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by: Purushothaman D

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welcome to another learn in gain session on ITIL in this video we will talk about event management wanna know what is it let us jump in what is an event an event can be defined as any detectable or discernible occurrence that has significance for the management of the IT infrastructure or the delivery of IT service and valuation of the impact a deviation might cause to the services confused with the definition let us take a simple example hello I am Dave I am admitted in a hospital and my heart rate is constantly monitored do you know why we are monitoring his heart rate constantly any variation beyond the defined limits would need immediate medical attention as long as the heart rate is within the permissible limits there is no concerns on Dave's health when it goes outside its permissible range the doctors need to be notified why the doctors need to take appropriate action to ensure that Dave's health is back to its normal state this will help prevent from any medical incident but why am I being monitored continuously I can see my heart rate turning normal though you heart rate has turned normal you should be monitored continuously there are chances that it might go beyond its permissible values it is always better to monitor though Dave looks normal on the outside his heart rate is fluctuating randomly without monitoring we cannot tell how he is doing let's consider an example of web application not working the application stopped working due to the fact that the database tablespace is fall and no further data can be added my company's sales web application is down due to database tablespace incident until it is fixed people could not process transactions it will be a huge loss to the company I should have had some monitoring system which could warn me when the tablespace is about to be fully utilized enabled monitoring and warning when the tablespace utilization is more than 90% this will provide enough time for my IT team to fix it before there is any impact to business I have enabled monitoring on my systems so no more impact to business my monitoring system notifies me when the space utilization is more than 90% that's good but you get more warnings in a day not all warnings need attention from the IT team we need to filter meaningful alerts which is why we use event management what is the difference between event and monitoring I thought there were same monitoring and event management are similar but not same event management is focused on generating and detecting meaningful notifications monitoring is required to detect and track these notifications at the first place event management filters inappropriate alerts event management is a subset of monitoring what is the objective of event management the ability to detect events make sense of them and determine the appropriate control action is provided by event management why monitoring one monitoring is always required to visually see what is happening inside to physically we will not be able to understand what is happening inside three not every log needs to be attended as some of them are for informational purposes only the critical ones which needs attention are to be acted upon the dashboard in the car displays the fuel information and provides us a warning well ahead of time before the tank is emptied here we take action by fuelling the car when warned similar to the car example we need monitoring in IT as physically we cannot see what is happening inside this is more of proactive problem management to avoid any occurrence help we were able to provide some basic information insights on event management for more videos please visit our website wwlp.com slash learn and gain thank you and have a nice

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