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hi guys and gals welcome back to geek isn't here on planet coaster my name's John see you join me as the Sun rises another beautiful day in Costa Planet and we look on this little Mexican toy-building this is a little pirate themed building for one shop and this is going to be a basic building tutorial so we're gonna rip replicate this near enough not necessarily identically but we're going to try and replicate this and I won't lie it's a bit of a hot mess there's a lot going on here there's a lot of different things it's a little messy but and I tried to build something that kind of shows you lots of different sort of techniques that you're going to be needing to use in the building mode and also a way of me being outsourced of roughly go through my process when it comes to building as well now I'm no expert builder you know I'm not silver at but if a lot of people ask me about some of the techniques I use so this is going to be a sort of a two-fold tutorial really one actual sort of hard techniques code sort of things to press and what to click but then also a little bit of theory about what what's actually going on here as well okay it's going to be part one there's going to be a basic tutorial okay we're gonna build this that we're going to be doing a second part as well it's going to go into a little bit more depth and and some sort of like workarounds for different things and things like that so we're going to start off we're going to build the actual shop so for the most part the building is you're going to be building are going to be wrapped around something a sharp or something obviously you can build things just the scenery and but for the most part they're going to be out of shops or toilets or coaster stations or things like that so we're going to start off with a shop so we'll go here into custom and you'll have them all lined up like this all of the shops in the game and look like this are basically a box a brick box with a different color brick for each one and a shutter on the front I'm pressing Z Hetal Z and a few people put me up asking me what the Zed key is that's just how we brits say them at Z so Z door Z which it either way it's the last two hell out really alphabet and there you can press that and that will always turn 90 degrees anything pretty much in the game if you tap this you'll get a 90 degree rotation on it you hold it down you'll get a ring like this and you can move your mouse to have more of a subtle turn and you can also turn angle snap on and off so if we spend it on enough we'll then get with the same holding down the key there we get the angle snap so here you can see in the corner we have a 45 degree angle snap and you can see there we can then do 45 degrees and this can be changed to 15 30 or 45 15 is quite useful to give you bit of overall control but just by tapping space you can turn that on enough and you'll let you be able to tap it however you want but with the on or off tapping it will always give you 90 degrees from wherever it was so anyway let's just place it down in terms of us like so and then we're down but you'll notice we've got a grid in place on the ground in front of us and the grid is the same width as the part that we've just placed down and this box is 4 meters by 4 meters by 4 meters and that is pretty much the standard building grid in the game anything in the menu here that has agreed behind it you can see the patterns they have a great means that they will place a grid down when they're the first ice and down or if there's already a grid down they will have to stick to that grid so let's say I have a mix line so then we can also open an ATM and you'll see now because we have that mechs lente this ATM is now stuck to this grid if we can rotate it we can drag it around but it stucks that grid in some case you can actually change the grid size but it's literally down from 4 meters to 1/2 that 2 meters so you can get a little bit more control but like I say once you've built one item on a grid everything else within that building and you can tell you within a building here because you've got here look we're in building 8163 where that number comes from I have no idea I assume that the developers built 8161 buildings in this level before they release the game and I've built one over there and this is 63 anyway I digress so when you're within a building anything with this grid has to stick to the grid that was generated from the first item down now we're not going to go into buildings using multiple grids in this one that's a little bit more advanced but we are going to be covering that later on but for now we're now stuck to this grid so it's going to building mode a lot of the things within custom building mode are grid pieces for instance curved column base is a groupie so you can see it snapping but then stuff without the grid behind them it doesn't have it and they're the ones that you can get full control over and do whatever you want with so we'll start off with the walls go into walls as loads and loads of pieces you can see here there's all different types of wall basically and corners and sort of slopes to go into rooms and loads of different bits there's different ways you can break these up and we're going to go through those quickly before we carry on first of all you can search for something specific so if I wanted a 2 meters slope I could type in 2 meter slow but that gives us all the 2 meter slopes of every different material 2 meter slopes are what you use to go under roofs to sort of finish off the wall areas so there we go we've got 2 meter slope or say I wanted everything that was part of the stucco range which is actually what we're going to be using the moment if we type in stucco we got all the different stucco pieces we get sort of sort of overhangs like that under under pieces I don't really know a lot the technical names a pair of pits and then also just regular walls as well we get rid of that so you've got a basic search for anything in particular you can change hair they are showing either by alphabet alphabet eyes their type so there you go you get all the sort of slopes together and then also their price high to low but that's very not used very much to be honest because the prices are arbitrary and they seem to be pulled out at their form a lot of times you'll find that pieces of the same shape but made a different material different prices and yeah I wouldn't recommend that unless you really really stuck for cash in a campaign mode or a career mode or something you need some cheap scenery or something I don't know so anyway we'll go back to names that's how you always use it the final ways you can break them up into groups using filters so first of all you have your scenery themes which is your five main themes are currently in the game pirate fairy tale at planet coaster which is sort of like the generic modern theme western cytha sci-fi you've then got you can actually break up to the material which is what we're gonna be using the moment so these are what each piece is made out of so rather than having to type in stucco you can come up here and just select stucco it shows you all the stucco pieces then we also have building sets there building set from what I can tell basically is the wall pieces roof pieces columns and thing like that that match the scenery theme so scenery items are the more interesting items crates statues animatronics all those things there that classic scenery and there and they're characterized by the scenery theme but then building set windows doors and things like that a class to a building set that matches so here for instance if we wanted pirates we select pirates you'll find that if we take stuff off you won't get any wall pieces that are classed as pirate walls but then if you come down to the building set and select maybe rustic and Old West you'll find there you've got brick pieces lime plaster all stuff that you could use aaliyan pirates and that's been done purposefully so is there time you don't feel like you're limited too much by certain themes when you're building buildings so we'll find them I'll finally the last category is the property you'll be using these much in the building tab these come more for scenery if you click those you can either have items that are trigger Abul in that they can be effected by a trigger when you're building things like dark rides or just sort of interesting aspects of coasters if you know more on triggers I'll put a link in the top corner there to my trigger tutorial that goes over all of those features and be much more depth and then also editable text which is used for signs basically we go to misc signs here these are all the signs where you can change the text on them anyway so that's how you find things you're looking for we're going to go back into walls also again and then here we'll select stucco and we're going to select the four meter stucco wall sex-ay the building is pretty much attached to a four meter grid here we've got 2 meter grids so you can see we can actually sort of offset the wall slightly but we're going to build just a basic sort of 2 by 2 box around this wall around this mech Celente even now you'll notice you can build it close or a little bit further away and I was going to go back to 4 meters to show you basically how it works is you can have the pieces are always on the inside of a box where you could then move them to be on the inside of the next box technically which is on the outside of the previous box you see they can sort of going between the two this gives you a lot more options for the most part I like to build inside the box so for instance I'll put this wall here in here because that gives me a lot of options in the future if I want to do more detail on the outside of the box to build up the wall something like that okay right-click there to get rid of pieces if we need to but we're gonna carry on with these now I do selected this piece now so rather than having to go back through here a find which one it was obviously it's that one but if there was a larger selection it would be more tricky so instead I'm going to select a piece and if you see up here you've got options you can duplicate it by using ctrl + d so we'll press ctrl d you can also click that button if you want to and that gives you the piece back there for the most part you'll then be able to carry on using the piece sometimes this doesn't work I'm quite figured out what the rule is there but I think football pieces for the most part you'll be able to carry on like that each of the wall pieces will also have a piece that looks like this and it's basically called shopfronts and it perfectly fits all of the stores if you want to build this for something like a toilet or a first-aid box if you go into arches there are suitable arches you can use there and for that purpose but for this one because we've got a shop we're going to be using the storefront here we're building a sloped roof and as you can see there just realize it's going darks or to set the light to a decent color there that's great and so here we use a sloped roof so we actually need to build the walls up a little using these extra little bits so here we're going to add two two metres slope we're going to press s to rotate it and dragula when you're building or with dragging with that shift by the way sorry holding down shift to move up and down and this is known as the grid height and that actually has quite a lot of change in it you can go right down to zero and you can pretty much change it on any point or you can go right up to four which is handy if you're building large sections of wall but we don't we want it to for this so we can build one there one there and then we also need a two meter wall to go at the back there like so and that builds there you'll see there's a bit of a kink here where the draught walls try meet but for the most part the rules will cover that up nicely so we also have a little side building here as well so it will go back to a four meter wall for a second and knock the grid size down to two because we're going to offset a little here and build just a size of a building just like so I think it's actually a little bit lowest that's fine we'll get rid of that it doesn't have to be exact but and it was this actually gives me a good reason to show you this so walls all coming one metre meter or four meter nothing in between sissy wants to three meter high wall you would have to use a two meter and a one meter on top of it like so that would give you three meters high which i think is actually what we've done here so well add up another two there check it down and there the other thing you could always do is just grab the four meter and just knock into the ground a little that works just as well and either ways either way is perfectly acceptable I think pretty much I don't think it makes much difference regarding their processing and then finally we want our little that will do a one meter slope here yeah I think it's very slightly different but it doesn't really matter too much oh I miss there and pressing right click to get rid of things I'll try that again little slope round like so and then we're going to move on to roofs so roofs are down here rivers are split into a few different section you have pitch throughs which basically brews with the slope music get rid of a stucco filter there to show them so any rooms with slopes are either domes cones or just sort of sloped roofs come under here we have flat roofs they do what they say no these although these classes rooms a lot of these work really well for floors as well so bear that in mind if you're looking for floor pieces roof trims are sort of the edging pieces for various rooms and decorations are things like can ballast trades and chimneys and sort of extra little awnings and they go visit even a weather vane so we need pitched roofs and there is a ridge tile roof that goes really well with the stucco and we want the slope which is just here now I think a lot of these actually have varying slopes but this one doesn't see into so we may have to change that wall there I think we're going to press Z to rotate it and then we're going to place it underneath way we want it to be and then shift to drag it up into place and we'll click and again we'll click and here we actually need to change these walls a little so we'll just quickly get rid of those and we can actually duplicate this one that's the one we want rotate it with Z and then drag it down and again rotate it with Z and drag it oh we go and then we'll just add that roof on to like so he goes that's pretty much your roof it's kind of done if you're happy with it but I think you actually do quite a bit more with rooms to make them look a little bit more interesting you see the difference between this roof here and this roof here has a lot more going about it and we're using the roof trims there to where to get those of extra extra little bits all of the room or most of the rooms have a set of trims for them as well so these are called Ridge tiles so if we search for a Ridge tile we'll get the ones we want to see so the roof edge is a piece that you have to rotate and drag and there you may have you may find that you have to knock down the grid height here to get it as accurate as you want to here you can drag it on a little tab it further there we go we click down to place not too sure why they're rotating they don't normally do that like so there we go it gives you that little sort of hangover and I would do that on this side as well and you can also do it here I don't know how accurate this is for sort of architecture reasons but I think it looks pretty good like so and then finally he's a trim piece on the top of him what make the height a little smaller there so it just sits above them like so and like so so your roof is nicely placed that pretty much finishes the building for you we're now going to move into scenery and a few other options one of the biggest sort of problems I find with building is that stuff is kind of spread into different areas that you wouldn't expect it to be in for instance there is under building will open these up there is a decoration section but then obviously these are really just pieces of scenery and in scenery there are also decorations the way I try and remember it is that building decorations are things that should really attached to a wall so these are things like wall lights or mounted pictures or things like that and then in scenery decorations or things that don't necessarily go on walls but obviously one of the joys of this game is you can change them and adjust them and use them however you wish and that says part of the fun of it really so before we get into that we're going to go and do some doors and windows very quickly again you can search for specific sort of scenery themes to get here but you'll find that they won't same there's no sci-fi doors as citrus isn't it so we actually wants a pirate there's no party doors either they must just class as building sets then let's have a look if we go rustic yeah we start getting some of the some of the ones there an Old West we get some other ones we can use as well and that's fine but the ones we're going to use are one of them is Sam is actually a fairytale door but I think it said it works quite well and because the stucco ones are a little big to be honest you scroll to find which one it was and which one it was now is it guys some sort of little time and on the front is that one yes there we go so it's actually a fairytale door but I think it looks quite nicely so now here's an interesting point we are no longer editing within this building and you can tell that because there isn't a mention of a building name up in the top right corner you'll see here it's got add to building and if we click that now it'll add to the building open the building up and we can carry on as we were but we may want to do something like this where we want to build a rock and you'll find that we're not able to build the rock under the building unless it's actually touching there are a couple of ways around this first of all you can use advanced move so once the rock is touching the building you can press X and then drag it arrow to click it in place and then once it's wherever you want it to be if you select the building and the rock by using the multi select tool in the bottom corner there there is now an option to add standalone scenery to selected building if you click that then there we have it we have a building and inside that building is the rock we click here edit building or we can press the R key to get back in any way we don't want a rock there last thing we want to do is some doors and windows so yeah anyway sorry I'd said little slight digress I wasn't going to mention that till later but it came up because the door so I'll stick it in so now we're in the building we're able to place the door here F key what the F key does is place the door perfectly in the middle of a wall this happens to any piece that's meant to go on a wall so if you press the F key it places it perfectly in the middle of that square as if it was on a four by four grid so you'll see here it's a little higher what we can do is whilst holding down F we can press X we can then let go of both keys and now we know that's perfectly in the middle part of them as it's too high but because we've press X we can now use the arrow here to drag it down into place like so nice loud thump as it does so last thing we're going to do is place a few win we've gone for the nice sort of small small decorative stucco windows here they are and again we'll press F to see where they end up it's not really ideal so we'll just have to sort of do these by eye but here's how we get things lined up play the first of all where ever we want the first one we can get rid of place it but before we place it we're going to press X and that gives us the advanced move clicking anywhere now we'll place one of those and then what we can do is actually drag it across we can press X again which gives us rotation and we can rotate it around whilst we're rotating if we press M space key we get a rotating back on again which we want so we're gonna press X again and bring it down and now we know that that is perfectly Heights Y is exactly the same as the other window and there it's just a case of lining it up on that wall it actually looks pretty good where it is there and it will place that as well that's how you get sort of windows lined up especially when they're on different surfaces like so so there you go you've got a really basic building there hopefully that's gone through some of the tips in part 2 we're going to add all the rest of the detail using some scenery and a few others of extra sort of key presses and things to make life a little bit easier but there we go you've got your basic shop set up there thank you very much for watching hope you enjoy it there is a link in the top there for Part C I'm going to releasing these both at the same time if you have liked it please give us a like it really does help out the channel and also you should see a nice big circle on the screen there that you can click and subscribe thank you very much for watching and I'll see you in the next

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