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anthem is one of this year's most highly anticipated releases there is a lot of excitement around this game and rightfully so it's an all that often we see a major studio release something new I mean look at most of last year's biggest games they're pretty much all sequels and with a new game comes hope and promise could this be the game that completely destroys my life there's a possibility but first there's some questions and concerns is the story gonna suck can i play this game if I have no friends will it be filled with predatory microtransactions can I make love to these people well you've got questions and I've got answers cuz here today I'll be going over the ten things you absolutely need to know about anthem and yes I had to put absolutely in there because everyone's already made the ten things that you need to know it's just a freaking list video I gotta set myself apart first let's start off with the basics of the game which is the combat this is a third-person action game with a heavy emphasis on mobility you're gonna be flying around the world looking for enemies to shoot punched in the face or obliterate with your skills because yes this isn't just a game about shooting there's a whole lot of abilities at your disposal large group of weak enemies bust out some AoE one big tough guy aim for those crit spots a whole bunch of baddies try using your Ultimates or maybe setup some devastating combos with your friends and depending on your play style you can choose from one of the games for classes known as javelins javelins are these exosuits for your pilot that each have their own unique abilities skills and Ultimates first off there's the Ranger the very first suit that you get in the game and it's actually the most versatile with the focus on single target damage has access to a variety of grenades a shock mace and an ultimate that deals precise damage across a wide swath of the battlefield then we've got the Colossus a tank designed to take out groups of enemies it's the only javelin that can use heavy weaponry while also having access to tons of AoE abilities a shield and the devastating siege cannon ultimate the Interceptor is a fast nimble javelin the hops around evading attacks letting you get in close to inflict damage and weaken enemies with various assault and strike abilities its ultimate to the assassin's blade supercharges the interceptors melee attack letting you carve through enemies with ease and then Phi there is the storm the spell slinger of anthem using magical elemental seals the storm floats above the battlefield unleashing devastating damage on enemies below ice Lance's fiery strikes and the powerful elemental storm Ultimates are just a few of the tools at the storm's disposal it's also important to note that the javelins are separate from your pilot your pilot always stays the same the javelins are just the suits that you wear so you can swap between them at any point you're not just stuck with one javelin forever which is good because if one of them sucks I'm gonna want to change to whatever's overpowered just being honest here next up I want to talk about the open world this game takes place on a massive seamless open world with loads of verticality so we've got this big space to explore without any loading screens now what you'll be doing here is exploring around looking for enemies to shoot finding quests points of interest taking part in events and world bosses there's also dungeons known as strongholds also the open world will have you collecting resources finding these various loot chests and codexes to expand on the game's story there's also a day/night cycle and a dynamic weather system in the game as well this is gonna be a games as a service which means that over time they're gonna continue to add to the world unlocking new areas places to explore and basically all of the things that we just talked about it's important to note as well that this is very much so a co-op focused game now you can play through a lot of the main storyline solo progressing the world of anthem and learning about the backstory but most of the later content is gonna require groups to play we're talking about the dungeons that are called strongholds things like these large difficult world bosses and events challenge modes a lot of what you're gonna be doing will be with other people so if you're someone who doesn't have a lot of friends to play with well don't worry because there is a matchmaking system the game has a four player drop-in dropout co-op system it's gonna feature enemies scaling dynamic damage dealing so that basically it doesn't matter if you're super powerful and your friends really suck you can still play together but just keep reminding them that they suck and then of course again there's that combo system with these primers and detonators you can have different builds that synergize with your friends there's a lot playing into the co-operative aspect of this game so if you are hoping that anthem was just a game you can nolife solo by yourself you'll be missing out on a lot of what anthem has to offer but again there is a single-player story let's talk about it we've got a fully fleshed out and voice-acted single-player story line what they're calling our world my story our world is all of the open-world stuff that you'll be doing with friends the dungeons the bosses the events collecting all the loot that's our world but my story is that single-player narrative that takes place primarily in the location known as fort Tarsus this is the solo instance Zone in the game will you'll be walking around talking with NPCs picking up new quests and progressing your personal story now they did say specifically I know this is a Bioware game and a lot of you like making love in these games but unfortunately enough there are no romance options so if you see someone who you think's cute I'm sorry that's about as far as it's gotta go now let's talk about the endgame this is gonna play a major role in anthem and game known as the elder game is gonna consist of a few major aspects first there are the strongholds which are these challenging group dungeons with various sections activities to complete and a big bad end boss there's also legendary contracts which are basically going to be a lot of the things that you did while leveling up but at a gear up mode rewarding better stuff as a result we've also got things like the world events and bosses and all of this within the various difficulties there are gonna be six difficulties in the game at launch going from easy normal hard to Grand Master one two and three now most of the footage that we've seen so far has been on the easier of the difficulties so we're gonna have to see just how hard Grand Master is and why are you doing all these endgame activities well it's all about the loot yes this is a loot focused game we've got item levels six different tiers of rarities and random rolled inscriptions which works as these additional benefits to any gear that you find drops will come from a variety of sources including enemies challenge rewards and crafting basically the harder the challenge the better the loot that you're likely to get the loot drops will be instant so you don't got to worry about any of your shitty friends picking up something that you rightfully deserve and also unfortunately enough they've said there is no trading in this game so if you get that badass weapon that your friend Billy wanted well Billy's just gonna have to hold his horses until it drops for him I don't love that no trading in this game they're basically doing it to extend the life of the loot grind aspect I don't know I guess I mean we could complain about it a bunch maybe they change it but I'm not counting on it and all of this different loot that drops is gonna play into the loadout system there will be tons of different types of builds that you can make with the different pieces of equipment depending on your play style do you want to focus on your ability is reducing their cooldowns and increasing their effectiveness you want to make your melee stronger increase your shields allow yourself to hover for longer or maybe you just want your weapons to hit much harder so many different pieces of gear with these different effects --is and things to affect the way that you play your play style it's really gonna be a min/max errs and builders dream that's at least that's what they're saying and yes the game will have a gear score so you can boast to all of your friends hey guys look I've got no life but check out that number it's pretty high huh another thing that people love in these games is customization and there is going to be plenty you can customize the look of your pilots as well as your javelin there's tons of customization options from the color the pattern and even the material type of your javelin suit and then also there are the loadouts there's five equipment slots for every javelin which includes two different types of weapons and three different gear pieces which are essentially the javelin bilities now let's talk about microtransactions there are none I'm just kidding come on come on it's an EA game of course there are microtransactions but there are no loop boxes and no randomization there's also promising should be no season pass the microtransactions are gonna come in the form of purchasing cosmetics so all that customization that I just talked about changing how your Javan looks yeah you're gonna build by some of the sweet things some people aren't gonna love that but it's there there are microtransactions but again the good news is they're promising it is purely cosmetic post-launch of course we're gonna be getting new content they'll be adding to the game and the story and all of that the story DLC has been promised to be completely free however there are gonna be releasing new javelins as well as extensions to the game world as well as new features and you can bet your ass you're probably gonna have to pay for those and the final thing I want to let you guys know is that the game will not have PvP this is strictly ap the coop loot game you go out there you fight enemies you do these challenges you get some cool loot to face harder challenges and do it over and over again you're not gonna be fighting other players you're not gonna be entering this arena at least at launch they made the distinction to say no PvP at launch so maybe that means at some point in the future it's something they'll consider adding but for the foreseeable future this is not a PvP game it is a loot grinding game and you know what I freaking love loo games and I cannot wait for anthem I am incredibly excited everything they've shown the gameplay that I've seen and the time that I've played I can't talk about it I can't talk about that NDA I think yeah NDA not too long ago at the end of December there was actually this super cool early preview event where they flew out a bunch of influencers and they forgot all about me I don't understand did you did you see my last video and anthem definitely was freaking good okay I can't say this all the time but that video was a good video I'm so freakin so upset I get invited to the anthem event but it's okay it's okay cuz there's more coming in the future I don't even know if I can talk about this I'm gonna get fucking banned real impressive bro I'm doing a great job

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Anthem is an upcoming online multiplayer action role-playing video game being developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. The game is slated for a worldwide release for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 22, 2019. Music Sunshine Samba by Chris Haugen Thanks for watching!
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