Trouble in Terrorist Town - Island Adventure - LAN Party

by: Node

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hey what's the traitor set some time an innocent I'm an innocent as well warring older just guy went into the Attic oh don't commit don't give the shell you man don't come in I'm not I'm just on the roof down hey we're me oh boy Manson okay okay can you kill the birds family is it I am I'm very worried my god I am I could've killed you I could a killer I searched only to buy I like my elevator came down to the door open and Kevin's there I cook at the bun you know is like turn it up dog shit you called it oven right down dude I'm gonna blast you away for you can you're standing there ID I got a challenge I can it's good job good Nico get away from me this is my house I don't know it's on you bruh okay um I don't know no don't want any no way I'm not gonna bother clean my guess is precarious alright well then get hey oh wait I told you seen my man you cobble hey who part that's myself I fired cuz can freak the heck out of me but I did not aside to see anyone up in that tower right I'm not ready I'm not usually such a good place for a sniper rifle Kevin so what am I gonna shove it where my gun kept no you say you say you say okay okay okay hey who's the traitor handgun we don't know who the traitor is yet because he didn't kill anybody that's it so it's when you guys shoot somebody I accidently lot towards Kevin it was a misfire probably Nico who shot me but I knew it was you Nico I knew I saw you sneakily like a me your gun until eSATA cable you wanna try to aim another the top of the rope we're not make kevin and i oh yes try make us show side Plus each other you guys anything it it's difficult to lie to people you talk to you every single day don't come up here that's my safe we are we are doing this thing where we just say thank you yeah we don't speak after we die yeah second your bar right I'm gonna say they're dead I'm gonna sit who's this bowling me Kevin listen together a million was a nice spot away from here I'm innocent I just want to check your hearts this chain your cards I'm trying to make sure you guys aren't evil what the heck does that mean I just I don't trust any of you I just have my celery so more horse carts does that mean we're not even mean deep humming D hey how about you stop pointing out sniper rifles sniper rifles in assault right whoa whoa please friend Nico we've been different head away from here man guys I'm gonna bring peace to everybody yeah I'm gonna holster my gun I'm gonna come on to the real gonna shake your hand okay no no see they don't even know throwing up Road gun out Hey all right and I'm gonna walk Oh God this is probably some sort of inbreeding observe this uh I'm regular this off your trainer I just got shot I can't go public it works I also the trader what the heck are you going what are you doing me good jump I want it somebody shooting at deeds I think it's mo someone shooting me it goes firing I thought Kevin shot at you niko forbidding I'm sorry ma'am are you seeing what's going on here I'm not wait for me this I'll stay on the left either if you surrender okay well game buttons hurt clear away my gun you know I got it okay so you go shot me yeah cuz the you said you're getting shot at and Kevin was right beside you 20 his gun at you so I got shot before keV oh I got hurt well I just saw it on the corner I know it all seems dead body fall off the roof most who is all I am eight ok Kevin's here Nico are you do you look at my shady that sniper rifle I didn't shoot you clearly saw me you have the sign right back you know are these I'm on the beach - where are you in the beach it's Nico Brandon I'm devil - cuz you and I didn't shoot exactly I'm ready bud brand sneaking around who heard a gunshot Fannin's trance aghori left I'm finding you guys I mean whether you're coming from the show what I'm coming near you guys direction let's Brandon I was on the band and brainy get the heck away from me okay right here a mighty trusted news mighty trust me out he trusted oh don't feel the knife though that's my person I still I know you guys are Mike you renovation of aspire to come like the body is not who's gonna be yeah I've never done me again I'm never in I'm never then I'm gonna be huh mainly the sniper watch I'm gonna go to the top of tower on me tonight are you in a big tall tall tower I'm gonna be well I'm in there an hour I'll be your protection we're gonna create if you're gonna go to this are way too trusting which tower the main tower ad he'll believe the shredder I'm not a Brent Brent Brent what I'll be your perfume in the trigger you're some of my okay you're down here Kevin will tried the elevator up there if Nico tries to play the trust game with us let's shoot him good I swear to God I already get an elevator with me go go to me go to man coming up I hit the button alright here we go Nico is needed double X get into the shotgun there's gonna be very funny that'd be nice unfortunately not the trigger we're about to find out aren't we yeah you were eight to one oh you didn't call us can you kill us name there where are you lady hey hey you're super shady dude am i super shady yeah what's so shady here I kind of hope it's totally dc50 he's killing me he's shooting at me oh my god oh so it's definitely date yeah but suddenly be I'm pretty convinced Oh alright guys you have to eliminate be looking Butterfinger is the most names yes oh my god I've been out sorry oh my dear Noel so that was great I'm literally shocked half of my health away so I'm sorry I'm really apologize without your deep well rounds for deep buddy oh I sabe I put a bullet in your head how did you survive I didn't get hit by anything you want explore it out of your head when I shot you sub D what's up man don't touch me don't touch me like an innocent innocent innocent innocent triple I'm like boy I'm so innocent right now that like yeah I'm not like a little baby I got raise it like you know like I'm super I just like this light just coming from my me go like don't come into my little shack I don't have you have a gun ready okay come into my little shit I won't okay fine I'm supervising I'm just gonna warn you guys my strategy this time is I'm gonna play like in the terrorists okay okay here's what's going on I can't trust any of you so I'm staying in the shack you guys comes into my Shack look I'll see you guys all I can say is that I'm not the reason you know I'm not the traitor is because I'm hitting C and I'm not getting a cool menu we're not getting a screen without a cheating Oh see where you're you know Brendan are you look um I mean I'm talking the least and I ever lived nothing to worry about that's why I'm walking I like where all you guys can take a shot because I'm not really worried about you doing because I and Brandon traitor who's that shady guy back there it's D it's me I'm not the writer shady-looking guy arc is it shameful chances are that I would be the traitor of yeah I'm gonna go hang out by you by myself okay I'm fine yeah it's not pop not that great no it random please stop it I'm just gonna loom by I'm going to ice you if you come and touch me I'm ready it's that's enough everyone knows my number one rule which is under no will you ever touch me I definitely got and I don't want I got a few handfuls I don't want to see what I was reading break that rule but terrorism game whoa whoa creepy come across all right we know what Gavin sniping in the back here totally a traitor he's totally I'm a traitor he just betrayed me with his glance my glass where is he I'm hugging us I'm not gonna smoke grenade edge yeah I saw that I'll sweep Kevin is it true that traders no furnace whoa Kevin we just started bleeding what that was an explosion blood came out of you I heard nothing blue shouldn't get around I think desync a much there's another explosion I'm just walking around Kevin it's totally kids guys it's Kevin Kevin there's still like gunfire happy you just shot you through grenade at me and then ran away Tommy no it's gonna show me no no no this is a duel between me and Kevin oh okay yeah hey Kevin Kevin sorry there yeah stop weather so you have an awesome yeah thank you for killing a taxi shot yourself I'm sorry pumping to ban head first person's to accuse someone of being a traitor I'm going to kill mm-hmm okay we're going a duel that's all we're gonna play okay oh I don't know maybe maybe maybe not I will see Morgan Nealey 13 well Williams I'm not a traitor or else I'll get real awkward be seven I need to go find some guns when I should soon yeah I'm gonna find some guns for when I kill everyone cuz I'm totally great to everyone one Sam straight innocent and Gary innocent exams traitor I'm so innocent right now I look like a little baby for Santa I am so the trend we get around the back with and rocking and that's my strategy that's my skirt I'm the traitor I thought magic but whatever really well it's definitely not me he's creep in there who's creeping down there definitely not me maybe not where I'm over here with a shotgun let me just like straight up frickin I'm near the Attic keep the shotgun I'm just gonna play this entire game with my m16 out anyone any objections guys I'm gonna throw the smoke grenade and wherever it lands it's probably the traitor because the wind will always guide you look wait hold on a fruit straight up things hold on finesse you look really bad I'm just opening my gun that's still really bad yeah am I gonna wear you guys so just I don't let me ever shoot in this barrel all right oh this is dead after hey hey I'm still come here me wait for me now heard gunshot don't ask me I'm with my gun in it's actually not dope you're scoping your gun maril don't you my head my head I saw you shooting I am in Janeiro and these mobile is watching over us like a freaking Creek now like a creep I'm just being careful I'll watch your buffers gonna cool watch me d da traitors traitors and failures cruise cruise okay you're gonna strip you can throw bar oh okay traitors truce here we go all right I got shot over here to the left Brandon no with me Sam I just came here I just showed up at the wrong but now I can trust you okay Shaq something shiny yo ghost that's me I'm watching you guys I got watching your Zico I'm making sure is all you I'm on top of this tower oh my god it's me go then Kevin walk on you out that was the only way you could have gotten shot the dude well I'm the boy here we go let's record the blood go double power I'm gonna end our what what need you where's Mako I don't know where you are I am how the tower to the tower yeah you know what who wants to ride the elevator with me up to the top of tower kill you go you gonna come up here drink to me stay away from me it's probably I don't hear himself yes no it is he I was literally saying this probably not Nico as I'm like rolling on you go oh it is we go what were you doing up there with a pistol I had a rifle awesome oh you're right I showed you guys my sniper rifle yo you look too weak ladies so many video games they're just killing virtual people isn't enough anymore you gotta kill your friends and then hear that all right here then hear them scream when they do it I was like dang it okay let's go to movie theatres wait I'm innocent I'm innocent again did it or no no wait hey Spode hey smoke weird anyways well I'm innocent I'm on the top of the tower I got a shotgun so it's not like you can even heard it oh alright I'm innocent as well I've got a discombobulated er so I can take it up I get theoretically do like artillery strike or a mortar strike on someone alright ignore the blood I just call it a cluck with this walk with the rock yeah very suspicious Kevin just yours killer my grenadiers Kevin just put my grenade is like really good at doing okay tell me just throw yourself off a building colors Oh guys I'm just gonna now you mess with that rock over there and I'm looking with a bike yeah hey ha who's shooting come on Brandon I just watched it happens bran randon it's an ego rip on you ego 3 utilize them and try to mean anything to me go you skinny monkeys near the Attic well you're shooting me you died you see anything oh you hit me man for one damage what did it do did it make you move one damage

a little Timmy jam dude this is like that one episode of dark place

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