Laminated Stamp Sheets

by: APG Jamie

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scene 53 hey y'all a pgj me here at my purple door studios I had Dean mounted my woodblock stamps some time ago and put them in page protectors in my binders yeah my acrylic stamps are in there too but now they're really getting sad the page protectors are starting to break down and besides it's very aggravating to try and get the stupid things out of those page protectors have to dig out a stamp from the bottom and I didn't want that when I wanted something else and do you see how these things are tearing up I don't want to have to replace these every two three years so the other day while I was watching patty tally perish she was showing us how she puts the clean stuff on her d mounted and acrylic stamps so they would stick to these fancy slick and sturdy pages that she puts in a binder and yeah tada tada tada tada it occurred to me that I could make my own fancy slick and sturdy pages and this is how I'm doing it last year I had bought this huge honking big 19 by 24 inch Bristol paper there was a extra I don't know 50% off clearance price and I thought it would be perfect for this project that's not why I bought it a body because here is cheap yes cheap anyway because it's heavier than the normal cardstock I have and I already have it and I didn't want to buy anything which you know makes Johnny happy and that makes me happy so I cut down the Bristol to measure 8 and 3/4 by 10 and a half inches so it would fit in the laminating thing with a fair amount of space between the paper and so the laminating laminate stop would stick to itself hmm anyway I'm thinking if when I run out of this Bristol I will just use a double layer cardstock trim down to the ten and a half inches more or less or maybe I'll use some poster board I have some of that hanging around too and it's pretty close to the heaviness of Bristol I hope I'm pronouncing that right yeah so I took my 8 and 3/4 by 10 and 1/2 sheet put it on the scoreboard and scored it at 8 and 1/8 I know very fancy measurement for me eight and an eight and I will use that for the regular cardstock too if when I switch to that anyway I fold it over the edge thinking of the Bristol paper thinking it would sort of reinforce the holes you'll see that and a little bit I used a double sided tape to hold down that folded edge while it runs through the machine because the first one got a little pucker on it and not in a kissy pucker kind of way I load the Bristol paper inside the lemonade sheet which itself has fold on it kind of in the middle don't you know anyway try to square my paper up in there I'm trying to get an even side more or less around the whole perimeter don't quite make it sometimes but that's just kind of how it goes with me you'll have whatever kind of laminating sheets you have with your machine good luck with that so I load the machine with the folded edge of the laminate first the machine grabs it pulls it through I'm holding the laminate sheet with a little bit of tension very little tension basically that so that it stays flat more flat even be careful cuz your machine may be hot I'm using three mill laminating sheets careful why you say that so yeah not super hot if you try this be sure to read the instructions for your machine bla bla bla bla bla disclaimer because I could see some wavy type lines on the paper I ran it through the Machine again this time with the folded edge folded paper edge first that seemed to have gotten rid of the wavy lines and some of the hand gestures are funny n'est-ce pas so I used a three-hole punch and would you look at that my folded edge didn't quite make it far enough so that I would have the strengthened holes then I thought I would well maybe next set I do get four pages out of the 19 by 24 Bristol with pieces left over let's see what else anyway with those leftover pieces I made some tabs I have this little tap died and ran it through the big shot I used a little bit of label printed from the dime oh I guess that's how you say it dy mo anyway I trimmed that just a little to fit the tabs I used the ATG to stick the tab onto the laminated sheet I'm pretty sure wet glue would not hold our work for this and if this ATG stuff doesn't work then I'll have to find something else later on I may have to break out my tiny attacher here you can see me taking stamps out of the old page protector and sticking them on the new and improved laminated stamp pages for my rubber stamps and the other ones that lose their sticky because it happens well the rubber stamps don't have sticky haha anyway I put on a dab of I'll aliens tack it over and over I smooth that out with my finger so that it's fairly thin I know shocked googly eyes and make sure it's dry and tada I have stickit which works on my acrylic block and I can still use them without the block just as well - they'll stick to your finger and your desk and your clothes and that hey liens take it over and over some pretty good stop so um yeah I think that's about it Oh PS I'm redoing my master binder at the same time so it will match up better maybe even more better with the way the stamps are laid out on these new and improved laminated stamp sheets remember if you have a problem just chillax sometimes inspiration will strike and BAM a lamb the solution is found or in the case of create art the masterpiece is imagined and comes to life already then thanks for watching and happy our team y'all or really how really say it Joyce äj-- happy art in y'all


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