(ENGCC)미국대학생의 쇼핑한날💸(+미니하울!🛍)/US College Student Went Shopping(+Mini Haul)

by: Nahyun's Travelogue나현쓰

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I will go eat and shop with my friend today Follow me! :) I totally forgot to take opening scene so doing it right now haha I will eat first and then shop Let's go! met up with friend

our Uber's here!

we will go to Sephora first!

I am not sure I can film here...

my favorite perfume is Chloe!

I love this scent!

I will get Anastasia brows

I used medium brown shade

this is my fav brow brand! it lasts so long and smooth but it's quite pricy I will medium brown again it's $23 (after tax)

it's Loccitane body oil and handcream

this is so good ( I made my friend to get it LOL)

now we will go eat! starving! we r going to food court! what should I get... (sneezing) I will get panda express there's merry go round!

if u order teriyaki chicken, they cut it for u!

I got teriyaki chicken and kong-pao chicken

so goooood

my friend's suddenly sentimental LOL (got used to)

the view tho...

they sell athletic sutff they have Adidas and nike those are cute!

I love adidas

Nike too.. we will look for jeans at American Outfitters

those chokers are cute but once I buy it, I don't wear it LOL

CUTE she is trying on some jeans

she got two pairs cuz it was on sale! It was American Eagles BTW it's Wednesday so mall is kinda empty today

now will go to Forever 21!

I just saw the girl in behind LOL

looking for the one LOL I will try those knit and skirt

I didn't like it :(

so I won't get it LOL

I have to tie shoelaces everytime I wear this shoes it's so tiring.. I got another skirt!

we came to GAP!

oops ur in the angle haha ok I will go here for u LOL

I will get rid of my fringe u guys always say I look better without it so

I will get rid of it! this is cute friend: I don't like the color I mean the style

I really like this one! friend: I don't like it what do u think guys?! friend: I will get mean comments! LOL friend: ur friend knows nothing! LOL

shopping is fun~

it's time to go home~ we r done with shopping and call Uber! what time is it? it's 6pm I have that night class at 7pm

I will go back cuz of that class!

we r waiting for Uber~

bye Sephora

bye mall~

we r heading back home~

getting dark~

passing train trail~

now u guys know this place right LOL

I will do mini haul when I get home!

Anastasia Brow!

I don't really like the one that I have now so I got this!

my shade is medium brown it matches with dark brown hair It is super smooth

now skirt!

the front is cropped!

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