Drafting with NumottheNummy Guilds of Ravnica

by: MTGOTraders

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what is that my friends Kenji back again for another edition of drafting with new type of this top kid what did I say drafting with Newmont this time with guilds of Ravnica finally we have guilds of Ravnica draft so it's gonna be a good one yeah this is jump right into it just went to the optometrist before this and they dilated my pupils so if I have a hard time reading the card text I do apologize at this point I think I know most of the cards based on art thankfully we do have a guild league it killed my age here on the best cards in the pack capture sphere also very good deadly visit fun equinox good for like the solez neo deck but I'm a big fan of the is it deck and I think League Guild mages are perfectly valid first pick the thing about this draft form is that there are so many good multicolored cards that it's not bad to take one first pick you know often times you want to take a singleton color card like that deadly visitor captures fear but because you want to fall into a guild I think it's definitely okay to take a multi color card one that step way as powerful as the league guild Midge follow up to us is a mission briefing I can't quite read the text but I know what it does is serve ales to instant speed and then you can choose an instant or sorcery from your graveyard and you can basically flash it back so surveil to instant speed as well as recasting a nice potentially burn spell or something to that effect is a really good follow-up I think to the league Guild match it's also a disinformation campaign in the pack surveil as I was just talking about is pretty prevalent in the format and disinformation campaign can really go off if you get a good surveil deck Damir blue/black is known for surveil and dis disinformation campaign can often just take over a game you know if you cast it multiple times other good cards swath gutter giant is a little bit awkward as Boros tends to go low to the ground meaning six drops are a little bit too high but I'm just gonna take the mission briefing and follow the the blue red for now all right we do have some Boros options here there's a league Guild mage bounty agent also we have another capture spear I think it's a sinister sabotage I think I just take the removal spell here I do like the counter in the form of sinister sabes sabotage but I'm gonna cut off the blue cards now at this point I think is it's one of my most drafted archetypes guilds of this format and I definitely think it's one of the better ones so pretty happy with our start right now as we get past a looks to be a statue status one of the better go guard cards no doubt there's also a sky knight Legionnaire a Boros all-star for us we don't really have much there's like an is it locket could take like fresh-faced recruit but i'm gonna stay open i did first pick the is it card is it guild mage but here i'm gonna take the dark light agent a little bit awkward now that I passed the disinformation campaign but definitely one of the more powerful cards if you surveil it gets death touch and if it deals damage to a player you get to draw a card so high up side there and definitely worth staying open next pack for us has a few goodies again a little bit awkward now I think this is the second sky Knight legionary we've seen so borrow us might be an open option but there's a very good card here in the form of Damir informant one for often blocks most of the early game creatures and the ability to surveil to just goes hand in hand with a lot of the cards and we're gonna want to be drafting so I think the Damier informant is a great pick up they're not really too much to follow up like we have an omni spell adept I don't actually think this cards all been amazing more often than not it turns into like a five minute a three four they're just better options at the five men a slot otherwise we're looking at like a devious cover-up or a rebel built bore maybe a lot with the giant this is just a poor pack overall the funny thing is with the Damier deck you often surveil so much that it's actually possible to deck yourself and I've definitely seen games where devious cover-up has one not because it's counter something relevant but because it's shuffled three spells back into your library so see if that works out there and take it as we then get a dowser of lights don't sleep on this card it's vanilla which means it has no text box it's just a five metaphor or five but five toughness in this format is huge it dodges basically all of the removal and creatures you know there's there's like hard removal like deadly visit and it does died - like command the storm but for the most part of this thing is is generally just gonna be the biggest card on the battlefield so fine pick up here as we well we could take a mnemonic betrayal I've actually never tried this card but if we do end up blue black I think it might be worth having a little fun here so three mana this is a reverse yog Moss will you get to exile all the cards from your opponent's graveyard for a turn and then cast them if you want to paying any mana so you you have to utilize it that turn but I do think this has some fun tech to it wow that's kind of crazy that we will then a capture sphere here also another unexplained disappear it's one of my favorite now its cards it's kind of like a voyages end if you guys remember that card from what's it called tharros block something like that so it's either capture sphere or unexplained disappearance I think I like taking the balance here alright nothing too much in this pack if we end up splashing green crawl foragers foragers rather is uh not terrible looks like green might be open as well Ezra mist is more filler than anything creeping chill is cute but not very good alright so overall not a bad first pack I first picked the lead guild mage it looks like is it's not really open we didn't see like the hypothesis holds the electrum answers and we just didn't seem very much read in general but it does look like the blue and the black could be a good route to go down so we'll see how pack 2 lends itself to us and well there is a Nozomi a thousand eyed pretty good card I don't know if I can go down that route although I suppose it is possible we're doing some weird salty nonsense there's not really a great card in this pack for me anyways like selective snares okay there's a guild gate you know a plaza some other fixing but I guess we can try to take the eyes Oni the other good card in the pack is the Conclave Cavalier just amazing so Lesniak card that at 4-4 vigilance for four already fine and limited but then the fact that when it dies you get that extra value of two two twos is quite good well try the ozoni and see see if we can build potentially a goal guarded as we do get past a swarm guild mates here very good one the Menace ability often just wins the game in some scenarios are we passing not too much okay let's see maybe the black green is the way to go as we see not too much here but fiddled see Gorgon is a fine pickup I suppose I could actually maybe cut the blue question mark like my blues not absurd by any means and even though I don't have many total cards right now if I go straight up green black I think if it's open it's the correct position to be in

we're gonna need some help but I think this is okay what I might end up doing is like splashing capture sphere or something you know notion rain another good one here if I'm gonna go down the Damier route I think for us we're just probably taking the generous stray I don't see too much of a reason to go three-color right now right I get like these cards maybe if I wanted to do that but that just seems greedy but I can just take a solid solid card for the green black deck and this is fine the three meadow one two it's more about the body that goes to the graveyard you know the go guard edik is all about the creatures matters while in the yard so I think that's a fine fine pivot fine take it's also works really well with cards like strand of death where you sacrifice a creature to kill another creature yeah nine cards the main deck nine creatures okay got some good blue cards coming around again now as well but I'm gonna just take the rhizome lurcher pretty solid card for the goal gari duck and I do want to commit myself at this point I think as we get some more blue cards but that's not too bad as we do have another erstwhile trooper I don't know I don't know how to feel about this card I think it's actually fine but from a lot of the experiences I've had it's and from what have a lot of people have said to me they don't like the card but I mean we have nothing but creatures in our deck right now so I think I'm gonna still take it this time we'll take the lot lift giant over the generous stray card does some amazing work surprisingly or maybe unsurprisingly at the late game we had some good ones as well guild gate and the foragers and a vigorous poor worm we actually have the combo of figures for worm plus swarm guild mage so this can't be blocked except by can't be blocked by more than one creature so if you give it menace it not only can't be blocked by more than one creature it has to be blocked by two or more creatures meaning it's unblockable pretty funny Christian canape another trooper or a crawl foragers another card I've been surprised with is called foragers this card has won many a race either for me or my opponent so I'm gonna take it to drop here seems fine we could take Guild Gate for potential splashing or just take the flier but bats is pretty lackluster anyway so just in case we open a white card in the last pack I'll take the guild gate here tax-favored is a fine one we didn't have any combat tricks as of yet never happens also a good sideboard card there's a good answer to a lot of the JumpStart cards in the format and it's just good against the say control deck or a deck with bombs you know new visit or something you want to take early alright filler cards here but yeah I think we've solidifies ourselves into an icicle gari build or do we do need to pick up a few playable Xin the last pack but ideally we're just gonna take any removal we see so things like prey upon strands of undeath or rather strands of death and whatever it's called deadly visit even in under city uprising would be fine but I think our creature base is solid for sure uh uh a lot more talking to do in a new set when things are fresh on people's mind and they might not know what the cards do fully we need more ways to get cards in the graveyard - I don't actually have any uh I didn't ice pick up I don't have me surveil do I don't think so alright we're gonna take the gold re-find broker here I think dead white is very good in a card that we would like but I'm gonna take the uncommon I think I think this could potentially wheel because the mana requirements but I don't really want to take the chance and we still can we like the rhizome lurcher or the generous tray but this card is just too powerful too much value small merit to taking the the rare there as well if I had like a Demeter guild gate or something maybe I do that the rare was concocting kunai it if you missed it ok looks like we'll take a necrotic wound here over say go Garlock it luminous bonds there's a hypothesis all with as many creatures already I have in my deck that new chronic wound has to be good it might not be good early in the game but later on it has utility for sure and that's the thing about the goguryeo deck you're normally going to be predominantly creatures same thing i'd say with the with the celestia decks you just tend to have creature overload and maybe not as many spells as you would want not to say i what i wouldn't love picking up some spells here you know removal is important and as some now i don't really have that much but that's okay we will get there okay next pecorino some more good cards for us some more good Celestia cards I find that Silesia is often open just because I do think it's one of the weaker guilds but as such you can often get the more powerful cards if they're opened as you can see here another Conclave cavalier here's that under city uprising I was talking about creatures you control gain death touch until end of turn then target creature you control fights another target creature you don't control so pretty solid I'm either gonna take that or the necrotic wound number two I mean it's it's likely that under city uprising is a more solid room will spell but it's also likely that this is going to wheel so let's take the wound and see if we can wheel the uprising nice pack here I think we're gonna go with the vivid revival we can probably cut this dowser of lights now too so vivid revivals one of those cards that can do so much work in this format because of all the powerful multi-coloured cards you look at the ones I have right now eyes own ear eyes only arugula refined rocker two troopers swarm Gil mage in the Corgan so gonna take it here losing out on another worm and a stray but I think this has high upside okay Wow some really good is it card this pack is just basically all is it II can both very very good direct-current very very good hypothesis are very good sonic assault pretty darn good I think we're gonna go with the whisper agent here now we do want to surveil and this is a multi-coloured card for vivid revival so kind of extra value there for us as we pick up pool plague crafter pith ring pilfering hip rhizome lurcher vigor sport warm and I whisper agent all pretty good I think I like taking the plague crafter here but wouldn't be surprised if you know you're supposed to take any of those other cards I think all those cards have quite good merits utility wow another really good pack here for us Mulder Hulk burglar at another rhizome lurchers severed strand can we go through a little spell here we just need removal and sever strands is one of the cards I was talking about earlier even though Hulk and rhizome are great I think it's again possible that there's another rise I'm already coming back around and removal important okay I'm gonna take another one I will I will play both severed strands here guild gate my the masses there's that rhizome lurcher we were talking about beautiful alright I think we have a decent goal guard attack for sure Wow Cavalier Wheeling's pretty gross another generous stray I don't think we're playing that other one currently yet to what 24 cards here so I do need to cut the one I mean I suppose I suppose we can just cut astray we don't need it although it is good for both the severed strands you know what actually I'm gonna run astray over one of the troopers that could be a little bit better this still me well still leaves me with a decent number of uh multi-coloured cards for vein revival right we have one two three four five six seven eight I say that because generous stray is just better with the double strands and the play crafter right because we get our value from the straight drawing a card and then we can sacrifice two strands in fact I maybe I'm supposed to be running both generous stray and instead of like a pax fervor or whatever a pax favorite could also cut one of the deck dev Karen dissidents nice Wow another rhizome lurch oh geez okay I don't even know what I'm supposed to cut anymore maybe one strain maybe painter I do like painter but it's not necessary all my creatures are gonna be pretty large anyways like this can push some damage through but it doesn't seem necessary and then we run just a pretty even chop down the center [Music] I guess more green than black whose excuse me as we have more green creatures earlier and the black we don't need until later cuz we're not casting necrotic wounds super early and we're not casting severance trans super early so it's got a little bit heavier on green than black save the deck and go to round one of our very first gills of rabbinic a draft here on the MTG Oh traders Channel hope you guys enjoy stay tuned alrighty my friends your er for round 1 of the skills of Ravnica competitive single elimination draft we are on the draw let me give this hand a shot it doesn't really do anything early but I don't think you can mulligan this type of hand I think many people just a mulligan too aggressively and well there we go we do a dissident something something to do one turn to when it leaves with double forest interesting I'm going to imagine they're playing Celestia but of course there could be eco Gauri or even multicolor indeed it does look to be Celestia as they play a Plains and a generous stray all right generous trey is not normally something that you see in Silesia so we could be seeing a multicolored duck from the opponent perhaps one of the abs and variety get in for to here in pass or mana wild Sarah talk okay

we draw another Lance okay we're just gonna pass here and then I'll probably end up blocking there Sara talk when they attack and using necrotic wound at end of turn to finish it off and then we can play like go go find a broker though turn after to uh to bring back our creature kind of funny how find broker is actually lacking synergy with the rest of the cool Guardi cards but oh well follow up foreplay from the opponent's second main phase after they lock it is a sprouting renewal to make a - - alright we will kill their Sara talk after all said and done Oh a vivid revival that's pretty good - in fact you know what I'm just gonna play the foragers out for now just get a bigger body on the battlefield and we can say if the go gotta find Roku fur for something more relevant - like if they attack here I'll block maybe they use a combat trick and I can bring back the foragers etc etc or that yeah absolutely six mana removal spell for my forager so they can get in for three is a okay by me because now we can play the fine broker to get back our forager or we could play a four for rhizome lurcher interesting I guess we're gonna go with that instead

whoo-hoo this vivid revival gonna look tasty in the late game assuming we can get there another six mana spell from the opponents walks in restorer not exactly what they're looking for not a card I care about as we draw another severed strands I think we're just gonna play the fine broker get back our for for and pass

feels like we're in pretty overwhelming position right now they're probably gonna SAP sack there to lock it at some point maybe even this turn to draw some cards the dev champion okay that is a card that I should deal with rather hastily as this can start just taking over the game somebody gives me one creature right now yeah you know what I'm gonna do that I'm gonna sack my three for to kill their Ladell champion they can poop out a 1-1 in response but then we'll just pass

five mana what was that oh come robbery very nice so gain ex life and draw X cards where's an X is the number of creatures you control and they drew a prey upon wow wow wow okay four five six seven eight nine ten eleven I'm gonna go to ten here I didn't feel very good too so I have three creatures in my graveyard I guess I zone II is still the safest play here but then drawing that many cards could prove to be problematic for us like if they attack with a walks in restore no we'll see we'll see what they do cuz I kind of want to get the eyes Oni in the graveyard so this is good news for me and I guess in case they have righteous Blowout multi-block I feel like they would have attacked with more creatures anyway so we might just be trading for eyes Oni here which we actually what exactly what we want to happen right because now we can do it revival three cards back oh this looks very large 7 mana 10 mana oh is this just the Colossus we can strands the Colossus no big deal there yep just don't eleven lemon just a stinky 1111

it's like the guilt major and so the gorgon reason being is if I draw land next turn I'm probably playing a five drop in that I can use the two-minute from the storm Gildan age to gain an extra life happy to trade here we're just going to out grind the opponents

they're tapping mad amid combat so I think they want to go to second main

three four five I'm guessing a rose main centaur oh no this is another big creature or ideas a worm okay and they're leaving up format so they can pop their locket we'd better the rhizome alert room let's play that instead it threatens the seed room and it still lets me hold up to mana I think the the the losing factor for us here currently is our mana we just haven't drawn enough lands to to do everything that we want to do currently like if they just drop one luminous bonds here that's a problem for us or like a prey upon to fight that's not mattering okay all right this is good they are at twenty eight life and they get to start attacking in for two in the air but we are slowly pulling back into this game and so it's so awkward returning these to be like it just kind of negates everything that I want to do you know so let's pull out the foragers first here gain some extra life before we're returning those cards and continue trying to grind out our opponents

yes stick two in the air

and they pass so we're gonna gain to life negate the party lien what necrotic wound it was a good draw I want to kill the flyer here instead

one two three four creatures in my graveyard currently okay I'm gonna tack for six and let them trade away with the pitiless Corrigan

that puts the fifth creature in the graveyard for us so now I can necrotic wound and I just wanted to catch that now to make sure it resolved and then let's get the fine broker eyes Oni and a rhizome lurcher back because now that the ground is clear we can start attacking in with our crawl foragers and just recasting fat creatures will they do another receipt or potentially Oh a hatchery spider one two three four five so they did not hit any green permanence which is the only thing that this can hit so prey upon another patrol and aluminous bonds are all gone now nice that is good it's still a five seven of course but

they are working on the top of their library so we have time another awkward draw here for us because we're just gonna play out a 4/4 and dig organ actually don't know what I'm supposed to do versus the five seven I mean I know we can give men as soon enough but without a way to push through the five seven it's gonna be a little bit rough

okay attack the Hylian patrol again and they still have 28 life whoa what did you run now the 75 hex proof oh god they did disgusting

I suppose at this point I'm supposed to just sit back and gain life a

yeah I'm just gonna play the Izone II and keep gaining life thankfully uh pitiless Gorgon he's stopping the entirety of their team let's see that it is 14 lands from them now so they probably have all basically spells left in their deck - I can start giving Venice as well

I don't think we want to find a broker back anything quite yet

yeah let's give Medus let's tack with both our forager and our rhizome lurcher because i need to start making action and they have to double block so they can't just eat a singleton creature with the spider without me at least getting their soldier token or their generous tray and every time I take care of one of their creatures it's much harder for them to block the menace you know progressive turn following turn

like this trade doesn't look great on the surface but slowly whittling them down I think is that is the correct play issue being that we know they have a ton of spells left in their deck but well

gotta start chipping and eventually and so I think that now is the right time attacking with their spider and their hex proof creature okay so we can trade here and attempt to trade here

kind of want the eyes Oni to die

yeah we can also sacrifices only at a later point okay let's just block like this they might have drawn the indestructible hex proof card but that's the only thing that I can think of that would truly get me

they haven't either they just let both creatures die what on earth okay now I'm confused at what they have

what what can this be

oh they have the find finality oh they do my god what a draw okay and this time they hit a conclave Cavalier and a rose main said I have a divine visitation in their deck holy moly yeah that might get me my damn do the trick one two three four five six creatures in my graveyard Oh

it's a Canuck Reacher I can't even sack guys Oni oh yeah yeah okay well I guess I'm just gonna pass here

about what a crazy first game you know they just gonna start pooping out one ones as well I'll they have a crawl foragers alright and casual twenty nine life I'm gonna have to like try to deck them that doesn't seem like a very good attack with the spider at least actually I don't even need to put this I don't even need to put the token there oh I will no cuz I think I'd rather gain to life then use the Menace pump


or do I want to draw an extra card yeah cuz I need the eyes oniy to die in fact maybe I play it like this sack the tokens see what we draw okay and it's not terrible and then sack the rhizome as well so that I ensure that I zone II dies and then gain to life go to 9

I Ford to play this in this without losing though because they can poop out tokens so now we need to find a broker back eyes Oni

oh this is a weird game you think this would be back-breaking but it's really not

the good news here is that I get to play a rhizome lurcher which blocks everything from the opponent's side of the board here in a moment

I mean I'm just gonna lose Tula deaf champion now making too many won once

what a crazy game what do we have in our side board for this is versus this nothing really I mean I can bring in Spyder to block but that's not very impressive what a crazy game so I'm taking six I'm going down to three still left with quite a few creatures because the spider doesn't kill get to kill most of them but again we're just losing the Deaf champion

yeah I mean though the opponent has basically nothing but spells left in their deck alright generous Trey give me some tasty I don't even know what I can draw at this point definitely not that make two tokens end of turn

welcome to go Garces solez Nia but the opponent had two crazy rares I guess three crazy where this is find finality is just one of the best cards in the format like it's just so good I haven't seen any black from them yet but you mean just returning to creatures is it's pretty good when you have like hatchery spider and whatnot prey upon sure can't do anything about that am i dead on board maybe they miss count and I'm not dead

mmm I have a feeling I'm probably dead right even out so I'm taking four from the Flyers regardless yeah all right dude you mm-hmm well you know what I could do

maybe bring this in for the long game maybe I bring in utopia hear me out maybe I bring in utopia and mnemonic betrayal for the long game

take out like the pump and the play crafter bring in one island and we try to get cute capture spheres on some probably decent versus them I want to do this but

I think I'm gonna try it like this have a little fun I don't know how we're supposed to beat there they went to 42 cards Sam looks fine so I need to save my removal spells for their token producers effectively them getting back their spider and more importantly they're the dev champion really heard me all right we found our one island for the late-game put the fear into them but the fear of the three-color into them

while they're kept a really slow head and kept a really slow hand you know I'm not above doing I'm not above playing a four Manitou - when I have the bigger not the bigger sport the pivot to revival in my head oh and they missed Wow what kind of slows new deck doesn't have it jeez all right now I feel like I'm a champion for playing out the villager who needs creatures in the graveyard I certainly don't I imagine they have at least one of their Conclave Cavaliers in their hands so if the head of planes we're probably gonna see a huge for for but no and just a luminous bonds all right keep will keep curving out with creatures three drop 4.5 drop six drop also luminous bonds means strands is a good draw right alright as expected there's the cavalier

and unfortunately that kind of just brick walls us oh man we're gonna lose to that singleton card aren't we this is where I wish I'd brought in the capture spear that's funny sure well Sarah talk

Corrigan was a fine draw

let's just attack with the dissident and probably trade with the Sarah talk if they block oh wow I do not expect did not expect this trade but I guess they might need the extra creatures for convoke which would make some sense

our draw only creatures is gonna lose to their draw of better creatures Andric okay what does that fight that's not the worst six minute removal spell sure I'll take that and honestly we might as well just trade here look I got the three for one with their cavalier but oh yeah hashtag rewarded but as I was saying we want the multicolored creatures in our graveyard for food revival

sure it locks in restore

okay let's attack with

I think all of our creatures here and we'll just sack whatever the NHANES oni block is and then vivid revival back are three creatures so let's sack this straw card ooh that could be good try get greedy should I sacrifice the crawl foragers to I don't think so I think we just let this happen no I know we can move it back these three

still three creatures in our graveyard - so rhizomes gonna be a 5:5 welcome to the value town I wonder can I play these convoke cards by tapping creatures I think I probably can oh darn it they just returned two of them back that's kind of disgusting

yeah these are five five so definitely nothing wrong with just running them out

ooh oh my gosh but I can cast their finality from the graveyard now oh god yeah oh that's gonna be great what it was nonsense

no I'm gonna take this

that our block with insect is seems correct because the five five survived through finality they'll play their Cavalier here sure they play part helium that's fine Oh baby this is good so I still need one more mana before I can a fight before I can do that so let's just bide our time we can put the 1/1 counters on the crawl forgery I really want them to attack with their Conclave cavalier because if they if we can get the cavalier to die then finality will clear it up they're cleared up their uh tokens yeah send it in oh yeah all day they also have a camaraderie in their deck I have to remember that but if I draw land next turn we're just going for it

come on

another indra kök' that fights our crawl foragers unfortunately but i imagine a land here is still GG

I'm just giving them so much time to find their camaraderie yeah we can play the fine broker here let's get back the foragers I think and then pass come on land untapped land is all we need before they draw camaraderie damn it oh okay well they found the camaraderie so that's bad they just drew a ton of cards the good news is mnemonic betrayal is still really good because how I you can I can even copy that camaraderie if I really wanted to but I think the fine finality is still the way to go are they gonna prey upon a rise on lurcher no they kill the fickle gar you find broker that's fine

interesting well if they have plus two plus two guess we want them to be forced to use it these tokens are dying anyway so might as well wow they just didn't have it well now I can probably afford to wait anyways that was that seemed a little bit sketchy on their part six cards in hand though that's the real problem

well weird crazy game this is why don't we match they're gonna cast a sprouting renewal okay so I think I'm gonna I think I'm gonna bait them one more turn I think I'm gonna play the crawl forager I think I'm gonna play the erstwhile super just to block and I'm gonna get in for ten damage is it doesn't it doesn't seem like they're gonna be able to I mean if they can deal 14 to me next turn great you got me jumping okay that's fine too externally demonic betrayal there find finality wipe their board leave ourselves with three creatures and then we eyes Oni the turn after that's my game plan

we could lose to something like a bounty of might but oh yeah keep keep playing them out keep going keep playing those for toughness creatures for me or less than yes yes continue my friend continue please I beg of you so we're gonna chop this era talk here because our troopers dying anyways and can I kissed I can even cast a prey upon if I wanted to all right time for uh mnemonic betrayal oh yes

I'm gonna put two one when counters on my crawl foragers Oh does that feel good oh my god I guess I'm running into a righteous blow with one of my six sixes or five fives but wow how lucky you were there okay I mean if you think so wow how lucky you were there oh man now I really hope we just beat them in this match let the salt flow yeah play tonight r75 I can attack in two it's still my friend Oh

baby Oh daddy like wow how lucky were there thank sorry dude it's as if I sight boarded a card that would be good I think I'm gonna bring in the never happened and take out a to drop actually

[Music] no I'm gonna take out of strands if the strands actually seemed pretty bad well please please just let me win this match I don't care if we lose the other one oh this hand is so slow doesn't do anything I'm probably supposed to mulligan this

yeah I just have no place let's go down to six all right we can keep this hand I just need to find a swamp in very pretty set up I'm gonna bottom the forest that might be greedy but I think it's correct we just really need a black source here there we go all right it's still not amazing and but I keep her for sure wooof double necrotic wound is probably not ideal these are the cards that we want to draw later in the game not on turn one and two okay well that makes it a little bit better I would love to trade here

I am definitely blocking if they're attacking no place will also accept that as we draw an Izone II okay

it's just attack here

yes maybe I should be attacking with a someone killed mage too because I don't mind trading two for two oh they scooped my gosh well my friends that feels good let's go to the next round round two of the skills of Ravnica draught we are on the draw and we have a land heavy hand but definitely a hand that you keep guild mage can help buffer some life and then generous stray on turn three hopefully draw me into some more tasty cards just looking for spells here why would you do that magic why would you do that magic why would you give me a seventh or sixth land I told you I wanted to draw spells forest forest from the opponent oh my there's a spell for us again they're probably either celestial Kagari but it could be multicolored as well Green is often paired with blue and black as they have no play but they do have a guild mages forum which i think is one of the better utility lands that you can just randomly pick up even though it's rare right so it costs you a mana to activate but you can make a multi-coloured card rather a multi-coloured creature bigger and you can keep doing that for all of your multi coloured creatures so another lit dev champion womp it's attacking here with our guild mage don't mind trading play out mr. Gorgon and past the turn this card's been so awkward in our deck we want the graveyard utility but we also want to rebuy our creatures so I'm loving it okay generous straight from the opponent as well I'll block and trade if you would like my friends nope they do not which is fine now you know attack with everything and my assumption is they're probably gonna eat the stray or block the stray with load EV and that's okay like it makes my strands worse but I would really like to play at least a 3/3 here and now the bigger spar worm next turn has some extra utility it's not a card I can get back from the graveyard with Vivid revival but making a 3/3 here as opposed to a 4 minute to 2 seems correct ok they're gonna use their forum here let's see what kind of creature they can muster

for mana creature hopefully it's not the Cavalier bad news it's the cavalier okay I don't think they attack with Lata here they'd probably pass turn because if they attack of the dev they're committing to tapping both of these creatures what was that I'll prey upon sure sure sure sure

strands and or severed strands let's just play the worm this turn let's put it on our rhizome and attack for five we can trade with the Conclave I don't actually mind that all too much an extra creatures in the graveyard is okay for us plus we have a derivative revival for eternal the OL return value

I'll let the Giants okay

my tech with vigor they can't block with more than one creature so they're probably seen a chump with the hundred witness I imagine you can't block with more good try though as I was as I was saying if I can get that guild mage Menace back we can make the worm unblockable all right so let's strands the lid dev here sacrificing the Gorgon and then play the rhizome lurcher out as a six six

and then hopefully I draw an untapped Lane next turn because I'd get too lot lift and then follow up the lot lift with the pivot of revival be quite potent nice so let's go to combat first I expect a double jump here but they might also mass block the rhizome lurch or just to take care of it they will gain one life here from the soldier as well okay put them down to seven assuming nothing happens what oh my god do they have the multitudes they do Oh multitudes four nine right well I guess we lose hey that's a good card to have I'm a mephitic know my Donuts Jesus one of the best cards as well three men at X convoke create x11 white soldier tokens with life link so let's let's get vivid here

I'm not technically dead but oh wait yes I am I'm technically dead well maybe they don't see it maybe they don't just click at a call

bad news they saw Wow alright well that is the power of one single card yeah got nothing to say there let's take out the plague crafter versus them bringing the never cheap it back roof so many powerful rares and mythix in this format sometimes you just lose that card very good and it miss it very good there are quite a few others that have similar effects hopefully we can avoid that card in the following game here's Game two round two we are down a game versus green/white multitude one Landry is a mulligan - Lander is a keep putting awesome-looking down to six and unfortunately I need lands so I got a bottom the floor drop even though it's a good one any third land will unlock generous stray which hopefully unlocks some other potential alright and we got there I think I'll eat with whisper agent on turn three just to go a little more aggro depending on what they play

yeah let's lead with whisper agent to pass here might even be able to surveil a creature into the graveyard for some extra rhizome lurcher value my other option was to play the erstwhile trooper and discard two turns in a row to make a 4/4 rise I'm not sure but I don't think I want to lose out on that value nice alright turn three they played at a planned which means we get to bash them in for a little bit yeah we're gonna we're gonna bin that rhizome alert sure

it's attack play the trooper we're hoping to fade the conclave Cavalier good just a to one all right we can deal with that no I said fade the conclave cavalier oh that's pretty good that is pretty good so let's attack let them trade away with my whisperer agent and no I think we're just gonna let that trade happen and we'll play the rhizome lurcher outs I assume they're just gonna jam their Cavalier here

and the next thing is if we exile it it doesn't produce the tokens oh I was going to say he's a prey upon right now do it let's attack with both

they block I have two options I can discard the stray or I can just necrotic wound right now and trade I think I'd rather play the stray and try to find a better card nice that's great

not bad yeah not bad Conclave Cavalier one of those uncommons just so annoying if you don't have like a way to luminous bonds it or capture spirit that's everything I mean I'm not getting my hopes up the opponent has a bunch of cards still in their head and we know they have a multitude in their deck somewhere

are they thinking about a prey upon that's the question

prayerful prey upon

don't pray upon couple forager sweet its attacked for for probably trade Playa for for game for oh no trade okay that means they have some convoke in their hand or something so don't think they would just chump block at 11 life that weren't the case

oh really wish I had the mephitic vapors to to potentially deal with a multitude if they habit

we'll know if they just past the turn at some point with oh they have two of those black I guess we need to find our other necrotic wound luminous bonds you got me

yeah we're trading alright at least we're offering the trade man that card is good

I don't think I trade here I think I just take the hit you draw that before for to block the tutu's or to attack into them okay generous stray and a pass of the turn

all right I like attacking here we don't mind getting creatures off of their battlefields or not but now our dissident can trade away with their Sara talk if they attack with no attacks no oh I guess I know what we're gonna see at the end of their turn or end of our turn right so I'm gonna strands the Sara talk with my four-four they're gonna cast multitude in response and I just pass it can make let's see four five six seven eight nine that can make nine one ones again yeah not much to say hopefully they don't have their flourish now all right well these things happen you know I'm not gonna say they played better than us but they certainly had sweeter airs than we did wolf I'm still I'm still feeling good though after hour after hour round one win this was uh this was a sweet way to go out but this just shows you the powers of some of the individual cards in this format you know march of the multitudes just completely bonkers especially in a prolonged game state like this yeah lots of good sweet stuff they're gonna be more gills of ram to cut drafts coming up so hopefully you guys enjoyed this don't forget to follow me on my twitch channel twitch.tv slash new month enemy and don't forget to watch all of my other content here on the MTG o traders Channel so hopefully enjoy that that was a pretty sweet even though we lost but overall a little bit of a fun one see you guys next time thank you for watching the video if you enjoyed the video make sure to smash that like button subscribe to the channel for more awesome and MTG content just like this and make sure to tap that Bell icon to be notified whenever a video is made live if you want to keep watching content here are two more videos for you this video and many others are sponsored by MP geo traitors and Cape Fear games buy and sell digital singles to build your online collection today with MTG o traders and get your paper singles accessories and much more from Cape for your games whatever your magic needs both places

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