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what's going on ladies and gentlemen my name is Ryan or 2d and today we're gonna be playing sort the court now for those of you that remember this series we did this like almost a year ago and it was a phenomenal game it was one of the best times we had it was so much fun and I am super excited to announce that there is a brand new update that came out to sort the court which I am so excited to play I saw markiplier played it so shout out to my player for for letting me know that the new update is out which I'm so excited for hey man thanks for coming out of the stream you guys are awesome so let's go into a new game are you a king or a queen I am a king alright let's see so I have hello friend oh my gosh um I missed this music so much this games so much fun neighbor thanks for coming out of the stream you guys are awesome my lord I'll help you rule your kingdom but you have to make tough torches just say yes or no understand yes I do understand good you've already got the hang of it our city is still very small right now but it certainly has the potential to grow perhaps one day we will have a bustling metropolis and you'll be invited to join the Council of crowns for now all you need to concern yourself with is keeping the citizens happy and growing our population do your best sir I am so excited for this everybody let's do this oh hello skeleton do you find me humorous yes I do I do find your humorous har hard yes it's a good one right and then he leaves well at least I made him happy so I got +2 happiness it's running wild should we try to capture it um how should we capture the chicken guys I don't know um now what was let it be it's kind of cute maybe we could just leave it be yeah I'm just gonna let the chicken do its thing you know he's just gonna have a good time my lord a man wishes to settle a dispute he says he is way cool but his friend says he is not do you think he's cool yeah I think that guy's way cool he's definitely cool I'm sure he'll be happy to hear that well a move webcam okay yeah let me move my webcam okay one second um let's move my webcam webcam border mhm and webcam all three of those will move no no no no no no webcam okay whoop I will put that I don't even know where to put it guys I guess I'll put it right here for now I'll put that so you can see that okay my lord I wish to embark upon a treacherous quest sure friend you can you up on the treacherous quest for the kingdom I will shall return to you Lord well go have fun with that good sir they want complete happiness plus four people happy the city is going we came one person to the city there we go that's what I'm talking about okay oh hello I've got a business proposition for you and your tiny little town are you interested yes sir aha I will bring you details soon well okay the Sultan's gonna bring me details so then we should be good guys hey bud care to flip accorded me heads I'll give you a bunch of gold tails I take a bunch of your people sold ah I'm down man no dang it they ended up taking 15 people that's not good at all hello Sonny can I borrow a corn for the newspaper absolutely you are more than welcome to take one gold for the newspaper I was just passing through thought you might some magic anything could happen care to give it a try sure know what no we lost we lost we got messed up twice I do everything a lot of cleaning stuff at them should we put a bounty on it yeah let's hope that monkey down let's let's stop that monkey right now that is not good we lost no the city's shrinking no this isn't good at all we need people to be happy can I have some food yes give them food we need the happiness to go way up so people will come here but we need we need people to be happy okay okay yes come on please yes awesome we got twenty people and five happiness we need happiness to go up we need more people to be happy there's a bunch of goblins the load across lane for a group yeah slay them per me there really go for happiness come on we need happiness to go up up okay some refugees we welcome them yes we should welcome them into our city but we need we have fifteen more people okay we're back to where we were now so we're doing all right I have my to get a cup of tea for you yeah I would like a cup of tea there we go aye we're not at happiness level oh no the city's shrinking alright we need the happiness way up okay I would like some money please sure you're gonna have some money uhm what that was a hundred coins I wasn't expecting taking one hundred name is loner if you want to know the truth about everything you're gonna want to hire me yeah I'll trust you Boulder I'm gonna go investigate something well he's off to go investigate something there he goes can I trouble you for a sandwich no you you are more than a sandwich all right we're over a hundred happiness now so now that we have over a hundred happiness the city's population will start growing we've captured some foes on the battlefield shall we bring them home and put them to work absolutely sir we definitely want to be putting them to work so we can have a our population growing oh hello I'm the Duke of spook what a spooky nickname yes uh-huh you can be the creep King and then over there away he goes okay gossip is spreading about a heroic purple which slaying goblins in the lower quarter she's becoming something of a folk hero oh okay good to know people happy the city's going we're losing money we don't have a lot of money but I don't think that's that big of a deal okay come on come on no people we're below 100 happiness now of the Sub Zero yes the caravan is more than welcome to stay here we need to be over 100 happiness that's I think that's what we need villagers are complaining about garbage reach yes hire workers to clean up all that garbage 50 gold oh that's painful okay oh hello man my boat is trying to catch many fish can I have some gold okay I'll pay you back I swear alright there you go oh no we're 9 gold in debt already guys we're already in debt oh no no no we do not want to raise it we are not raising taxes on these people okay awesome I mean see there we go we have some money we do have a little bit of money we're not doing too good we need we need something to give us some luck we need a little bit of luck okay come on wizard give me a little bit of luck 200 gold yes we're rich guys that's perfect that's just what we needed you feel it I am feeling spooky today oh wait no he just ate somebody oh I was I don't want to feel okay hello I am serial number LD three-point force this is can you you fix me yes there we go thanks friend I am become fixed well that give me that was a negative hundred goal but that was plus five happiness so I'm happy about that yes I'm always down to help the Sultan the Sultan is always really nice to me so I feel like that's what you want right we want this up okay hello friend magical vampire crystal do I want to do it do I want to do it I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it yes fame and fortune we got five happiness this is perfect and we're getting money from that okay things are looking up now alright how many people are joining poor people a day now that is awesome that's just what we need and the airport's out has asked us to form an alliance should we use them to beef up our ranks absolutely I think that's a good idea more swords more people I think that's I think that's good [Music] yeah I'd love to give it a try yes yes guys we're getting so lucky okay we need to tell the wizard we but um but um Boosh yeah you like my rhythm bro yeah I think that's a good rhythm very good rhythm but I'm brah I'm in the groove okay he's doing it huh you call this a castle aye I think so indeed is a trick question oh okay oh the purple guys I'm back I just covered an alien conspiracy to cover up large a bunch of code do you believe in aliens I do believe in aliens good to know there are other believers out there and it gave us 50 gold - that's awesome and guess we're we're getting so much money right now and our population and wealth is going people are happy this is good guys okay little Timmy what's up I see you in chat - how are you doing little Timmy okay there's a bunch of goblins in the lower quartile aim for a few gold coins absolutely ten coins for for happiness I think that's like the best train ever for honestly this all goes back uh yes I will take a shipment of luxury goods for a fair price wait oh that made people not happy what okay well me I can have some food sure I just got money so I might as well make him happy I'm not happy he goes I'm doing great that's good to hear a little Timmy everyone here wait one second let me before we do that let me move mom let me pop out chat and let me move chat here so I can reach that easy and then we can put that there perfect all righty oh there's a party I'd like to go to yes of course you're gonna have the rest of the day off hey Gaming adventure of course you're more than welcome thanks for coming out though appreciate you need more money I do need more money but the happiness of my citizens is more important than having money for sure no just passing through no thank you I see understand well you want one take the risk farewell I don't trust him you know we had we had some good luck and I just don't want any want anyone to be unhappy felicity look at that people are happy we gained nine people that's perfect that's just what we wanted well I know I think we need more happiness happiness Oh Mike boom give me your gold I'll fine 400 gold oh no I can't believe he just took 400 of my gold the Taliban alliance with this trouble yes send orders to a system okay we should protect them at all cost okay Thank You Jay kiddo I'm glad that you liked my million deal your people for my gold no I will not do that okay next time hi my peoples happen isn't more important and I'm glad you like the choices I'm making Jay kiddo I know 400 gold but I mean I'm giving up just gold for my people's lives like my peoples more important get a cup of tea I would like some tea sir I always want some team Solomon all hail King Doody thank you sir okay I've got a friend from witch school looking to move to town could I get a couple of coal to help remove in absolutely person oh that was super easy three gold for three happiness in one person I'll take that trade any day of the week we've lost nine people oh that's not good that's not good at all and the 400 gold the guards conversations go that I uh found can I have it back no you cannot have it back obviously no you can't have it back you're a thief you obviously stole that gold hey huh somebody came and cleaned up my home you're gonna pay me back for that wait huh hey somebody came by and cleaned up my home you're gonna pay me back for that yes sir I can give him ten I guess this will do okay and thank you so much hey Mon thanks for coming out to the stream in Reno all righty you feelin spooky today no I'm not really feeling too spooky today not even a tiny spook like a little baby bat all righty what happens when everyone dies I don't know and I don't builders wish to construct weight builders wish to construct more houses in the town they request gold with which they can build much faster yeah yeah of course you are more than welcome to have some gold Oh a hundred gold okay maybe I wish I knew the prices of some of these things my lease there is a man in the foyer asking to join your guard he's got an eyepatch looks a little shifty um what do you think should we take a chance on the stranger I think so if he wants to be a part of the Royal Guard I think it's okay I mean I don't want to I'm not gonna judge him just because he looks a little shifty I'm not gonna judge somebody based on how they look I'm sure he'll be fine and if not I'll kill him all right hey now there here's the deal for you give me some of your people's happiness I'll hook you up with some gold no my people's happiness is more important get out of here Georgie I don't have time for your shenanigans the witch is back the spirits are peace but perhaps we should grant them an offering of gold I know a gold 200 gold not work then no I mean they're not angry right now so I don't want to just give them Dolphy like oh here's some gold one of our prisoners has escaped might offer some gold offer or work for their recapture or for her recapture yeah you can you can get that cookie go up for three happiness I think that's okay the chicken is back uh yeah let's just leave it be and left behind an egg an egg is worth three gold why are we just harvesting eggs uh-huh what is this strange place I found myself in Albert do you know where we are my oh my hello you kingly person there I do believe I'm a bit lost my stay this time for a while you are more than welcome to stay in my town Miriam I'm sure we'll see you again Albert seems to like you why I like you too Albert how nice okay Judy try it challenge say yes every time to the devil in The Wizard and the vampire oh how about this I'll say yes every time to the wizard and only the wizard might I borrow some gold for new juggling balls sure how much yeah there we go very good there you go I hope you have some a welcome nicest is it a lovely day it is a lovely day grandma very good Deary that's such a nice nice grandma I was just passing through I would love some magic 200 gold we're rich now guys that is awesome oh you're back my lord I've returned I'm ashamed for you that I returned with nothing showers no of course not mm-hmm you forgive me Oh kind of gracious look question I'm not gonna have him go to the dungeon just cuz you failed he did his best some very strange creature wished to move into the houses we both should we allow it yeah we don't we don't discriminate here in this town of 2d everyone is welcome all are well of course all are welcome in our town perfect happiness +4 happiness a lemon pop and wealth a hundred nine baby feels good oh he's back I'm truly sorry about earlier my circuits were quite fried I offer my thanks for your help yes a hundred gold and three happiness I'm very glad that we fixed that guy that was definitely worth it hey good friend I thought you might be interested in making a deal a good wholesome wholesome friendly deal yeah and an angel such as myself could offer it would cost you some gold though happiness for got done a few hundred gold from you and I'll make sure yes I'm down for that three hundred over twenty five happiness deal absolutely deal never say no to magic okay I will do that it's just staring at me does it want something yes I give it what just happened I feel unlucky I had all this gold guys and now it's all gone there's potentially going around to open borders of the neighboring towns yeah everyone's welcome to our town oh my gosh we're getting we have so much happiness okay the town of to TV so the city's population is growing steadily our records of citizen indicate that 250 people we have over 250 people here no way make sure you pay attention the citizens and issued keep their happiness up anyway we still have lots of work to do let's make this city even bigger of course royal adviser by the way remember earlier when I mentioned the count Council of crowns heard a rumor that one of their members have been searching the land for a new ruler to join them perhaps they are aware of our progress that's true okay let's see day 13 complete what's the update I don't actually know little to me I just know that they've added more stuff to it all right the man you out earlier has gone missing should be sent to search pyre no I don't think so I don't think I think he just left on his own accord I don't think there's anything there there was a mouse should we chase it away no he's just reading a book he's just having a good time and see he's just having a good time okay while you're sure my name is madam Obinna and I've come to your joint near-record will you happy yeah of course you're welcome to join how sweet I'm sure many wonderful adventures are fates s no okay oh hello fishermen my boats all fixed up thanks to you it's about time I start paying you back for your loan oh thank you so much sir okay you feeling spooky today yeah [Music] ah then he just lets does he always do that okay I do this because I am interesting people of the populations growing guys but sure I have just finished moving in but I would like to regress in this system to my own may I have one person Yap sure okay thank you my sweet and in a way she goes I don't think I have can I trouble you for a sandwich surely the cost of one sandwiches nothing to a great king like you yeah of course you could have a sandwich honestly I want two sandwich right now guys like I feel like having a sandwich right now would be delicious everybody a petition to bring the circus to town is circulating could you attract could attract are you interested absolutely how much does it cost I just did bonus everything why would I not want to do that oh it's the wizard absolutely yes ah my apologies the spell turned out to be evil it happens sometimes yeah slightly magic I'm not sure what it once though yes a pancakes happy okay look at that we're doing fantastic all right what did we lose today we gave one happiness and we gained wealth I think today was a good day honestly today was a very good day he's back grant I'd like to build a new granary this could help expand our population but it'll cost a bit I think it's worth it it was only 70 gold I don't think it was that big of a deal all right let's see good day sir do you require any hunting for a small price I'll scare some people for you no I don't want you to scare people like I don't want you to just like I'm not gonna pay money to goes like scare people I wish to put on a show may I have funds to do so yeah sure fifty gold fifty gold is pretty pretty expensive I love pancakes mom that's right mom says I need to ask your permission to go with adventure so can I please please yeah sure you eat yet yet I'm calling me have fun little kid I have collected some incomes in the circus would you like me to tax them no we don't need to tax them the performers will be happy about their increased share we just want everyone to be happy in this town less taxes and lawyers letting people do what they want to do right so because the thing is if we have all the money to ourselves our people aren't gonna be happy and they don't have money to do with what they want but if we get them have their money the town will grow on its own I'm a blacksmith but I like to set up shop here I can pay my own way I didn't even Oh course you're more than welcome to be here hi yes I'll show you my incredible skills just you wait have fun friend okay oh he's back sir I heard about the dragon attack - you were made to endure I've come up with an idea to strike back I can craft a blade powerful enough to slay the dragon take all the treasures it won't be easy though I'll need to track down the finest metals but they're quite costly might I have a few hundred gold to begin my search absolutely you are more than welcome - thank you I'll keep you posted about further developments I won't let you down we'll strike back at that dragon yet perfect hey blue star thank you so much for coming out of the stream I appreciate you it's okay if you can't catch every single stream they're just coming out into spending time it means the world to me so do we sell have some of our construction supplies to get us out of debt know for sure we still need we do need to make some money we're 27 gold and debt needs them going I could give you some exchange for a few souls baby [Music] I'm gonna say no my peoples more important for gold I'll find a way to get gold we're in debt now but it's okay um no we're not selling up anything we do need to resolve we have no money okay there we go we got a little bit of gold from that but we're still seven gold in debt this is good guys okay what is your what is your favorite character until now little Timmy for sure no I'm not gonna I'm not hurting my people for gold I'm not doing it no no we're not selling I'm telling you we don't we're gonna get gold back eventually I need a can I can hook you up if you know I'm not giving you any gold for eating people will find a way to get gold another way no oh no this isn't good guys yay should we sell nope it's not word that we're gonna get gold somehow also stargates I'm really sick right now so I'm like no I'm pretty under the weather nothing literally nothing happened today I just gave people okay looking for coin nope not worth it now what are they guys I'll find a way to get gold but not this way oh no mm-hmm I need the wizard I need the wizard to show up or someone else to give us gold nope I'm not really taxes either we're only seven gold in debt it's not that bad

nope I'm not giving you any of my people and we almost have 1,000 live viewers geysers beer enjoy remember to smash that like button guys if you guys want it if you guys are enjoying sort the court guys I might not guys I think we're gonna have to take the devil deal they're just and they're just trying to get me going I think it's the only way unfortunately cuz we're literally just in that right now so we need to find a way to get money I think we're gonna have to take this I'm sorry sir but I'm gonna I'm gonna have to do it I know it's very unfortunate but it gives us 250 gold it makes me unhappy but it just it had to happen I the chests deal is a good deal it makes me sad that we have to do that but it had to happen yeah we can we immediately get food and then just give it all the way feels bad okay hello sir are you looking for an experienced barbers in your court I would love them to nab a barber I'm the best of the best he apparently is the best of the best okay okay there we go 28 I know where's the there's the wizard alrighty have you seen my magic hat actually I have seen pancake and we just passed a thousand life you would thank you everyone for coming out of the stream you guys are awesome I always appreciate when you guys come up and join me on today hello can I borrow coin put a newspaper of course grandma you're always welcome to borrow a coin for the newspaper when I mean you where was that 200 happiness by the way he's back I'm back I found these shiny yellow stones pretty cool right I think they're very cool so cool sixty gold yo that kids loaded would you like to purchase any sort for your cards yeah I'd love to purchase something oh that's always worth it a 2:1 ratio okay all right we're second truck to Tavor but I'll need some gold from you to make it happen um yeah let's do it 200 gold the town's would be happy to have a place to drink it'll be worth it eventually guys happiness is most important guys because then our town just grows even faster okay the extra food we've been able to store in our train work shall we let them in yes always let more people in we just passed 500 people we're gonna get bonus gold now I've got news read 500 the townspeople are celebrating there's a huge festival in the square our growing population will demand even more happiness now be sure to keep our approval high anyway I just wanted to give my congratulations let's keep working hard okay absolutely yes I wonder just how big the city will grow under your rule sir she's so nice okay hello friend Karen yeah let's gaze into the mat the crystal oh come on rude want me to steal from the rich and give to you not just the rich no you know I'm not having you steal from people why does that person gonna be like you I'll just I'll gonna break the law for you uh yeah let's send them a welcome basket make them feel more welcome I want people to feel welcome here okay the festival in subsequent celebrating is going strong bringing happiness to all that you attend we did lose some bat but now we just gave even more people look at our talent grown guys it's so awesome it's beautiful you got a skeleton of your own do you know don't you don't you find it weird that you can't see it oh yeah it is kind of weird pretty weird don't think about it too much and then he just leaves what a madman okay there we go and my show seems to have gone over well I wish to expand my production funds I'll need 400 gold what guys do we do it do we give this guy 400 gold I mean that's a lot of gold that is a lot of gold and we only have 200 we're gonna have to kill people if we want to give that kind of gold yes um do it Gigi no no yes no yes no no no no no no yes yes yes no yes yes it's worth it no no no do it yes oh no there's so oh it's all mixed it's mixed down the middle it's mixed down the middle everyone's saying yes Oh everyone saying no yes worth it I don't think it's worth it I can't no it's four hundred gold it's not worth it I know it's for happiness I know it's her happiness but we can't spend four hundred gold on there right now we can't I like we're doing it like oh yeah you can buy it now here's what here's my logic guys this is my logic if we have to spend we go 200 gold net so we'd have to kill people and that make them unhappy anyways so that way we it's just a lose-lose situation where we just lose gold anyway so it's not worth it I think we if we have the gold and people run happy I'd go for it but people are happy and we have gold so it's like no way to do it and just just staring at me does it want something yes oh my gosh I got unlucky twice with this thing okay the festival is winding down yeah that's fine day 23 is complete though so we're doing fantastic everybody just keep going okay can I trouble you for a sandwich of course you're more than welcome to have a sandwich sir fantastic I'm excited to eat this my mom says are you sick yeah mom unfortunately I'm sick right now she's probably watching the stream you caused a castle I'm not like I don't feel really bad but I'm definitely like I have a sore throat and I'd like the sniffles and I'm just like I'm just like uh you know what do you like right before your getting sick guys you're just like boom boom ba-doom dum dum I'm really getting into it are you yes I am I like it five five happiness I like it that I can just make people happy like I was just passing through and thought you might like some magic of course I'd love magic this wizard is awful guys as rizal so bad okay I know the background is upgrading you're more than welcome to visit a party today sir he should always be able to go like to a party oh that today was not a good day today was not a very good day at all actually the extra food we've been able to sort our granaries yeah I'd love to it add more people okay citizens from far and wide come to visit my barbershop would you like a fresh cut sir free of charge I would love that haircut of course you do you'd look dashing thank you I'm fat and working on my hair myself you know yo this guy eats so many sandwiches like this guy eats so many sandwiches okay let's see sure about the dragonblade yes that's what I'm calling the sword now I purchased some top-quality medals but I'll need some more keys help me can you spare a few men absolutely five people that's not bad I'm pretty happy with that honestly okay I actually ate some folk can I just pay you back with gold yeah that's fine okay thanks for understanding I mean I think a gesture is like he ate him already so it's like what am I gonna supposed to do about it right there's nothing I could do about it like it is what it is he ate him if I just turned him away he's just gonna eat him anyways my broom and it's my birthday think you could buy me a new brew sure to me nice of you of course you can have a new broom like it's off obviously it's her birthday so duh uh you can have yes of course baby you're allowed to have a suit shot you know I hope that I you know I'd really like some soup right now some soup would actually be really nice yes it means I want to be friends with a pancake the cat no we're friends with the cat that's awesome all right we're gonna gaze into it it just seems sad I didn't even say anything the dragon way all we knew somebody I'll leave you here with you and spread the word or here is if they wish to take up the blade I'll send them here to you perfect okay can you say no to the sandwich to see what happens yeah okay um oh that's not good I'll say no to the sandwich once just because you want me to do it I don't want to make him sad though okay no I don't want you to scare anybody dude obviously oh that mischievous monkey has been captured should I send him in for your judgement okay the monkey is here hello monkey he's defending his case should we punish him for flinging poop no I don't think we should punish him yeah don't don't don't throw poop at people it's not very good okay our soldiers are coming home and our assistance in defending our allies has not gone unnoticed we got fifty gold we've been offered a bounty of gold by capturing them the gold of the captain of the military okay and I am your know of the comfy Kingdom you may not believe this but I am the Royal assistant of king pin himself indeed as the very same I've been noodling around this kingdom of yours and I oh wait what's that over there and now he's gone okay good sir did you happen to see a blue fellow come through here just now strange noodley limbs made of yarn I actually I did I knew he was around here somewhere I'm going to find that darn the arno he's been running around claiming to be king control systems which of course he is not in fact it is I but boy who bred presents a couple Kingdom in the estate Council of crowns have you heard of the council the crown sir oh wait what why is oh that's why yes I have that's really you thought about joining perhaps we could work out a bit of a deal the yarder has been giving me nothing but trouble if you could somehow put a stop to his shenanigans I might be able to get you a meeting with PETA the advisor the celestial kingdom if anyone would be able to induct your kingdom to the council it would be her what do you say we help me capture that darn yarn no is that so average ends to make your way the council can you simply turn it down how bored are you foolish I would say but bold I must be off to deal with that you are no situation perhaps we shall meet again I'm not I don't believe any of them I don't believe any of them okay I was passing through and thought you might like some magic anything could happen sure 200 gold there we go okay got him guys perfect the dragonblade we need somebody to come pick up the dragonblade guys this isn't good No [Music] okay it seems your court is without much cake can i bribe your cake yes of course you can join dude for sure I'm grateful I am capable I will make you cakes see you later oh okay since we've opened our board of travelers from all around or joining a city does it'll warm your heart yes okay it's lovely to have so many new friends okay hello again kingly person oho albert asked me to come here and tell you a story with you a yellow bird meets a green bird in the sky does the yellow bird soar higher than the green a yellow bird meets a green bird in the sky yes the yellow bird wheels through the sky she shivers in the soil how lovely high up in the sky the yellow bird meets a bluebird does the yellow bird stop to sing with it yes it does oh the sweet musical notes of the two new friends bill the air the singing attractive flock of nearby birds of all shapes in Goa this guy's filled with song oh what a lovely ending the story don't you think Albert liked it I will come visit you again sometimes kingly person it's fun to tell stories with you okay sure looks like he wants somebody to Pat his belly of course I would give him belly rubs that's obviously what has to happen is I give him belly rubs obviously some villagers are threatening to leave unless it's called no what of course I'm like I'm not gonna pay you to be in my city you should pay me to live in my city because my city is awesome if you don't want to live here well then get out right this is for friends and family and awesome people I accidently stayed up all night agent candies can I have some golf to go to the doctor yeah of course for sure I've never thought I could eat too many sweets that's literally me guys let's literally mean names Mulder then you want to know the truth about everything you're gonna want to hire me sure molder what do you know I'm gonna go investigate something alright and bolt and away motor goes it is nice to see you sir do you like my new haircut I love it honestly I think it's amazing thank you sir thank you it's a I honestly didn't like it that much but I want to tell him that anyways he's got a shiny coin yes they gave me a coin thank you friend thank you okay good day kingly person friend of mine Albert wish for me to stop by and say hello so hello thank you for letting us stay in your wonderful city oh that was it okay sure we're getting a little bit of money how did you literally stayed up all night eating candy and then you the next day you stayed up again even candy no you can't go to the doctor absolutely not maybe saying no is gonna teach you so you don't do that again hello King I am tree of the Western points as you can see however I shall we say shortened this dude a larger to the fact the action of your team of woodcutter in my home has been chopped clean through and your reckless pursuit of expansion you now have disrupted the lives of myself and my good tree fruits brothers and sisters I had a man compensation of the golden coin how trip of this diplomatic rift between us of say 1000 coins [Music] so what do we do here guys we can be like I'm sorry have a thousand coins or we could be like you're just a stump and I don't care what you have to say and then get out of my house what do we say guys do we give them a thousand coins or do I you like get out of your stumpy like what do we do um no no don't paint no no do it no no do it no no no you have to or you'll die do it no just do it do it you have to do it no no do it please yes yes do it say sorry um get get out do it don't pay oh are we gonna start a war so they'll attack us if we don't I'll say I'll get on the gold I'm gonna give him a gold the first step of the patch recovery has been taken while this does not go unnoticed but I'm sure I'll be speaking with your patient immediately regarding matters of sustainable woodland harvesting you've done the right thing here today my good Shifu respect to despite your woodcutters aggression with this I bet you could de Maio roots go deep and strong I want tree friends I know we are very poor right now ah my lord we're in dire need of farms we'll have to dress an increase taxes or overstay foot it's not good at all um no I went ahead and I have to eat people I don't want to go to war unfortunately guys I'd rather I'd rather be peaceful okay okay all right there we go I know we just lost so much happiness guys like we lost so much happiness oh that's not good we lost 40 happiness it's okay it's okay we can we can build we can we can grow out we can build back no we're not doing that we'll we'll make a deal with it we'll make a deal with this guy yeah this is good this is good yeah yeah that's definitely worth it okay it has to happen unfortunately you have to make tough decisions when being a king no we're not giving the spirits any gold no we literally just got our gold back I'm not giving them anything it's not happening I know it don't know it's unfortunate um everything's gonna be fine granny don't worry about it don't worry about it clean everything's gonna be just fine so I'm gonna say no because everyone wants to know what happens so stingy so he just gets upset he just gets butthurt good to know well I did it now I'm gonna give them sandwich every time he asks from now on cuz I feel bad okay my friend from witch school wanted to thank you for your help so we made some magical cookies thank you okay you feeling spooky today no I'm not feeling not even a tiny spook little baby bat no sir if you said no oh wait another chapter in the rebuilding of our people's bond I've been playing this day I've spoken either made sense on the topic of sustainable construction techniques though he was not at first wholly receptive my ideologies in due time I did convince him this beats eating in my way I thank you for your comprehension such as such as hit such as it has been in this matter okay he's happy that's fine hey uh a very talkative tree stuff just came by to give me an earful it was saying something about not cutting down so many trees I think what's the deal do I have to listen to that thing yeah yeah really we're taking orders from trees now well you're the boss this will slow down our construction stuff but I can't say no to you sir it is unfortunate but we have to be respectful for the people around us sometimes you know I couldn't do you see anyone follow me out of the castle no I did not I suspected much very suspicious okay our granny stock has been infected ah yeah we're gonna have to it's very expensive but we have to make those kind of decisions sometimes happiness went up and wealth went down that so is life sometimes welcome Sultan yes my tiny town I have nearly 700 people living in my town I'll have you know guys that's a lot of people okay hello hello I am well the scientist I do science for you King you see the city's grown we have grown to the science community that is we know of our own council science were suddenly today simply wish it and you just myself and I have well visit again the future regarding our projects I'm not onto this guy I remember last time he's a waste of money he's awful we're not doing it the people have started a petition to ban pineapples in the city absolutely no pineapples allowed no pineapples okay no no pineapples pineapples are out of here okay no no pineapples are allowed here whatsoever okay what I'm sorry okay hey it's slime day you got a present for me yeah sure happy a happy slime day I think so okay the escaped prison has been recaptured thanks to the bounding you offer our citizens caresses you that she's been put away again wow that just like a month almost that was crazy people are happy in the city is going one step at a time everyone some refugees have a ride in town should we welcome them absolutely everyone is welcome in our town okay plants are interesting don't you think I would like to open a garden may I have some workers to help me come on quarks you're more than welcome to have some thank you I will send them back as soon as they're done well I appreciate that demand my sir demand for my services to the roof may I have your permission to raise my prices yeah of course you must same I see the Baba's Association thanks you he is I mean it's his business he can do whatever he wants with it yes it definitely means we're friends with a pancake cat if he wants to be friends wow I guess we are that's awesome I'm glad that we're friends little Timmy I'm little Timmy nice to me I'm little Timmy nice to meet you you like ice queen absolutely little Timmy stay awesome dude Wow me too bye-bye little Timmy oh man I love that guy he's my favorite character little Timmy's the best okay hey crunch King okay there's a little stinky kid running around the street should we force her to have a bath um yeah if he's a stinky kid we should glad you agree she won't be happy to hook negative one okay Martin Brooks the people wanted they wanted the pineapples to be been mine Lord might not be able to be the one take of the dragon blade and slay the dragon yes my brave and noble knight for the kingdom that dragon will surrender all the treasures when I am through have fun friend and game little Timmy like wow hey you think you could tell people to stop calling me slimeball it's hurting my feelings yes sir I will ban the word slimeball thanks boss perfect the owners of the tavern are making piles of gold and wants to share some of you why very kind of them to give me some gold the soups up and doing well I came to offer you some of our earnings no thank you you can keep them you are so humble I'm proud of you you can keep them granny I don't need them okay can I do that perfect okay tails is brave knight into the dragon blade have spread through the city he keeps me that's little Timmy right there guys I love a little Timmy hey 35 complete guys we're doing it people are happy and the city is growing working gives his art and safe will you please spend some daughter on proving our ability to work yes sir you are more than welcome to have that to be safe okay yeah hello one of your fish may have been bothering me I demand a villager as I'm sacrifice um you know what no I'm not gonna give you one of our villages for sacrifice okay because didn't you can't just walk into my city and be like yo I'm gonna I need no no no been bothering you no I'm not giving it no I'm not giving you a person no no no I don't think so I'm gonna fight this guy okay I know you're not allowed to have anybody you've earned every now sir watch your back I don't care if I fingered you I will fight you to the death sir my profits have been made on the harbor I came by to share some with you thank you sir it has to happen Wow I mean all these people are just giving me gold because they're happy the council sciences have a most wonderful idea yes yes we've been doing the way to broadcast news across the entire city using a network of sonic hardware I'm not quite sure of this reducer want to try in the name of science no you're not gonna do that a bit too experimental first of all thing is something else I assure you we're not gonna do that okay that is a new monster though that is new that monster definitely new uh you ever seen treasures just do a backflip no well you're not gonna okay an angry pineapple trader is denounced your rule shall we have her arrested uh I don't think so he'll be rally support against you in the meantime I'm sore like she's allowed to say what she wants this freedom of speech I don't have 200 old I can't sorry farewell perhaps another day we can originally I don't have that you've been talking to Mulder have you oh you have it oh um you haven't been you know if you say so you haven't been talking about it yes I have little Timmy black I have a coin I'll go acquaint of course I was I mean your mother never called coin yeah I thank God I got to me so nice well today was a very uneventful day unfortunately we're almost had a thousand people guys and we still have over a thousand life you word you guys are awesome than you so much for coming out you guys are a beautiful care two keys and the magical crystals for sure let's do it I see payment fortune sweet okay okay Haemon thanks for stopping in of course I always say yes to the wizard 200 gold coins were rich whoa demand for my yes you can always raise the price of your thing it's your business you can do what you want with it sir it seems happy well I'm glad that the AI is happy okay tell a friend I'll keys and do it again ah death and misery I hate when that happens guys very unfortunate day 38 it has been completed we did get 300 well so I'm very happy with that honestly I told you I told you every back your people be my um snack see umm no huh you dare to find me I'll eat you all I'm gonna fight this guy to the bitter end okay I don't care I'm gonna I will murder that guy No some villagers are threatening to leave unless we pay them as someone gold no we should not listen to their man's they can go get eaten by the purple guy for all I care okay yeah looks like you want somebody pears Betty I will always pat his belly sir that is an instant-on yes every single time okay hello hello the Council of Sciences designs a blueprint for a gold generating machine it will take some time to construct yes yes I many resources but very good it'll produce gold steadily for the rest of eternity perhaps you might indicate this project with small research the 500 gold no he just walked away he literally just like math you've been drinking quite a bit of teacher might have yeah upgrade me to the good stuff the first step is on me sure I'm sure won't be your last thank you okay I got you dude I will always say yes to the wizard you asked me to and I will and I will do that the boundary of your expanding city is beginning conflict with the border of my nation more specifically you're working that begins constructing a fence in my backyard this is made even more affronting by the fact that my backyard is underwater I demand that you cease constructing defense and maintain your border I just current position um yeah I'll do that sorry friend good now if you excuse me I've got some cleaning to do around my property if it is his land I don't want to take over we can build somewhere else um yeah of course you're gonna have a sandwich friend man I'd love a sandwich I'm starving right now guys all right all right fires have been breaking out frequently on cabbage Street shall we in distilling well to make water more accessible yeah of course I think that's a really good idea it cost some money but it's nothing for the safety of our citizens everybody okay some of the villagers mentioning they saw an alien walking on you know anything about this I do actually I knew it I need to go find Mulder huh very interesting oh the fishermen back more profits has been made in the harbor I came by to share some with you thank you for the 15 gold a group of mermen traders made a visit to America today resulting in slightly increased trade profits that's awesome and we we lost both today how did we lose gold I thought we were making gold hello I'm from the neighboring ocean kingdom what a lovely castle you have although it is quite dry have you ever been to the ocean Kingdom no I'm sorry I haven't oh I see not much of a store are you I can't fault you for that I suppose I don't know if I'm supposed to say yes or no to those things no I'm not feeling smoothie today little thing not even a tiny spook little baby bet I get out of my get on my castle sir any mystery is afoot I can do some zooming for a small freak yell find out what's going around downtown sir he'll you'll do that okay it's the same house when before is he offering me something yes he found a coin oh thank you hey everyone and we still have over a thousand live viewers if you can't do the other channel subscribe total notifications and slap that notification now I'm the Duke a spook do you want a spooky nickname I'd love a spooky nickname hmm you can be the creep King I'll be the creep King that's okay with me population wealth negative five people are still going we're almost had a thousand people though that's awesome everybody more prophets man this fisherman it was a definitely a good deal man I've been gold to make an offering to the ocean shrine yeah of course you can thank you the ocean spirits will surely each piece pleased a hundred gold I thought you wanted like five gold for an offering I'm hungry can I eat some folk stuff um okay I'm gonna say yes just because he gives a lot of gold only for five people and that's definitely worth it it so it is unfortunate but we'll we'll save him later um summon people from another dimension sure that doesn't seem bad 20 people okay now we're gonna have a bunch of people out man says I need a bridge and go on an adventure yeah of course you can always go on an adventure how long does the stream gonna be until we beat the game I'm gonna go until we beat the game because I think we're already more than halfway through anyway so might as well just keep going we're almost had a thousand people in our city guys some villagers are threatening to leave unless we pay them a summer goal should we listen to their demands no let them leave the city I don't care uh-huh you call this a castle this is a castle kid sir okay let's see I'm hungry can I eat some folks for sure I'll always say yes that cuz like a hundred go for five people is definitely worth it it's kind of a shame but and the wizard I'd love you guys we're good look at that thousand we're very fortunate okay I know I I wanna fine you can have some gold to go visit the doctor yeah yeah I know I'm gonna try to join the cast of the crowns we're almost at a thousand people 500 gold I've done it I've slayed the dragon his hordes are ours now I think you for the opportunity serves my kingdom it has been an honor wait did it that is notorious criminal be exiled from the city theft arson and forgery what do you say yes we should we don't need any bad people in this city if it makes people happy and feel more safe more than welcome to any mysteries afoot I can do some snooping for a small fee future I am interested see what's going on in the city mr. Skelly would appreciate okay why can my friends come over to play of course little Timmy your friends are more than welcome to come visit anytime Thank You al I love little Timmy he's so adorable huh you call us to Castle yes sir I do happen to call this a castle Oh guys we have over $1000 our rich this is so nice we have a thousand people and we got 200 gold big news our populations reason over a thousand be sure to mind our happiness rating if the citizens expect the best of us guys we're doing it reporting in to solve the mysteries who stole mrs. pumpkin baking pan want me to turn him in absolutely let's hang him it's off to the dungeon for him you know let's hang him okay citizen from far away come to visit my barbershop would you like a fresh cut shirt yeah I would love the money thank you sir of course you look dashing ah how nice The Wizard of course I always say yes the wizard no matter what no matter what you always say yes the wizard okay yeah no we have a foul we almost our viewer count is almost the same as our citizens no you're not allowed to steal from the rich absolutely not okay I called my son little Timmy if I had a son I'd definitely call him little Timmy I my son named Tim Timmy little Timmy another cup of tea I would love a cup of tea so Tendo for three happiness I'll always take that trade hey what you have to go and rat me out pesky motor won't leave me alone now I was trying to lead a normal life here I don't need all this commotion oh I'm sorry I didn't mean that this game is free-to-play Dino Tyler you can literally look it up my partner's him he told you have information about an alien life-form is it true it could change everything oh he's just gonna go and do it okay I'm hungry can I eat some folks yeah you can always eat people unfortunately I like makes people kind of it doesn't even remove happiness yes I would love more magic oh that was bad one you can't I always have good if someone from the game died who would you want it to be oh that's a hard question um probably the the demon guy cuz the demon guy's not very nice or maybe the the spook guy but probably the demon guy cuz he's just mean uh yeah and let's start let's arrest the people for being mean but not not we'll just find them for causing mayhem hello Cindy can I borrow a coin for the newspaper of course ma'am your boys welcome to always have a newspaper all the time oh he's back my lord I wish to embark upon the treacherous question for sure all hail King Doody Adrian League is over to the two dollar super chat you're awesome dude greatly appreciated man you're at the top of the leaderboard for the donations today - all right our grand restocks has been infected should we do it yeah of course we should definitely clean it out that's obviously what we need to do and just what happens you know the fisherman's back thank you so much for the 15 gold mr. fisherman happiness and wealth is going up that's not good I'll get in the magic crystal bad really poopy oh hello yeah I'd love a cup of tea we have so much money I want something big to happen who's your favorite character little Timmy hands down hands down little to me I'm always so excited to see him any mysteries a foot yeah I don't I don't know if there's any mysteries afoot but I'd like for you to go explore and see if there is any mysteries afoot there's been a brawl the tavern another one absolutely we got an arrest them we got it we got to tell him who's boss okay this game is no I mean it's technically endless but he calls a castle yes but eventually you can quote-unquote beat the game wow this was not a very good day this was not a very productive day in the slightest Wow can I have a coin a gold coin sure thing little Timmy you're always welcome to have a gold coin look at that little Timmy go another cup of tea my leash I've got that good stuff yep the three happiness I like a happiness is the most important okay I read the nicest story isn't a lovely day it is a lovely day grandmom it's a very very lovely day very good Deary oh my show has gone over well I wish % $400 story I have the goal to spare you can have it now now that I have the goal to spare I'm gonna give him something what if I see getting person although if it's at all drew and I are about to be leaving we would like to we like to wonder a hoe and besides we must have been overstay our welcome we'll be on our way tonight but yes you are more than welcome to have our blessing Thank You King they friend Albert thanks you as well it was so lovely dammit you I wish you nothing but happiness that's such a nice nice person okay there we go there's more happy Lewis was giving out free cake in the market today much of the citizens delight I want free cake now people are happy the city is growing that just makes me happy to hear my complaints come over to play of course little Timmy thank ya oh he's so nice I'm back I found some friends do you like making friends I love making new friends honestly new friends are the best we're almost at 300 happiness Milo and I've returned I'm ashamed for you nothing no don't see yourself to the dungeons you you fool okay yes I'll give it I care to give it a try two hundred gold yeah okay my hello friends cared occasional mine I would love to oh my gosh this spook guy is you nothing good nothing did it all what do we got here hey grandpa how are you hello honey can I borrow coin for the newspaper of course grandma she's always welcome you know you have to join Castle the crowns to do it hey Adrienne thanks for another $2.00 superjet had some money left over here you go thank you appreciate it oh hey how's it going you and me we could really get along don't we I wanted to tell you a secret I actually in humans because of the curse which put on me if I stopped I could but you know curses you think you'd help me break curse I want to keep you too yeah I'll help you thanks buddy I knew you helped me keep an eye out for any magical folks who might be able to break the curse the wizard we've completed work in the garden are you pleased I I'm pleased I am so glad a five happiness no way okay as the city grows weaker more coal to continue 500 gold yeah okay I'll give you 500 gold we need to keep expanding the city so it has to happen oh my gosh a few hundred gold repair well there we go there goes all of our gold ghostly figures are seen drifting on Oh No we've angered the spirits we didn't pay them enough money the spirits are angry now guys oh the spirits crowd they are angered we must make a sizable offering to put herself back in their favor it'll take at least a 1000 gold no definitely not then these hauntings will surely continue dark powers are at work here I don't want to pay her a thousand gold that's not worth it yeah you can't go into an emotion shrine okay so I guess we have to constantly give them money the spirits are not happy though are you interested to attract tourists yeah I'm sure dad think I'd be nice okay yikes yeah I'd love to know how to make hold I'm not telling you he he and you just gave me fifty gold okay hello hello that counts just a new potion needed testing kanessa test with a willing participant yeah sure what happens very good yes I'll report back to you with the potions effect you don't know what it does what do you mean you don't know what it does that's not good at all populations growing now they demand for my services through the roof may I have your permission to raise my prices dude this guy must be killing it like actually killing it of course I will say yes every time just good bye good friends since I have to okay on day 60 can you only say yes alright I'll say on day 60 art no maybe maybe um yeah we could make plan people of official citizens okay I'd like to just I'm afraid there was a there was a bit of exposure my people clean things up though don't worry yeah I don't trust this guy I was just inviting anything could happen okay I love this wizard okay I love this wall okay let's see day 53 complete guys we're killing it by the way we're doing great there's been a brawl the tavern should we arrest the people are responsible I think so honestly I'll have them arrested at once that's good oh hello my Beach another cup of tea yes thank you Butler I'll always have that okay hey David Reed after four years of watching content thank you so much for watching for so long dude you're awesome yeah we're just gonna keep going guys all the Wizards back [Music] first of all fee yes doing you got a search essence he's cute at once he's gonna cure Chester no way yes and by the way guys do you like these longer streams do you want me to stream for longer like do our streams every day if so light the video so I know that you guys want to see more along your streams wow that was a ton of a bad day but Chester's Chester's curse was broken hey uh yeah hi are you Mulder okay I'm gonna go investigate something okay good to know that he's up a little Timmy mom my friends come over to play of course little Timmy your friends are always welcome to come thank ya how nice I love little Timmy hello hello the council have developed a new potion to need testing no last time you made a potion it exploded I don't trust this guy he's our road network is expanding is in need of a maintenance is the room in the budget yes there is we have 700 spherical we can't let our roads fall we have to constantly do that so it has to happen yeah I love to me you can have a go toy I love little Timmy I'm glad you guys are liking the longer content I'm enjoying it too especially with short the torch to sort the quartz sense a fun game like it's such a good gaming 'brown oh it's a friendly cat wait was that a piece of yarn he's got wow what are you saying you have something to show me oh it's young ah you got me the cat wouldn't leave me alone until I came back here what is it button boy you sent the cat he's been trying to seal my positions and 500 years he claims to be the true advisor but it's just a lie he's only a button after all Ayana the blue and the true invite him to come be king except no substitute whoops got a run guards seize that yarn well done sir I'm not sure how much report explaining this but yarrow has been found I'm in a generous mood so I'll set up a meeting with adviser Pia the celestial kingdom she's quite busy but you should expect her to come by soon make sure this castle is nice and cleaned up you'll want to impress her good to know I can do that some nasty bugs made a home in our garden can we have some gold to hire an exterminator absolutely okay thank you sire I plan to say don't trust the yarn okay I'll do that some refugees yes everybody's local in this town at all times unless they're like bad people then but then we kill them hello Timmy why I can I have a coin of course then Timmy I will never I can never say no a little Timmy won't steal from the rich and give to you definitely not I'm not gonna take the higher world for someone's gold there's a party going on at the tavern tonight the citizens rejoice singing and dancing together into the night good to know villagers are up in arms about the recent hauntings the gardens have been paid to overtime in order to keep things under control huh so we're gonna have to spend a thousand gold people are not gonna be happy about that um I would love a fresh Barbara cut for three happiness for sure thank you sir I'm the Duke of Spooks you want a spooky nickname I would love a spooky nickname huh you can be the creep King hey II Wing I'm glad you think that I'm the best youtuber I appreciate that uh yes your dude this guy parties hard this guy loves going out to parties okay yoga um are you interested I'm for sure I will bring you details soon bye Sultan he's gonna be back okay yeah the King does look kind of sad yes you can have a goal for an exterminator I guess if we have to day 57 is complete people are happy the city is growing look at our castle it's our kingdom is growing we are expecting yes yes we should definitely prepare it of course of course it's important that she's impressed we obviously want our castle to look as nice as possible and yes we can let the refugees in okay oh what a little to me just yeah of course everything is gonna be all white grandma also I love this music guys this music is amazing I would love to purchase some sort for our guards to make everybody happy are you gonna do slime rancher can I am gonna do slime rancher because there's a vr slime rancher coming out and I would love to play that yes we should indeed welcome them and very good ok day fifty-eight complete ok and it's pressed place to continue hey gaming agenda gold happening no I'm not giving you $700 on a show dude okay my dad's and gold um no sorry you always want perhaps another time okay like anything could happen yes what's gonna happen ah it was an evil spell unfortunately it happens though yes he is offering you something what is it oh you found a coin well thank you for thank you thank you thank you do you believe in aliens I do believe in aliens good to know there are other believers out there and then he goes do I have to say yes okay guys day six day 60 I have to say yes to everything guys so day 60 I'm saying yes to literally everything no matter what okay um yep yep I'm saying yes everything why do you want to scare people oh I'll do it I have to say yes to everything my lord I wish to embark upon a treacherous quiz yep okay there we go and then the owners of the timer making piles of gold we'd like to share some with you thank you perfect okay yes what we press Y to everything no matter what guys that's what you guys wanted to see day sixty complete well that was kind of unfortunate nothing happened is what it is I'll she's written here greetings idea the advisor to the king Hydra Matthias of the celestial kingdom what a beautiful Castle you have here everything is spotless I was just wandering through your city and was quite impressed with your citizens you know the Council of crowns is searching for a fifth member is it something you might be interested in yes I thought as much I'll inform King I'm sure he would be happy to meet and discuss the details awesome I'm very happy with that oh my this is so exciting the celestial King sits at the head of the council the Crown's any connection with them will surely do us well in the future I am very excited guys we might be able to do that oh he's back and it's the new thing think it'll catch on I think it will meet you I'm excited about the possibilities anyway it's a game you can play with others and go around killing monsters you get a sword yes swords are great right so when you slay a monster you can experience Hey are you still listening yes good well thanks for listening to my idea well thank you for giving me gold to listen to his idea I found a way by trading sweets yeah that's nice I can actually like a good IDE wow that's she was actually useful for once okay I will gaze into the magic crystal fame and fortune i I don't think it's worth it to do that with him honestly I really don't yes I will pat his belly round perfect there's a party going on the Terran tonight this isn't a rejoicing and dancing into the night day 61 complete happiness our town is growing its growing friends I'm always down I know the city started is slowly changing again we're almost at two thousand I would love for some magic I love magic he always does good stuff for us uh you I would love a spooky nickname - thank you his Romans at four hundred happiness this is glorious that we're doing so well guys it's perfect no you cannot go to the doctor oh my goodness silly silly silly keep going hey Wow can I have my friends of course little Timmy your friends are more than welcome to come over to play okay day 62 complete keep going everyone we're gonna do this okay we will be able to beat this the wizard yes two hundred dollar perfect okay reporting in yes I would love to know how to make ball well I'm not gonna tell me but he's still gonna get me gold so I'm okay with that hey little Timmy yes you can have a gold coin little Timmy hello hello no you will not I don't trust ya witness I want to talk to Chester oh yes you can stay here in town for now wait if the town is there is your building just a random place out of the city that is true what if my towns like wailing might like the castles like way way away it could definitely be like that for sure like why is it my castle up at the top there um yes we always want more people to come into our cities oh he's back poyu the fisherman around again give me a sec first I swear I'll do so do something bad no I don't trust this guy I don't I don't believe him oh oh yeah let's remove the haunting I know it costs I know it cost a thousand gold so we lost a lot of our money but it's okay no I don't want you to hunt any people okay hello friend Quirino my yeah I'll do it yeah fame and fortune let's go okay and like guys everything's going our way I would love to join the council that'd be so awesome ever should we welcome them yes we should definitely welcome them that'll make them happy for sure of the Wizards back I have to say yes every single time no matter what like it just has to happen guys oh she's back make way make way for King Lord and celestial kingdom you don't always need to make such a fuss about my entrance PIA anyways yes hello Good King I've heard much about you and your people we and the council are quite impressed with you and would love to induct you there's just one small issue all four of these days and council members must be present to it back to new member but I'm afraid queen of Babylon Queen cherith are having a bit of a fight at the moment we need to calm them down and sell the dispute before you can join the council you should be hearing from advisor Li I'm entrusting you with the task of reconnecting the two queens best of luck to you and afterwards that seat on the council shall be yours we can do it guys I'll keep it out for the advisers the ocean Kingdom play Kingdom I'm sure we can settle whatever it is that's troubling their Queens also they're gonna be really happy because we've mentioned them yes I would love to purchase some sort further things okay hey page thanks for coming out of the streamer II know okay yes it does mean your friends okay I don't want to say no to everything on day 70 I want to just say yes to people also I should be clearly opposed to eating the game I like the wizard the most the Wizards nice Oh a hundred goal today um yeah it's worth it okay it's gonna be a hundred goal of day that's not good um 700 goal not worth it I'm sorry friend it's just this is I can't do that no you're not gonna see yourself to the dungeons but like this guy's worthless he never does anything he goes out he's like I'm sorry yes we should definitely replace the granary so people don't get sick welcome back I will collect my taxes for 35 gold thank you for giving me my share and there goes art so we're starting to lose a hundred gold a day every single day now because they're remodeling the city so look how nice it looks I am interested what do we have just tell me what you got later I'm back if how's the friends do you like making new friends I do like making new friends thank you friend my friend the curse has been lifted I'm not hungry for humans anymore this is great I'm free I'm free I feel so free maybe I can find something better do my money now like charity work or something it's a whole new test from now on buddy thank you so much you're welcome Chester congratulations hello hello the council new potion No too risky I don't trust him he's gonna hurt my citizens yes I would love some money from your candy traits Thank You friends oh there we go six days 67 complete I feel like we're gonna be hearing people hearing from the advisors very soon I discovered an underground crime ring in the seas I've already taken steps to break their operations yeah of course you can have some extra gold to bring in more people okay blanket my friends come over to play of course little Timmy your friends are comin are a lot to come over to play they're always welcome here yep we should definitely arrest those who are responsible for the tavern uh yes you're allowed to have a coin for the newspaper grandma you're always welcome for that I would love some flowers I think that'd be really nice okay we're doing it guys there's a party going on day 68 is complete and weekend fifty people warm us at 2,000 people yes it does mean that won't happen now so plan de pan defrosted z1 in 15 days with 500 happiness 2500 people and 200 goal that's crazy alright oh yeah I know I don't want to be mean I make Chester eat people he didn't want him there you go yeah go slay they go slay the goblins hey dude you're amazing thank you dark inferno for the $3.00 Australian of dollars or whatever that is relation you're awesome yes this is a castle no way sir sir sir welcome back my lord I wish to embark yes you weren't allowed to embark on a treacherous quest hopefully he doesn't get hurt oh man where where a debt level no this isn't good guys this is not good at all progress saved a good day I'm advisor upon tests of the ocean Kingdom recently a dispute has been raised between our queen of the plant kingdom a plot of marsh lands been scouted must be legally marked as one of the kingdom property since the marsh contains water clearly belongs to the ocean Queen the plague queen refuses a list of the reason however in his sister's readers will you support our claim in the marsh light will you help the ocean Kingdom no sorry we'll see about this I'll be going now it's marshland think about it guys if it's marsh it should go to the play people the marsh is more of a plant thing in my opinion oh yeah I'll accept the gift of gold hey he actually gave me some gold and now we're out yeah it's not it's literally not the ocean like they definitely shouldn't be allowed to have it yeah let's see what you got this lizard has given me so much good fortune hey there's something going on in the sewers I've been hearing some weird sounds I could go yeah I love it you would investigate it the sewers Winston his name's Winston that's awesome day 70 has been completed guys and remember guys we're trying to hit 500,000 subscribers remember to subscribe to turn on notifications because if you guys I'm almost at five hundred half a million subscribers guys that's awesome over the few or the past couple of years been doing YouTube it's been the greatest of my life and then just thank you so much guys and let's just keep going to push it forward no I don't want you to steal from everyone you peasant okay Bonjour yes I'd love to collect my taxes I know it's been an hour 20 minutes we're gonna beat the game guys okay I'm just passing through uh yes - guys that was a good call to always say yes for the wizard I can't pronounce your name because it's in a different language but that's a good good suggestion yeah let's hire some tour guides I think that's a very good thing okay there we go people are happy and the city is growing we're at 2,000 hello my name is advisor I represent the plant Queen we're here due to master of the ocean team in the matter of marshland as the land - of the grasses and play life that marches right flute blowing with play Queen therefore we are of course thrilled to have your support I offer thanks on behalf of the plank a name good day to you it was as simple as that okay I think it should belong to it yes you can have a sailor guys I want to say much so badly no actually I'm gonna order sandwich right now and now to sandwich and have a sandwich come to me all right um one second guys I'm ordering I'm ordering a sandwich I hope you guys will understand okay I'm ordering a sandwich right now [Music] no you cannot all right let's order a look so I'm gonna order a sandwich guys I'm ordering a sandwich no I'm not very trusting of you all right so let's order a footlong sub let's get a hmm Ivan roasted chicken and a steak and cheese none of the turkey let's get a turkey okay there we go I'm ordering a sandwich guys no I don't want to do that okay we're gonna do just normal bread let's do untoasted American cheese extra American cheese lettuce tomato mayonnaise Psalm pepper and then baked Lay's at the carton boom we're good to go view cart there's a bunch of goblins yeah you can go ahead and slam them there we go I think that's perfect guys that's just what I wanted I'll show those creeps I ordered a sandwich guys I'm really I'm really happy that I got this sandwich now elekid 872 it has been completed that makes me very happy okay bon jour proceeds from the candy train have been rolling of Siddeley do you wish to collect your taxes sure I don't mind telling my taxes as perfect yes you can make an offering to the shrine 100 gold isn't too much I hate Trudy it's Lambros pen Papillon polos I think feeling able to say keeping perfect in the ordering sandwiches hat I'm glad Lambros that you like that alrighty thank you for that a little Timmy says he'll get a stomachache I don't know why there are candy taxes guess little Timmy of course you can have a gold coin little Timmy you're awesome I love you buddy okay little friend gaze no it's never good it's not worth it it's definitely not worth it Dave 73 is completed okay what's next but I don't I don't want to see what this guy oh whoops I didn't mean to do that I didn't mean to press no' to that no to that guy I will rub his belly perfect I tried I tried dude I'm sorry buddy hmm thank you very well here you are oh I should have said no to that whoopsies I will always say yes songs I mean there's literally he's like can I murder everybody and I'll be like yeah sure go for it to me because you're adorable and I love you I would love a spooky nickname alright what else do we have here guys we got to keep pushing through all right population plus three happiness plus four guys we're killing the game everybody eyes back hello kid King seems trouble emma has been all cleared up once realize she won't she was really just put the marsh at the ocean Kingdom sometimes the leader just needs a bit of respect you know well either way your and Buddha help break the so much for that I'm thankful now as probably your seat on the council make the final rating agree when you're ready to induct you thank you again for being assistance in the matter we did it guys [Music] yes you can have some gold to go to the doctor silly silly silly mom asked yes of course you can go on intervention you eat you're more than welcome to okay yes you should lock those people up you started a brawl okay how do you win anyone No oh thank you you win by joining the council the Crown's UTech you can the game can go on forever but you technically win by joining the Council of crowns quads your do you wish to collect your taxes yes please money is good money is very good there we go profits more profits are rolling in guys and I will always say yes to them the wizards like perfected his spells cuz they're always good now like they're literally always good care to gaze at my magical vampire crystal no I don't want to it's always bad it's not worth it guys okay let's see has been affected I won't love to replace it because then that'll make our people happy and that's definitely worth it there's a party going on guys today 76 complete where I we're almost there guys we're gonna join the council everybody it'll happen Oh No thank you you can keep them you can keep your prophet Nico - to give me some cards my sandwich sorry I would love a spooky nickname thank you for making me the creep King I'd rather be the duke of spook everyone is welcome in our town all the time okay I'd love it no but like the vampire crystal isn't always bad but it's not worth it cuz it only gives you 50 golden like five happiness if you get the good thing but if it's bad it's like 15 people in 15 happiness and like happiness is very valuable so it's not worth it well yeah it's definitely not worth it we got like 50 guys the city's almost completely crafted yes little Timmy people are more than welcome we're almost at 2500 people we're so close yeah I you can you're more than welcome to go slay the goblins you witch when was that 500 happiness and you can raise prices we're at 500 happiness now and with that we should have 2500 people yes you're gonna have the rest of the day off friend all right let's go and how about this give me 200 gold perfect we love that alrighty how do you join the Council of crowns you just have to play your cards right basically and oh we did it our city as machs guys we did it g'day sir we're ready to officially induct you there are a few formalities to observe but can I skip over there and give you the short version yes phew thanks it really doesn't matter and this way I won't lend up losing my voice alright gather around everybody I'm an adviser to lots of Kingdom blah blah blah you're a king - you're a good king we're inviting you you're accepting it's all very well and good about the Council of crowns I now pronounce you as a crown King alright we're done you're in now that you're part of the Council represents for another king they might come to your help make sure you do your best to assist them and sincerely congratulations the council is the highest rank to which a king can rise friends we did it we joined the Council of crowns and we prevailed and now I bet technically we beat the game guys it took us quite a bit of time yes this is a castle but I'd like to thank everyone for coming out of the stream and being awesome subscribe to the channel and I mean we have us at like a thousand alive you're almost like an hour which is awesome thank you so much for just being here being awesome you guys are awesome I love you guys you guys are awesome and I will see you guys tomorrow for another awesome stream congratulations by joining the capsule cons you can play the game you continue play as long as you want to wrap up any loose ends thanks for watching guys and that's we're gonna end off this streamer Reno

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