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grunting fuck running so much goal the Flex is what we're taking a look at gold flecks Oh somebody almost freed the star the big star is still stuck somebody free big star oh man when do you do ought to be all of Audrey's on Sundays but tomorrow is Easter and I'm spending it with my family so sorry break between stages and Easter Sunday you ain't gonna fuckin see me tomorrow uh yeah it's not happening so gold flecks big star will never leave do you only analyze really low ranks no I analyze whatever submitted so buttery czar pay to play so if you it's it's $10 for a non-subscriber or $5 for a subscriber and I review whatever is submitted I can review comfortably up to forty three hundred so forty three hundred s are on on words are hard healers and tanks and then if you submit something above like 40 100 on DPS I will give it my best shot but if you are looking for very specific coaching on a DPS and you're like mid Grandmaster or top 500 I'm probably not the best individual the whenever I play on teams I play healer or tank I don't play DPS and the reason I don't play DPS is a because my mechanics are shit Mike and mechanic shit the only reason my mechanics are showed you because I haven't practiced enough and the second reason is that I like to play all of the heroes so you know if I'm I'm 540 343 under hundred ultrix so I play all the heroes I flex if I flex on two tracer and I run into a 4300 tracer one trick I am going to underperform compared to them that's the main reason why I stick to healers and tanks it's because my decision-making has more of an impact my call-outs and my shotcalling I like doing that it's the world that's more suited to that yeah that's just rate up the reason uh-uh uh quick question why you Pro spray the ground so much probably just have it other people do it replicate it you know some people say that it's to keep the fingers warm and keep a high APM I honestly think it's just habit so nobody's ever given me a straight answer to that it's just you know the only like legitimate answer I've ever heard of is I you know it's to keep your high APM but honestly if you're screaming or you're playing the same thing and you're practicing for 10,000 hours you got to do something to keep yourself entertained and just keeping yourself doing something just fight off that boredom yeah I honestly think that's just the furthest extent of it it's fun and it fights boredom that's pretty much it one of the most important things you look for when watching team screams how the DPS work together how the tanks work together how the sports work together and then how those three units work as a team you're talking to a community people with 10k hours of practice in masturbation a personal fitness tracer so I'd love to find out how if going to the gym helps improve your rank well I will keep everyone updated on how many characters max should I focus on if you're really trying to actually work on climbing three to four probably okay let's take a look at gold flex I'm a low masters dps player where to go to find scrims okay so the discord server first of all Oh perfect perfect segue into a plug so a couple things on the discord server we run pugs which are called pickup games where we get twelve people together and then two people are selected captains and they basically assemble their team and then they play the competitive rule set in a custom game and it's really fun because if you're a bronze player maybe you have a Grand Master on your team and it's primarily focused on working together as a team playing the competitive rule set having some fun trying some actual set combinations you're not gonna have anyone whose toxic you're not gonna have one tricks blah-blah-blah-blah-blah it's honestly a really fun time and you can learn an experiment without risking your SR great fun so that's the first thing if you guys didn't hear the open division information about season two of the open division has been released and teams are being assembled one of the things that I'm doing for subscribers and just members of the discord is I'm assembling teams so if you have no team experience at all but you want to kind of like experiment be like hey what's this whole team thing how much is a 6v6 play compared to ranked join the discord you can get signed up for an open division team and we'll be assembling those teams and third thing is that we're of the open division teams we're also putting together a team which is like the best of the best so if you're over 4k and would like to apply to a team that is going to more or less take the open division rather seriously again join the discord information is on there oh yeah pugs are a lot of fun and I assume since it's Saturday they're gonna be happening pretty much directly after the stream so if you want to join in and just have some really fun pugs with sr nod off I'm not online exhibition work discord go and join in what about us console players I'm sorry there's not enough of you yet pugs na and EU we don't do OCE or asian service we only do European and North American pugs cool key player what's better for shotcalling tanker support no really difference I like this oh you've got hands Oh Anna Zenyatta Zarya and what's your second dps doom fist interesting so not the worst thing ever you've got a really good synergy with your doom fist you know you can bubble him when he jumps in so that he has a little bit more protection as well as like the Space Jam combo you honestly have two really good combos with your graviton here that you can use to have a closer for the second map or the second point especially on two CP attack the second if you don't have a way that can you can actually cleanly wipe the defenders on the second point of a two CP map it's gonna be very difficult unless you can just straight-up kill them extremely quickly without taking any losses so having this having this combo available to you both in Space Jam and grab dragon is really really good so good composition for taking second but it will also imply that you are able to take first but we'll have to see oh sorry Space Jam is the name for graviton meteor strike I've forgot that people don't know the slang terms for old combos like beyblade is nano Reaper Space Jam is graviton meteor strike with doom fist so Zarya and doom fists combo is called Space Jam there's a couple of those really weird slang terms for old combos nice bubble grave this Reinhardt your sensitivity feels really high but yeah your sensitivity like it it almost feels like your fingertip aiming here because you're you're so like really good callouts first and foremost also weren't you didn't you started way lower than gold it was pretty sure but yeah so your sensitivity feels shaky I'm not sure how high it is I think you're in chat lazy dad what is your sensitivity what do you think about rebinding abilities off II oh I read by anything that I actually any I if I have the opportunity I will take things off CUNY and put them onto other keys yeah I hate CUNY Farrah's re old combo is just grab barrage there's not a specific name for it Electric Mexican yeah electric Mexican is a pretty funny term for nano Sombra

senses inked with 800 dpi that's 6400 that's a bit high but it still wouldn't account for how shaky your aim looks

like that's it's on the higher end but it's not bad oh you missed the bubble no it's really fine though so like may your main goal here on Zarya is going to be a maintain a high energy and I honestly wouldn't back off and like wait for a full regroup because your ring condition right now is to either space jam or grab dragon so sitting here just constantly spamming right clicks and a spot where you're pretty much protected is going to be your wind condition it's unfortunately didn't get the bubble but honestly bubble or not that Reinhart was pretty much boned because you guys weren't in a position to follow up on that charge so I was like really good aggression bubble would have gotten you 40 extra energy he still would have died but you want to be doing as best you can to get energy despite this Reinhardt shield in the way because this is your wind condition you're gonna be grab something to actually close out the second part at this point yeah I agree so there's people who have play on much higher sensitivities who have less shaky aim so 6400 should be fine and it's kind of in disagreement with how like and you can see how is Amy kind of like moves in straight lines very discretely it's interesting maybe it's a really heavy Mouse on like not a mouse powders

have you really interested in seeing your setup because they might try to sorry Moira yeah so your main wind condition here yeah I know you're being really passive it but yeah like bubbling that fire strike would have been really good actually landing on your bubble on the target you meant to would also be fantastical and you can tank pins right so if you if the run hearts going for a long distance pin you can actually step in front of it with your own personal bubble if you don't have a projected to actually tank the pin because even if he's nano so sorry his bubble has 200 HP but if you get hit with something with like 450 damage for example I'll a pin from Reinhardt it's not like the 250 damage bleeds over so if there's like one burst damage Delta saria's bubble hit like it will but break the bubble but there's no kind of there's no bleed through damage so even if it's a nano Reinhardt you can kind of like tank the pin for your teammate using your personal bubble in the same way that Zenyatta and transcendence should be looking to block pins or like get pinned in place of an ally because pin being a burst amount of damage to the 350 it's 50 for the actual initial pin and then 300 for putting them into a wall that will kill through trance if they're a squishy so Joe knack does this a lot like a lot of high levels ends do this when they trance they will try and purposefully be pinned by the enemy Reinhardt so that no one else on their team gets pinned but yeah it's a you definitely you could have had Graf by now if you were managing your energy as well as just like spamming right clicks in their general direction it's the G 403 on mousepad same house I use well I am using good right clicks I appreciate the right-click melees not enough sorry to do that especially not enough sorry's in gold so they just have way more feeling right they like they had an ax and we're up you couldn't get the Moira but especially with your Reinhardt having died you had no front line so sorry I was like really good with managing aggression and synergizing like moving forward in front of the Reinhardt shield with the personal bubble and then you know after your bubbles down and you're getting pressure do you can kinda like rotate behind the Reinhardt until your bubbles come back off cool down and then you go forward again and you can like assist with the reinhardt's aggression but sorry a solo tank is really kind of weak because you have very brief moments of kind of sustain but you also kind of be wanting to take damage during those moments so you're gonna take damage before during and after the bubble and especially if I see Azaria who's unprotected I'm not gonna respect your bubble if you bubble I'm gonna be like cool enjoy the 4d energy and death like if Azaria is bubbling me and she's alone and like I'm a team I'm just gonna call for my team to burn through the bubble and then murder murder fucked Azaria like what are you gonna do about it right so if you don't have somebody else who you can use so I should control the aggression that you're trying to tank Zaria is not very strong you know sorry hog isn't is even better than Zarya solo tank like sorry a diva's a bit fucking wonky and they don't like it but sorry orion even sorry orissa is better but just Zarya on her look hunter on her own unless you're at a hundreds of energy and beating hard pocketed with really good aim you're gonna struggle so you're almost at graviton but three minutes into the game almost heavy graviton like so I just wanna I just want to point this out you have 868 damage dealt in three minutes 868 damage dealt in three minutes so way too low way too low even as you're like walking back to the enemies you know even as you're walking back to the enemy's defense just if even if you're launching right-click side like 45-degree angles okay so like accuracy stat doesn't win games just straight up act the accuracy status now in games excuse me three Colts my head high practice range are you going to open

so right you can send your orbs a fucking long distance so far that orbs going yeah and you see how far that's going that's going like way pass is just going into fucking Narnia we wait Oh far you can send you're right clicks yeah look how far that is well look at how far that is okay so if you're just like walking back from spawn or something there is no reason for you not to just be like spamming right clicks in the general direction the opponent you know accuracy doesn't win games if you get like we'd see I hit I hit a bot completely on accident I hit a bot and that's all you need like that I hit another one this is gonna get you grabbed earlier you should be doing this there's no reason like instead of just like walking you know some people do this or they kind of like it technically gets you back a little bit faster because if you jump before you right-click the ground like right your right click has knocked back right see how your right click knocked me back I'm not sure if you guys saw that so see where my crosshair is I'm looking right at the ground it's right on this like a little tiny bolt thing if I look forward just slightly and right-click it does knock me back slightly so somes Arya's think that you should like jump in and right click because it technically actually increases your engine speed honestly that's fucking dumb and the movement speed increase is not going to matter just to right click at the opponents and get extra roll Church is the amount of charge that you can just get from getting it like it's also area-of-effect if you hit like 3 or 4 people with that grabs for days right hitting one fully charged right-click means 90 damage if you hit two people that's 1/5 of your grit like almost no it's it's a lot I don't know the exact percentage but it's a lot of charge so there's no reason for you not to just constantly be spamming or it clicks in the general direction of your opponent when your players are you hello how are you well how much damage is good damage for 10 minutes with mercy I very much depends on your place though read reddit thread about me there's a reddit thread about me I'll read it after this fun yeah Chris isn't in the arse ends not in the voice channel it's whether use their old their self damage [Laughter] 9 times out of 10 junk that didn't actually mean to kill you yeah supports don't get ultimate charge off self damages that would be dumb just honestly you would sit in or you just sit and spawn until you got a support ultimate than you'd attack straight up that'd be dumb also there's no reason you should have zero charge against a junk rat right now I already lost one it sucks like so the left hand is not talking to the right hand right it's not happening you've got a nano Reinhardt while you're trying to set up like some sort of sneaky graviton it's like you're already down your doom fist nano has gone out to the Reinhardt the Reinhardt's fighting on his own while you in the hands over trying to set up a grav dragon combo like there's nothing I can really critique about this except for your time your team is not working together and you're not respecting that your team isn't working together

right side hey you actually got Wow huge you're actually gonna cap off that unbelievable unbelievable I'd actually wear gold to it like you only got the ANA into more like they only got one in our graph we'll send in more oh man too funny I always try and like I always try to respect people but that was pretty funny that was pretty funny they just all like slowly walked in and capped off who are we gonna see next who are we gonna see next always believe and love I do love your communication I like I love your communication and chat if you guys are new to the stream you probably haven't heard this but communication is a lot like mechanics and that if you want to be a good communicator or a good shot caller it needs to be practiced nobody just is naturally good at you know shot calls for communications or whatnot like so you even for talking on the radio like all the pilots when the fighter jets were the fighter pilots were talking over the radio those guys practice those calls they practice those they're tested on them it's the reason why they're good at talking on the radio in the same way if you don't have any sort of broadcasting experience or you've never used radios before or anything like that you're probably gonna suck at communicating at least communicating efficiently there's a very specific way to do it that actually works with teams so I love like even if you're you don't have the greatest strategy these are the perfect compositions or the perfect plans or plays or fuck all of that I love the fact that that you're just actively communicating and you are gonna get better at it and as you learn or if you make a bad call somebody's gonna flame you and be like that's fucking dumb and then they're gonna you know you're gonna learn from that so I love the fact that you're communicating in gold I love it I love it really do oh we already there was a Winston bought earlier okay so I would like to see you on the high ground like you attempted to get on top of the box I saw that it fucked up so that you know I would like to see you on the high ground and I would also like to see you behind a shield if you're gonna be on the low ground at least be using your shield see how that Zarya right-click to you from like fucking Narnia and just hit you with the right click that's what you should have been doing on Zarya just a right-click yeah so you're playing split from your team iron you should like if you are on the low ground you should be playing with your reinert to a system against the tanks there's a Reaper on your right I'm not sure if you heard him or not if you didn't hear that chat Wow just walked into it that's funny audio queues are very employment so your health background sustains you again like your health pack is for thps but a Winston alone can out damage that so on soldier the general rule is going to be run first heal second unless like unless a you miss like the Winston misses his landing damage or you dodged it and you drop your health back really early so it gives you a lot of sustain and the Winston is completely alone run first heal second because if you try and stand and fight a Winston or you drop your healthy healing station too late he is gonna burn straight through it especially with that melee combo ER and there were two other red team guys kind of behind him run first heal second I feel it's jump isn't relevant in gold you can get to a lot of positions just by running up staircases and whatnot and the like the box is not necessary on the first point defense row soldier it's you know direct sight line of the choke easily dove yeah I would have preferred the high ground farther back on the left or the right and if you're on the left we could have used a catwalk or bridge no we're on tracer now scattered a wall yes your aim is like it's it almost looks like pixel skipping it's obviously not pixel skipping but that's almost what it looks like to me that's very strange okay speed let's go to a half speed so look at this so lagging a little bit button not really a big deal well you see how it kind of like it's jerky motions and it's not like it's it's as if you're trying to smooth track but it's very like discrete motions of the mouse or as chapter ready so something is wrong with your aim I'd like to see a photo of your setup and I'd like you to double check to make sure you actually are running at eight that or 800 dpi cuz this does not look this looks higher than 60 480 dpi and yeah something's wrong with your sends it to your sensitivity or your tracking or your gaming technique there's something going wrong and it's not immediately obvious to me it is with your aiming because if they're fighting me they can't fight you guys your enemy you know what you're not wrong now you just got yelled up by honor classic one call it's a pretty big joke in Grandmaster and master that if somebody is called out as one chances are about 50/50 they're actually at full health Reaper has full health and is heel buffed you know what is not wrong that's it you've almost got pulse bomb - you know as much as your strategy is a little bit weird it actually is working they are dealing with you instead of going to the point so you know what this is your this is an example this is a great this is a learning opportunity

this is a learning opportunity so if we if we find something that works this is something used to that and I know lazy dad has been climbing I think he was bronzed gone through silver and now he's in gold and he's gone tracer here to try and distract or make sure that they're fighting or just chasing him chasing a wild-goose chase instead of going to the point and this is maybe a play style that he's developed and I'm just gonna spread the case for the sake of argument let's say that this is the strategy that lazy dad used to get from silver to gold is you know fight them one of you six on really survivable characters to make them chase you around and waste time even if you don't directly get eliminations and there's nothing like wrong with this in theory there are times in which that can be a valid tactic it's night wouldn't be like the main play style that I base my entire you know tracer off of but it could have its uses however you're gonna get to a point where this play style is no longer valid or no our functional and we often see this in people who flank on McCree is that people who flank on McCree got to a platinum or diamond based on constantly flanking his degree like one vetoing supports and then high noon from the back line and killing people we saw a vote earlier with a guy with it with the Makri who won a teamfight by just being in the back line and pressing Q and getting to so this is a play style that can help you climb from like silver to gold or from gold to platinum and me some of these really cheesy play styles sometimes could even get you like diamond or masters but at some point you're going to reach a higher cap of that play style in which it no longer functions and if you keep trying to push that play style you're gonna become frustrating and you're going to become what's basically referred to as hard stuck so whenever you're playing like this the saying that I like to use is that you always want to play for the e low you want not the e low you're in so you're playing your your mentality or your play style right now will work in silver might work in gold if you're really good at it might work in platinum but this is not how people in diamond type play this is not how people in masters play this is not how people in Grand Master play and if you want to make it to those ranks you have to play like you are already in those ranks so you know you might come up with some really cheesy strategies to like how to climb to gold in four easy steps but is that gonna get you the gold is gold your end-all be-all game plan there's no shortcuts so play for the you know you want not the yo you're in and this is a perfect example of a play style that if you refine it is going to have to be unlearned before you can progress farther up on the ladder

watch off with a Gravitron want to tape to the same strands nope

yeah yeah fuckin white yeah hey rec room I appreciate it we should make that ello saying a quote absolutely should know to to who ate Sean who it's Sean whoa it's Sean y'all with the creative names what was Sean with prime sub be key seventeen re-subscribe with prime for four months in a row not leaving a message but I appreciate you regardless be key as well as pull a blank with the Prime subscription streaming and Weavin know that's a good name Tier one sub VIN heart reads subscribing Tier one for four months one of the originals I am really busy and I can't watch the streams often right now but you are kicking ass as usual Jane Congrats thanks Bernard it's great to see you around what should I be doing during the poking phase of a fight as Winston not poking unless your team has the advantage and then moving to their tanks with the W key instead of the jump button trans sorry don't make my snap my fingers in and see formation so that makes me think of Ryan charge doesn't do 50 on contact and 300 pin Bastion wouldn't survive that he has 5 HP after pin due to armor what

hello Pete here uh Reinhardt are you baiting me yeah bump 50 do to do to do

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