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yeah so I don't have the fancy set up like our good friend Network Chuck does but we could still brew some coffee right I mean nice fancy cup and everything and I don't know coffees not really my things though check it out oh my god how do you guys drink this stuff this is terrible aah cut we got to make this better [Music]

nothing better than some high-quality h2o yo what's going on YouTube Zack with IT career question so truth is I actually I do drink coffee I enjoy it but I spice it up because I don't like plain coffee and not a big fancy coffee drinker by any means like mr. Network Chuck I do like my occasional you know cup of coffee every single morning because that's my morning routine that's what today's video is about routine what's your routine let's talk about that so something that really helps in the world of IT in the world of just learning maybe you're trying to get into this field of IT is starting a routine and it doesn't really matter where you start it's trying to figure out what works best for you and this is all trial and error folks like there's no like set in stone method this is going to work for you everybody's different right I'm different you're different we're all different I like my cheap coffee from my Keurig Network Chuck love says expensive coffee from his expensive coffee makers I don't know if there's even that expensive but it seems like a lot of work right but that's his routine that's what he likes this is what I like this is my routine every morning I bust out the Keurig make a cup of coffee and I start my day now what happens next there's another part of my routine but before the cup of coffee even starts before the rest of my routine even starts I have a family and every single day we have to get the kids ready we have to get the kids out the door ready for school lunch is made all that fun stuff you know and that's part of a routine that's just kind of set in stone there's really not much movement there there's not much that can be changed with that method it's pretty like set in stone this is how it goes every single day kids have to be in school this time and we have to wake up at this time to be ready to leave by you know this time to have them and on school on time so when I get home from dropping all the kids off I make my cup of coffee because in the morning it's really hectic here like it just it's insane so I don't have time to enjoy my cup of coffee so after that I start my routine which is getting into the things that I need to do for the day this routine again can be different for you guys you could be in school so you're going off to school you're going off to work for me you know this is what I do doing the youtubes right and there's a lot involved there so my routine is I have to check my email I have to make sure I'm in contact with all the different companies that I'm working with I try to stay in contact with a lot of the different people who come from YouTube so I try to leave comments back on a lot of the videos that I can if possible I'm commenting back I'm like LinkedIn on Facebook any resource that's out there that I have made myself available to I try to take that first you know half hour of my day to reach back out to these contacts that I have and then after that them is really when my routine kind of kicks in the gear because I have to start researching I have to start developing and that's kind of a process and that really has taken me a long time to fine-tune and what's important about this is and what the value that you guys are gonna get out of this is if you guys are trying to study for certifications much like I am you have to figure out how some of these things work into your routine how can you fit studying into your daily routine sometimes it's hard you know sometimes you think okay I'm going to set this hour aside on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays and then Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays come up and it you know all hell breaks loose right nothing happens because life gets in the way right your routine isn't set in stone things come up that stuff happens right things do come up and things happens that that's okay however when you can sit down figure out your schedule and look at the things that you have coming up and understand where you have time now even if you only have 20 minutes then you may think well I only have 20 minutes that's not enough time to study you're wrong I mean honestly you're wrong 20 minutes of studying is better than zero minutes of studying and that's what I am encountering now as I'm going through my Security+ studying you know my life is hectic and with my routine that I have on a daily date on a day-to-day basis it's hard to fit in studying sometimes it really really is and you would think that well since I'm doing this all day like I could fit that into my daily routine but I can't I really can you know there's a lot involved with what I'm doing here on YouTube and it's it's hard it really is so I wrote down a calendar essentially like these are the things that I have coming up these are the different time areas within each day that I have 10 20 30 minutes of free time that I can dedicate to going through a lesson or part of a lesson just to get some of the knowledge now here's the other key thing about this when I'm driving my car when I'm taking my kids to school when I'm going to the store a lot of times I'm putting on videos that directly relate to what I'm studying so security plus I'll throw on a professor Messer video and I'm listening to that in the background now these are just some things that you guys can do to help improve you know your studying because that's really what this is about that's what this video is about is to help you guys improve yourself make that time for studying because I've seen a lot of people comment and say I don't I don't know how to make the time I don't have the time to do this I just can't do it but any time is better than no time if you keep telling yourself I just don't have the time I can't see where I will have the time to do it and you're not gonna do it you have to make the time you have to decide mentally physically that you can put whatever amount of time aside to study again whether it's 10 20 30 minutes I don't care you set the time aside and you get to studying get to laughing whatever the case is so again my day-to-day routine I'm taking the kids off to school I'm coming home getting my coffee made I'm doing all of my work throughout the day that relates to this YouTube stuff right but there's breaks I get through the day like there's times where like I just need 20 minutes I just need to step aside for 20 minutes and I decided that you know instead of stepping aside from my work right because sometimes it gets stressful sometimes things come up and it just makes me angry and I have to walk away well I walk away for 20 minutes and what do i do I do nothing I sit on my phone and I browse on Facebook or LinkedIn or whatever that gets me nowhere so I decided I would step away and take that time and just pull up some of my study material because that's the only way I'm really going to get as much value as I can trying to get all the studying in that I can now the other thing that I do that might be on the less healthy option here is I stay up late at night because late at night especially when you have kids that's the only time you have quiet time that is the only time so you stay up an extra half an hour or an hour later than you normally would but that's the dedication that you have to take to achieve something better in your life so that's what I do and these are the things that I can tell you and encourage you guys to do and just kind of giving you guys an idea and a little bit of motivation that you guys can do it too you guys can creat the time you guys can make time and do it and I wish you guys the best of luck and

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