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by: Tashapolis

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good morning everyone good morning everyone it is the second day of Expo there are lots of yesterday we're going to be taking some photos this morning before we go explore the show floor is not open yet razza people like a lot of drops get to get the badge like at 9:00 to come back to drop later oh wow good morning to you good morning to you and you any I'm recording you good morning Emma are you saw you good morning to you good morning we're in the panel section of Javits and we're gonna bout take some pics things already taking some pics have your pics gone


never be satisfied the morning - morning good morning to you slay slay slay that's my mom look oh cool my mom looks goody-goody booty booty booty booty booty look at that booty look at that booty

we're doing the group photo already done with our heels there's only nine it's only nine am taking mine off

yeah thanks wifey maid-of-honor status yeah literally if the shoe fits take it off holy way she's tight




[Music] Hey [Music]

we are trying to find a way to collapse is currently to try to get the city of vidya ghost my photography job they already dropped it so we're gonna try to see this cover is weird we're about to go meet there has a crew for lunch so that we're ready for art drops it's 10:40 in the morning and we're eating lunch I'm sure I didn't eat breakfast some good I just watched you last night inquiring about there it is absolutely yeah an absolutely remarkable thing okay so we came all the way out here back to the little pin man over here or the what's it called Carl and they're not dropping our at times what the book I'm excited about is pride there's no arc okay bye can you make games hearts in space for me

why their face is so red and why aren't they smiling like real humans that was it that's what we needed why does this look like Elizabeth Mon Ami tale oh yeah yeah I see that I see that like but like it's not a hundred percent it's like when you look at it at an angle it really quick I feel like it's missiles hit your eye sourcebooks I think they have it oh yeah they have a big fury board over there it's a book of the month yeah

this popper is amazing and they standing or sitting

egg hunting posters heaven ranks and kamikaze who's bringing that book right now which is dark deep I'm runnin

very nice more spinning

yeah girl Fran what are you slithering up my leg oh sorry no it's fine what is it it's like a like feet like oh wow

middle Harry Potter but teenage Harry Potter could finish penis teenage but you said matina SH like man a teen oh that can work he likes community where's her my own show I can literally watch this all day oh my god just casually showing brand Alex reckons dog just all of all of her highlights on Teddy break there's multiple arts dropping at 2:00 and 2:30 I really want the news Samantha like Chandon book which is like thousand pages long there's like cross-burning coming out second book in the war cross series lots of good stuff dropping here gonna be exciting they're like little boots cute on the part this is the new covers that penguin is doing for the Shakespeare so this is Romeo and Juliet that's really cool you had to explain to me because I definitely did not get it on first glance the Priory of the orange tree by Samantha my queendom without an air [Applause] I could kill somebody with it so we're just casually walking with lady Taylor I think signed work they'd be pinned on me baby bear maybe where's price dirty the outside of our Magritte's all right become medium so the pride line is starting for a rent versus retelling we're getting gay Sasha what's up this play with her laptop we've been sitting here in line for 15 minutes I'm ready to get my book I want to get up on the okay though I'm not complaining thank the famous flash detox key in her natural habitat in her feet she's going to love this yeah dance does she have a toe ring on take a little stroll around I'll show you the book since I'm really not going to do a haul one day in December is a good two wrong phone and then she's all rush and turns out that the drop doesn't happen until 4:30 when we thought it was 4:00 and we lined up at 3:00 it's worth it worth it we're not mean the author but rich to the book hey Sasha have you seen your Twitter lately


bell tolling believe it thank you yeah hey hey primary remix oh my gosh I got broken things everybody got fried yeah we did we're in the uber going to the Harper Collins party with Sasha oh my god it's going to be a party time Sasha has lovingly invited me answer plus one to this author of it what I don't think I'm gonna film a lot just because it's like professional times even though this is my profession it's fine but just in case authors are you know they don't want to be filmed I have never been to that's really awkward you don't okay and someone goes who's the hottest uber driver you've ever had and he points microphone at the guy and I guys I have never been to it with Java and then it just like pauses and zooms in and like the text has never been to who Java comes up on the screen it's like a funny joke I didn't launch fine so I can uh reference them I don't know that VC I watched too many vines and so I reference them all the time and just like just now it was it's met with uncomfortable silence because no one's seen them books that's like how I feel when I quote like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings no one knows I'm doing it or Twilight I'm like most people that Asmussen get I will explain it to them I'll pull it up until they get literally about to pop that



the Hargitay is here party ever kind of freaking out there with her husband I'm not gonna film them I'm just telling you okay [Music]

we're on our way back from the harbor let's party it was really fun yeah she's okay all right love you don't drink kids so Christine how's your night been can you do a granola unboxing yeah excuse us we're filming a bit how crunchy would you rate that crunchy bar


just leave it at rail wear this tomorrow at BA what's happening right now guys guess what you're gonna you're gonna help me package no tomorrow I'll put on the backpack your shoes not gonna working on my outfit anything else to say worry about to say there so I really you're gonna help me pack to me all right that's archive images every day

hi every moment yesterday first I know my favorite dinner yesterday was so good oh my god it was so good it was right off of ten sweater potatoes and broccoli and rice I kind of didn't get it but I also like wasn't hungry so yesterday we went to this place and I had the best [Music]

two minutes time chicken cuz I thought it wasn't gonna be so good it was so good no my finger moment was when I sat in the seat and then and then my oh um think she's drunk but you know my favorite moment in town was

what are you doing oh the group picture yesterday I like what we did up behind the scenes you tuned into my video to see it okay she'll be linked down below okay my favorite moment for today I didn't say Mike ever moment yeah I'd say my favorite sterday stop taking it all my favorite from yesterday was since I haven't seen her since January oh my gosh yeah by the way I was there for like the last end of it and they made me hide out in the bathroom so come on I like sitting on the floor and the expo fall when we were on line you're tired felt really good oh no no puppy I had the puppy sat next to me did you hear about it I did hear about the puppy my favorite moment is today it was a really fun day I feel someone you had to hide in the bathroom yeah best moment I really like my outfit no guys I literally christine ricci I thought that better not get into the bed of me so upset she put crumbs on the bed so who came up here at the party and like stopped me in my tracks and they're like I really like your outfit where did you get a skirt from oh wait wait I'm not doing anything Tyler Muffy guess what she we were walking up the stairs we passed by she looked at my skirt she looked up she's like oh hi so she recognized me but she saw my skirt first and so that made me worthy in her eyes because I was Russian I was there I was fashion

anyways my my friend over here is mimicking me on the camera she thinks it's hilarious she thinks it's so funny she thinks I'm so silly and so vain she loves it yeah it's exactly what you think yes it is well anyways why are you crying

oh gosh good morning everyone

right now one two three we started the day off with some food we all got pasta except for Haley plastic like everyone's super tired today I look puffy come on struggle bus

[Laughter] we've lost Sasha all away she's going back she's tired and hungover and struggle there's my friends from the bookish box that they're totally not paying attention to me at all so everyone's been sitting in this aho a muffin line for like three hours and we're gonna join it because you might have a chance to get the book Hannah's having struggles we're gonna film or make it worse last year at the time we are waiting in line for a Wonder Woman and we waited three hours this feels like the same thing this is the line today we kind of came in late so we missed a lot of the arc drops this morning what else did we miss Ariel this morning pardon what weather what other jobs will be missed this morning yeah like a racing or c3po queue so close there is jazz is just there is just you just just just just just just there in their first Christine there's Christine hello music nightmares is dropping and people are running running running no one's really running anymore oh there's someone running he's having a mountain look what I got it's talking about these new work a very large expanse to see after levels without a Muslim girl in New York NY she break incense oh she breaks yeah this is not the cover of it but there are cooler already on the front for this badass woman just amazing

cars look who I found it's Benitez what were you just looking at I was looking at the Atlas one obviously yeah so all day today Hannah Haley and I have been taking over the source books Instagram and this is really fun we just met the CEO of source books or she's like the publisher of suspects and she told us that it is the largest and first owned publishing company a woman-owned publishing company

[Music] we're up on the pavilion right above the show floor look how pretty it is it's like Las Vegas room of flames over there you need to tell her that you love her dog I'm gonna do it yes I am because I do the cutest all I'm obsessed with you good oh these are the new covers counselor to making a book signed by Brandon Sanderson Robbie there we go somebody hurt us well right here in the Crystal Palace TLC Sherman's over behind yonder and having a meeting casual I was a cute dog around we don't know where he is Haley has dog radar oh there's the Cooper so bad we see a lot of dogs here we have seen so many dogs there are security dogs so we feel really secure it's like who is going to help us more than a DOS why do you say Doge hello everyone look what I just got I transformed into my truest form they have this awesome photo booth it's this but then it turns into this and it's amazing yeah we're at the epic reads booth and we ran into Michael thrown that's cute this guy's waiting famous now it's not even what is happening why is he in sunglasses I love you look at the transfer motion last year they have the Shadowhunters here but this is my crown isn't it amazing mirabela that's you weigh it you can call me that from now on were on our way back to the hotel before it's party-hopping time

so yeah they're three-person and we're going to attempt to attend all three we shall see if we can accomplish this task you will find out later

then with people I haven't seen all day and we're going off the parties like in their evolving doing this

all right we just left her first party that I didn't film at it was a fear sweets party and kami Garcia and Leigh bardugo were all there we were there for I think 20 minutes yeah we went there it's too loud and hot we did a mood great appetizers rice beer yeah oh you guys should have seen the cheese powder last night very loud if you ski and I already have to avoid yeah you want to save that for tomorrow for your panel

oh hi oh hi Sara Sara never talks to my videos to brands and my friend got it done a lot on my channel oh yeah good [Music]

[Music] third party bird

we're going to the big honcho party you guys for I don't know what that is but they're gonna have ice cream it's really very much Open Sesame


like I was she remembered that I minded something she gave me advice and then I talked to Tony at eonni and it took a picture with her again Wow she's gonna she like recognizes me from Twitter because I talk about her about some groups Wow

you have a long topping you're the cold school I'm not here milk and cream doughnut shop right around the corner on Mott Street and can also get some screenful and whatever you like


the pushpot

[Music] [Applause] we just left the third party I don't know if I like this party hopping business yeah sticking in the photo booth yeah there was a guy working I did ask him for a picture just to be like I took a picture of fake smile event um yes so there was a guy running the quota good who is having a joyous time this face really showed it the first thing I saw I'm like that the guy thing okay I'll turn it she's like turning around she's like yes

guess what time it is

hey hey my favorite moment of the day meaning she was hurting nice it was cool and I was proud of myself for having the courage to go up and say something it's normally I feel like no good job Jess it Christine was well I had a couple of moments that I already talked about but another gamer moment was like I ate a lot of food at a little little food all day and then I went I wasn't really hungry I went to the big hunter party in that banana ice-cream and you know our banana ice cream is very very what's it good it was really good I like banana bread in it like crushed up yeah their peanut butter ice cream was so good um oh no with Hailey and Elena and marine we did a really cool thing check out my hand sister I'm like it my favorite moment of the day was oh oh I got to have a really good conversation with Alex back in and we talked about telling her like grilling taunt a long time and she talked about how she loves Nico she was Nico laughing you kiddo she's like I really love it and I think it's so interesting when you brush him thank you all so much for watching the last day of Book Expo Expo vlogs tomorrow's Becan we have such a crazy day and we'll see if I can flog wow those schedule is insane I eat common finger long bye


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