Young Hearts Presents: My Chinito EP01

by: Kapatid International

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- a mangina comedy toe

mr. maganda no mo kamo viva la que nunca SE han kyul on vessel a too near maha Saahil communism' s mo t na rin cecilia mo reading shampoo gaston yeah - oh mama bailo - Panama holo fetus a P mucho

Ptolemy's at a seabream Agena cadence a magazine azaab un una FATA invent a Omega Hapuna

I don't understand y'all Korea

hey Korean ah you are you you you bite rags first-first for sale please III sell I sell rats

100 sir

Papa attaboy Coby Glen ago Aon comer repos kizomba sana-i anti a vacuum Arcana valedictorian no high school makeup ananka pozzolana looking at a monopoly Casa Bonita mother


mm ah hey yo me in vinyasa bag aha - Luke resina pagoda Baja Bug Mahim Bing papaya God who joked I'm Cayuga Singhania him being a ho at mccurdy pond again yamaha army night I saw American Eagle on pants it rideable are you and I if you have the way they talk about it hello conceal an event on a minibus

and a half wave of Lema ha ha Hospice in on a Taliban inaho taratata named indienity papa by animus episod


olena I have been denied by the intersection Oh a possibly in support of normalcy southwestern I mean you see me the dananana home air bubble universe is feeling so that nice to see you in it

wannabe versity of glasses Oh activation comparison scholarship ready Papa my cap I owe you a banach they take panel tests something out by the communication forum uh de no Sidhu low so first row first um diddle and eres una cosa llama - again thank you oh yeah another coupon application form Oh we'll get their side of Maha Sabha hey I'm at that

hi everything I want on my car gothic oregano fortune wobbu ha forget Jimmy - ha

don't you and you go UNIX a window which should go and you you come to the rescue can you are a tapas prepare therapist ah huh oh I know your tactics and gimmicks here oh yeah keep the change and I don't want to see you near my car ever again

do you may pick up a baby while you push as much then we're two points Philippines zero job we took the knees in the face getting dragged in an article

attempt on oppa Paganica boyfriend qey serie a lot on plan o allah allah mention brennan alia llamo priority su na mericanomad boyfriend knee Chinaman I mean muggin belém pará handle AHA I know her name but apart Maggie super Gaza I come on boyfriend Minako DAPA you laughing in Magog Oh animal condition taking a normal condition turn up sick again maka peak in the yellow subpoenas mmm maja kita and Marah mean one say Stanga be maka captioner falling stars yadi maka Mission Impossible manumana condition more I knew you'd eliminate that and and a lagana know in Imani Takako Tamino hey Pierre Magan dicen el perro male au nom on my maja go on nada en camerin oh yeah no habla en Mona in my path or a besito Tina Paula calamy hunama I own my own home now no Mohammed and open a yo-yo boom caelum novel performed in amman Ryan budget happy you smuggle a dime we go

cause I'm about I wouldn't have been able to-- sagina Donovan poor

d casino to Maldonado Picasa Oh Leona maganda PI school emo scolar Kappa Oh

hi I get up at that one it don't been think bin again you - my dad again fine hunter supermoto - Oh Dom in a para promise yeah hey together Masha wanna get your job killing em to school ha ha ha anyway ammonia not be nice guys put some on I um I think it's poor man's dinner roll or should I say ha ha ha yeah

bonito didn't Omaha besides I'm not just just moved in I must go never dies three give or you go down your day let me know Jana man aha oh do a Drogo so go to Malaga Wendy mama taking us on a mo night why are you here who let you in well I'm a student here hey come on get out go on burrito you're a student you're not allowed in here this is my garden your guard then whoa boom come on again I'm a Yemeni love ghetto mom can get more people my table amamiya Amanda nerds my table emoji leaders my table my own basketball player Sparrow iko iko UMP anomalous a lock time say you're sorry - boom guard go beyond yeah yummy onion ro how one Popeye Samoa detox you speedy go on my list on my Abidjan Agha how did you get here how do you even afford the tuition here did you sell enough rags or did you sell something more excuse me I'm a scholar here as if you know what that means

Borya two points Philippines one point back sparse economy is it true that you loitered and vandalized the restricted area of the school miss oh I know I know sir Napoleon poco de Somme a garden casserole on a parameter on the soffit area a ferry service among my uyama said well a mnemonic informs our enemy reservation fee Polamalu tables d2 are you being sarcastic uh no sir I'm telling the truth book Chavez unifor looks happy saying you said Nana Grillo Ethernet Negev and la soie who you know young Korean on bullying oh goodness Amana Oh golly no policy no bosses who local Amish Oh me Ari do you mean mr. Richard one eye yes sir young pirate saba mayara nato yalom i am the owner of this university and owner of the garden for you through your trash around Shanna at well Anna you back

sunbae oppa Gangnam style no mono Jose Jimenez see Jesus Puyo rama's I mean ahora focus a garden your sonar emoji our budget I am NOT your grandfather oh wait a minute how singing Korean your master I'm sorry pero penis too small you made me eat your filthy money excuse me my mother is not filthy the gook is coming up I'm a pentagon da minha masala Papa nominal peanut butter surviving a circle yeah pero your con artists and Eloheinu now selling grads in the streets excuse me but discount coupons are done but I don't have anything on the phone in the Baja swass I could cut away a little money here I'm willing to do anything everything again please you will go through some disciplinary actions Oh

Magoo ELISA finito majestic upon a logon a garden yo guru Poornima sauna hot ET que una viola me hey answer sir who on top oh snap oh I mean upin awawa less américo pooh-bah heip acuto's Delco alanna ubach movie na ho Del Mar a me pas hung gar go Whitney you stay the better person disciplinary action pursue you and again you know Monica c'est beaucoup Papa Papa go buddy center pop on bassoon yo yo sofyan you Vanetta college shooter now look Duke or well if I were to inherit the school then I should speaking better Filipino besides this is a feel Korean school ah sagaie awesome a Filipino but you know for one gonna come on toggle open a peanut book I'm kind of hungry so I cannot study without you ce que vous mini-moon Lahaina pecan coma I'm gonna hire sir a cha'aka to to ruin a Mon Tagalog I meant a cow people another kind girl huh on my end if equality inaho Philippine the truth or here Paco this man nobody building a pequeno Iowa well we can talk to the Dean hey Tina Michigan room sir great huh you get him a beer oh I don't know piss in your burger eats ow yeah baby again burger the giant burger giant giant giant burger look on the moon you sir when I am on the my mind if I sing is baseball Iowa by in there what's the ball I'm gonna lion burger Milty in LA Oh doc 7 1 people italiano yeah

keep up come back yeah Lama su combate my own humble guy so yeah I'd own a cigar bilasa boy keepo grill ay shah alam ii pawan kalyan go impossible million RT now believe I'm gonna die man transfer the varsity player is so not like the muscle but it didn't turn for me Richard oh I begged on no you know I mean you Richard be so bringing the near booty low pop Alan ah who say University Nepal yeah Manabu baguette eat a dick up way

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In the daily primetime mini-series “Young Hearts Presents”, Kapatid TV5 brings to life the characters in the widely read love stories shared by up and coming authors whose novels have gained a huge following of readers and fans online.
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