1978 #102 shovelhead head, cylinder & case rebuilding machining motor harley by tatro machine

by: Tatro Machine

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what are you doing I see how true it is I take already worked on through this no it's not bouncing too much is it not bouncing hard at all it's clarity true we're not rebuilding it we're just cleaned up a bit you supposed to be good to go

take the same manual as we phone that we did these shelves on and just a shallow shelf

a little better

on the bottom it still looks almost new now I feel with a heavy where is you can still see the need to be rebalance [Music]


cut off this here to make room for seals


talking to you genuine car sir




we're the money


with chips




[Applause] [Music]

see I'm not quite to the bottom of the hole er your lights off hit the right just that one yeah see the bottom the whole thing go fight to the bottom to stop



[Applause] [Music] like you going off you can the right button

[Music] they're going away from the ball on the whole team quite [Music]

that will still have threads in it but they're gone now so I have to worry about pulling out

precision I'll try you back for more all right now they got do the new coil that'll be on the short answer maybe he's long insert or they cut down the long mister being 20 getting a short one which one do you think short short one keep it simple not hard to do anybody can do it I don't think it's pretty maybe not to go fooling probably know for four lines these are way too short you know short come through you don't have enough full-length ones either do you are these full of over there is another one differently look I keep buying more and more these are kind of all these are two and a half times weirder which have to do with these are a two and a half the odometer if a - he means need a 5/16 so - diner would be 3/4 and another half diamond b7 a store we closed about you know that's wrong 5/16 double is 5/8 of an inch 781 is total just to about 3/4 so we need something spontaneous and length like these over here to see either little short ones they give you and a kiss your difference

deca house nada helical it looks like a helical chip was it called extra parts

[Music] [Applause] vintage ones would either locking one that'll confuse them because she use those you've got to piss them off the locking ones in there do and fall out that'd be fancy one that you won't do that stead of pinching the one blow they put a flat spot right there in a he'll coil and that makes it locking because now it sticks down the inside and they make them red when they do that they identify

unless you dis ain't a farmer's a nice thing to do that at all


[Applause] a small steel [Applause]

these are all hacked up he's got flat spots in there which makes it hard to check up on her give you 30 seconds in the lathe smooth that right up no it's got spots on take them out anything left one flat spot doesn't kill you when you put the two in there the gripper wants to grip

more than one way to skin a cat yep

smoother mo better workout problem we could just resound hit the button right

[Applause] [Music]

which was a lot Lord of all know [Music] Center

[Music] [Applause] this is a lot lower than those from

that's a nose

just got the right size pilot

let's go make it work

mastodons see yep


[Applause] you go grab me the helicase you know one case is bad they're both bad right blowing up for get back see better it looks like the same guy worked on it

pretty nasty-looking Arthur thanks man do you bear the whole yellow gun hand a bet for me

good how's the motor mount holes the color oh no sorry I'm a bit bad but it already watches on that three house boat goes in the hole that's a good sign good you see the attack on the motor mount bull that's plus all right slide out how they're gonna handle one go put the blow it off see it all right hold on

the fun part blowing it off break it out

always fun breaking the tap even more fun taking them out back by the toilet not in the toilet you can do that too if you want that'll be the fresh water all right so we got power tap this in in there


now that in the back on top right side in back on top right top top of the cabinet come down come down go over right there

that's my tap to faster chatter all that going down

also I think it's a new towel set the depth and slug down go fast your slug mother slower for you anymore like this speed

didn't go down for gonna get fancy that brush without it I'm just getting a broken wait a minute cheap-ass bastard that's not enough break out a new brush I'm conserving oil conserving something I don't know what it is there's at least two strands left it's still usable one and a half horse hair yeah that's all you need doing my part well I'm just cheap so might want to call it that man cheap cheap we're gonna cheap doctor serving

something on the Greenpeace ship I'm not working very well now could it be wasting too much especially a rash now one piece of toilet paper each one we wouldn't like you on a Greenpeace ship that's something right something would have to break for them to let you on the Greenpeace ship alright so now we got the holes in their sea bottom and tap

one and a half to two and a half three half turn she's got a pointed toe see that's a pointed to see the threats there's the first full thread way down there look how much distance you lose so we gotta grind the top of that off just a new tap that's why I haven't modified modified suitable working condition yes probably it felt funny I'm not used to sure up to have because that cheapness again we don't think this is a bottoming tap I bought it this way do ya I always wanted to go damaged that short that's really special tea taps come from is any short

yeah a hole in air is probably almost 3/4 deep now thread it right to the bottom [Music]

my lucky I'll come one thread too long it's called a winder tool you wind it up so you're under the compressor to heal applause he's bringing out to the top bottom right there and he's running the whole pretty red one in there locking the heater coil is almost a full turn in so good good pull I'm about to eat the nice to the bottom so should go break to turn off pretty easy seen these fancy tang break everyone's yeah mm-hmm

fancy to loosen her make sure you always find your tang did you have a lot of damage inside the water in our improper spot

that is not deep enough see how the tank is flush with the top right here mmm tighten it up it'll the tangled bottom in the primary to be tight so now the tang ends right down here just end there a lot better we'll try this fancy tool again tangs on this side hole stop pushing I'm gonna hold it back it was time sounded like it did

just how long this attack to get it off there it is yeah the breaking tool is not working very well for some fancy tool is not fancy tonight it's really loose but it says 5/16 so it almost look like it's 1/4 inch for so we're gonna turn it off plug 1 mm probably gonna do the time it'll plug 1 to do got a sir cert for the timing poem yep somewhere around here the turn okay once I flip it upside down easy I understand

doesn't save this hand up hope lucky turbojet which one no especially in the bike they're really fun the best part you drop the tank inside the crank that's fun

that's when you get to pull all motor part unless you luck out and Gracie used to pull it in stuck to the fly would rotate it came back up good roll the dice and rev it hard that's the tool is not working it doesn't like the ring either blind holes right that'd be a helmet if it wasn't yeah if you drill them they're too deep on those no you're screwed you don't go three on this side that's why I set my Deb stopped only go so deep definitely I go a little bit of welding

it would be more painful than watching you break all four of those times

I'm going to use the official kit or use the kid I'll use did you build this an official factory bag they're right over here the video guys sucks around here

walking getting close to the rim see how long the lower the tank comes right off it really was the removing tool in case you screw up no he's out yeah so he say he hasn't screwed up no so he's got tool yeah there's a nice relatively new toe there's the we're all totally new winder I bought I don't know if I actually used it I remember probably have

yeah let's see some marks on her this fancy good bonus me sure HeLa calls they're almost the right length now I used to buy ones about that long is all you can get easy got cut off a couple of these though it's about that much length is what you really need the body in that link you gotta make them one life do you want that leg the right leg the right the right I'm thinking maybe one more

the next thing is what he'll also do you there with drill size so for that you got to figure out the tap drill size for what's tap drill for a five days it doesn't say on the bag right off the first shot five days I can go to five days that's a good starting point for a five es eight o'clock means you take all the girls go I'm thinking there's something wrong with us hit the button lower back down little antique

first you go up and you go down

[Music] it appears after threats not sure how

timing plug threaded from the factory threads of smoke we're doing put maybe the coil you run the big one in there it's not a drill bit gets one size bigger than five eighths or two sizes bigger oh that's two sizes here you look lot might come out that wouldn't be a problem the next thing is our gonna run this thing down into there somehow

take you better big of a bite just makes it make you forget all you got to have much room cameras in or blow up again I don't know why you're so far down why'd you go so far down perfect [Applause] like that mmm they go faster without further you like a little bit deeper than that

I'd have to have the Machine going faster to go deeper though this appears to be the wrong size tap your menu tap we're going to make it work guess what you put long gallons in up so you can go further wanna make sure you don't angle it one way to tilt it put it on the center it'll go straight

you know that's the bottom looking to

meet for flat applications don't you go all the way through then it starts just cutting right here now if you keep going deeper it cuts in the case and shoves the top over like that because the only cutting on the one side so once you go all the way through the stop of course you have another two times deeper


so I cut a couple turns deeper so I can get two helical out if I have to all

right so how deep is this it's just the right depth rubs lip to the shortest dealt blow the camera to see how many threads can I see you there eight I'm guessing there is six right here and I don't think there's six fair both sides is out and this grows when you when it goes in so I can spring it coy like it's gets longer to the cupressus so it actually goes further around a circle so there's more

right here before it winds up

just got shorter now we got five complete monitor right here you go over here to go to six breaks right there so there'll be about six and a half foot in here probably oh yeah maybe six total so we can be so that means I'm thinking I

think I can make it work without money trying to make it as long as you can you want much thread you can get this has been turned down fit in tight spots way

we get this I just keep turning in until it pops out so now we're going to use the driver looks like you're off a little push down the helicoidal to get it to start get past that first threat once the first thread a hit catch it that goes in for you you have to put pressure on the outside that you cool do not push on a tool it is pushing straight through and cross all right here we're flush right here so you know you don't go on deeper it'll leak because the pressure beyond the helical and I'm gonna case to single it they go with your tang where you got over here so see how we're starting to go in the daylight over here mm-hmm you know if I can catch that Tang over there and there's this is to the inside of what we need we can run it I don't think it's gonna there's enough there so we need to back it up about half a turn lets me go back half a turn at least I purposely stopped before I got all the way into the case so you maybe get this out of here problems the tank I can't pull it out but ok so we need to take off least half of the term minimum I'm thinking probably more than I took 3/4 Masek 7 ice so now that I've got 4 heat of clothes for threads on the thinnest part

binding over right now fill it up put pressure on a helical on both sides

right there it's trying to go they won't start

first res right here

the pain

they're girls and wouldn't go and go then I'm gonna like this Nathan further and dropped wrote in if you forced it through across the road flush right now okay so I always like put in a helical and a hardly good threads so see I'm just on the edge right here oh just another eighth of a turn to put the good spot over here good enough that's not structural you know there we go so now get the Tang to break off from you want to go let me break it off in this direction get right on the base of the Uniqlo should break it run off cleanly

she's in there somewhere

no we're probably out of the motor go look at that blue box and they put on the porcelain okay last thing I look at is the wear mark we're okay on milk just gonna get a bolt or something checked to make sure though it goes in the other fork kind of stuff nothing around look in the case found it there you go [Music] no purpose I know that a wrench it doesn't do us any good

this time she'll pass barely yeah good think it's a good thing I didn't show anybody I'll do it that way all right so you know bought fish that for geckos there 50 little there so this case is done we're gonna put the bearing on this one the other case this one get on the spot facing on this one so we have to put the bearing in here for the Kandarian then holding the big end a little bit so I'll probably hold it big in a little bit first and everything else in this case is viewed as far as I know that's pretty straightforward there something we just got a quick phone on this and that'll finish up this until we get the bearings for there you guys can bring the cages in give us a quick home job over here


all right where is the appropriate

what [Music]



[Music] alright walked in cleaned up until we get the race cages we don't know exactly the size we need I got to make sure I have the actual part from the knees before holding facilities just because it's it's got cages if we didn't have key to the gaze of different variants I don't want to finish on it until I know for sure little part for them what beer interviews are you going to bring the bags you still bring the cages on Saturday so he's gonna use a correct ship 478 which is the old course I don't know whether or not that I'll put the later stuff in which I he'd alright that's it for now go reduce more

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20190117211137 1978 #102 shovelhead head, cylinder & case rebuilding machining motor harley by tatro machine this is not a full motor rebuild but just some bit work so that the owner can assemble the motor himself. this saves him some money because i only do the machining and cleaning that he can not do. he does what he can and i do what is left. it is always a good thing when the owner gets involved in their project. tatro
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