GTA 5 - BIGGEST HIGH SPEED PURSUIT! LSPDFR Let's Be Cops Episode #137 (Fourth of July)

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all right we're gonna have a hot pursuit going northbound and we're gonna swing around here and try to get over to it I mean we look i calling you saw those backup units like all the we call in all that backup and they're not even here because this guy was going so fast that they're all back there I see them all oh we got oh alright alright let's get down let's get this let's get a heck of a lot of that

hey guys what's going on back with another video how's everybody doing we're up here in Blaine County doing a Highway Patrol with the Sheriff's Office so I've got this big SUV I'll tell you why so I was watching I was watching TV last night and they had so I record I record a lot of shows my team gets like full every day after delete stuff but I record cops or Court Judge Judy of Judge Judy but Food Network pool Kings is it they builds outdoor pools that's a cool show but look at our I would pull this guy over look at oh my you got you know tow mater from cars up here bottoming out pull him over anyways resemble sort of cops on last night's actually they have new episodes finally it's usually like episodes from 1998 for some reason but uh they had a new one on should i siren off there we go and they were chasing a guy go 190 in a big SUV like this which is amazing but I didn't even think you could really do that but they did and so it gave me the idea you know fourth of July we're gonna do something special here so we're gonna be doing big pursuits and big call-outs and a big SUV for you and this guy look at this guy's boots holy smokes look at that these aren't like like boots these are like like something you like like kicked scorpions within the desert like that is oh my all right so we're holding things up and up here alright hello let's get his ID it's got that column Colin McKay alright let's look up Calma cave anything real my citation for driving a piece of crap Colin okay see we got em calling Mackay place it's valid no warrants alright yeah so we're just gonna go in and give them the the the citation for the you have a million $20 therefore prefer driving a piece of crime I mean that they me you saw it was like I've never even seen that but I've played a lot of this all over the road like all this spawn coming out of there look at that that's not gonna work so anyways I had to edit turn and squint at my other screen to see my recordings doing I went I had to get my eyes checked today and they would be dilated my eyes and I everything looks really bright and blurry so that was bad now like it was really special but now I want to I'm not doing the petrol it just means gas I'm not doing the gas theft is like what idiot is like the bottom but bottom of the barrel LSP dia for our call-out and that is just it's up there with stolen bus vicious dog reported that's murder to do that one just because I always go to it it's always on a highway there's just like a dog in the middle of the road and I just he just runs up and I get bit or nothing happens so we're just gonna try to like not do the obscure call-outs to this or what is that what are we doing here catching speeders I guess alright Optimus Prime over here oh we got a hoedown over here oh okay all right here it is all right it's behind us I thought it was in front of us okay we got so we've got we actually have multiple situations right now we've got one up here and we've got another one behind us we're going to roll EMS times to actually just shura now we're chasing somebody on foot which I don't I'm not quite seeing this one so I'm actually gonna go ahead and get caught up it looks like this one already happened I'm gonna go ahead and get caught up to the to this other one we have on this off-ramp here it looks like this one is just ready to go here locked and loaded and I'll see we got here on this offer they always pick the weirdest locations for these oh we got oh oh alright alright let's get down let's get this let's get a heck of a lot of that let's get not not quite that yet let's get that a lot of that all right that should be enough and we have like no rounds with the sling so why I told you they picked the Dern dislocations to have it out

and I can't really see what we're aiming at here

alright where's the SWAT team here yet now it's over here now - I don't even know I can't even see it alright how are we doing how do I look oh my look at my car oh man my car looks like somebody's been like driving golf balls at it alright let's see all right SWAT teams here everybody's here okay well that is uh that was quite the wait to hold out he just got there all right whoa all right we went get back in our car and get out of here while we still can all right something over here trying to catch speeders we just like somehow nobody's speeding tonight it's amazing I've been waiting here so we're showing off putting it back on our way probably should a signal out there anyways all right so we have a pursuit right now and it's actually gonna be coming towards us here we're actually it's gonna be up on this road so we're gonna test the suspension a little bit and see if we can't catch up to it and actually looks like something next to the road on a train and the trains gonna come in from the left and it's gonna slow me down all right here we go whoa whoa whoa all right get air support all guy yeah is this is this these guys are popping off that man yeah so we're just gonna keep it distance oh this guy just tea seed he might be done no II the last C is not done now it looks like I'm gonna take a spill out oh and it looks like he's not done I want to try to stay off these cracks already going to get down here actually give up tires tires Oh I think I know Oh front reload reload put the runner on the bridge drop it drop it drop it drop it drop it drop the gun drop it drop it drop it all right we got a foot pursuit all right this guy's got him here our code four gotta get EMS all right we're gonna have a hot pursuit going northbound we're gonna swing around here and try to get over to it it says it's leaving I'm doing my best to catch up to it get your sport

hopefully I got the air support request in there or this guy went back for a radar here because like once it see how he's no longer a red blob now you can't call it in you actually could see if they are on the menu would kind of flipped over so hopefully looks like probably names the I don't see a helicopter on my on my radar ever but this guy is flying right now at the pedal to the floor and I'm having a problem catching up so must be driving some pretty fast it says it was a hot pursuit so I don't whoa cow on the road I don't really see much of the pursuit it looks like I'm I'm doing the pursuing really all right I don't know why that guy was just stopped there I can see we got a unit behind the sky so I'm joining right now it's doing really slowly so I'm officially backing back in the hunt all right so now we're gonna get our air sport on the way yeah we got some patrols just in case I kick it so this guy is flying this guy's going so fast right now how are you gonna stop the sky I don't even want to pit him because then I'm probably gonna fly off the road cause it's just so much momentum and I don't want to call anybody else in because I want it to crash it's just kind of what you have to worry but especially you see all these like this the game was slowing down a bit cuz of all the trees so you got to worry about that cuz like all these I have it set to ultra grass by the way you probably shouldn't set GT if I have the ultra grass there's really no reason for all it does is lay it out but I have it set up which makes it look a little bit better over the more bushy if you will but it it really kind of hurts your performance so anyways let's see what we got here so there's gonna be a situation where we're just gonna just kind of follow this guy until he gives up because it's so fast it's just oh you might be stopped no he's not stopping alright because you get really if you're going this fast you can really get into some trouble so we're gonna want to try to try to avoid that err he's probably gonna end up working himself up here so all these people okay and there we go arrows me we stop there nope what kind of car is this by the way I can't even tell what kind of car this is oh we have them I mean we look I call it you saw those backup units like all the we call in all that backup and they're not even here because this guy was going so fast but they're all back there I've seen em all and I just took my eyes off this guy was thinking to hide they were on this highway too so there's just so much open road for him it's behind this car so we're gonna try like we cut him here

which mean fault look at this the helicopters can't even catch up all right I'm gonna try here's you get this the shoulder we're trying to use this right now nope did not work well you know it is this guy's got the the Nitro weird of like the turbo the Nitro I saw it yeah see it see it going right there yeah see we're on the license plate alright um stuff to York all right I'm gonna see if I got them just probably gonna cut her one of the right you it's just exactly what he did I can't get a shot off oh we might have him here whoa I was gonna go up here in front and try to like hit him off but he got out before you do it was there any primary again [Music]

whoa did you see that yeah this truck wasn't having anyone he was Pro now there are maybe we got him here oh now he's going this way I'll Steven get him go go go Oh No tires right get down get down whoa does he count is he packing and I think this guy he packing we just tase him I drop it drop it freeze we well-dressed the sky all right are we bringing him in here jacking the ball okay and they're all aiming at somebody else do I jump at what we read transport about for him and our helicopter overhead is gonna be ten eight and we're gonna be running code four oh I know there was a passenger is that where we what we doing here I don't even [Music] I don't even know okay all right all right guys let's go through this video I'm each other's money's gonna lose my white columns of Sherman swimming in like topsail channel you can do so by you get first of all you can get char cards for free by going to the link of the scripts down below and get your xbox or playstation network card there you just like do the thing it's like you like play a game for a second or whatever cuz your points you can do that also you like to help support the channel you grab some merchandise I got patreon and Garf bucks and only for free other than that have a happy and safe 4th of July and other than that it's all next that metal do for the store guys thanks for watching [Music]


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Happy Fourth of July! I saw an episode of COPS the other night (in between episodes of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Judge Judy lol) where a guy was chasing someone in a roadster in a giant SUV. I was curious how that would actually work, so in this video we find out. Sticking with the all-American Fourth of July theme of giant SUVs, high speed pursuits, and action left, right, and center, we respond to some other callouts as well on our Route 66 highway patrol. Enjoy! GET FREE Xbox/PSN Cards For GTA ONLINE SHARK CARDS (Xbox/PSN Cards) FREE HERE:

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