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[Music] hi everyone welcome back to my channel today I am sharing with you a pot meal dinner this has been highly requested so I hope that you really enjoy it I'm gonna hop right into my first one I am making it's like a chicken and potato garlic parmesan dish so garlic parmesan chicken crock pot meal I guess it's really good you'll like it so this is all what you're gonna need I have a pound of whole red potatoes this recipe calls for two pounds of bone-in chicken thighs but I'm using like one and a half pounds of regular chicken thighs you're going to need two tablespoons of butter 5 garlic cloves and 2 tablespoons of parmesan and cheese and for our spices I'm using black pepper and a little bit of salt Italian seasoning and time the recipe also calls for fresh thyme and fresh oregano but I'll have all the recipes linked in my description box and as always you can follow me on Pinterest if you want to see this so I'm just going to salt and pepper in a chicken bias and I'm just going to sear them I just sprayed my hands and this is really just to get from car on the outside you don't have to cook them all the way through

you can skip this step but this does give it a lot more flavor this way and then I'm going to go ahead and salt and pepper the other side so while that is Siri I'm going to go ahead and put in my crock-pot liner I'll have these links below and get these from Amazon times and they're a lifesaver you can see they're really bad music my crock-pot is actually cracked so I need a new prop pie as well so it's not my list

got a nice little fear going on the chicken I have my potatoes in cutting in garlic

and now I'm just going to add those two tablespoons of butter i melted slightly a little bit of oil the recipe calls for two tablespoons of oil I just eyeball it and my Parmesan cheese again adjust spices according to what you like thyme is probably it's not on my top favorite seasoning so I'm not gonna do too much again I'll have exact measurements in the recipe linked below it's just how I make it and then a little bit of Italian seasoning and then I was gonna go ahead give that all the stir I'll show you what it looks like before I add my chicken and if you argue do one of these bags just to make sure that you don't pierce the bag when you're stirring because I believe in the sake and have done that before so this is what the potatoes look like mixed with the oil butter salt pepper Italian seasoning in time and I'm just going to go ahead and add my chicken okay my chicken thighs are in and now I'm just going to salt and pepper everything and I'm going to

give this a quick little toss of everything kind of just stir it all up again be careful about your bag and now I'm just going to cover this and you can do it on low for eight hours or in my case I'm doing it on high for four hours okay it is four hours later Oh smoking up melenz it smells amazing yummy you like this chicken good that makes me so happy you like it too the potatoes are so hot honey so the boys are doing a really great job with their dinner I like it I just feel like it needs more okay you don't eat potatoes um I feel like I'm really happy that you're eating your chicken it needs more seasoning in my opinion and you can keep it kind of bland for the kids doesn't see my boys are actually both eating it but I would definitely add more seasoning okay so this is the easiest one of all literally just chicken thighs like I've had a pound and then I'm adding this Campbell skillet sauce however I'm putting it in the crock-pot usually you can just cook it on the stove really quickly but this is um chicken marsala and I'm gonna do this on low for about like six hours or so and I will update you so this is how it came out it looks and smells delicious and then we just made some rice and some way to go with it okay guys so this one doesn't get much easier got a crock-pot liner two chicken breasts and we're gonna season it with a little bit of onion powder a little bit of garlic powder salt and pepper and then this is just a creamy basil alfredo sauce and my friend Breanna Kay on YouTube makes this with she just puts this in there with the chicken and then she puts fresh garlic my heartburn is already on fleek this pregnancy so I'm just gonna do a little bit of garlic powder it's pleased

that mommy baking tracks out my way garlic now my Alfredo we're gonna put the whole hey guys I'm gonna put the whole thing in because I'm gonna serve it over pasta and Breanna serve turns over the winter Cod zoodles so you can do not your main home and then I'm doing four hours on high you can do eight hours on low can we just take a second Tanner what are you doing mister you got your fire yeah but I'll show you this right furnace you guys this came out amazing I did an entire pound of pasta because I personally I don't like leftovers but I love cold pasta I know that's weird but look how good this looks and it smells amazing and this is probably the easiest crock pot meal I've ever done gonna give this one a thumbs up and today since I'm recording this will be like a bunch of these together this cooking video because I want to give you a bunch of meal ideas that one's for you to choose from and a meal plan but today I started fundraising for no Kid Hungry and it's only been a few hours and we already raised seven hundred dollars that is amazing I'm going to leave the link below one dollar is ten meals for a kid that is in need so really amazing and I don't know why do you know this but um we didn't grow up with a lot my mom is amazing she took really good care of us she worked a bunch of jobs but around Thanksgiving time we had our church Tony a turkey and a bunch of food to us and I just remember my mom crying and being so thankful for that so I just I want to give back as much as I can and this is just a very small way so make sure to check out that link below and I think the minimum you can donate is five dollars and if you can't donate you can help so much just by sharing my link so I topped it with some fresh mozzarella because I'm too I love cheese and oh I know how can say and when it to show you guys that this is the gluten-free pasta that we love so far this is our favorite hope you enjoy okay so tonight I am making a chicken enchilada soup super easy super delicious you're going to start with your chicken breasts a minor thin slice just because that is all that I had on hand but I'm sure that like the chicken thighs are like much well thicker chicken breasts want to be better in this so I'm just going to salt and pepper my chicken and I'm just going to use a little bit of minced garlic

we're garlic powder probably just use the minced garlic sticker because that's only when I had a packet of taco seasoning just put you want all the seasonings right on top of the chicken to get the most flavor out of it now I'm going to add in my veggies which are just a can of black beans that I've rinsed and drained and then also a can of corn all I had was frozen so I just put it in my black bean and then we're going to use 1 cup of salsa I just use the Newman's mild salsa

and then I also have one yellow onion you can use whatever type of onion that you like yellow onions are my favorites I just chopped this up is on top of this salsa really you can throw this in in no particular order so clearly what I'm doing um and then we have one can of 28-ounce red and shilada sauce that I already went ahead and opened up it's good for that and smells so good already I seriously cannot wait to eat this and then you just like top it with tortilla and cheese it's delicious and then last but not least we have 2 cups of chicken broth and I'm going to you can use vegetable as well I'm going to do this on low for for app for I see it's almost 1 o'clock now and Chris gets home early tonight so I think I'm gonna do it for I'll do it on high for 4 hours cuz he's home early tomato on it's really nice we like to have an early dinner and so high for 4 hours at the end we can go ahead and mix some cornstarch in if we want to thicken it but we'll see how it comes up so this is how Chris is having his top topped with some cheddar cheese and some little pieces of tortilla chips you can also do a tortilla strips and I did not do the corn starter in my gut this is kind of how it comes out and you can shred the chicken more obviously but yummy so thank you all so much for watching I hope that you like these 4 super easy quick chicken crock-pot meals if you want to see more videos like this let me know in the comments below clearly I love my crock-pot I do plan on making like a freezer meals video for before I give birth and 32 be pregnant so hopefully that

maja like such a good boy began this video like most of my videos are just straight real mom life so sorry for the chaos and the craziness but hope it helps obamas out with some meal ideas for this week don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe

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