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Hey guys ! I hope you're doing well and today I'm back for a new video to discover Garnier's new hair mask Garnier has finally cread its aloe vera hairood mask ! I'm so happy because Garnier sent it to me before its launch I didn't try it yet, I wanted it try this out with you guys in this video Garnier sent me this product before its launch because I had the chance to work with them. I was in the last commercial for Garnier Fructis Hair Food masks At the time I'm filming, it isn't in stores yet, I don't know if when I will upload It will be already there. Anyway, I also wanted you guys to know that I have a few more masks and that I'm going to give it away to you guys so that you can also have it before it launch or just after its release ! So feel free to follow me on instagram Just to let you know guys, my hair are really flat right now and it looks a little weird I did my curly hair routine last week so today is wash day, tangle day... etc. I'm going to show you I use this mask in its 3 use like in my first video Deep conditioner, detangler and leave in conditioner. Also to let you know This mask is not only for curly hair, it's a moisturizing mask and for every type of hair. If you have straight hair, if you have curly hair, if you have wavy hair... This mask can totally works out Only your type of use will change. But before testing this out I wanted to make my quick shout out session (Shout out) 1:43 to skip this part

(Shout out) 1:43 to skip this part

(Shout out) 1:43 to skip this part

And now let's go with the video Before trying this on my hair, I wanted to make a quick recap So this is the new Aloe vera Garnier Fructis Hairfood mask Garnier Fructis Hairfood masks has 3 type of use Detangler, on wet hair it helps to detangle Deep conditioner, to make a deep hair care in 3 minutes

and also in leave in conditioner The main ingredients are purified water natural origin ingredients, soy oil, aloe vera, sunflower oil, grappes oil, coconut oil vegetal oil and other vegetal ingredients I invite you to take a look to the ingredients list because I'm not a pro of product compositions. Aloe vera is almost the first ingredients It's very important, because it shows that there is a lot of real aloe vera in this mask. And now I'm going to test it on my hair ! Just to remind you, it's the fifth Garnier Fructis Hair Food mask We have macadamia, papaya, banana and goji berry and this one is the new one We're going to try the first use I'm very exciting to try it and see what it will do to my hair ! The smell is really soft and smooth The smell is really good as usual but less strong I think Garnier has listen to customers complains about the too strong smell I have to confess that I really loved these candy strong smell. I think there was a lot of complains about these strong smells unfortunately. So now this smell is a little more natural, a cosmetic smell, really smooth but it smells really really good ! About the texture you can see it a little more soft. I don't really if there is a huge difference or if this change with temperature. But as you can see, this product has the same type of texture, a mask texture. And now I can't wait to try this out on my hair ! So I'm going to apply it on my hair So that I can detangle it, so we try the first use of this mask : which is detangle and just can't wait ! Okay, just as I touch it this mask is really melting. It really stays in ends, because some of my subscribers that told me that last hair food masks didn't stay on their ends. And for this one, I really think it enters and stays really good in ends So I really think that to do this mask Garnier listened to complains and advices of customers I really enjoyed all type of hairfood maks but now this seems to be way better. Compare to my last video where I tryed thee banana one. My hair is a little more damaged, because I dyed again and again my hair So as a result my hair tangle quicker and faster It has been a week since I detangled my hair, while in my last video I had detangled my hair 3 days ago So yeah, let's see what it do I can't wait Also, I think you saw this mask packaging. I relly enjoy this kind of light green It's so cute and fun ! Anyway, hair food packaging seems always amazing for me. But the more important thing is not the packaging but if this product works out I wet my hair again a little because it dry really quick it already started to be dry And it's a mask that you have to use on wet hair Okay, so I'm going to tie my hair because it bother me a little. I may look a little weird, but it's okay. I'm going to try to detangle all this side, because usually I do 4 parts, but today I'm lazy. So let's see, I challenge this mask. Let's see if I can detangle all this side

Honestly... I knew it was a good mask, but each time I'm shook

There's almost zero tangle with this mask zero tangle And I didn't leave it on my hair Okay, so on the back of my hair I always have more tangle. So there is some here So there is some here But it detangles fast ! In 3 times with the comb ! I'm shook ! Okay, a little tangle here I'm shook... Still as shocked by this mask My hair never detangles this easy... NEVER ! Watch my other videos if you don't believe me it never detangles that easy ! The back of my hair is still a little complicated to detangle There is some tangle that we can detangle The back of my hair is the side where it's the more dye. We alway start by the back of my hair when we dye it with my hair dresser So it's the part of my hair where it's the more sensible But besides the back of my hair, look even my ends look It slips ! Woaw, I'm shocked So now we have the back that is also hard to detangle usually It's where I have the more tangle But look ! I still have tangles but it slips ! Slip !

I don't go too hard. I never go to hard to detangle my hair And voilà ! There is some little tangle but it slips ! it slips like honey Okay Garnier, help me to find some negative points on your mask because it become a little complicated.... My little front hair are alway easy to detangle. Not really hard But the back always tangle Look, we've juste detangle it ! and that's it !

Tell me in the comment section, you guys are chocked or not ?! Because I am ! Hard zone Still some tangles And this is the hard zone And I don't go to hard There some tangle But i'ts soooooo easy to detangle and without leave it in in my hair because right one I use it as a detangler not as a leave in conditioner without leave it in my hair Okay guys, I think my hair are detangled and look at this !

My hair's softness !

I'm so chocked, and look at the ends We can easy put your finger throught it ! We can easy put your finger throught it ! This mask is creamy, it smells good, it melting ! My ends are well moisturized. Look at my ends ! Okay, so let's try the 2nd side and let's see if it detangles as quick and easy Let's detangle Same challenge, I'm going to detangle all this side with out making another section Honestly, I'm sorry but I'm shook by the mask

I'm doing the back because my hair is always harder to detangle on the back. It's always harder to detangle on the back In fact, it seems like this mask transforms my hair in butter ! My hair never detangles that fast Especially after a week ! And now I feel like the fact I leave it in my hair This side infused with moisture while I was detangling the other side Because the other side was a little harder to detangle For this side, I feel like even the back feels so soft, so smooth I feel some tangle but its easy to detangle There is little tangle but these little tangle doesn't stop the comb. I think it's because we leave it in my hair I'm at a point where I'm looking for tangles while usually my hair is tangle friendly and now ! We almost detangle all my hair in what, 5 minutes ? I swear to you guys, it's my first detangle there was no pre detangle, or hand detangle No way ! I discover this mask with you guys ! And I am... CHOCKED ! I know I was very exciting by the last banana mask But now we are on a revolution a mask that detangles your hair THAT FAST ?! Okay, so now I'm going to leave in my hair 3 minutes, then rinse so that i will have a neutral base, to see how it will leave my hair and then I'm going to put it back to use it as a leave in conditioner

Okay, so I'm back I rinsed out my hair so let's see how is my hair once a I rinsed the mask my hair are a little less creamy but it stays really soft and shiny Honestly I think my hair is as soft and shiny as when I use the banana hair mask or the papaya one Theses hair mask leave your hair shiny in general The more important difference is the fact it detangles so quick let's see the last use as a leave in conditioner As usual I put a lot of it I realise that we're not going to rinse this out So yeah, I realize it's lot but it's okay, we'll see. I'm going to use my big tangle teezer It's to dispatch correctly the product in my ahir this brush makes my hair uniform as you can see It dispatch perfectly the product in my hair

Look at this shiny hair Okay, this looks perfect to me What I a m going to do is define my curl off camera If you don't know how I do, I invite you to look my videos on how to define curls because the video will be too long and I also have an entire video on how to diffuse your hair on my channel, I invite you to watch it and I see you right now to see the final result ! Let's see if this maks give me somee good curls ! Honestly, I'm over chocked. So okay... The first mask did so good to my curls. Exept that from that last video I dyed my hair more and more and it was so damaged it has been so long that my hair never had that big volume ! I'm not sure if you can see it enough on camera But I didn't even know that my hair could get back that volume. So I'm so happy, I'm so chocked. I get my volume back ! But, okay if you juste arrived on that video you won't really understand but my subscribers who know my hair

Do you notice guys ??!! It has been a while since I have see my self like this ! Is that me or there is a big change ? I loooove it so much ! And my hair are so soft I didn't put any gel My hair are so beautiful ! so soft, so smooth and has volume ! If like me, you like big hair you're gonna like this mask ! But if you don't like big curly hair you won't like it My hair has volume and definition There is volume and definition ! And keep in mind that my hair is so dyed and dammaged ! So I really think this mask kept its promise of moisturizing, so i think that if your hair are dyed, even if there are not curly I think it could be the perfect mask for you I'm so happy, i think the aloe vera one brings this moisturizing touch that other masks miss and that my hair miss since I dyed it It's the cure ! It saved my hair This product is a care, I love ! Okay guys, it's the end of this video ! Feel free to tell me in the comment section what you guys think of this mask. Have you ever try it ? I don't knnow if it already launch as I post the video Do you guys want to test it ? Tell me all in the comment section and what you think of this crash test Also feel free to follow me on instagram for the giveaway because i'm going to make you win some of this mask

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