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by: Taylor Chamberlain- Dilk

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all they earned a the Sun is karna shinin may be a pool day for man I want to see you you should see my first video it's quite embarrassing yeah the smoothie face defects is definitely but like your skin's so clear that like it doesn't matter thank you yeah you whereas me I'm like whoa

Oh smells good in here sup YouTube today is Friday and I finished work really early today so I'm just chillin I'm just chilled in a long time so I was outside laying by the pool laughing got a new phone because mine was broken and they couldn't really do anything I'm also popping in one of those really good pizzas out because I've been having one basically everyday for anyone and so that's almost done and then we gon go get up some legs later today and that's we're going very chill day baby chill day I'm liking it gonna relax come out of the shower come on soon back just sunny about two minutes ago

you can see

oh so everyone sees her and looks at me and they're like you're sisters and for very good reason she is going to show you guys how she bounced but it balances her college life her diet her workouts her social life everything because you know you guys have my side of the thing you know the adulthood boring stuff but what you don't have from a chamber is college too so she go and do that and we are super excited for her to enter the vlogging game and her first vlog is actually really pretty good I'm so proud of her she's amazing I'll link her youtube down with bottom she just launched it like two hours ago so I'm super excited she's gonna do so well another announcement I have that we were just kind of waiting till it was final my sister okay so backtrack I Satori came to me and asked if they could possibly do something with my sister so that they would have both of us and I just thought maybe like an affiliate or maybe like an article or two but they asked for her contact info and all of that they contacted her and they wanted her to be a nice toy athlete full full I story athlete and this is hard for me to not get emotional because it's just something that we've wanted to do for a very long time is to wear this health and fitness industry together we just bring the best out of each other and she's literally like my best friend and so I'm so happy for her especially with I Satori story is very exclusive and it's only me and Sierra the only two feet on a sleet's and it's a little bit harder to get on their team I feel like you have to like know someone or keep trying and keep trying to get on their team or you know make these big strides to make yourself known in the industry before you get on that team so it it's just it's a huge thing for me to see Chloe just get on there um they're on their team and I'm so excited because I story is just like Timmy's like one of the best companies out there in terms of supplements and I just love working with them and so for Chloe to get to work with them as well is just insane and I'm so excited for her um she had like this really toxic relationship in her life he was just terrible to her he made her feel like she was nothing and she had no self-worth and I'm like Chloe you're beautiful human being what the heck Moore's coming from but this went on for a few years but they broke up actually a few months ago and since then she's just blossomed and I just I'm so excited for her to be on this new journey and for her to go like to expose with me to be on the same stuff on my company's me to do photo shoots with me it's just gonna be so amazing and I'm so happy for her so you guys want to go give her follow she is definitely cooler than me a lot of funny of me so you guys will love her I'll put her channel in the description box but yeah I'm super excited for her something that we've wanted for a very long time so that's a big announcement it's just like you two yeah YouTube's really slow I have another announcement I forgot to tell you but Jim shark will be at the Olympia and they want to try and meet up with me to do their World Tour there and do the little video that they're gonna do so that'll be super fun I've never met them before we've only like Skype and they've done phone calls and stuff like that so great so a few of you have asked exactly how I got sponsored and how to go about it yourself so I figured that I would do that in this video um let's see okay so I followed okay so Instagram started being big in a barrel 2000

mm yeah 2013 so this was common everyone with their instagrams I feel like and it was just kind of becoming like a big thing and after like a year of having my Instagram or two years maybe I started I mean I've always been into fitness I mean I started lifting when I was 16 years old and my parents competed my mom was a Denver Broncos cheerleader so it's kind of been like ingrained into my life for quite some time so I've always been into fitness I started lifting at 16 the moment I saw my parents up on stage and I was in high school I knew right then that I was going to do something in the health and fitness field as a career like I it was so inspiring to me and I knew that one day I would compete as well so last forward to our move about three months after they did their first competition my dad all my family went bankrupt we lost all of our businesses he's in the car business he had about 12 dealerships and everything went under so I we lost our house our cars and for anything literally everything and living a certain lifestyle I'm gonna be completely honest with you guys and so I wasn't I wasn't prepared for what was about to come so we ended up moving moved Arizona I I started to really get into fitness then and I picked up oxygen magazine that I just like took it to heart I am would take the meal plan that they have in there I was follow that to a tee it got so bad that eventually I wasn't eating enough calories throughout the day and I was only consuming healthy foods and I got you a primer I like want to eat protein like meat at all I would like basically have my protein in beans and I cut out bread cut out rice only ate vegetables didn't eat fruit god I got to 93 and I am high five and a half so it looks very very tiny and right now I weigh 115 so that was very small for me I would definitely say that I have an eating disorder and by working out disorder where I had to work out once or twice a day every day much more to move to Indiana makes a new year I broke up with my boyfriend from Colorado and we've been dating ever since so I feel like overall that like meeting new friends and having a new life I overcame my eating disorder so then continued my fitness journey I went to Purdue University did Dietetics there was the only girl in the weight room still and then I graduated I didn't dude I do think internship but junior summer of Purdue of college I started and she was a huge huge inspiration to me how she handled herself online how she was just so motivated all the time and she kind of inspired me to start my own Instagram so I think that I think a few months later I like finally decided and I was like I'm just gonna do it and I posts are posting fitness and health things and that's what my minister name is going to be so I started posting lafa recipe clean eating recipes workout gym selfie and then that continued to grow over time it took us quite a while

it took them took quite a while to build up that Instagram I would say it didn't start kicking until probably like two years after doing it consistently every single day posting every single day and having good content every single day it took me about two years to build that up but I graduated I was still doing Instagram I started my own online business as well as trained at a studio in Indy but I stopped working there because I am able to work full time I started my youtube the day I graduated I got I started a YouTube I wanted to initially post about my journey through bikini like my bikini prep because but I think the day after I know I started bikini prep February of college my senior year and so I wanted to continue on recording my prep my two crepes that summer so I started a youtube I recorded my workouts and that was slow as well I just I just made sure to always post content always first good content and put myself out there I think a lot of people quit when they don't see the following or response that they want I think that they just quit even after a year but it can take a really long time to build a following and I think that definitely helps with sponsorships unless you know someone or unless you want to show or you know unless you're an athlete of some sort I think that having a following on social media definitely helps to these sponsors so I started taking a nice story supplement the day that I started my bikini prep it was recommended by my old coach Carol simple who won Miss Olympia like years ago she recommended I story I story is based in Colorado and so I emailed them and I was like I really want to be sponsored by you like what do I have to do and they just they were like we can do like an affiliate for you you can just be like an ambassador and I was like all right well that'll work for now but in my back of my mind I was like I'm gonna be nasty one day I'm gonna be nothing I don't care what it takes so I I didn't really like that offer and this company called nutria bile came to me and wanted to sponsor me fully and so of course I'm going to take the full sponsor I went with them for a few months and then I decided to do the violin homeschool search and I have to say that was probably one of the best decisions I've made in my life I decided about a few days before these submissions were due and I was like why not I'm just gonna try it and so at the time I had been like bulking hard and I sent in my pictures yada yada yada since of my video and I got the email for semi-finalists and then I was like oh my gosh what the heck so that's the top Tony girls top 20 guys and then I got the email four finalists top five female top five male decided that was an amazing screen we went to Boise yada yada we did it opened basically open so many doors for me and I feel like that's kind of like that was the tipping point of my following growing or I don't like to call you guys followers like I don't think that's appropriate at all your people my supporters I guess you can say kept growing and I did really well I always did really well in my shows my past two shows but I feel like that really helps as well doing them all on your shows people want to sponsor people that do fairly well thank you like so how that came about and I've got fifth in that spokesmodel search and right after that I don't know if you guys watched my spokesmodel series but Phil and I he's a he got fours in this book slow but we like I was so upset but then I went back in with EXO and leaves he like walked all around and we talked to her seven companies and from there I was offered contracts from like optimal nutrition and a couple other some of the companies but I kind of wanted to wait it out I got really good advice for my happy manager Danielle from body blink calm she says just just gave me some good points and so I waited it out until I like kind of was meeting fry story because they just kind of had my heart from day one and my journey and they're just I just love them so much I love that the fact that they have a small team there's lots of opportunity for me as one of their only other female athletes and then that's my supplement I signed on with them I was super happy they offered me a seat position sign on with them after I have signed on with live them calm and then I think a few months later Jim shark dm's me and wanted to talk about a sponsorship I love them and you just you basically want to pick companies value where you believe in you don't ever want to go with a company just it doesn't mean this big you can be really sorry because you know they may have 50 athletes and you're just another athlete so that's just something to think about when you if you do like get offers I know what's really exciting people are contacting you and they want you know and there's so hard to not jump on it but if you just you know take few Weeke tell them that you're gonna wait and if they really want you they will wait you think about it and then if you still want it then go for it but always know that if you're getting one offer there could be an even better offer three months down the road so that is my story and how I got sponsored I don't know if that helped you guys I just I wanted to kind of share my story and get a lot of people asking about sponsorships I would just say keep going keep doing what you're doing provide good content educate yourself be positive just bring bring something unique like the fitness industry is pretty saturated but if you can bring something that makes you unique it may be worthwhile so just keep going I know it gets discouraging sometimes trust me I have been there but keep going and you never know it could be your calling it could we different paths you know know what God has planned so that's my story and I hope you guys found it helpful but yeah let me know if it did help if I need to answer any more questions comment down below and I will try to answer as best as I can so that's my story I also wanted to say thank you guys who supported my journey it means a lot to me loved walls and lunch alright I know I'm gonna be asked on this so I do broiled on high for about 10 minutes and I don't use any oil on mine I do I spray it with butter Pam I do use oil on Steve's olive oil and then the seasoning I use is nature's seasonings we just love it because my mom uses this and she makes bomb salmon this is their dressing them to use Bolthouse have a ton of these I usually use like half a tablespoon where my say live and then

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