the ACE FAMILY exposed as fake and how it ENDED their career

by: Oohhh Tea

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[Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] 'inna you got the biggest one here girl look at you what you can I know for sure you were a good girl this year good girl yeah what else did you get what else in here who is that your favorite person ever so amazing Wow look at all these clothes the hangar you got a whole new wardrobe over here hell you got more gifts over here I think this one's yours what are you doing tiger gives ready for alright oh yeah here goes

Oh tip hey who did this

yo who would do this for car



our gate was shut - who came up here

what early Christmas gift

yeah we've been like oh that's crazy with it tired oh you're fuckin with you what were you guys doing the arch got transmitted so you can peg me later and say that to plat me back right Ryan you did this Merry Christmas Merry Christmas hey let me roll all right I I did it because I don't know what to get you guys for Christmas so - well like grab something you guys already have a good to you wow oh my gosh um marry early Christmas be like did you like it


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