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by: TydeTyme

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[Music] Badham preschool at Springwood hello everybody was amazing game of dead by day like today we're playing the and that's not particularly my favorite thing but today we're running the shackles add-on if you don't know what that is that's essentially an atom that allows her traps to proc without a warning so essentially it'll proc and then no one will be notified of it it's kind of the big thing I will and I can teleport to it so I can come in and visibly and they won't see me coming so it's pretty big so we're gonna trap up the hex totem just buy it some additional life time oh how you how are you oh you seem to be just urban evading into death oh good call what are you doing sir ask you to oh wow okay again I have no idea what's going on but I only have one more choco so I'm gonna grab your butt put you on the back burner yes and I'm really confused okay so that happened here I won't see that shit coming alright base your death will not be missed okay sorry he's dead and they got one of the generators done huh oh shit hi alright so that happens the obsession hasn't been caught yet this is protein Christy well one more person to go Wow so if you ask how did I know she was in there the scratch marks faded against the wall I took a guess he's very good yes I think I just heard some footsteps I did I did hear some footsteps some scratch marks are here now that are over there my buddy

time now they're both running I like this hey buddy

so we're gonna go ahead and find out where that guy with he tricked my other nice little thing and my nurse coward sweet

hi all right well then kids uh I don't know what to say that went really well haha I was gonna say we run agitation on grass always and sure we get some push but don't worry about here I don't even have to worry about him getting up off the floods no there's no trapdoor for him he's done even if he were to get off my shoulder it'd be like he can run and then I'll kill him alright d strike three points buddy I don't think he went for it well then just rank reset things I guess I'm not a hundred percent sure not worth a lot of points today but there you go oh man I don't even think that was a skillful maybe the Feynman was the only skillful part on my end attracting her into there when he went down there for some odd reason thinking he was gonna fly that was I that team though don't know it roaming storehouse at the Macmillan estate so it turns out I had a second shackles and I shall be using it now where the hell is my I would like nor my totem s ok well I didn't even get a single setup and I don't know where my totems at so this is really bad

Wow okay I hope you run things and I hope you die there was my totem now I'm going to kill her she is going to die

oh no see I only hurt him because I didn't care that he was in my way but you're going tonight No are you better on come for you oh let's it happen spaghetti smooth I'm coming for the booty get that bloodlust going there chase on hag it's eventually gonna catch up maybe I have hit everyone else today this has been an interesting an interesting Accord here

about that sweetheart

so if she goes here if she makes one more loop I should be able to catch it that's a blood lust - I have - so I don't know hoping I eventually catch her eventually would be nice I don't know why she's so incredibly faster than me but you know what it's okay well the city's gonna take speed in there we go there we go yeah dig good until you pissed me off you don't ever intentionally piss someone off that'll get you killed like if you're gonna stun me under a pallet like that are you better you better hope that you've got the skills to keep on running I can grasp an agitation huh I'll make stationery grasp on I will make it

that's why I run boats they even wasted the pallet took the damage and now we begin our trapping phase right here so we're running shackles it essentially doesn't let them know when the traps go off but I get notified and I can still teleport to them but I'm going to kill this person I am absolutely not happy about that so all done plot it in the middle of the grass not the strongest idea

no I am doing this hi you but all right so she knocked all my traps out so we're gonna replace I know she dies she dies sigh love get out of here this one's mine put you on the further hook now if you have any more Hope than that body of yours pray you don't

I'm breaking every last bit of hope

aha Oh that about time this time well I mean she's dead now it's only a matter of 15 seconds before she gives in you guys got no home

follow the red marks someone's in trouble

hi hey how's it going drop that pallet and drop all this reckless damage oh yeah that's right get the hell out of here alrighty then so then back to the basement you go because I'm not wasting any hooks on you hi you take that get out of my way agitation and grass that's what it's for and they must be running we're gonna live forever ah I feel satisfied if I saw the explosion right on top of that

and answered no and the havoc has been caused good we killed someone outright they got a whole bunch of altruism I got a whole bunch of boldness and sacrifice all stuff I can do


hi let's just check it real fast now I always check lockers people try to be real sneaky about it I like it I love it that dang them soundly goes down can't be having them pop a whole bunch on me likely working on the other side of the map there are tons of Jenny's over here

this something we want to stop

absolutely nothing I want to keep here [Music] and look at them Hey

hi you how's it going hopefully you don't mind me I'm gonna go ahead and get that bloodlust ooh dan hard nope just dead

go ahead and place another one right here one over there got that one there all right 10% is going down are you

I don't have a hook in there so that's not good kind of sucker Oh bitch how's it going that's what I love shackles and now we've got nearly everybody

so she's likely already started her run which I need to go ahead make sure that I protect this girl all right so she can go and get the last generator I'm not too freakin worried about that not what I wanted

all right that's what I thought shame shame okay well then that's that I got them all I missed the teleportation grab mostly because I waited way too long it's helped work immediately but I thought I'd put this stuff a little closer now when did I knocked her butt down we went out this way fell down like right here all right yeah I'm gonna wait till she's dead and yeah now the worst you could do to me is run in a direction I don't particularly enjoy and it doesn't seem like you're right to the basement with you well see that's what overall truism does it kills your allies especially when they pissed me off rule one kids don't piss off the killer if you can avoid it just hide from them else if you're wondering like handing base camping tunneling focusing ever happens cuz of you yeah it really is I mean you could say well what if you stun me while I'm setting a trap [Music] hi lucky ask for percents

every game anyway hey if you if you stand the killer ain't gonna kill you especially when they're doing something as innocent setting a trap then you're gonna died you can't expect anything less so that was interesting I win that was a lot better than the last one well there you go there's the hegh situational awareness if the Hank has someone under the you know hooks you should probably not overly attempt to save them like that was their primary loss I mean he'll they had it all set up for them they had three generators at 99 they could have popped but they didn't I found one I got it down to zero I found the second one knocked that girl down and then the other guy got on the generator now he didn't know I was gonna pop up there because of shackles so if you're wondering why Jake didn't let go because by the time he realized I was there it was like too scary it just it happened so fast to watch a hag pop out of the ground and just grab you its it's rough life so the grab from Jake is because shackles he didn't know he popped the trap and the trap was set directly behind him so the only time that he'd hear it is when I pop out of it it makes it a noise and then I can grab him so if you're playing with shackles it's probably - it's my favorite from The Hague it's probably the best thing she has all it does is gives them no indication that the triggers been trapped and you can teleport to it one of those longest things of that is that they don't don't they never know now they can use their flashlight to detect where you have a trap but they don't know if they pop that trap off I like to combine it with the swamp orchard necklace just quicker setting times and I think that's like the best way to put it is the setting time is a massive tool because again time is against the killers here so the more time you take off her trap that you said it saves time along hag is strong defensively we chase the first kill I had to make was a very very weak chase but also I was dishing out damage evenly stopping people from doing things which interrupted them not for very long they took off running I had to self-care for about 10-15 seconds so that took that off me they spent time doing that while I continue to chase and she wasted a lot to good palates and otherwise it set up new traps is very important that it were quite a lot of decisive strike users that did not get that opportunity thank God it's Brett burst had kind of sucks against so if you're playing survivor and you want to fight against a hag one of the strongest things to do is if you've seen her place any traps at you know she's on somebody go run through every single one of the traps and pop them all that will set the head behind pretty bad otherwise if you're in the basement stay away from the basement don't be in the basement don't go to the basement don't go near the basement don't get taken down in the basement if you see where the basements at you want to get the generators that are done first and then get the hell out of there it's it's the basements her strongest thing especially in bed ham at the basements in the boiler room under the school scariest thing ever there is no way to escape the hag down there because she can block up the whole area and teleport anywhere you try to run you descent have to crouch the whole way out but if you try to catch it's chasing you you're gonna get caught either way so it's a bad situation very rough life and that's all I got to say that's all right guys I gotta get prepped for the saw killer so I'll be using all my puddin's and stuff I'll keep you guys up to date on any news I've got a video coming out regarding the the leak I've just been spending a lot of time trying to figure out if it's real or not so far not real I mean part of me so far very real I can't prove it wrong that's my problem and I'm trying to get that out so thank you all for watching if you like what I do here please give me that like comment

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So have you ever wondered if the Hag could be good? Do you wonder why we don't consider her the worst killer in the game? Hag has some slight defensive potential, but you can skyrocket this to the extreme by using Rusty Shackles. This makes her traps devastating as they can lead to instant grabs due to lack of awareness. Rusty Shackles cause your traps to not notify the survivor they've been set off. However the Hag gets the warning and can still teleport to them making the hag spawn out of nowhere. Possibly the greatest jump scares (next to the Shape) that you'll get. Lore Tyme:

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