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good evening everyone in this video tonight let's ask what type of person is he really like what type of person so I have four turn card X in front of me number one two three and four if you'd like to have this reading please think of a person or persons and choose a deck or decks under your time please

okay I'm ready have chosen so let's have a look at the jack number one

what type of person is it really like

let's see

okay so mmm I don't hear his little more extrovert it's a little monster he likes attention this person likes attention and mmm they're like people they might be surrounded by others often and flow they enjoy the attention and popularity also enjoy the attention t enjoyed to be in the center of attention they see themselves as the winner this is themselves as somebody you know mm-hmm like popular or basically a nice person someone who people like now these cards here well it can indicate a little bit of a conflicting personality I would say you know this card a person might you know sometimes they might use swear words they might have a little bit of mm-hmm ruff-ruff policy way to express things or a little a little too impulsive you know this Ace of Wands so it's I feel like the very suddenly they you know they were suddenly they can get like hot-tempered or something and impulsive basically and they might say first and then think or or nothing at all you know that sort of thing I think the get impulse they get that feeling and they would just say it and then later maybe it can come up as being a little bit negative or insulting to some people but nevertheless maybe it's in the limits or something maybe they have some sort of balance nevertheless because people still like them in the end also I think they're brave they're brave you know way they're not afraid to speak up their mind being do not approach to speak up their mind also this card held they don't doubt themselves a lot they usually achieve everything they want to achieve and didn't twelve and outs and things like that and I would say they're very masculine well masculine him if females who can be a male well I'm offering referring to the male person but this can be also female like that anybody actually mmm I feel this personal Sandro enjoys challenges this person can enjoy challenges new things coming their way and they would and they might take on any challenge that comes our way and actually try and deal with it and usually win

okay so let's ask now whatever person is he really like so let's see what our strengths and weaknesses of their personality and how will they treat you let's say for you know more expanded version so strengths and weaknesses of their personality strengths I think strengths is they never dwell on the past I think they ever decisive I think when they decide something they complete it completely and they don't leave any hanging ends how to see lose ends yeah and I think they are not afraid of [Music] change they're not afraid of I think they don't have ego also they don't have ego in a way that they're not afraid to lose or admit that you know they're wrong or admit that something is not working out they'll just face it you know I feel that's the strength and they would you know after facing that it will kind of be reborn again and they will be fine again like they're very versatile they're flexible they're dynamic and you know with this yeah I feel that they're not afraid if someone stabs them in the back it can be ideal we'll let you take the risk and they know that they're strong enough to get up and move on something like that and extreme just this Savannah's obviously the very very decisive good at making decisions so let's have a look and see on what are their weaknesses well it's a temperance card and I would see they're not patient at all they might be not patient maybe that's what they're so decisive because they don't like to hang on things you don't like to wait for a long time you know and maybe they are not interested in diplomacy that much you're not interested in that sort of thing they want to be it fast and clear and accurate and things like that you know these cards I feel maybe sometimes the lack of that sort of spiritual philosophical thinking like they might be very logical and they would sometimes miss the big picture you know although they were good but I think patients might initially might feel to control themselves and you know like they might feel to find that that middle you know in all the conflicts and that harmony and it might be I will still be foreign for them that idea may discard their weakness also the it's hard for them to become it's hard for them to be relaxed maybe and it's hard for them to wait so that sort of thing and how will they treat you how will their personality react with your personality look at that it's ten of coins right so I think they will express their love through money I feel like it might be that they express a lot through money and through the social standing or something [Music] basically they as they understand you know money's very important for them and I think for their loved one they will like to provide her the house the kids you know with the financial goodies furniture and mom groceries you know things for the house necessities everything you know maybe cars and houses depending on the person but and also the I think the value of the family they might value the idea of home and family and they might show they might treat you basically like you know the Emperor trees empress beside the husband who is the wife and a traditional type of husband for some reason

feels like we're domestic he's very he thinks the the maximum happiness is the happy home you know happy home assets you know all those things that usually people dream about is practical realistic these normal things and that includes also you know the social standing class how others see you and things like that so these seem to be very well practical obviously and family-oriented and very hard earner hard worker things like that because they want to provide this expensive thing so they must work for it also okay how they treat you

overall I think they will treat you with respect but sometimes it can be that they will treat you extra traditionally like wives you know someone who takes care of the cares of the house of the household the kids and the elders and if there are any you know parents or whatever so they expect you to you know manage all you know that sort of thing maybe guests also a neighbors you know you have to look good in front of all these people so yeah okay so I hope that you we had a little bit of idea about this person's personality well I think the the inaudible philosophical artist area not at all or just a philosophical nature they're very practical and a little bit of a conflicting signed I would say not conflicting maybe well impulsive I would say and pretty easy to talk to I would see people like them they're likeable maybe whatever they do even if it's simple so they have some sort of charm around them and people flock to them like they adore them that's that sort of thing a popular and they know it I think they know it and but they also have quality is they have qualities that very few people have I think they are not cowards they're not afraid to lose you're not afraid to look stupid the you know they know that if they lose everything you'll get up and again you know whatever they lost you can start over again that sort of thing and also the decisive the every logical I would say according to that you know what to do how to do it what to say what not to say you know what they want they don't have doubts but maybe this card you know the temperance kami they like some sort of softness some sort of patience and sort of like a peacemaker qualities you know maybe they lack that sort of philosophy and they like that sort of spiritual type of I don't know some softness relaxed I feel you know the SU temperance card

yond oh how will they treat you like a husband treats their wife like a part of the family but it's not very very emotional it's a little bit domestic it's a little baseball and the income and how to manage it and how what to buy would not survive for the house for the kids and things like that it can also be that they will treat you with money they'll show their love through money and buying expensive things that's how they understand love you know practically okay this was a really number one let's move on to reading number two now

this is really number two for those who chooses tick the question is what type of person is the really like what type of person is he really like we'll try to look into the personality of the person you just thought of and I don't know if this is gonna work well but let's see what the car is trying to see what person are they really like it's a once again well here we have Wheel of Fortune of cups Anisha wands well here feel a little bit of a gamble like a little bit of important romance a little bit of sexuality and passion and philosophy also I feel this person is a little more philosophical than the previous one I feel this person has the attitude whatever happens happens he believes in destiny he believes in karma maybe he believes in something more you know synchronicities he might believe in those things and I feel like this person kind of isn't to the manifesting things and all into the law of attraction or the secret or whatever because for me these cards seem like the person has wishes and he has lots of wishes and her dreams and he really has focused on them like she wants to realize them also can talk about a person who's very passionate you know these cards was very passionate who makes sure to express this passion and sexuality very well with these cards um also feel this person likes to indulge in things they like relaxing they like spies and with food and a drink and they like a good time but I feel it can be a little bit of a romantic nature well with the 9 of cups it can be any wish any passion but romantically it could mean you know that sort of thing also there's a sense of okay sorry about that so yeah we said different type picture here so let's ask a little bit about his strengths and weaknesses of his personality

strengths and weaknesses hmm okay so strength obviously justice card well in here I think this person has a great sense of what is right and wrong we see them very emotional here I would say we see them very like whatever happens happens and I believe in myself you know I believe that all my wishes will come true and they romantic and they're passionate majestic talks about them being maybe honest and and being hard to see playing it fair in the situations they might feel you know what is right and wrong you know what is the ethical what is not ethical they might be a good human being basically with this card I think they might have a very clear understanding of you know these things these very subtle things like in him in human relationships and things like that so I feel they have this ever strong value system there's friends feel the seal clearly you know their eyes you can see the light come out of their eyes so I think that you cannot fool them easily they can be very good at like Ebola you know having like an eagle eye they were sensitive to injustice issues never insensitive to let's say betrayals unfair people and fear actions so in that way we can see they are perfectionist maybe they are idealistic you know also justice can be you know in people relationships for example they know how to how to bring them back together how to not to react what to do what not to do that sort of the have some sort of control over the mind so it's a pretty strong quality I think [Music] justice aboslutely affair they are just the honest now and also think this the size of hair decisive the I think they're light person you know that person in a way that they would not go in any schemes they would they would hate to lie they would not like to you know hurt somebody basically because they have this feeling too towards what is right and wrong now their weaknesses the Prince of swords well this is the page of swords is the my conflict card I think maybe they're too straightforward can be too straightforward maybe a little also they would be a person who probably get annoyed easily irritated easily you know that you know defensive or that sort of thing like visible conflicting personality can express their things in a conflicting way with strong words they might use a little bit of the strong words and words basically they with words weakness but also can show that the person is afraid to talk you can show that the person doesn't know how to say it let's see if they don't like anything they have a very good sense of what is right and wrong but when it comes to saying it they have like a blocked throat they cannot see it properly you know the Prince of swords it's about knowing how to talk you know even the things you don't like in a way that it's good said basically but if it's a weakness we can see that either when you try to say something it becomes like a conflict you cannot see it in a way that's not affecting anybody so either deal and say it or they see it in a conflict somewhere something like that it can also be irritability and things like that maybe a little bit of immaturity so gets car key mount it of cups

I was going to ask about how will this person treat you and the scar fell out basically but can also refer to what we were saying about the weaknesses so it can be that the person is overall overall sad they have a little bit of sadness in them some sort of experience in the past have happened that they cannot let go of for me because it caused some sort of trauma where they kind of fixated and basically there is some sadness in them so how this person treats you okay how will this person treat also mysterious it can be mysterious and seem as if they're hiding hiding things not saying things in all these cards how will they treat you you know the strength card they can be protective of you they can be protective of you and [Music]

how will they treat you they might act like a protector and some cases they might act very gentle but sometimes a scar you know with a hangman sometimes you can talk about the use of force perhaps

so you know how the hymen came in a victim it can mean that they will treat you a little bit like a victim so I kind of not sure about the strength and hangman also the other ones can be a little bit too speedy card you know for the treatment like sometimes it can mean even domestic violence these cards

and so long

but other cars are not negative you know these cars are not negative at all and I think it can talk about simply adoration in this case like they want to sacrifice for you they're completely like adoring you and you want to communicate with you they want to talk with you can be that how will they treat although it can also a little where for me I don't know like these three cars you can talk a little bit about domestic violence history like some sort of manipulation like there the magician who are doing some sort of magic like hypnotizing you you know so that you do what they want you to do like they have a dream with a seven of cups like some sort of illusion of how this relationship should go or like you know things like that and they can trying to make it work with a magician card a little too overactive you know mentally and like scheming or planning something like can also see oh that a very passionate and Cruz mad person

I feel like a little bit of disillusionment with him disillusionment like they very attracted the very end passionate about things

so yeah

that sort of thing here Prince of Wands I'm kind of can decide whether its domestic violence whether it's manipulation or is just like crazy adoration of you or maybe a mixture of all of these things because it kind of love you like crazy but at the same time they have this idea of how things should be and they might actually sometimes mentally you know manipulate you somehow into doing what they wanted to do or something like that like they're too clever and too passionate at the same time perfectionist and they have a secret

so yeah this was reading number two let's move on to the reading number three okay this is deck number three the question is what type of person is you really like

what type of person is you really like your knight of cups Wow so we have many people here nine of cups king of swords nanorods

I think the

can be that either their people's person they like to travel the like meeting people they can be romantic they can be logical they can be passionate impulsive they can be anything and it could be that their life is extremely affected by other people you know maybe they were close living with some sort of friends or brothers or father or whatever and because of that they're kind of their own personalities like merging with the earth because I don't feel like the person here I feel many people here in this so what are the strengths and weaknesses let's ask what are the strengths of their personality and what are the weaknesses the strengths well the strengths here can be basically

it can be that the fact that they always that the strength of the personality can be cooperative they're cooperative the you know like to be with other people working at TM like a team person or maybe partner person or close to someone else he can be very brave very am you know willing they might have the qualities of a you know leader and they might have many goals like you never stopped them they always on a lookout they might like doing something global or international something with the world with countries with travel I'm basing this one on this also yeah something like that they always like looking for something to do or you know they never happy never satisfied always on a lookout and it shows that they are very not boring you know not a boring personality they always kind of trying to work something out maybe with some other people and I think they pretty brave when the mmm start something new and yet a sort of thing

perhaps they were helpful and we did share their experiences or something with others they have that maybe friendliness or that sort of thing you know and now what is the weaknesses I think it can be low self-esteem well it doesn't seem here like a low self-esteem but personality weakness either they believe they cannot do something because of some reason maybe they limit themselves somehow maybe they have fears maybe they have limitations at some point you know this card maybe they have the tendency to contract you know inside lets you get paralyzed by fear and some situations and they totally block out from everybody it's just like the they have so many goals and they have so many wishes to do things and they have talents and good personality overall but then they will not do things maybe like panic or low self-esteem or some doubts or lack of vision at the same time

so I would say they have fears they have fears and that limit them although they are looking for for things and they're good maybe they cannot be alone or not sure you know it can talk overall about the belief that they are dependent on someone or something and like I do not free like maybe some people rule them maybe some even physical challenge like if they have some mental problem well mental problem can be like bipolar or can be some anxiety issues can be things like that because of them he might think that well they cannot do things or something maybe they have a problem with their leg or with their eyes or something like that and that's why they think they cannot achieve things okay so what is how the treatment how this person reach the moon [Music] well I think how will they treat you you know I think they will not tell you things they will not be afraid maybe to reveal themselves they will be afraid to open up and you will be feeling like you're living with a secret can be they hide things from you they will not let things to get out in light or something like that

like they might be pretty good personal friendly etc but they will take time and [Music] coming to you they will take time and it's like lack of interest is basically like playing a game secret game or something how will they treat you they hide things from you and they will confuse you no way I don't know deliberately or not deliver deliberately and it can also be that being with them will be extremely boring and depressing for you like whatever the problem is here the weakness choose a big fear and anxiety I don't know what it is about but it can be that the sphere will drag into your relationship and they will just be sad or we surround you and quiet and introverted or something and you will be like guessing what's happening

I don't know maybe they'll hide a woman from you because you know the moon is like secrets is like and here's a little bit of intimately looking

can be real hard finance is also or it can be that the person simply will provide you what you need the basic things it will be providing you with things and take care of you as a wife as the woman but they will not tell you something there will be some sort of sadness or something in this relationship yeah that's it

she's very interesting you know first of all that their personalities represented with the core cards or no they are so badly influenced by other people maybe you see them as a very loving person but maybe they are not really ever loving India like the king of swords someone a little bit you know colder type a little bit of a macho type but I feel the every mental the various thinker their thinker personality and the secrets mysterious personality yeah that's that's how let's move on to the joke number four

this is deck number four and the question is what type of person is we really like between what type of person is he really like what type of person is really like cups King the boss if some rows and justice keep getting the same cars in and again well I think this person is also we're creative or imaginative is very ambitious hard-working hmm always with the ideas always like a inertia initiating assertive type he might be the person who is pretty successful who is also like but by the people who might be having certain personality qualities that turn to success later on and what type of person and again they might be our more personality as a justice it can be a very again perfectionist the idealistic or simply fair and just like they wouldn't cross any kind of line they would - lies the owners sincere person now and great in communication I would say great a great communicator now what are their strengths and weaknesses of their personality strengths pyramid weaknesses Knight of Rods so I strengths I would say the other if topical all these researching things always try to work out things it might be a thinker as well here like they always can talk about a certain type of spirituality that person is interested in the spiritual things maybe they're looking for answers always maybe they're good at being alone and working towards things so they are like Eternals third searcher the a wise person we can see they have wisdom and maybe they also help others hmm you know with their wisdom like a good adviser they have experience so they kind of show others alight and others might follow that light now what are the weakness is night of Ross well night of rods it can talk about again impulsiveness love love to travel of change love movement and well perhaps and in some way they can be impulsive again may be aggressive even sometimes with an ADD of Rods may be acting before they think again


none of cups well maybe they're little bit of a player and that area emotional and you can become very uncontrollable no we

like they might think they tend to get paranoid about something over saying something and become extremely emotional and well maybe hard to deal with hard to be with irrational things like that how will this person treat you how would they treat you page of SARS what's wrong with the page of stars in every deck I get this page of swords so how they treat you well I think they might have a tendency to talk to be harsh with words sarcasm overall they might spoil spoil you with some sort of gifts but but at the same time feel like a little bit of aggression or something here and I have sores in the page of sores like the attacking you with words especially like the verbally abusive or something it might be mentally difficult to be with them in a way because of how good they are with words and how surpassed achill they use the words or how the cans sold or something so a sunbonnet in the time they like to pamper you treat you like a very pampered lady and buy things to you expensive things and make me make sure that you look very good but then it would be a little bit of you know controlling or something how we treat you can also talk like the good but mental pressure on you you know these cards like to put mental pressure on you there's some sort of stress mentally to be with them like you can't handle anymore what they are saying or how they're saying it something like that like young so that sort of thing

okay I will end here I think well other personalities kind of merged for me they all started to seem very similar while reading this like three of them though the you can see they are kinda mental with a moon card and the emotions and cannot control the words what they say something like that although it came in idea just that the same with the thinking did not hide anything yeah so this is it this was the last deck deck number four thank you for watching my video please share your comments what you think about this please like if you liked it dislike if you didn't and please subscribe if you want more of these thank you again

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