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guys today we decided hop in the car and go to the ugly location challenge and challenge / hobby lobby challenge this is everywhere at the moment and obviously us being DIYs we live in a craft store we have to do this challenge we thought we'd take it to another level why trying to do other locations and other stores too and trying to make that work as well besides ring din and yellow with this because not only does she like edit and do all our social media photos and also you just like have extra hands so it's a field trip well the first stop is uh let's go to Michael's is it weird that we didn't drive anywhere we're like already at the location in conspicuous just here to go crash with me although we're here all the time so like also don't give me any shade what are we gonna start with plan instagrams are about to be so Frank whoa whoa whoa Wow oh my god guys these so many options and then we have just like the plant plant Oh dead ready

[Music] I can see all of that

[Music] like [Music] move on lots of ugly background challenges to complete also while we're here this reminds us that we're doing a Google workshop in Toronto just so exciting on March 24th and you guys are invited we are going to be making some super sweet hanging wall tapestries / decor with this beautiful yarn you know they were picking up today to do all this with the help of Google home you guys know we love Google home it gives us on-the-fly measurements it keeps us inspired with what's new trends are and obviously it gets us going with jams cuz we use it as a speaker you guys will get to play with all of those things in the Google home and more when you hang out with us or our sponsors as a perk the link to registration is already open in the community tab but the rest of you you can sign up tomorrow the link will be live for everybody and it isn't Toronto but if you guys aren't from Toronto don't where I let us know what city would like us to come to next I'm gonna work on making a happen and there's a limited spot so if you guys are interested and you're in Toronto make sure you do that ASAP all right I would say major success but we knew Michaels would be the easiest let's go to the home decor start feeling some pillows feeling some giant rugs oh like linens or something like hanging in front of your face like oh I'm just here in this like cotton Wonderland okay when the home decor store is two seconds away from the craft store I feel like this is

home since guys its home or try to be all like discreet but the craft store was Michael's okay guys we don't have Hobby Lobby here today yeah but that's like not a chance cuz like girl I kids cute alright here we go flower aisle though we can't I don't know I like it's cute but it's not like overly photography goals I think it needs I need some foreground stuff like we had it Michael's I think it work like it just looks like color right let's take these things and go back to the rugs don't know if this is okay [Music] is an employee


okay I was like I was like trying to hold the carpet back of my foot and then like hold this is just like I don't know hopefully we got the shot I took a massive photos all the ones like I don't know about framing I don't know one of these is gonna be good cuz we gotta get anymore so I feel very awkward about posing for photos like that's a huge thing and to do it like on the fly trying not to get caught like serve me looks 1 levels like a hardware store I'm excited for because I feel like there's a lot we can do there and and they don't give up insert word here Home Depot home deep let go I want to do a little wardrobe change maybe mix up the hair makeup where's our hair makeup team for this photo shoot also can't believe brandy melville selling this shirt now they saw our video and had to cop it lambs go [Music]

[Music] I throw every noise like what so we need like one like break I think the closer we are the better because everything's already closed right I don't get kicked out for life that's my only fear cuz like but I'm gonna paint your picture and stick it on the wall they do not let these people in your store place is stupid but I got it all right well sassy lighting guy was like no photos in here you have to speak to the manager I mean that was to be expected but I thought that out of all these places that Home Depot was gonna be the coolest come on now we're going to a different hardware store to check out their lighting and hopefully they'll say anything it's their last shot we have to get and then we're done and it's probably gonna be the coolest one if we can pull it off maybe so okay forget Maternity spots in pregnant mothers come on ladies just kidding respect it's a sign right right it's literally it's a sign yeah you get this can we get this to you casual $400 guys this so sketchy do you not head us like to knock on essence doors where those youtubers now that are like we're gonna eat the type of it you shouldn't eat the type odd so you know what I love our slogan is do it for the DIY we follow all the rules but nowhere you say no climbing so we're gonna climb it


I'll 25 us down there


my son was coming so was going so was coming so he's going he's gone he's gone [Music] Oh

just do it you gotta commit okay to the office to quit okay so we're back in the office that was like way too stressful we're gonna give Daniella the photos and she's gonna work her magic and then we can check him later and see what looks like oh thanks a lot good luck okay we'll see you in a bit [Music] are you done Michels this one I feel the best about healthy okay this is what we did is the lots occurred on this was the unedited photo okay so pretty good and this was the girl damn Instagram don't watch out Michaels Becky this is what our face this was the unanimity yeah I know I posted those like crazy now we get to that this was home sand in front of the rug that's what it was like coming too close to me and we needed the depth look I have like my purse on me and everything I was like ready to go because I'm so they were gonna like call me out this is the unedited version okay okay and this is the edited version oh my god those blues okay that's not it was like interesting cuz we just like the cartridge was like hanging out yeah I like it though all the Blues in the whites it look really like the point is like where would you think that's taken not a good story and we have Becky Thompson's oh yeah these moms were a bit iffy this one oh yeah this one is also like right near the catchments chair and I was like here was our setup okay okay it's just draping that very visually there was the unedited version okay and then that's actually really good it gives me with Ariana Grande oh yeah now time Christmas card should we start with Kelsey's this was our set which is like so she could like see evil the background like what are they doing here was the unedited version okay okay okay and this was the edited version so yeah I think like coppery got it yeah I didn't really well it looks like you're in some crazy like art installation our Becky hardware store photos I'm Kelsey wasn't on the ground you're not fully committed here this is full commitment oh my god we both are like covered in life oh here was the unedited version whoa not bad for unedited seriously and now oh my gosh so I added like a couple other like maybe this one out window behind you but the things we did for that shot I think good job team that's not bad I know and you guys think and you'd like should seriously go over to the blog to see you like oh I think we got a lot to beat some options or our instagrams will definitely have them the sorry girls in serum pills my real Instagram I think you learn Instagram and if you guys liked this video make sure that you give it a like and if you love that make sure you sub it and we'll see you next up

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Since we LIVE in the craft store (and hardware, and home decor store) we decided to try out the hobby lobby challenge at a bunch of locations to see what kind of photos we can get. Why was this so stressful. DIY WITH US! Google Workshop on March 24th in Toronto! *very limited spaces* RSVP/ sign up here:

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