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I take off my ring and I prepared the Hanzo old you want to join my guild we're gonna read Bolton core you want to join yeah fucking invite right what were you gonna gonna be our bowmen to me yes I'll be Hondo I'm the mighty priest and I will heal you in a molten core this is in VR chat right I'll give you no we're just gonna read them encore that's all you need to know okay I'm ready fucking let's go right now okay all right which one of these has choking there we go that'll be my bow [Music] we're gonna raid the mon coeur right here alright take your seat oops oh wait are we actually doing this hey let's blue I'm blue I'm oh my fucking god

alright so here you are give you you three are meeting up in the gold Shire in on the moon guard server okay my world Warcraft I'm dead serious he'll moon guard is like the erotic roleplay server so yeah okay all right see you guys originally have come to the moon guard in of gold Shire for lap dances you guys are enjoying yourselves on some Night Elf booty when a Draenei comes in and he says I am in need of three adventurers the strongest all the cutest to come and step four I have a quest for thee if circuit accepts and who are you I am miles deep the Ranger from the West with the strongest arrow in all of the lands oh okay that won't prove useful in raiding the molten core who are you fuck I'm Kaldor warrior of the warrior clan Holmes I'm alright strongest always been around

just a random demon who's tagging along for now for the time being we'll just give you the code name deep throat each pay you each five gold pieces Oh - Troy the evil Fire Lord Ragnar owes five gold pieces each is that good who are you my name is a great Morgan let me introduce you to your comrades that are also joining you in raiding the multi core we have here games on the mightiest wizard Kaldor the mightiest warrior we have miles deep the mightiest Ranger with the strongest arrow in ever created world miss

knocking my quest comrades that our crew just kind of came together and was offered a quest but this random person Ragnar roasts I I think he can't he's kind of not shit I kind of feel like I could solo him hey Tin Tin free gold each right gimme gimme so on the map you see that you're in Elwynn forest in the town of built Shire right well where can we get some good gear I want all perk up additional good girl well if you would like to get some good gear you can travel to the city of Stormwind which is northwest from here and say we we had this own wind there we get some gear and then we'll get ready to head after their first we got our thing and head out - all right so you see you guys are traveling through the forest merely doing your business when suddenly a pack of wolves comes out oh they smell the food that's in your packs they want your steaks but whoops being the prepared Ranger and being knowing in all animal creatures is already prepared to fight and strike back you get the first move whoops what do you do I hone in on the closest wolf to me how far is he he's about 20 meters away I take a shot girl yes you can take yes roll roll a d20 all right so you ready what are you using a bow a gun I guess this all right all right you take out your you're up and you prepare to aim you charge them you charge your charging handle you pair to fire you click but unfortunately nothing happens you forgot and you left the safety on no go ahead soon credit card all right so you take out your katana in a flash it already passed by them guessing right through them cutting Oh anime oh you're damaged you say nothing personal kid and you sheep your brain and back turn right yeah in Clark heels I use my power of healing my voice Oh sing us sing us the song of healing all right want to roll the dice

oh alright and now I need you sing sing the song of humans ocean man points of damage in your back at max lights 12 HP I'm gonna hold in my sniper rifle I'm gonna take a shot at the at the wolf that's knowing on Morgan's leg and you shoot the wolf roll your d6 wipes out the wolf in some KO easy clap just all one wolf alright you you see you open up the pouch and you look it's like it's very hefty you'd have to individually count how many coins there are if you want to alright lady friend that's coming over so I would like to take over elite spot Anubis take over you're stuck in the room of a over right now arrow wizard yes Oni was your ticket you're taking over the role of a leaf her again what's my class oops lately okay wait wait Shrek Shrek plays wizards all the time if you don't want to be a wizard his name is really a coffee wizard hat it literally says whiz because he plays wizards and games fun-packed Oh Jack is probably drink is probably gonna be more wizard dude okay

I'm still in the magic shop I'm a priest I'm all about their magic shit so I need something to add and correct my voice correctly what do you have do ask God's to give you magic that's not magic I know we don't have what you're seeing here maybe a Salvation Army might be able to help you and you notice that exchange about this Bible you're looking through its own in Braille a big magics book you pick up the first magic book and it's the entire trilogy of Lord of the Rings


what is the damn next book please all right you pick it up and you read it it seems to be an old book it's a little bit dusty do you start reading through it you start learning about thinking ahead planning battle tactics and you're filled with tactics of how to lead your party more effectively plus 10 to your leadership how much is this this is the salvation I'm just gonna put this in my damn fuckin

all right whoops so you're looking arming cz miles deep yes a legal name you're looking for a bow yeah yes you're looking for you're looking for a bow no no no no no I'm looking for the bow for the bow as you're looking around one of the patrons in the bar here so you oh you're looking for a mystical bow oh yes I can tell you where to find it please tell me more you can find it in the Sun well a one true legendary bouquet let's and we go there can you I want to go there you don't have to travel for many days to the north the woods Elwynn forest paths the City of Silver Moon to get to the Isle of kveld honest I'm a I don't got that much time I'm a little lazy could I just like who breathes it I mean I guess you could have a wizard portal you there oh yeah let's do that because he's so strong in magics he cheats the game and he opens a portal into the Sun well what are you step through you find yourself an old content Oh enter into the Sun well you ventured into the realm of the blood elves what do the voices in your head say where's the bow mine are all just kregasm Inge and saying what a woman so you're looking around you come down you walk down the steps and you're in here from this giant demon who's at least fifty feet tall but he's laying down flat coming out of the Sun well what do you do it's be nice I mean he's all right he's into some kinky shit though I shout out to the demon oh whoa hit no response oh I don't know does anybody know how to get the bow out of here I haven't Wow okay well we'll go down so soon you open him and you right click with your mouse on his corpse you open up and you see the bow Thor endo the demon I poke the shit out of him

alright so as you're trying to take the bow you can't loot it it says Newt master oh he's a party leader he needs you need a loot master it - whoops

you're strolling down attempting to give the bow to him but unfortunately you've missed click and you give the bow - Lele

only blaylak when you can use the oats Minh oh now you can I want to make your waiting it asks you Lele are you willing to take a survey after you're finished with the ticket alright so you get a whisper in your ears little a world our guild leader accidentally a master looted Boris dog to me but I can't use it it would just be a stack stick we wanted it to go to our hunter but he missed clicked and gave it to me so I was wondering if we could just give it user ID of the other person it's done you fine I'll pick it up I turn away from my party and knock the bow back fine fine yes you develop your own magical ammo you no longer need to grab arrows you have unlimited arrows match Glaros I grit my teeth feels real realistic I took the bow 45 degrees and I yell but do you go while God take you Oh Kuno and I let loose arrow into the distance hitting nobody wait I want to roll a facepalm let's go we need when your potions and then we'll rest up and go to right Neuros all right so you guys are walking through you've made it into the mountains have turned black the clouds darken you can no longer see the sun's light your features are covered in it you're just moving slowly trudging your way it's getting hotter and hotter as you guys make your way through you guys approach you make it down and you see in a ghostly spirit standing before you as you make it to the middle it seems to be a dwarf in nature who's talking who is talking to the ghost hello speech guys crazy holy morgan shit Oh fair ghost of dwarven time what ails you to become so dead and this in this fiery cave boy I tell you me and my rating you we died and wiped in the molten Gaul at these 50 times and then one door decided not to show up and we were stuck with 39 people we couldn't trade anymore and we will left it is there some kind of advice or is there some kind of items that you've left behind from your past quests that might aid us in our adventure the only thing that I can think of but I cannot speak it a purple cape might be the key to defeating Regnerus and just as he says that files deep approaches the party and pushes away aside his members and he donned the cape

[Music] in the world and I vote for I will exercise they and give it peace oh the only way they can see the only thing that can free me is if you defeat racnoss but I can put you directly to him and skip all the content because it is boring as fuck let's new this portal and you're brought before the final layer you're saluted by lava you're all standing on a rock and for you Ragnar owes to summon

[Music] in my squad fam are here to take you down and in the midst of it he immediately swings his hammer down tries to strike you without finishing your sentence but as he's trying to do it your divine shield stops it slip on the one true ring all right you become invisible what is now speak around behind him take off my ring and I prepare the Hanzo old you sure all the way back from spawn but unfortunately it hits nobody airman simple geometry thunderfury blessed blade check whiz what are you doing I actually do something in cast blizzard [Laughter]


unfortunately as you're doing it the panties that you were carrying you weigh you down accidentally not your hand I'm going to use my special capability and I already know what it is I don't even have to tell right I wind up I just give me I let them know the speech [Music]

[Applause] [Music] [Laughter]

all right do you send them to the shadow room but you be honest oops I was actually I was just gonna have you dab on him but that's okay that works too he sent it to the Shadow Realm you guys have defeated Ragnar oh s--- massive Lunas job for you you guys fucked up and died I would have uh revived you it's been a long journey but we did it and I know the reward was only five to meet each and we ended up getting thousands along the way I don't think it was about the reward it was about the journey I think we are the strongest party that ever hit this land

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