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books Daisy where are you I don't know it's just about to ask you that question ah I don't know but there's a lot of scary dudes down here I'm on top of some roof I'm not roof wait a minute is the roof on fire ah much better there you are I'm glad you're here because uh don't look behind you now what do you mean oh this place is really hairy it is it's scary stories remember oh man more scary stories hopefully not too scary I'm gonna have nightmares look there he is tails doll oh you still on this kick tails is not the hero something is Patel's doll it's totally different you got to get over a man let's go inside actually ladies first go ahead oh sure chicken chicken mom I want a doll for my birthday what okay if you say so it's a really strange request isn't it for a boy that age to one at all right yeah he looks a little bit old to be playing with dolls hmm interesting uh okay yeah thanks mom no problem Ken oh this is the kind of doll he wanted a tails doll yeah happy birthday yay happy birthday it's gonna be your last be careful uh yeah I heard bad things about tails all right he's not a very nice doll to play with he doesn't like to share you walks I'm gonna sleep with tails doll oh don't bring him into your bed look at his face he's all happy he's like Oh buddy I hate to tell you but it's not a good idea look there's a zipper back here don't open it you'll let all the evil out hmmm I wonder was table salt laying down before I don't know he seems to be floating though it's not if he's actually standing or levitating look tails I was leaving and he has an evil twin brother oh how can you get any more evil in the first evil tails doll that's really weird right ah not weird more kind of creepy are you cloning your soul tails oh they like those little gizmos did you feed them after midnight oh yeah they're duplicating I told you have to feed him after midnight don't drip water on them look at his face he's rather disturbed by the fact that tails doll is gone he's very nervous uh I would be too buddy you're about to roll façades bed and look there's a floating bloody knife oh this just keeps getting weirder and weirder there's a knife-wielding ghost around here whew scary ghost or is it just tails doll maybe he threw it maybe maybe it's a knife thrower nose well that doesn't look good uh that's probably gonna leave a mark tails doll why'd you do that man that wasn't very nice at all I have a question sure what happened to sonic wait real sonic or sonic thought exe oh

no this is definitely definitely a good reason to be running right now I'd be running too if I spilt that much kool-aid on my bed ah it's not cool it's jelly my mom'll be really mad at me his mom's gonna be mad he had a peanut butter jelly it's everywhere look even go to this new doll he didn't look at his face he's really up sex he knows he's gonna be grounded from playing Xbox one for a really long time his mom's gonna be so mad at him he probably should uh you know take the jelly knife out of his chest - oh yeah probably not a good place to keep it looks easy yeah I don't think that's jelly or kool-aid uh I think you might be right but I didn't want to say anything I think it's time for us to leave uh uh can we take the doll with us how much money do you think we can get for it I don't know why don't you grab him and we'll take him and see what happens okay good idea I'll just be over here come on he'll stall why don't you come on with me very far away focus uh looks it easy Oh am i run now look who I found it's Jonas Jonas yeah it's a Jonas Jonas brother uh he's a really messy eater oh look he brought his own knife with him oh good he's gonna make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches keep saying go to sleep go to sleep why is there no good show hmm cuz you're watching Disney Channel dude what do you expect I love the Disney Channel are we talking about Disney Channel go bad I don't like it anymore yeah me too I don't like Disney Channel sure it's kidding you love it it's one of your top five okay I'll be right back huh okay what who's he talking to wait see I knew it it's Sonic they're on the Disney Channel now I think so cool weird hey books Izzie check out this channel uh what happened to Sonic it's the show battle well and there's noise keeps going eh I think there's something wrong with the TV oh well I mean maybe there's a controller here we can fix it press all the buttons call the Cable Guy wait did you say it's going like yeah yeah what is this that's what I said what is it um captain Tate now might be a good time to leave oh my gosh there's a little girl out there she's not a little girl trust me little girl did you fall in that well ah do you need help getting out no she doesn't look she crawled out of the well she's facing us or looking another way or her hairs in her fate what I don't get it weird huh uh this is bad look books AZ that nice paramedics saved a little girl from the well oh he probably should've left her there she's giving him a hug oh boy high-five I think she's reaching in for his soul why is his face look so concerned because she's reaching in for his soul no she's not she is she's uh she's trying to get him a handshake and he's just too uh I don't know shocked I wonder who ever happened to that nice paramedic who saved a little girl from the from the well uh she wasn't a little girl and she didn't need saving and she did she was that creepy soul sucker the goal I have no idea what you're talking about captain Tate what uh maybe I shouldn't have made that noise because I think I brought her the year head looks easy look I made a new friend see he keeps talking about red balloons and making boats and keeps calling me Georgie yeah maybe you should go put on a yellow raincoat and you guys can be best friends forever how'd you know in the sewer with that being said this is Captain a signing off my good friend books AZ this was roblox scary stories if you like this video make sure to LIKE button shredder page ding ding ding and don't forget to hit that Bell to get all of youse in the future have a great night bye guys it's like a bad dream and there's Sonic oh uh well he's not song I thought exe because that would be a really bad dream all right


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