How much Video Card power do you really need?

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god major fail today alright guys we have just had a fantastic dress rehearsal for this video because I just did this entire video and forgot to turn on the mic that guy right there so take just just feel pity for me the new EVGA silent series power supplies offer excellent silence and efficiency through their new EVGA Eco mode technology and also features a seven year warranty for worryfree gaming click the link in the description to learn more alright so today's video is not going to be any fancy b-roll or any product reviews or anything like that we are just going to have a discussion right now about how much graphics power do you really need and the reason why we're doing this video is I get asked this this particular question day after day after day all day every day till the end of time so I figured instead of trying to write out responses over and over and over again I was going to make a video and basically answer everybody at the same time so if you guys don't want to look at my ugly face go ahead and feel free to minimize the video and do something else at the same time I'll be showing some graphics cards who have this video but I'm not gonna be doing any crazy editing or anything like that normally this is the kind of thing I would do a gameplay commentary to but I don't have any recorded gameplays right now that I can use nor do I have any time right now to record any gameplay so so like six months ago or something like that I did a video about how to buy a graphics card and what we did in that video was we educated the viewers about the different parts of the graphics card what the specs meant and how to understand what you were reading when you were looking at a spec sheet of a graphics card but I quickly realized that didn't help anyone understand how much power they need when it comes to graphics cards so there's really three things we're going to talk about here today the first thing we need to talk about and we need to get our minds kind of warped it's not gonna be easy it's not easy to change your perspective it's not easy to change your way of thinking but for the sake of the next 10 or 15 minutes just try promised it might be worth it might there are only two categories that any of us will fall into not three I can do my fingers not three not one two that is the category of need in the category of want there is no other category need and want that's it there is no do not need if there was a do not need you wouldn't be watching this video I have a feeling there's nobody watching this video right now who has no need of learning about this topic because that's why you clicked on it as I said think so I hold in my hand right here visual representations of need versus want this is a gtx titan x most people would want this this is an r9 270 most people don't need more than this so this is need versus want does this really do anything that this doesn't you know the the answer to that obviously is a very big depends and we're not talking about but diapers although i think the babies getting changed right now because i do smell i do smell a bit of a brown surprise if any of you out there dad's or mom's you know exactly what i'm talking about it's just like get sucked into the ventilation system and gets kind of recirculated anyway so does this card really do anything this one doesn't well short answer is no they both render an image they both play games and that's ultimately what they're designed to do they're designed to display an image for gaming or desktop productivity whatever the differences are where the threshold of performance starts to diminish now that kind of moves us into category number two you can't determine where that diminishing return is until you understand what it is you needed what your expectations are for your gaming experience now oftentimes people will think about CPUs and RAM and overclocking of their CPU and their motherboards and water cooling but they stopped to think about one of the most important pieces to any gaming side up that holds probably more influence over your gaming experience than any piece of hardware you could buy can anyone tell me what that one piece of hardware is that everyone seems to forget about when it comes to buying hardware the display if you're buying a graphics card that can overpower your display you are not doing yourself any favors you are wasting money you have popped out of the need category went well into the top of the want category and all the money you had left once you got there where you're just kind of shoveling off to the side that's kind of what skunk works is skunk works has just turned into a want and then to an unnecessary need and then to an impractical bucket and then hopped out of the unpractical bucket into the gist phenomenally stupid bucket but that's what I like about that system and damn it that it is what I like it's it's kind of like sir mix-a-lot in his big butt he just can't lie neither can i I can't lie I like it to understand how much graphics power you need you need to answer yourself two questions one what panel are you going to be using what resolution are you going to be using what refresh rate is it what response time is it you could take this GTX Titan X right here and if you hooked it up to a 1600 by 900 display that's got 59 Hertz refresh rate and it's got a 48 millisecond response I don't anything else real but it's got a 48 millisecond response time you have just really like it's like crossing the streams for ghostbusters it makes absolutely no sense in fact the entire world space and time is we know it would continue discontinued to exist because what you just did made no sense whatsoever so what panel are you planning on using maybe you're going to buy a panel at the same time is it a 60 Hertz panel that means it can only draw 60 frames per second and keep the image in sync and we're not talking about the artists in sync by the way so if you have a 60 Hertz panel then you're not going to need a GPU that's able to push more than 60 frames per second buy a lot at the quality settings that you're going to set them at usually the trade-off though is if you get a powerful GPU that's able to render way more than 60 frames per second and is going to be able to max out sliders and stay above 60fps well you have what we start moving into what I call future compatibility I'm not going to say future proofing future proofing is a term that is tossed around so much on forums people going to understand and they just like to say I am future proof future proof means you are free of being influenced by the future and guess what you're not future compatibility with the power of your graphics card simply means your graphics card is going to stay relevant and performing in your desired performance zone longer than a card that doesn't that is future compatibility as far as I'm concerned now I have here the rog swift 144 hertz 1440p monitor surrounded by three VG 248 qyz which are also 144 Hertz panels but at 1080 P clearly to run a game on the VG 248 QE is going to require less power graphics power than the Swift because there is a lot less pixels in 1080p than 1440 now if you're going to be running at a panel of something like even a 720p you could get away with even less and still have a fantastic gaming experience in fact coconut monkey believe it or not a little fun fact is still using a 720p I don't over to Twitter at coconut monkey it's down here somewhere and actually tease him a little bit you're like haha you're still on at 720p because I do you know cuz that because monitor snob but you know he was actually able to use the GTX 580 for a long time from 2011 all the way to the end of 2014 and still didn't have to upgrade the only reason he did was because I sold him a 780 extremely cheap and now he's able to just play any game he wants completely maxed out frame rates are through the roof in fact when he turns out vsync his monitor or his graphics card runs at like 40% used something silly like that while he's gaming so that's a huge factor that comes into play when it comes to choosing your graphics card now the other thing I mentioned on there is how long do you want to keep your graphics card if you can't afford afford annual upgrades then you're going to want to get a more powerful graphics card today I know that some people don't understand that concept you buy the most powerful graphics card that you can afford today and it will last you longer if you bought a lesser inexpensive graphics card today you're going to have to buy a new graphics card usually every year to year and a half to stay on top of current technologies and game requirements depending on which graphics card you got we have here like I said the r9 270 this graphics card two years ago when I did the review on this was absolutely phenomenal this thing could handle 1080p graphics on any game I threw at it at either minimum of medium settings many of which hi and stay right around that 60 FPS range of and the reason why I say 60 FPS is because most people according to Steam survey is running 1080p or lesser panel at 60 Hertz so 60 frames per second is all your panel can draw before it starts tearing the screen across horizontally and getting misaligned images that's what refresh rate is on a monitor but the unfortunate reality is that as nice as this card is it is starting to show its age today and it's only it's not even 2 years later actually since I did this I believe November of this year will make 2 years this is only a year and a half old on this card and the reason for that is the limitation of VRAM this thing only has 2 gigabytes of vram and as we progress in gaming technologies and people start utilizing more textures and other facets of performance manufacturers or of graphics cards are starting to increase the amount of VRAM on the cards because developers are starting to really tap into and utilize vram we have seen quite an exponential rate of increase on vram usually double every generation usually has double the amount of VRAM it says 2 gigs and then the like the r9 290 and 290x had four gigs and when it comes to nvidia they had 1.5 gigs on the 580 and then 3 gigs on the 780 and then the 980 had 4 gigs really one up one but then I went to the tight necks which went to 12 gigs so you're going to start running into vram limitations which means to keep this card relevant you're gonna have to start turning down textures and other things to low sometimes off to keep your game from stuttering and just having incredibly low frame rates so the recommendation there obviously is by the most powerful graphics card that you can afford within budget today and it will last longer I can't tell you what your budget is I can't tell you if it's worth it worth it to spend $50 more to get this card over that card because I didn't know what you have to do to get that 50 bucks I don't know if you have to turn a trick I'm not going to judge I mean Who am I to judge this he cast the first stone who is free of sin or something like that I don't know I'm definitely not free of sin so I'm not even going to throw that rock but that kind of brings us to the last point here which is budget now as I said I can't tell you how much to spend but I can tell you that when you're building a gaming rig or rig specifically built for gaming the most expensive component in your system is and should be the graphics card now advancements in API technology or the technology that communicates between the hardware and software especially GPU and CPU as well and those threads and draw calls per second is going to improve in fact it means a lot of people and older graphics cards are actually going to get a synthetic bump in performance as we move into dx12 and mantle and things like that because it's going to utilize less hardware especially CPU bound system systems that have lower end CPUs and higher end GPUs so you're not going to want to spend a ton of money on your CPU and motherboard you're going to want to put the bulk of your budget into your graphics card now as I said I can't tell you how much that number needs to be but I can't tell you that typically it's right around 40% of your budget ends up being spent on your graphics card and the rest of the stuff being CPU motherboard memory case power supply and cooler so or hard drives and all that stuff but anyway guys I hope this video has helped you understand a little bit more on what to think about when you're buying a new graphics card trust me I would love nothing more than to be like hey Robert I bro you should go get yourself a GTX 970 clearly that's the graphics card you owe and rich AMD r9 280x that's the card based on your that's it that's what don't even look anywhere else I love to be able to do that for you but I can't all I can do is arm you with some of the things to think about and then you guys have to take it and do the legwork yourself I kind of like doing these videos where I just talk about topics where we're just chatting and giving you guys some knowledge especially since I have a lot of useless knowledge up in there but every now and then I can actually say something meaningful and I'd like to share that with you guys when I can so do me a favor head on over to Twitter I'm at Jay's two cents and tell me guys or tell me what top and gals or gal there's at least one gal watching I think it's my mom probably hi mom tell me what topics you guys would like me to cover in this kind of a you know one on one or one on 333,000 or whatever we are right now so that I can do more of these types of discussion videos where I try to arm you with knowledge and make you guys and everybody watching better for having a more open way of thinking when it comes to this hardware so please head on over to social media tell me what topics you guys would like to see me talk about and maybe we'll do it once or twice a month or even just a segment on Tech Talk or something so as always guys won't be able to do these videos without your support thank you for watching and

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