NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Regular MV Reaction

by: Kai Mastro

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hey guys uh my name is guy it's currently 8 a.m. in the morning I've been up since 7:00 because I'm leaving and not even an hour to go cats cats and the cat train go to London to see BTS their concert I'm gonna have a block on on that so yeah but anyway yesterday I came back from Greece I arrived at a Manchester at around half past 12:00 in the night so I slept for a few hours and how I woke up and now I'm hearing oh my god it's been so stressful but I want to make that we actually kiss entities one with him I feel like I say that too often but they were one of my favorite groups and I just want to listen to the song I can't wait anymore so I'm just gonna film the reaction I don't know what I'm gonna be able to edit it I hope now anyway so because I don't have time to edit it I'm just gonna start reacting now and yeah I'm so sorry this has been the most Awkward did show ever okay many people took it actually present it's in English what secondly many people it's their time Jenny in the UK Wow secondly many people so me that I'm gonna love it so I

[Music] [Applause]

[Music] what what oh my god

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

this I love [Music]



[Music] the booth is like get these again that was introduced to oh oh my god tighter that's that tie-dye that it's up to me oh my god [Music]




Wow [Music] there's balance I thought okay oh I need a preview of their new album and even though I'm like one of the biggest entity sounds like I'm just gonna like all my Instagram feed is full look like explore pages for the NCT so I'm that big of a fan but when I heard the previews of their new album I wasn't that into it but this like I I'm dad I don't know what to talk about kami we can't talk about that wait so the leader the leader huh if this dude didn't kill you like there's something wrong I usually don't like that hair at all when you first started having that hair I was like oh my god I don't why because I remember TV from God Sam and half that hair too at the beginning the from BTS have that given to you something similar not exactly I was like oh my god why but he can pull it off so much like it looks so good on it but then I'm like everything you do with them it still look good and with Marcus here's how it was cool to all the video clinical school everything else polite I'm like like wow I didn't expect that oh my god the video clip amazing graphics everything Wow the tiger the members everything was just so perfect that I really don't know what to say I feel like I have to say so much morning I haven't touch them so he thinks but I really have to go oh my god I have to be like in the change station in about 30 minutes okay so that was I'm going to be I hope you enjoyed it if you did between slugs chips subscribe I like that mm-hmm almost what you need a double so you can go ahead and check that out if you want and I will see you in my next video over previous one if you haven't watch that yet or another because probably you can

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Haiii guyzzz, it's kai... :D This was my reaction of Regular, and oh my god this was so good. I'm kinda late cause I was in London and went to the BTS concert (vlog is coming out really soon) so yeah sorry for that! Buutttttt with that being said, NCT killed it once again and I'm as proud as I could be. Official MV :

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