Halloween At The Phantomhive Manor

by: Victor Lockhart

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welcome and happy Halloween today the young Lord has requested that I organized some festivities and arranged a celebration for this traditional and delightful festival Halloween originates back to the ancient festival of sewing which was originally the celebration of the old New Year this day was representative of the end of summer and the beginning of the long cold dark winter at this time many perished and people believed that the barrier between the land of the living and the land of the dead became blurred obscured allowing spirits to walk among mortals and so to mark this occasion bonfires were lit ceremonial costumes were worn and sacrifices were made to celtic deities today in the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria we celebrate in a very different way

you know this story isn't scaring me at all Sebastian I'm sorry bubble contact also to meet

Sebastian isn't fair when you use your D vanish speed to run away from me you put this on I'm a bloody blind in line if you think I'm gonna stick my face in a bucket or wet apples you've got another thing coming so my future is how did you put it an incredibly handsome and charming demon will consume my soul Wow what magic is this


that's it I'm done with this haole nonsense ridiculous song

enjoy yourself

to conclude I consider this Halloween an overall success so if you are celebrating tonight remember to have fun be safe and remember it isn't just once a year that spirits and demons walk

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The Young Lord requested that Sebastian organised some festivities for his entertainment on this Halloween day... (Just a little short special for this spooky occasion! Showing you how the Victorians celebrated this festival. I hope you enjoy it! I'm so sorry for the audio quality, I've been having real issues with my microphone! ;^;) Camera by myself and Queerbot. Also thanks again to Queerbot for wearing a sheet. Cosplay, editing and everything else by myself, Victor Lockhart. The music is from Musopen and is within the public domain.
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