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Roland rest okay so girl the girls made their official American debut in 2009 with the English version of nobody and they became the first Korean singers into the US Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart really this is nobody's you bin is high and we are you take away here 2009 2009 hey this is our English version soon that's JYP he created the company he's actually a artist he actually sings stuff like this oh yeah let's not now he's yeah yeah let's see it jump and do it oh I thought it might go are you gonna do it do it hey I got your new song nobody's name check it out this happen every what you think want to try it out you should learn to play this on the piano stroke

ladies and gentlemen first time ever dignitaries regular symbols like this is hilarious from his new road oh oh my gosh oh yeah hello I love this song I think this might be my favorite song


yeah those are good good video

oh yeah I know he's gonna ride with me


now do they have new stuff um like this is the newest was it yeah no um I believe it was last year oh is that they're only English laws at all back hon you know in America or not really that is such a good song I love it ready and I gotta dance all the time I was going to ask you when they when they said they'd either debut in America was it that song but they debut yes oh okay with the English version and that's the song I got on the hot 100 oh how did you get I got to the some pieces oh that was good when did it come out 2009 Oh was I doing the 2009 I can't remember what I was doing yesterday I know I like that I mean that was really cute it's a long song though when ready if I start dancing to it I'm like oh

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Triple S reacting to WONDER GIRLS' Nobody. Hope you enjoyed the video and have a very classy day.

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