearts um half stone or any anything involving baton there I log in and and Simon is in world Warcraft like all the time and everyone like everyone in my stream goes holy shit Simon still plays well like wow like it plays it a lot judging from he does battlenet stuff so he sits there tilts around there was a alts does quests he likes the world he likes chat to people in Kielce likes doing the fishing that's kind of just his like casual yeah yeah and to do yeah fun I think he gets a lot of joy out of it I feel like I've managed to shake that bad habit so I I did I never thought I was like a hugely positive experience somewhere in my thigh I mean I've got thanked it in a way for you know the way it sort of allowed me to meet up with you guys to stuff so I mean I can't cut I do that I do feel like I owe Wow but at the same time I feel like I'm glad to not be a crack addict anymore right you know why because last a tricky one I never know what to do when I get back into it it's a such a huge game it's overwhelming I like I log into my my whatever my character was that I last played open up their bags they're full and I'm like oh fuck I don't like it's too much yeah I just don't know what to it's just like there's no organization or not like in the flow with it whatsoever sort of things so like more more often than not like if I come back to play wow I usually just level the character from scratch again just to sort of get back into it yeah whatever it's about to dip in and out of a game if you if it's that big like yeah like I played I mean I play a lot of games like like for instance so if I'm playing a game of sieve five say I very rarely go back and load a game even the next day unless it's like a bit of an amazing game I very rarely finish my plate up to a point I'll be like okay I'm done with this now I played Civ for five hours and I'll stop and then never come back and load that up like a week later ever it's like well the experience is going on and you're doing it day to day it feels like it's fresh in my mind but the moment I step away I have no idea what's going on it's gone it's like and that kind of makes me realize a lot of the time when I'm playing games it's just stuff that's happening and I'm responding to it but there's not really anything being embedded in my head whereas when I play like for instance when I play a multiplayer game because I'm playing it with other people the experience embeds itself in my head more because it's like a shared one and because we're talking and I remember the conversations and stuff like that so like when I played dota there were lots of games of dota that I still remember really well or plays that that happen in the game whereas with World of Warcraft I don't really remember much other than I seem to remember things like the music I was listening to while I was playing like there were a certain albums I was listening to at the time and every time I hear a song or I hear that album I'll think oh shit I remember I was playing World of Warcraft when I heard this for the first time it's like that yeah that kind of Emory trick yeah that's like I smell that does stuff yeah this day also in elements of life that do that like the trick that jog your memory from a time in place you know when you were doing yeah but but you know it's just such a it's just so big as so much it is it's a it's a it's like a life style game though isn't it it's like it's it's for a lot of people it's probably the only game that they play yeah and you know some people might only play it for an hour a day and some people might play it for 24 hours a day or whatever but like it's it's so big at it when you leave it and you try to come back to it it's it's really impossible I guess that's why expansions are quite good though because you you're sort of forced to start this all this new content you have to go through it you have to do all this stuff and then if you're still really into the game or you want to keep playing you know you're just there sort of thing in it and it's fine I'm gonna play Legion when it comes out I'm actually looking forward to it I don't know how long I'm gonna play it for but um it's you know it's it's weird that a game can be so old and you know been around for such a long time and I still fairly excited to play it from time to time sort of yeah I always somehow gravitate back towards it even if it's just for two or three weeks or whatever like there's definitely things about it that I miss that like I don't think I'll ever come back you know like having a big guild sort of thing and really like active guild chat and you know raiding regularly with with people and stuff like I don't think I'd ever I don't know I don't know if the game is like that so much anymore I guess it is for some people but I don't know if it is for us we've changed the game's changed like it is different way we experienced enjoy games is different I think to like yeah you know well III don't know I have some really good memories in WoW you know cuz obviously everyone everyone has good memories of like playing games as a kid you know I remember I used to work summer holidays in an off license and I would get to like take home it basically guys this is this - all the list is out there if you are interested in something okay get a job doing that and you'll end up with free that right so when I worked in an office I got a lot of free booze okay this went out a day or whatever was good chucked away as they are take it so I ended up taking like a crate of archers home cuz it's all going out date and I literally spent like a whole summer just in the heat you know basically my parents playing Wow with the window open like beautiful sunny day out there but I'm playing Wow with drinking just drinking glasses every night til I got fucking wasted wake up the next day you know going to work sunny day come home play well and trick catches it was it was a wonderful happy time of my life just a syrupy peachy sugary Wow flat well flavored mess madness I don't know how I climbed out of that hole I did eventually I mean there was some wonderful fucking times paying videogames yeah I'm but like from my past yeah was a really good excite think it was a EVE Online was the time that I enjoyed a sort of MMO the most like I did enjoy well but I definitely definitely wasn't in a guild that I liked like they were just convenient because they were about the same level as I was they were writing the same things as I was like I didn't I was I can't even remember they were called they were mainly Danish guys and they were nice enough but they took it quite seriously even though they were very good at it and they weren't much sort of fun do you know what I mean they weren't like there was very little social chatting and stuff it was just we kind of methodically help each other with quests and it was kind of functional business yeah it was quite business II so I didn't get much of a social side from it was when I played Eve for like four years it was entirely just a social thing and we just had a laugh like we'd go on these ops where we'd fly around and we'd all get drunk and one time we did a musical op where we flew around and one guy was playing the trombone one guy was playing the guitar and I was singing and we did stairway to heaven whilst we were flying into battle right we were doing like this little over the Internet a weird acoustic trombone version of stairway down it was the weirdest thing but it was so cool I go never thinking how funny was uhm and that was great like that was on a seed that side of it has always been more fun to me than the MMO grind like I don't want to just sit on my own but I did when I played Wow I'd sit there all my gonna do it now I remember thinking man this is fucking boring but I was kind of just zoned out doing it it was just like a thing you did that's it yeah it was weird though it was just kind of chill wasn't it you just like have a movie on or just have some music on or whatever and you just do this really repetitive thing over and over and over yeah sort of half pay attention to what was going on but you kind of knew that like when you were done grinding like that you would you know it would open up the game so that you could do other stuff like yeah you know III would level up and grind through and stuff like that knowing that you know oh it'd be cool to get into a rate group do some raids and do that kind of stuff or you know maybe do some PvP or something like that and it was always like it always led up to something and always took a little while but it was it was alright yeah I didn't mind it so much I feel like I don't know with the rating once we started because I did the same thing like I ground up to level 60 in here took forever because I fucked it up and I went back and did it with a different character and it was all it was fine you know you go and get this bit of gear and you'd be like all I need to get this so I can do that and was like fine and you get your guild mates to help you out like I'm sure there was a quest for majors where you had to do one instance to get something a Karim what it was it was like so either something to change your hex to from from a sheep to a turtle or something I can't even remember honestly I'm sure there yeah there was just a few things that you do just to sort of you know a minor things for your character and that was fine but then once we started doing the raiding and you realize that with 40 people and not enough loot for 40 people you were going to be coming back and doing this exact same instance constantly like con it was ours and it was no fun cuz it was so stressful and tense because we were rubbish so he wiped constantly and I just I was just at that point I realized that everything I'd been grinding for was actually not much fun and alright it opened it up for me but holy shit I quit once once we did molten core a few times and I didn't get anything and I realized how much time I had to dedicate to it I was like fuck me this is and there's always someone who has to leave at one of the healers like Google go I know and it was such a chore for people to write like after you'd run it a couple of times and everybody knew the fights and stuff it was everybody was there they were just like oh fuck we go do this again but yeah I could put myself through this seven hours of molten core condition oh yeah yeah yeah it's a funny funny mentality but like I don't know we were you're younger than two right like I didn't at the time like I played Wow I paid a subscription and everything and you know I wasn't buying games like every day right back then it was like okay I'm gonna play this and then when I'm really sick of it all by something else sort of thing like it's a bit different now just like well I get games given to me for free a lot now too so like I don't appreciate them as much like well please rate that I haven't paid for it I'll be like good with every flick I don't even care about it sort of thing I think you don't value stuff with free though I think that asked the thing that we had when we were younger right if you paid fifty quid for a game or whatever even if it was a shit game you would fucking work to get ya exchanged every lie away from that yeah exactly I think the reason I kind of like games where it's the same game but it's like a random start like each time so every time you restart you don't feel like you've gone back to square one you feel like this is just the game this is what it is like there are lots of games I return to like that game game game Tycoon is one that for some reason I always come back to I love it oh yeah I love that game I don't know why I find it very relaxing it feels so I found it as well it's weighted so many times and come back to it and started so many times yeah I just really learned something really weird about it yeah I love the little balls going boom yeah like that it's just satisfying to me where I like sad sorry go on mate so go ahead I was just gonna say something like like football manager is the same thing I come back and I'll manage a different team and it'll be the same you know starts in 2015 it's the same thing but but so much different stuff happens because of the nature of the game it's sort of it's different every time I like that I like the same with Civ you know different start different the games gonna play openly differently that's one of the downsides I think two hearts of iron which is a game I know we're all playing a lot is that there is no random map start and I think until the mods and stuff and the DLC comes in like we were talking about having a version where nobody's in a faction and nobody's allied them isn't that you know you'd literally build up diplomacy rather than be like a fixed ok Japan always goes to war with Russia or Japan in America can never be friends you know you could have a version where everybody's just chill at the start and maybe style in nineteen thirty whatever and then you build up your own politics and see what the AI does like maybe Japan and Russia become best buddies and go and conquer America you know that kind of thing I would like to see that rather than the fixed just you know can you change history again it's like I don't know I like the fix though there's lots of you know there's lots of things that you can do with it though you know like there's there's lots of countries that you can you can turn into something out of nothing yeah and and and really change the course the ward like no matter where you are like I feel like there is a limit to it but would take you a while to reach that sort of thing I'm just thinking I don't live it would be fun to have some other gamers on because I do find myself coming back to games like with the rim world for instance where you don't know what's going to happen there's lots of random events and stuff or prison Arctic build a different prison you'll have different prisons and different problems every time whereas I feel like I'm prison architect you can try different things - yeah it's not like you can really you can you can you could almost make like a factory if you really wanted to I know like where they could come out directly into like a shower thing and you know not even give them a way to leave the prison ever sort of thing you know like there's all sorts of different shit that you can try in that game and it sort of caters very well to that like you know inventiveness I guess it's really the thing about WoW is if you want to level a character there is pretty much an optimal way to do everything in that game like it's more about I think the reason people love the new content is because it isn't locked in that this is what you do and this is the order you do it in and this is the best thing for this and this is the best thing for that and I kind of I think with wow a lot of people are attracted to it because it's fixed and you know what you have to do and they just like it's like people that like doing puzzles or coloring in books you know it's like you know what you have to do it's all laid out before you just got to complete the task and some people really taking satisfaction from that whereas I like the randomness like of stuff like rim world and stuff like that way you have to conquer a different very changing set of circumstances as the game goes on yeah it's that it's it's definitely different and and cool to perience comments about the faction thing in in hearts of iron 4 is is off the back of the fact that we've recorded a sort of game me Tyrion and Luis of hearts of iron for which went okay yes you'll see it'll be on Team Double Dragon soonish I guess the whole thing is done now and we're planning on doing another one which we might start tomorrow I'm not sure we'll have to see yeah but it was fun I enjoyed it anyway I think I think you guys enjoyed it to you it was a blast yeah I really enjoyed it it's a fun game and it's definitely fun multiplayer to think you might be so much sine here I didn't think it would be as good but it yesterday was really fun wasn't I wanted to say something else as well but oh yeah but Wow sorry just before I forget the funny thing about WoW and the funny thing about the expansion model like every time an expansion comes around I think a lot of the hype for people who have played the game you know since the start or have played it for a very long time and have been around for a couple of expansions at least I think there's always that hope that you're gonna get things back that you've lost along the way in terms of WoW right fresh expansion everybody is gonna get into it everybody is gonna hopefully really enjoy it and stick around and then you're gonna get your big guild back with regular this and that and do fun shit or whatever and it never really does it never works out but maybe Legion will be the one that'll be the one to bring them all back who knows I don't know it's good it's a good to have like a I always enjoy these moments when we all pitch in when everyone gets involved and it's like oh hey everyone's playing this game and like you know you just you bump into fucking Silas out there or you know you're saying Gil chair hey is anyone want to do this and it's like you know you just get together a bunch of random people like you know night with some random people from the office of playing and one of Hat films or you know someone you know from somewhere you know some someone you at school with and suddenly you're in a little group and you're chatting away it's I don't know it's like what oh it's Molly's really it's really nice when everyone's playing the same game and get together and have like these it's like kind of everyone's excited everyone's into it everyone's exploring this new world together and sharing it and then not necessarily competing with each other but I think that's always been an element of wow it's always been an element of you know you put the time in you put the effort in and then you can show off to people you know other Benson especially when they used to have all that shit like I remember doing like the Paladin epic mount quest which was like a real bollock back in the day because it cost like a lot of gold which was not as abundant as it is nowadays since nothing that ever they had one hunter won as well yeah do those like stupid kiting it was just it was a lot of these were real fiddle and they took you you know you needed a couple of mates to take out their time to do it with you so like have a lot of resources before weren't easy to get you know you'd like it wasn't as as easy as you know back in the day before you could just literally buy gold in the game which you can now because you just buy a token or whatever and sell it for like 90,000 gold or whatever yeah yeah yeah you can actually buy gold in the game shit you know before gold you pay for your subscription with it now - yeah I mean you could play the game and pay for you basically make the game free to play if you if you play late enough kind of thing which is a nice mechanic in a way but yeah I don't know it's the eve its mechanic as well isn't it you can pay for your subscription with kind of enough is it its core is K I always just said I think everyone says it's pretty much what I remember and so you know I I don't know like I fit I feel that it's it's the pet the social passion is what's exciting for me you know I think that's why people like it and I think that you know when people do start dropping off that radar it's like well Who am I gonna play with now I think I think that's why some other mmo's don't hold the same alert right because none of your friends are playing yeah yeah if you've got a bunch of you together saying hey we could all play this MMO now you know this could a bunch of us doing it then an n everyone sort of felt like other people were playing it yeah it's a litte bit like rust you know everyone got on board that bandwagon and then it sort of slowly faded out and you know into a couple of people still doing it but nothing at anywhere near what it was with no that's it everybody was into it like solid for like a week or two and I think our attention span is is short yeah but that's due to due to us just getting old I think and having more variety there you know I love I really I haven't got anything bad to say about really I'm I'm it's good I'd rather have new expansions than not I don't think there's a way to return to the old days and honestly if we get a bit of if we get a week of cool social activity and like fun and you know memorable days out of it then fuck cool you know I'll remember though from Draenor that what happened was you basically was so salty that you couldn't play on the EU servers he was so mad that you fucking literally made an account on the US servers yeah I played play there steer it so I can actually log in and play so it makes them couldn't I play together which like super annoying and but you didn't really care did you pollute when we gave up about the same time as well well yeah we play for about two weeks in we're just like sort of got got to max level did a couple of dungeons or whatever and then Draenor was exciting and and fun at the time but I don't know I think as far as expansions go it's going to be remembered as a great one there is something weird about like that and that new thing right where everyone's exploited for the first time and you're like the first there it's almost like not exactly a race but everyone wants to play on launch day it's funny how does something being new has such a shiny sort of attachment to it that makes sense how everyone sort of thinks it's somehow good it'd be really way better I think you can go back to old games like Skyrim or fallout 4 for the first time whatever and they're fucking incredible games or even older games like you know banjo kazooie or you know Ocarina of Time you can go into really old games and and they're still super fucking good today banjo kazooie yeah I don't think I ever played banjo kazooie to be on and what great game yeah I don't think I did again play that now you wouldn't play that today no no idea was that originally a PlayStation game I think so yeah I don't know time I mean these games are super old like they're 20 years old literally yeah those games and decision was what I'm trying to say is that what we are we are we are often blinded by the allure of newness in our culture that everyone is it because something is new it will be some for some reason better or and and sometimes you know that's not necessarily the case I guess not wow what a boring chat no it's alright it's not boring at all and this segment of the podcast where we like we get serious about games cuz we games a huge part of what we will be doing how we'd like something happening forever and also we know that most of the people watching this play games like so I don't think it's I mean I think sometimes maybe we don't joke around about games as much I don't know why because we all do when we're playing them but when we're talking about am I it's actually something we know quite a lot about like all of us have played a shitload of games but playing games for years I've seen how they changed as you know we've been a part of a lot of scenes and stuff with you know yeah so I think it's actually something we know stuff about and I well here's the thing right I think that you could have a lot of fun doing anything with friends right if you know if you if you just got a bunch of you around you've got a even like a fucking shit game like monopoly you know it can still be a good laugh if you've got the right people around the table I guess we play games for a living and that's kind of a weird thing but what what are one of the things that I've been doing lately very much is playing the games that I really enjoy you know like they're playing hearts vie and playing sieve playing certain sort of crappy walking simulators of dunker and playing like these minecraft mod packs I've been playing out of the games that I enjoy what I haven't been doing really is the other sort of some of the other things I would like to do so I'd like to I'd like to sort of I'd like to play some Warhammer all at warm-up so much like I think one of the things we've looked at is the Judge Dredd miniatures game oh yeah and so it's like a kind of gang based thing you recruit like some eight men or some fatties or whatever you make a little gang and you kind of fight with other people's gangs you have to paint your models and stuff I want to find a way to to make videos out of that yeah which I'm really not sure how to do but I really want to do it I want to do another D&D campaign no I think that it is really fun I love I love that and if you want to be in it I'd love to have you well know where they should have to be something that you did live yeah it's like an embrace yeah we have to do it we'd have to do it in person that's the difficulty I mean if I came down like in the summer um the summer my kids are away for a two weeks and there's also whenever you're thinking of going down let me know yeah welcome to annoy some fucking because they're away for like two weeks in the summer the only thing is the weekend I need to be back in Bournemouth for just for that one night and then I've got another week free so I could even just come down for a bit we could record a shitload of stuff like a do a D&D campaign into all kinds of stuff and then so like it could be down for a whole week and do it I'd fuck it yeah I think I really enjoy doing so I think that the we it has to be something that you're interested in though right because I think that with the D&D campaign I think it has to be you have to give a shit about like I almost died that I'm someone who fails to give a shit a lot of the time no the last one we did was was the zombie one right yeah I think I saw we should do should be a post nuclear apocalypse like kind of like a fallout sort of thing you know coming out of a vault and then you know just like having an adventure in a wasteland leading up to something that'd be awesome here's the thing with D&D right I think it's a little bit like a superhero movie if you're not careful where you can't die Jaime because it's it would ruin it it's like you know you can't watch a Batman film it's anywhere expect guys it's bet I'm gonna die in this yes sir is he gonna super mega to die in this pit you know that there's another film that he can't die that he's gonna win he's gonna save the day and it's so predictable but I can't stand unless you're seven years old I can't get much pleasure out of watching these things and these stories because I read I read so many books I read so much better story that when it comes to these these these films or shows where is it's it's I'm not invested at all I'm like well ah you know so what he got out of it in an interesting way but you know I knew he was gonna get out somehow so you know it's not I'm not fucking watching this is liked as a detective novel how does he get out of this one I'm watching it sir I don't know I have a problem and so with D&D I have the same problem okay in there I have problem where these people do these long campaigns where their characters almost are invulnerable and I have I have that because the GM one of the GM's jobs to like you know balance it so it's Challenger I feel like they feel like they could die but they're never actually going to and I know that it's supposed to happen but I don't like the D&D system a lot like I've got to do this to my own problem the combat it's really long it's - dice rolling people don't know what they're doing I think that when you get a group together okay who know what they're doing it makes a really good video and the sieve is a good example at this rec aid because we all play civ 5 together and nowadays we don't we didn't call kinda know what we're doing and as a result it's quite an enjoyable experience for everyone right I think if we were playing seven five for the first time wait every siddhis play a brand-new game that we're all still learning right it's there's a bit from that and yeah problem with D and D is that when we do the indium your square sometimes if people we have to keep the rules fairly simple because otherwise every time we do something it's like can I do this yeah okay I'm gonna do this okay well you need to roll Dexter oh okay what's that well look at your code sheet okay what's what's my Dex 16 okay what does daddy need you to roll a d20 with -4 right d 29 pretty much a nutshell is our doing thing period so it's increased or some much of a bull like okay whereas what you need to have is people who know the system well enough to say hey shit okay I'm going to shoot this guy roll the dice the way I think there's things you can do is like you can have a time limit on people's turn they can only take like 30 seconds or whatever and but also if people know the system then they're going to fucking be like totally letter that they're almost doing they're playing the game self and the GM is just sort of there on the sidelines of it well the things we did with Dom be your quest right was that but basically I think it ought to get invested in some in it in a D&D campaign you need to almost be excited yourself to make a character to understand what the world is you're going into to kind of have a become with some prep and I think a lot of the time some of the people we've had on D&D we've said hey can you come on TV and they're like yeah sure I'm not going to prepare it I want to come at this I don't you know I'll be okay to RP once I'm there but give me a character it's like well I kinda don't one that I kind of want you to talk to me about how you want what your character is I want you to write a little bit back so I want to have a thing okay a bit of prep and I think sometimes like I think that makes it better right send your more invested your more interested I think high rollers are really I don't know if you've watched any of high rollers it's um sandy D&D yeah yeah yeah Mark Hughes runs as a GM and that's very classic D&D and it's it's it's it's great because all the characters kind of love there all the guys love their characters and you could tell and they're interested but I feel like there's no there should be there should be such a safety net what were you looking for is more of a game of Thrones II anyone could die in a horrible way at any time but there's a some overriding goal that we hope they're going to get to and if we lose some people along the way we can replace them with other people like maybe a DMV campaign a dozen poll punches and if the DM rolls a crit and hey your wizard just got shot in the face by an arrow you'll have to have another character so maybe you could even have people bring multiple characters with them that they can sort of go to if there's gets killed so they want to see if they can get there with the character that they really know like before they have to go back to another one maybe something like we're with a big peril involved in the old well mean you more policy dodge the dragon breath again yeah exactly this is like I don't know I feel like I feel like it's just all my character is basic because I don't know how to play so I just I feel like the problem with D&D is everyone's got so much health and heating and revives and recoveries and all this bullshit that you know someone gets stabbed through you know bite or bitten by a bear they're like yeah he took one wound you've got 17 left and a shield and a and a health and a renew and a phoenix down and all this bollocks like fuck off like some of the systems are different okay where they are a lot more brutal ensues it slows those DD systems out there in a me and Tom have played quite a few of them and your quest was this one where we kind of the idea we had was this left 4 dead safe room mechanic right so if your character was stupid or unlucky or naive or got left behind or sacrifice you decided to sacrifice yourself we'll do something heroic sometimes you know that was in the zombie world it kind of it felt like you could meet up with news new new people along the way and they would be disadvantaged because they wouldn't have had the experience that your guy did maybe they wouldn't have at the levels maybe they wouldn't have the story as well and the the experience is like oh yeah okay you did survive the bear attack so you know now you're you're super wounded and stuff but and gross but you know that maybe that opens up other options as a result you know maybe people will take pity with you and let you in or you know whatever like this it feels like feels like having a character start with but then having that grow and then being sad when they die but also excited to pick up a new Arpi roll quickly so what we will do I think Joe is some kind of a post-apocalyptic thing but that maybe doesn't just have fucking zombies because it's the way we like to zombies again and whenever it is okay when we do wait a bobeat it'll be a different yeah zombies pre played I think even post apocalypse is pretty played out but I thought the thing I like about post apocalypse is that if all you have is a wasteland of something that once was like you know a thriving normal place or whatever there's lots of different stories you could have their sort of thing why and you know just not constantly running away from hordes of zombies necessarily you know what about a good like there was a there was a game system called travela which they then made into like kind of like there was a sort of lighter version of traveller which is really good but Markel know about it but i think if we were look the crew of a ship that would be kind of cool not in a Star Trek sense but in that the traveller universe is kind of there's multiple major powers and you're just like a trader or like a Mercer easel you know you just go around do a job so it's like being elite like in this like we did that we did a similar one to that the one before was it the one before last remember you you square dressed he was may say yeah yes this one but yeah I know it like if it hello dear yeah if it had maybe a bit more you need another person bingo you bump into an escape pod we landed a planet and there's a nobleman there fleeing persecution or something you know you could chuck it over like we did the star was one and I felt like if a character had been killed we could find another character and it would fit in with the the story but it's the challenge of role-playing games is you know you want to play you've built up a cat at level 10 you don't just be given a level 10 carrot because it doesn't you don't feel like you've grown that person to that level no yeah and yeah it is tricky I think the difficulty that I have is that when I want to make videos for on TNT and things like this I want to have it be 20 minute videos right I don't want to have it be a four hour live stream every week you know because I think that's I mean that's that's what the DND pace is pretty slow because of the the nature of the dice rolling and the mechanics and all that stuff but I think as you get more adept at it more comfortable with it you get better and I think that with practice comes a bit of expertise I guess I don't want to stifle the kind of energy and creativity though that we're all zenus yeah and I don't know it I don't want it oh yeah there's a balance and we're working on figuring out what what the best way to do is and there's a reason we haven't done it York's West for a while it's because we're still trying to figure out how we want a good system for it but it is a fucking amazing experience to like just just Taylor's very fun to do take on like a skin of someone someone else in Empire and exciting and dynamic and good story with actual real fear like if you if you actually our attach this couch and you actually are a feared of them I think that a lot of time people in D&D just are reckless they run around they'd shoot everyone they don't have any debt there lurks a psychopath there are any of feelings that there's going to be consequences because it doesn't you know I think I think that's what I want to try and avoid in future a little bit because I don't think you need to be a you know a jester in these games you need to kind of just be this just chaotic so alright alright okay point eight geez you can be like a mom man or fancy or whatever yeah I fear I'm gonna be a feeder next time it's gonna be great I can be the chubby if you want to be my feet up any day is that what you're going to be born with for one night I saw their appear in black on so Oh Mike you're sweet going to ball mister needed everything just bring me a queue of people will be offering me foods KFC Mazda hot dog with relish or be hey I need somebody to file down my bed sores and on that bombshell let's go to the questions we got any questions let's get the questions I've got I've got one long ish question it's not really a long question itself but the answers might be long and then followed up by a really short one alright so first one is from a guy named Andrew Markham he asks what type of prison inmate would each of you be so I when I read that I instantly thought of Andy Dufresne because he's like you know the role model prisoner that everybody thinks that they would be like right you know ya go in there carve out chess pieces after those people that you were innocent and then escape out of a shit pipe he was convicted in murder of his wife wrongly convicted of his way here I was wrongly convicted even though he because she was having an affair right and he he killed her although he killed her but he went there too he had a gun he had something to drink he went to confront them and the voice says like oh she's dead what were you hoping to do he goes I don't know just scare them maybe and then he changes my drove home and went to sleep and the wake up's wakes up the next morning of course his wife and her lover were killed and then he's wrongly convicted of it and sent down the thing about Andy Dufresne is is that he doesn't change when he's in prison like it's prison to him is not a transformative experience he's the same when he goes in and he's the same when he comes out he no he never lets it break him and I think that's the message of the movie is that you go into prison and if you are Andy Dufresne about it you never change you make you let on that you've been changed but you've met you never changed it because he always had this hope because remember they said to him at the start one of the things that read system is don't just open here and if dangerous thing to do don't touch you know dude and it's like he just goes uh cheese red you know maybe I could tunnel out of here buddy wing quick if you know what I mean talk about honey tunnel actually so in the you know he's always had that hope because he's always been working towards getting free so I think that that's the thing about it the perfect prisoner I would be the prisoner who would go in there and kill themselves because I would be so miserable it is it is my greatest fear in life being locked up especially wrongfully the idea of being sent down no hope that's it I'm stuck forever I would probably be one of the guys that hangs himself with a sock in his his cell I just I couldn't handle it I could not handle it I I mean I like to think that I would be the guy who went in there who had like a barcode tattoo like mysteriously on his forehead and when you Hui and then I was just you know controlled the prison and through fear and nobody would fuck with me sort of thing but I think it's probably pretty likely that I would either end up killing myself or I would just be so fucking traumatized by the whole thing that I just wouldn't be the same person at all yes be like a slobbering penis in the corner sort of thing yeah my idea of being treated like less than a human being especially especially if you were in there and you you you weren't given time to reflect on your deeds because you had done no deeds you just shouldn't have even been there and there are people who've spent like 20 30 years in prison for something they didn't do and I think that that is the greatest torture that you can inflict on someone is locking them up taking away their life like that's the thing every every five years that goes by I'm thinking what all those things I've missed everything I learned like I think we are very Americanized in this country in this culture by by what we see on TV we have this idea that going to prison will be like an American prison okay I don't think it will I think if we like porridge you'd watch yeah yeah my British it's very British yeah kind of rundown slightly you know it really is like looking yeah damp caster would like cobblestone walls you know like a head I am gay and like you know a big old fucking key and a warden the warden and the jailers are all in like smart uniforms it hats on you know and I don't know I feel like I feel like a British prison would be is a little bit different too but I'm sure it'd still be overcrowded and gross and they'll be like but I guess everyone have English accents in there you know all the all the other criminals from other countries will be extradited oh yeah it will be it'll be a bunch of fucking Brits in there you know I'm sure they up there all girl like watch the football and you know I think it's not going to be what we think you know what we think about it from him from American TV not that I don't not that I know you know or want to find out either I think I'd probably be a fucking piece of meat in there god I'd play fucking they just snap me but you know sexuality is pretty fluid I could probably get used to it get into like The Mole Man Group and the like Joe groups yeah kind of shoot out carve out my niche eventually the mole men will tunnel their out big thick of the whole out there the thing is though is prisons fucking hardcore man like the thing is if you're gonna go to prison okay I think that if you're doing something and you're not in prison but it's something that could get you in prison make sure that whatever you're doing hooks you up big time gives you lots of connects inside prison because why do you go to prison you're good if you don't yeah you like it like Omar and the wire when he goes in he's got too fucking old school homie like you know watch his back give him the phone book so that he doesn't get stabbed it's a great scene when they come in and he's it really is fight and they're like Butchie sent us and he's like oh shit can they pack him up with the phone books they give him a little plastic knife that he cut ya guys balls are fucking duct tape that shit two of and everything and it's just like oh man that's what you want that's what you want to get you want to go into jail and you want to have something like that waiting for you like guys you know we're gonna have your back if you're going into jail for something really dumb and you don't have any connects in jail and stuff your fuck yeah basically you're you you are literally going to get fucked and probably just have a miserable fucking time as well I'm just going to turn into somebody's fucking me oh yeah yeah you say that like it's gonna be all I went I was a university with a guy when we got there the day that we moved in we so I was like 19 and he was 40 and he'd come that day from prison like he'd been released that day and he'd managed to get released so he could go to university and sort of turn his life around and stuff and he's been inside for armed robbery robbed the post office Mo lead robbed multiple post offices before they finally caught him and we were always asking him like what was it like in prison he said I mean this would have been in the the 80s and the 90s and he said it wasn't really what you think at all it was just mainly fighting like a lot of people fighting because they're bored and they hate the guards and they're miserable and the food is bad and it's it's a depressing environment and it's kind of hopeless and it's a lot of fighting and so he fought constantly and he said if you're not prepared to fight all the time you're just gonna get the shit kicked out of you like none of the rape stuff like he said he hardly saw any of that at all and to his knowledge like it didn't it didn't happen upon from he said one guy the thing is once you known as being that kind of person who's like raping in other inmates unless you're part of some kind of gang that all do it you're like you're not cool with the rest of the prisoners because they you know they don't want that kind of thing happening for obvious reasons yeah so it's not something that happens as widely as people make out I think it's obviously a scary thing and the idea of it is what puts people off prison in a lot of way I think but he said the main thing was he just fought constantly and he was hard as fuck like he would fight the guards all the time just for something to do and they'd beat the shit out of him and he'd fight them back and that was it I like it sounds it's just rough it's really fucking rough and I am a complete softy but the idea of going I'm a pussy and they do things like jugging I read a book called a life inside and one of the things they do is like when they're making their tea they'll get a pot of boiling water and just pour that jug a boiling water over someone if they're like pissed off with them but it comes like god be something as simple as you sat in the wrong seat like it rate there's a you know when you watch TV everybody's got their agreed seats but they don't just go up and say oh I'm sorry that's my seat oh I'm sorry I'll move they just go and jug you because that way the message has been sent if you go up and say excuse me that's my seat and they say fuck off you've then got to fight them there and then you take you got a juggler without a middleman good counters your bad jugged that's my chance to jog harder yeah exactly you fool get your I'm having trouble carrying this 16 gallon chunk of boiling water but I'm gonna chug you motherfucker just the fuck out of you yeah we joke about it but you know one day when we're all in jail cuz let's face it we've all done shit we're not let me just speak about on here you know we're not gonna be like evidence we're not gonna be laughing lester Lovitz so what you said he done shit what was that actually referring to we would like to present evidence that mr. loves did indeed jug his lawyer therefore we motion he remained in prison for the rest of his April life plays a second-degree jacking effect on a jogger we can have a jug er it's a bunch of progress could be like Superman's on party Ibiza spawning right bring raincoats hahaha oh my god I'm gonna tuck it in so but - we got a jug in going on so please send dogs Lewis would be fluid with his sexuality yeah I would be crying a lot and period we kill I don't know fucking whore one chugga-chugga people that's it there won't be the D like oh hi wait for the prison-like jugs bitch chugging peoples I enjoy watching uh orange is the new black I don't know how realistic that is realistic I think but it didn't sure I like it but it's a good show yeah it's probably not super realistic you know what I would love to do I would love to somehow be close with the guards where I could like make a scenario where as walking down the entire cellblock in the middle of the night whistling like Omar used to do like in the streets sort of thing and then everybody be like oh shit the juggers covered joggers go just chug someone randomly like that would be fucking sweet but I would never be that in pain it's like is this like a jug like running on the bus but like Jesus cigarettes now I can just hear a distinct boiling some way like a couple little splish splosh he's in a gentleman yeah fucking great heard about people getting covered in a jug of boiling water like unbelievable AHA just scumbags knows now since our last question before we wrap up is from Jonathan de Ridder and he says when are you guys gonna do a hearts viral game and with who and we can say to you right now Jonathan de Ridder we've done one the three of us and it'll be on Team Double Dragon at some point soon yeah it might be out already we'll find out and we're doing at another one as well so if that one isn't enough for you Jonathan de Ridder there's a whammy coming at some point but I might try and I might try and get other people involved or do it flex if channel something like that sleepy fun to get it yeah get a slightly different game to them first one we did yes I may be a competitive one actually my aunt Delores is on the card somehow as well - at some point possibly so I'll be fine yeah yeah eventually mate right well thanks for listening and you know stay stay stay still folks frosty and

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