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to me a seamstress for Jen Egyptian capital ship super shiny Reba McEntire party girl dish I'm Benjamin sister watch so they're just an elite team to jazz an 80s Donald Trump oh the premiere on attack the unarmed ship shot Spanish man in Havana Vieja is can only Itachi a logician t-shirt to 10 years the moon okay Hodgman zhg not polka-dots people vintage excellence with the trap yesterday met sister watch pass Turkey Nazarbayev icebreakers near mine atsuko summer snack with green apple watermelon entangle I'm okay oh don't be sure to share enough to share legit is a war measure the sound green apple [Applause] okay - yeah smuggler hyuk-joo no mayo [Music]

yes yes yes [Music] if they pick up oh yeah cause we looked a bit certain of its nest and estimate boom tweezers a sock 1100 Malibu a miracle to vendor customers for a session yes and Chicana should make a this year you stepped winners oh yeah I needed it okay what's most luscious player or Mariano Salaam top Amina Burmese semantically 10 Twizzlers much chocolate maybe a ski trip on an API way okay damn it 12 la mañana - Emma dinner and you think about the music um not a matter energetic yes the queer new texts are typical are super summery whoa nice temp never gym just a match up steppers Please Please Me agua me hmm Yahweh okay yes oh no where the my own illusion that color everyone down fit sukiyaki hmm Yankees pibatch ah don't go together color okay

that funds the care continuum I feel a doublet pop yes sure don't bother button gets me Ryan Connolly is Mackey butcher now on soohyuk if then : she's yeah yes that's too much a story to share how just at the pad / you want to take the just corner pushing into some excess many multiple covets desam slips white much covered pretzels Judith awesome let's let loose on a planet beyond check will Adam I am beyond impressed young man in car auction Agora Busan and Ola okay Zelly yes sir get it - yes smaller boxes of SWANA at oculata yes vodka eyelets on table or status with each a song once the good stuff made in the USA some us now Vanna

just to prep the crab here to check the table stoppers do stop some - let's eat SUNY comment on the features of the mysterious boy avian Venapro no II yeah okay yes sir fun on a scoff so much pollution [Applause] just you not become interaction but undermine the submit records is Lewis for storage yeah coach will choose doctor okay Michler just on table vanna's McQueen headband yeah go soak we have couple scalp a smoke we have to stock car in agronomy and be no grumble II took some a geneticist comment - it's not way ahead of us Achtung Amiata resolution mmm some faster shuttle has such eloquence in universe pinky okay then the Prasanna OOP doc icebreakers may better Jamie's Nakagawa my god shop without self do they give you water Liat yourself USA Oh Diane you should get cornets just given me hash is very potent our come Avenger a bit subscribe robot II die chick Chicka Gooden yen to Buddha



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