Find out how well Aiyaz and Nikita know each other

by: Saas Bahu aur Saazish

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Chile Argentina ask or Nikita acoustic equipment is a Jonte Nikita kapahala four digits Johanna phone number k y9 8 1 9 because I starting a nine eight doubling wrong it's nine it one night

notice any camera I think three colors there and the katana George Audra Spanish man I think three colors it yeah he's right one two three four five I think great uncle short hey this may a blue and white color catch exhale or under Egan GA or an eejit enemy or belt hey so I think five colors in excluding belt hey Hanna come on Nicky Sobotka may I could keep favorite - Papa giver you man absolutely correct because I'm a volte but most favorite earth I see I'll tell you one thing though you're scuffin one Niner a daily oh what a club and a crown de la cabaña or next to handle watching correct or golly me oh oh type kitchen a a clue a key a silver color chaotic black Olivia hi just be good stubborn our audience your day Korean corporate oligarchy age accessories air doctor show Charlie where it's been three months maybe he Pankau in cook supply economy passenger rajma chawal or Joba kana Punjabi iota the lakota volkova Sunday Oh pani puri Volga pay dually Kabuto mill Tina would take each only from Amica garage much happen when we can't eat curry travel or may I'm missing my home food that would be believed a lot typical Siebert Nia I asked for the cheese Samia MANET MJ ASCII or hot Kissimmee a honeycomb bought person day in a favorite color purple

he likes white blue black mostly white and I think black white and black I used to wear white I don't have any wife's anyone but but you like white and light blue royal blue yeah I know that finally finally and this is my victory funnily pudina big enough can Agena they got Chikni Chameli the kitchen cannot remain on the guitar legit I'll hook it

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