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what's going on ladies and gentlemen my name is Ronnie Judy and today we're going to be digging to China you guys loved when I play Diggy so there's a game that somebody recommended and he said I should play dig to China and basically it's very similar to Diggy except what the object of the game is to dig to China now before we get in this video guys please head over to banana guns and check it out it's a great channel in description down below we just released a brand new video there and we're about to hit 100,000 subscribers we're 80 subscribers away from this point in time right now only 80 subscribers away from a hundred thousand you could be the 100,000 subscriber guys so however in the description down below check out the newest video subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications please because banana guns is great channel check it out but let's jump right into this everyone hey everyone thanks for coming out to the stream let's see if we can dig to China this on this stream guys I'm very excited for this all right start game alrighty which input let's use mouse only controls I think Mouse um move the mouse to direct your digging click to use bombs gather resources to buy upgrades keep an eye on the timer dig as deep as you can all right I got you fam I got you awesome man eight nine seven zero thank you so much for subscribing you're awesome dude you're literally awesome man okay here we go dig dig dig dig dig okay we got gold more gold oh there's a timer over there I think we want to grab that come on how much time does that give all gave us some more time time bonus nice keep going oh we need more stuff I want to grab that iron all there's more at this in timer time time time we got oh my gosh we're digging so far oh my gosh this this takes so long to dig oh my gosh once you get to that blue level that's so difficult to dig dude that's crazy hey Josh was zero $6.99 thanks for coming out stream you guys are awesome okay upgrades um explosives you need coal three we only have two Cole you need 2525 gold ten iron and 15 gold we don't have any iron do we oh I own is that so I don't think we can more moles encounter the elusive pack mole that's a lot um what is this Oh 150 bones alrighty dig again let's do it guys keep digging guys so we want gold and iron so I think the idea is we want to gather as many resources as possible oh I think we needed there we go oh come on yeah we got a time bonus nice nice because we want to be able to upgrade our pickaxe especially what is this more iron okay I'm down that's kind of what we want um explosives consumer will click to use mine as well try it out because I think that's the only thing we can really use that then from this point in time so get some gold there you go more gold more gold okay and we also want I think we have enough um hmm oh we can get a pickaxe upgrade now sweet higher penetration sweet oh no II need 20 that oh my goodness okay 2525 gold so how how better how much oh my gosh the pickaxe is so much better now dig dig dig dig dig dig dig oh my gosh oh it's so nice to have this pickaxe we definitely want to upgrade our timer though because the timer is not really doing it for it doing really well for us right now it digs much slower now I wonder how good the the TNT is I'm gonna try it okay guys okay that is Wow that is definitely yeah once you get to that blue it's so hard to dig so I think the idea is we want to stay up in this red area and we just want to get as much gold and iron as we can gold go get the gold quick all right iron keep going keep going iron I can't get that oh I was so close to getting the next time what do we need for that we have we just need we just need iron because we have plenty of gold we just don't have much iron so we really want to focus on trying to get as much iron as possible oh let's grab that time oh man we missed out big time that time that's fine think again we want iron as much iron as we can possibly get guys that's the plan I'll let's grab that time there we go let's run over here we can grab some more time perfect there we go some time over here nice we're doing that guys we're gonna dig the china it's gonna happen let's dig all the way over here get some more iron there we go boom weird killing it guys hey everyone thanks so much coming out of dream time upgrade ooh more dick time let's do it um drill upgrade hi power drill digging we need ten titanium and we haven't even found any titanium yet that's kind of crazy to be completely honest maybe when you get the drill does it upgrade to a drill instead of our pickaxe I'm not entirely sure but we do have a lot more time to work with now which is gonna be very useful go go go I wonder what I we do have a decent amount of coal to man is so slow oh come on can I get this new timer yeah we got a little bit more time oh my gosh you dig so slowly in this you dig so slowly okay what's this game called this game is literally called dick to China let's literally it's just called dig to China guys okay Rob you did so fast in this like this is where this is where it's at I want to upgrade my pickaxe again I think because I think the pickaxe was pretty easy to upgrade I could be I could've been mistaken I think we don't need too much to upgrade the pickaxe oh my gosh it's so hard to dig on that side keep going keep going oh my goodness there we go time bonus just keep digging guys we got to just keep getting those time bonuses come on more time bonus is there any oh there's a clock we're actually getting so far this is definitely our record so far um more more time more time more time give us the time uh there's no way yeah we died guys I just try to get the resources are we good we good we got what we wanted okay seven zones and all that's crazy all right what do we need for the pics oh we do need we need 20 titanium and we have one titanium um higher powd power drill digging I don't know what we want yeah we definitely need we could buy actually we can buy a ton of explosives now so if we wanted to we could just be like boom boom I wonder if we get all the resources for that I could I don't know I don't know if we do or not okay come on we just want to get lower so we can get to like titanium do you guys see any I don't know what titanium supposed to look like oh I see it it looks like I see it I see what it looks like so this is tight yep that's titanium okay perfect perfect there we go come on give us that give us the clock more time titanium come on I didn't get that one last piece men oh but we got a lot of stuff more moles um I kind of let's just let's get the drill let's see what the drill does let's buy a couple more of these okay

do we start with that every time please tell me we start with that every single time guys it that would be so crazy if we start every single game off with that okay oh we got that time bonus because thankfully that was insane more moles as Opie everyone's like yeah we should start man if we start off with that oh I think we do alright let's see we can get moles because a lot of people are oh my gosh we start with this every time how is this that not overpowered what that's so strong let's grab some more time this game is like soul I don't know it's just oddly enjoyable to play this game okay keep it going guys titanium Oh weird little girl all the time we're getting oh we have all the time in the world okay keep going cuz we need okay with one more titanium we can get the moles now I really want to upgrade the pickaxe the pickaxe is where I'm really like open we can upgrade that again but I'll upgrade the moles just cuz we haven't gotten it yet and being you apparently somebody just said the moles are like really overpowered so there we go how we couldn't get that last bit but I think that's fine we're doing good if you guys are enjoying smash that like button subscribe to the channel if you're new and turn on notifications really you guys be notified each and every time when we go live here on the channel okay let's upgrade this I mean and we always we always just want any mini as many explosives as we can get grab oh there's a mole guy over here let's see what this does

yep no I think that's very I think that's very beneficial to get that guy's we definitely want the mole was a very good purchase I think it's very strong okay and honestly I'm pretty sure that the bombs give you the resources to I'm pretty sure that they do which is kind of crazy to think about let's see let's see it does they do give you at least it gives you the time so we don't have to worry about blowing anything up because when it blows up it gives you the items oh we on let it burn out the next level I don't even want to think about how oh my gosh just goes through so slowly keep going okay I feel like we should stop while we're ahead we don't want to waste all we naturally got just a little bit more time oh my gosh what are those we got uranium I don't know what your rhenium is used for but that's awesome Wow we've got really far that time okay boom we'll do that we need diamonds now I haven't even found any diamonds that's ridiculous guys I want to speak to a manager here what do we need for this titanium 25 titanium jeez Louise guys that's ridiculous okay so we want to we need to find moles I want to find moles especially while we're down here also we dig so much oh there's a mole mo mo mo mo mo mo it's so valuable it's so good when you get those guys it's a game changer there we go we definitely want to use I think I need to be more aggressive with my explosions all right because I mean we have we have so much gold there we go come on keep digging just keep digging see here's uranium oh there's my record let's just get past my record come on yeah time's up oh we did it Thank You Ann for coming out at stream we have over 700 live viewers that's crazy if you guys are enjoying smash that oh we get more time sweet that's what I'm talking about smash that like button nose head over to in description down below check out banana guns great Channel shake it out how close are we to hitting a hundred thousand subscribers let me check guys we are let me look we're at nine guys we're at ninety nine thousand nine hundred and thirty seven subscribers for banana guns let's see if we get it one hundred thousand subscribers on the stream right now if you guys give me the one hundred thousand subscribers that would be in saying everybody ok let's go we're doing it we're doing it we're digging through we're doing good okay come on keep digging all here's the mole guy here's the mole guy here we go here we go we just got him i week you got this guy's oh we got it and oh I want that all we jumped up to 900 950 that's crazy everybody I know guys you guys could be the 100,000 subscribers for banana gun which would be crazy if possible okay there we go and up Gold there we go keep going and keep going all we just hit the new the next area we really need the next one which is diamonds but I don't see diamonds like I don't know what diamonds look like I don't think I've seen anything for diamonds yet I have no idea we're trying is I think we might be at we've might have hit in the record oh no our records right there man do we pass our new record every time we're like starting to break our record like every time almost dang times up guys okay I'm talking with my second real life channel guys banana guns which is in the description down below I'm not talking about my main channel to tea I have a second real life channel where I do vlogs we literally just uploaded a video today which is super awesome we did coke coke and butane rockets where the Crockett's went flying but instead of just normal we got to go Pro and strapped it onto the thing it was super cool gold 125 and uranium diamonds what's this diamonds uranium and gold okay we almost have a super cool like adventurers outfit I though he gets us so much stuff it's so valuable there we go keep it up keep it going oh there's another one over here come on I see you mo there we go it's so nice to get the mole yay come on we do need uranium I think we need gold and uranium so we want to get as far down as we can to get there we're only 30 subscribers away from getting a hundred thousand subscribers on the real-life Channel guys go and subscribe right now if you guys want to try to get to be the 100,000 subscribers it's in the script oh my gosh there's no way there's a mole right there okay come on come on get on oh no I missed um wait what happens if I explode there we go I got the mole I had to use the explosion to be able to get it dig down come on I know this is getting this is getting a little slower now a little slower but come on no I had I had to use an explosion to get the yeah that extra time come on we need as much uranium as we can possibly get our hands on because it's gonna be very valuable to be able to get that next upgrade oh we're about to hit the next area oh there's the diamonds more diamonds we need more diamonds come on diamonds diamonds diamonds okay we ran out of time oh we got the diamond oh we got the diamond though alright we're so close guys whew that was insane how far we got we can upgrade time again I mean that's definitely a possibility all right definitely definitely more explosions cuz that helps a ton more dick time what do we need that we need diamonds what do we need for uranium that's diamonds uranium 20 so we need more gold encounter the exclusive pack mole I kind of want to upgrade that more definitely I want the pack mo more which honestly we just need a little bit more gold which is oh no we made it we got it there you go like look out look out good the pack was you get so many materials for the for the pack mole there's another one down there like there's no reason to not get to get the pack mole look at that look at it it's wonderful it's beautiful guys okay we have the gold there we go perfect we're doing guys thank you everyone for coming off the stream you guys are awesome okay come on guys we can do this we're digging to China guys I think we can do it I believe in us we're making so much money right now it's in sane guys okay absolutely crazy and we will be able to we'll do it I believe in us guys all right we just got to go front get from timer to timer here's more uranium which we need a lot of uranium there we go come on give me this give me this okay come on more time we need more time I don't see any time yeah we unfortunately we ran out of time things what game is this this game is literally called dig to China it's a game you can just it's just a free flash game you can play if you guys want to there you go we can upgrade that we can get more coal all right what is this we need oh my gosh somebody's calling it's so loud oh my goodness that was so loud somebody's called my brother just called me a discord okay go go go okay oh come on oh I got the time we good weekend I missed that time but I mean honestly it's not even that big of a deal keep going we need more honestly we just need more gold and then we get more time and the time just goes all the way across the screen it's just so good keep going guys we can do this and remember guys go to the scription down below and check out banana guns great janitor you know is is just a there's a link in the top of the description to my real life channel where we did a new thing and you guys could be the 100,000 subscribers we're literally only twenty subscribers away twenty subscribers away guys if you want to go and subscribe there's a week twenty subscribers away you guys can very well be it oh my gosh guys we literally just found like so many of these guys these are so strong we found so many of them oh my gosh there's another one just right down here too oh we got to get to him mom there we go it's so valuable for us alrighty there we go come on we need that uranium we need to go down and get the diamonds honestly there's a lot of things we need with gold and uranium we're the only three subscribers away guys three subscribers away from 100,000 subscribers oh five away we're five away now guys this is crazy 100,000 subscribers on banana guns guys I never would have thought that we would have hit a hundred thousand on banana codes and we're only five away now it seems we did it 100,000 subscribers I just took a screenshot of it guys here once I get saved okay oh I missed out on my all my time guys cuz I was taking the screen shot of it thank you everyone for subscribing a banana guns great channel check it out means the world to me the oh we got the archaeologists outfit I'm happy now we're good and we didn't upgrade that and we can upgrade this a bunch thank you so much for everyone coming out and subscribing to my real life channel I promise you guys won't be disappointed it's gonna be awesome everyone alrighty we need 30 diamonds yikes and a lot of gold we're definitely gonna need more gold Hey look we got a cool like archaeologist outfit now that's what I'm talking about guys this is what I'm talking about now we're digging in style there we go wait what happens if we like run into two moles at the same time I guess I guess it doesn't really matter well we'll never find out keep going guys we just got to keep diggin I want to get the next pickaxe we need a lot of gold and I'm talking like a lot of gold hey looking at that time there we go the mole is so strong there we go just got to keep digging down just keep on digging guys it's painful and slow as it is oh there's a mole right there mine there we go ah we keep missing the those by like just a fraction come on get that time bonus we need as much uranium as possible come on Oh there's a mole over there all right we got to get to that mole come on come on come on come on faster faster faster there we go oh we're gonna miss it just by a fraction there we go Oh more diamonds more diamonds okay come on just we just need that's all we want I just need more diamonds guys there we go we just got so many diamonds guys all right we can keep digging we have ten bombs left still so we're doing good we're doing all right uh oh wait there's a there's a mole right down here oh my gosh there's so many moles if we can totally take advantage of this there we got that time are we gonna get this time - oh man this is so good and we're down to the next area we're digging so far we're at 300 meters keep going guys oh we did it wait dog all the way to China everybody no way I wasn't expecting it we win we didn't even get all the upgrades that's crazy I want to get all the upgrade and see how quickly we can do it I think we just got super lucky because we got so many of them all's oh yeah we still get to up get everything that's awesome okay so I want to upgrade this we need more explosives we need everything we can get okay I want to be able to get so powerful where we can just like dig straight through China look at that and we start with that and we jump right on the pack mule and we just go for it guys thank you everyone for coming on stream you guys are awesome we almost have over a thousand live viewers and don't worry guys I already played diggie too I've recorded it it's gonna go live on my channel guys and I'm very excited for it guys so you guys gonna just get ready for it because it's gonna happen okay okay it'll happen you guys I might actually stream it tomorrow I don't know we'll see we'll see we'll see oh let's do that all right what are we I'm trying to think what we need we need more diamonds honestly we'll see we'll see I'll have to look at what upgrades we need these these mules are not that the moles are so powerful the moles are so good there we go and we just getting nothing on you can we're just we just riding the moles to China guys okay honestly why don't we do this for digging like why don't we just have get tons of moles and who knows the world may never know I really like though how it like goes opposite right it doesn't get like like harder and harder and then you get to China like you get through the middle where all the diamonds are and then once you get through that area then it starts getting easier and easier and I think that's such a like a cool feature honestly like because you can like um you get all the diamonds and then it gets harder okay come on there we go see look at this and we just got to get all all the diamonds there we go boom and then honestly doesn't even matter at this point I probably shouldn't use my explosives my explosives are too valuable guys they're too strong okay I will just dig straight down for now honestly I think we might just make it to China again now I think we're gonna just make it to China again guys we're just gonna make it to China pretty much every time now I think so yeah there we go boy boy all the way to China guys we're getting to China almost every time now but I want to get all the upgrades I really want to see how good this game is like I want to see how far we can really go with this okay we're doing it guys memes yeah just get a hundred bombs and just go for it oh we can get the drill upgrade I mean honestly we need five hundred gold for the next one yeah you need 20 diamonds what else do we need 20 uranium so we doesn't need marked gold that's literally all we need is gold like we have enough of almost oh wait what do we need for that we need five diamonds yeah and we need 20 diamonds we're almost there so we didn't need a ton of gold so that's basically we want to do guys is just gold our main goal is just gold and bombs I want to get so many bombs guys that we can just blow our way to China okay we're literally just gonna blow our way that's that just that that's the plan at least okay all right so we need more coal and we need a lot of gold I'm talking a lot of gold for the mute the moles okay guys like a lot of moles there we go we're at a hundred meters and we're gonna need how many we need honestly we only need to get what 300 coal in order to get that many explosives that's not that bad to be completely honest we could probably pull that off if we like really try it we need to get a couple more diamonds for it to work I think there we go straight Nick right next to the next mole we're just going for it guys okay come on now we got it guys we just get more laughter more laughter more yeah more gold we doesn't need more gold oh yeah we doesn't need a couple of time he's not a ton of diamonds just a couple area diamonds I like how it's like almost hollow in the center of the earth and not just like crazy combat it's just super hollow with a bunch of diamonds I think that's enough diamonds I don't think we need any more diamonds either way we have to keep digging anyways ah time's up dang it we were doing so good - so good and then it all just went haywire from there guys we can get the next drill upgrade them and more coal we need 500 gold unfortunately I don't know forget that let's just see how far this goes now please we're going for it guys how far does this dig down for us oh my goodness this thing just goes for it oh my goodness it takes you all the way to the third layer that's insanely powerful that's so good alright guys just gold that's all we want is golden coal we don't need anything else guys okay there we go gold we don't need uranium we're literally pastoring him all we need now is just gold gold I also love how it's just a YUM there's a sound of a goat instead of like a mulch just like a goat she's like man gold there's no way guys it's gonna be crazy difficult to do that it's gonna be so hard to go all the way through okay I hope we hit the mall an accident all right we're huge guy he's going for it guys this mole can't be stopped guys oh we're just going for it go we still have ten bombs left we might be able to make it the surface guys we're just gonna go for it okay everyone go go go go go guys we're running out of bombs we're doing it come on moles we only have one bomb left guys Oh will easily be able to make it I believe in us go go this is the last one oh wait what if we get like a mole and we dig all the way out with a mole dang we didn't get to see what it is oh that's a shame but I think that's going to end up this dream ladies and gentlemen we're able to addicted China so thanks for watching everyone thinks just tuning into the stream I hope you guys enjoyed make sure to head over to banana guns it's a great channel I highly recommend you check it out in the scription down below just go and check it out right now guys go to it right now in the scription watch our newest video it's amazing it's super awesome we launched giant coke rockets they go hundreds of feet in the air and you have a GoPro view of it up as well thank you for the hundred thousand subscribers guys you guys are awesome I'm sure we'll do something pretty awesome for the 100,000 subscriber special thanks for watching everyone

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