LEGO DRAG RACING ON THE LEGO RACE TRACK! | Brick Rigs Gameplay (Kid Friendly Gaming and Lego FUN!)

by: Beautiful O.B

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everybody's okay how's it going everybody over here and welcome back this is more prick Rick's with the one the only the sweetest and a tinge of spiciness cuz let me tell you my boys he's been eating a lot of ghost pepper chili peanuts we have spikes hello how's it going guys anyways guys today we are bringing you guys a nice multiplayer race challenge on the race track map this map has not been utilized by people in thousands of years it's the ancient relic of the brick rigs Maps but we are bringing it back today to start a rick's challenge and it's going to be amazing because we got a bunch of different categories that we are going to be racing on from the crappiest cars we can find to some sports cars and up to the f1 race cars yes we're starting from the bottom and working that way up just like the rapper's the rapper's the rapper's because the rapper's are on outside of candies yep alright so we're gonna get right into it and we are going to start with the very first category which is old and slow cars and I have a Volkswagen van right here and Obie has the Trabant 601 from East Germany yes it's a jalopy I've drove in it all the way from jalopy game drove it right out of the game came into my room and I said get back in the game get back in here get back in there and then it popped in the wrong game and here we are so I don't know what happened you know I got that uh grandpa tan color here you know I see my kicks with the red he's ready red for Sam here spiciness spike oh yeah and as you can see back there look at that it's hot back at the garage I had a little trailer I don't think this thing would be good for racing so I just plopped it down back there it's full of uh my travelling stuff no need for that because I'm just gonna zoom right to the end of the racetrack in the car if you look inside though I am prepared inside the van mm-hmm is a med kit I am prepared Oh to treat your burns Wow my parts yeah geez gonna be left in the dust you have all these little pipes in here what are these like there's little tubes to go swimming with what is this I'm gonna yes yes on that one yes swimming tubes oh those spaghetti spaghetti uh what are they calls any pool toys I don't know I'm getting my car I got to warm up my jalopy engine it takes about 20 minutes to get a good you know a good warm-up going here hopefully you're running on a mixture with your car fully upgraded because this Volkswagen is totally ready to beat you yeah I got the hkz uh manufacturing under the hood here so it's good go well yeah okay spicy are you ready to begin the first race so what we are going to be doing is whoever gets the most points out of this challenge I guess becomes victorious sure yes but if you guys have a preference on who was the best at driving or if you have a favorite car in this challenge let us know in the comments maybe we'll bring it back in the future maybe oh absolutely okay so what we're gonna do here is I'm gonna hit this little sign and when it counts down it gets to the green soon as it ticks over to the green we're just gonna go by you ready for that I am ready I'm gonna hit the button okay I think I hit it I hit it yeah okay would and go oh you're so go faster I called your estimated this hobby player [Laughter] well then mm-hmm go ahead and uh clearly stated on the victor on this one Oh we cross the finish line at eighteen point three six seconds Gnomeo long it takes me yeah the ship I have to shift out my own car so I gotta watch the speedometer maybe I should turn on the RPM gauge hey there you go you know rpms a little bit more no yeah absolutely shift it up get it up took you 18 seconds and I think it took me a whole nothing because I blew up oh my you finally made it here man whoa you have gray hairs my boy how long you been driving for geez Oh been um my back hurts calling my doctor oh right here

Flintstones chewable vitamins my pediatrician told me they're healthy with this well just bury you under some debris here and I'm gonna pretend like I don't know you're here and hopefully someone more capable amateur will find you and help you don't with me goodbye I gotta go my mobster dinner's ready I gotta get home it's SpaghettiOs yeah yeah yeah have spaghetti use yeah yeah is gonna be officious ok well let's clean up the racetrack you got you got you got that you got that point loser has to clean it up at the broom ah okay just just give me a second I like you I'm the loser here for leaving you dead on the road yes we are doing the muscle cars next so old and unregulated feel I don't know what I'm saying but yes all people cars jeez hey the car okay I don't know here this one looks a little bit less aggressive we're gonna go with the lodestar here the Lone Star is a little less aggressive but yeah yeah we're gonna confused a little man-ho didn't ever know what's gonna happen with us I've gone to the left side of the track this time oh yeah the right side will give me some luck no cuz I pooped on I mean yeah good luck so I have the 1967 Ford Mustang I am ready to whoop you into oblivion if that makes any sense at all I don't even know okay well there we go got my RPM gauge ready I'm gonna click the button whoa and here we go watching it well I get aligned it I get a lot of a little scare you jeez Oh Matt what is going on I've almost there okay yeah did it this is all you get I guess the old cars aren't my thing I'm gonna have to try and beat you absolutely maybe Formula One racing is what you're okay whoa good shot oh my goodness um disqualified from all future races you can't believe bringing explosives to the racetrack kick it back up oh geez okay Sarika - your weapons down Garth I'm good down okay so you got two points yeah you're left with two more rounds plus the bonus round which I didn't tell you about at all on this extra point the bonus point I'll tell you when we get there because you are going to be amazed of what kind of car we are going to be using Oh excited so the next car is the super cars or the sports cars whichever ones you have I have a Malo I'm a rich boy how awesome is of course I'm gonna I'm not gonna pick by looks I'm just gonna pick by what I think we'll zoom right right past you all my cars I had to shift by myself oh yeah my first one I had his shift alone but my second one nope went on its own I'm not used to it though yeah you know how you said you picked cars by not their looks that's how I pick my friends I don't know if that was a insult or what it was an insult say it I think my friends oh jeez you're rude you look exactly same as me you're just green hey Green is the color of nature mother nature are you telling everybody they're mothers huh spy you're wearing green face paint oh that's my natural skin color okay I'm a little nauseous right now I have scurvy oh yeah probably eat some porn cabbage yeah pickled cabbage do woman how do you do that sailors used to take pickled cabbage on their journeys so that they could get rid of scurvy how do you pickle a cabbage you just leave it on the sofa what it put it in the jar with vinegar okay and it becomes a pickle so don't leave cabbage on a sofa mmm not unless you want if so for that smells like cabbage I don't want that all right so get your super car or your sports car and we're gonna gonna do this again I haven't got a point yet I feel bad but you're gonna get a point this time I have a feeling cuz what do you think cars go too fast that's what I lose control okay yeah okay yeah oops I type the spicy car I'm at sports core cool car I think I got it this time let's see if it auto shifts though it does it pops it pops I'm gay just what you got a nice one too it's pretty good that is nice it's just a sports car that is a supercar it works wait let me get one okay my apologies here let me go ahead and just remove this one here okay so I have the LP of venom Wow Oh B has a GTR go right before the line you're right over it I'm trying cars this car somehow breaks do they not the best I'm close enough I would go with a closed without that one yeah oh yes good yeah yep I just got to put my gauges on oh that's oh you try to get ahead of me boy but you got to get ahead of all OB Cooper's I forgot the little switch is my nitrous not my brakes I almost called myself OB diapers Oh B dubs okay I'll let you flip the switch I pressed it go oh well here we go oh oh yeah I have gravely mistaken today okay I'm in love it was the convincing it was a good Venson I'm on fire everything's on fire over here oh geez wait wait was they on the left yeah it's other one why I won what I won this challenge wait what Lucy what's going on here I think one of my tires went past ah I'm going home should we redo that one because that one was a little a little sloppy a little sloppy my Tiger won the race for me counts bye oh where we do it what are we doing okay I call it it because I won I can call it okay yeah yeah you won so you get to pick if you want to redo it or not but you know all the album I had my problem was I was looking back at you right boss control you couldn't take your eyes off my beauty yeah got a little too cocky this time I'll press it though here we go I pressed it okay and I am going for victory shift it'll be I'm a suck here back into first go full speed I can just go this pack shut up loser you don't know watch this this is what I call the formula one oh I don't know I put it away I put it away put away are you okay shaking check it off eating syndrome chicken eating syndrome check it eat central cuz it's not rickety crickets eat that feet okay I'm so sorry bacon everybody's sick all of you pause it I don't see a gun in your hand so must be flying what was it huh here it is behind me let me see you a noise it will pick up some debris here put that here what what happened nothing oh well wait what what's going on here nothing oh well I guess nothing's going on here go ahead keep picking up debris what okay yeah I know I'm here Dean what have you died this is a brand-new Keith your straight off the line I'm supposed to return this well alright well um I guess I got a point finally Hey yeah yeah it's good to confirm that last round because the tires flew past and we had to confirm it with another little race absolutely I did it yeah I did it twelve point eight seconds yeah 100 km/h while OB got 16 seconds okay I don't know buddy trying to stay here um but that's fine my my heart's not broken I'm going on the left side of the track this time you know keep changing keep changing say spicy real spicy huh a delicious coming at you now it is that little thing weight-reduction my boy you got way too much weight on your side of the car we're mine my small slim and lightweight okay okay like a nice pair of socks whoa I like my socks bulky though yeah that's why you slow oh yeah bulky socks well here we go Oh tell you but it's starting oh oh my goodness gracious i masked up my bulky socks are in the way come on Toby keep going okay B do thank you look a bigger city yes

everybody everybody's oh yeah Wow oh wow no no no oh oh you're it's even that is really even whoa that doesn't count I'm gonna pull yours back put it all back there piece back oh look I know exactly happy to wait here no look at this I got a piece we appeared you hey my tires are actually farther look at this where yes yeah well your tire you made over to the track that's actually your tire but it's mine now no well this was by now dad oh all right so uh 2:00 to 2:30 - - - - so we have to do the bonus round now and the bonus round is the most ridiculous card that you can find on the workshop okay it can be anything as long as it's ridiculous and not an actual car okay okay okay I'm going to the shop to buy myself something ridiculous geez oh I'm doing I'm going okay so to avoid scurvy which I have you see by the yellow tint to my face here I got myself an orange hold on never never never never live a little I'm young nibbling nibble what is it that thing and now if you look here I'm a nice shade of gray color so now I'm looking pretty healthy good good go do this I have the old timer 1950 I believe this is it's not a trike it has four wheels but the wheels are underneath it are you ready for this yeah is the bonus round whoever wins this round wins this challenge Oh so here we go you got a horn it doesn't work I press it all the buttons but nothing's happening right now so we heard something did you yeah I heard that oh it's H that's awesome yeah all right now learn something new okay press the button and okay and the button is pressed okay no no we always throw down okay I lost the wheel oh you can run it if you have to run it you can run it I'm running it they have a rocket good whoa that came close to my face geez Louise hey whiz by my ear no old timer it's spun out I almost went onto your track yeah old people PU you can't make this one this young age you're finished spinners and bubble wrap first bubble wrappers that's what kids like oh when they get you a Christmas present I'll get a rapid bubble wrappers whoa geez hit my hairline alright so you won this challenge yep you have three points and I had two points and I know you had an orange as well yeah good well there we go guys that was the drag track with multiple different categories Oh b1 but if you guys have any compliments to a certain person give them in thick common don't shoot me I'm not I'm a criminal not a murderer I'm just your money like your back pocket pop got it got your wallet there's nothing in this wallet just banana peels put that wallet back in your pocket Chuck and oh wait it is Lobby oh great great let's go I crave the brake yeah whoa I'm a zombie without a gun get my gun out of my arms it was laying on the ground he was right here oh no you pick up sabio people's off me to my hands yeah crazy it's crazy hit I think oh oh um sir do you want to stand back like your feet cuz you got a giant bullet hole in your head and it's grossing everybody out I gotta throw up welp guys we're gonna go ahead and call this one here me a spy cakes our little feetsies are hurtin for putting them foot down on the pedals so hard but I hope you guys enjoyed this race if you did please remember to leave both me and spewpa dupes a thumbs up maybe even subscribe to both of our channels and remember boys got a ring that Bell Bing to be notified whoa YouTube videos yeah oh okay okay hold on this is new to me but i'ma do my best and thank you guys for liking and subscribing and remember oh oh oh oh oh hey say something clever put in my spot stay they vitamin C [Music]


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