Chris Harrison Reveals Why He Cries More

by: The Real Daytime

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you've heard the expression big girls don't cry right well what about big men hmm one man at the independent recently decided to tackle this issue in an article titled why do my male tears make so many people uncomfortable the author Chris Hemmings says that for men crying is perceived as the ultimate weakness and but for women it's perfectly normal and that there's something very strange about that now Chris yes you deal with many crying men tears on the Bachelorette does it ever make you comfortable and well in Colton is a big man I mean like six and played in the NFL so those are big man - you know I I embrace it and and you know you often get that on The Bachelor because it is an emotional ride and I know people are like oh it's a TV show but you will get to this point it's their real life and you'll see in Colton Colton's not a particularly pretty crier that adds a big element to it yeah for some nice they're sweet and cry and then there's like cry and what in those moments what do you do well make fun of them of course depends sell a lot of times it's not in front of the women lot of producers or what-have-you but it depends it depends on what he's talking about or what they're sharing at the time but I mean I think it's silly I think it's it's natural first are you about you know it's funny I think I could count on one hand as many times as I cried before my daughter was born after and in my son including my son yeah whatever it's your it's his son but when my daughter was born something happens and you're done and now the drop of a hat it could be a commercial a movie anytime she performs when she sings I'm just like boo-hooing her the father-daughter dance she walked out of the room at the for the father-daughter dance and I just lost it can you imagine our wedding day no and I think that's what happens to dads is that's what you picture is her wedding day or graduation or what have you and and you just become an emotional paul bag and I I don't I didn't maybe it's a double standard or sexist what I don't know but I don't get that way for my son I'm sorry Joshua I love you but something about those girls they just get you yeah well I think what man crying it doesn't make me uncomfortable it just it I think they're sensitive now when I'm dating somebody like I went to go see the stars born I'm sitting next to my date and then I was like we're towards the end of the movie and I'm hearing this which-which date with this who was it I think I know who it was so is it so you it is a time and place thing right yeah because I looked over and I was like are you crying you know I think I I don't know I'm just relating to this movie cry with each other why you know because women are in there I noticed because when I turned out the guy next to me there was another guy he was over there at blue horns - it's just the movie guys no but mommy it shows you that that he has a sensitive side anyway will there be another day oh that's been another day okay so that brings up the really big question what happens if after the special moment he starts to cry what if he starts what if he just starts weeping no I gotta get out the bed what if he just like hold me I just you have an emotional man if he ends up crying after you guys mm-hmm and you lean back and you go yeah I know yep

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