Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando (HD Collection) - Episode 1

by: Super Saiyan Paul

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welcome back to behind the yellow tonight's heroes are the duo who recently restored peace and order to our galaxy Ratchet and Clank so gentlemen tell us about your latest incredible adventures well as you can imagine we've been pretty busy after Drex defeat there were parades press conferences fancy dress balls and the we know roasted elves oh yeah that and then things started to slow down a bit after that we well there was the grand opening at groovy Lube right I think that was last week six months ago we're still pretty busy but in a more domestic sense yesterday I flushed out my radiator Cola I guess no one needs a hero right now

mr. Lubell I found our man we'll go look at I am Abercrombie fizz widget founder of the big record company in the Bogart galaxy okay I'm sorry incapacitate you but our entire galaxy is a very precocious situation I must have a request your sustenance on a mission of dire urja to publish no superfluous barrels of magellanic quizzical imperative did that make any sense so you need me to go on a dangerous mission in another galaxy in durably a few days ago this top-secret biological experiment was stolen from our testing laboratories by this to this criminal mastermind and I need you to get the experiment back we'll do it we will rank I am precipitate in your recalcitrants and a made special improvisation for you we are prepared to give you a job as the head accountant for mega core plus a pension sweet and lovely megapolis and our state-of-the-art robotics masseuse e as for you ratchet down the human circulatory shape while in transit to the Vulcan galaxy you will undergo heavy training and conditioning including martial arts heavy weaponry survival skills stealth black remain Auto dance and origami

we've used bipolar 50 regurgitation to track the thief's location to a flying base in Sector seven in film tribulation and the three names perfect sir ready for launch

ratchet reporting I'm on final approach to coordinates three seven alpha good luck I'm counting to you affirmative beginning radio silence

what's up everybody it's Paul here welcome to another episode wells is actually the intro to Ratchet and Clank - now Ratchet and Clank - is called locked and loaded in I believe Europe and all those other places besides the US and the US is called going commando so um I might be referring to it like that a lot now in this game we have a lot of new features like first-person shooting like that whoops and what you can do is oh now there's a ton of level up system so now you see the nanotech up there there's a huge bar meaning that we can level up to way more and now you can strafe side to side and do jumps like that while locked on the camera they have a better lock-on system than they did in the first game because in the first game when you shot it wasn't exactly having anything to do with aim assist at all right here I'm gonna take out this guy and then this guy they have all these new epic looking monsters and I'm doing this without crank battle Clank by the way guys we just went under who just want other ones a special commando training snow where's some super beasts let's get this and the bolts in this game it's a bit of lated I guess yes slightly inflated because uh there are some guns that are worth a lot more and then there's some that are worth I guess less take these out and it is actually easier to get more bolts in this game I've already passed a thousand-mile gonna jump oh wait Lily I need this I can't believe I started doing a like a small minecraft letsplay and a lot of you guys like dude you're quitting you're quitting Ratchet and Clank and all the other that's butts no guys I'm gonna be balancing or at least trying to balance a few games at a time because now I have a better internet connection I'm so happy about that so if you guys want to check out the Minecraft videos it's gonna be the description I see it's time to update mic security forces whoa oh hey no no look I'm just here to fix the fence flexor coil nice try give my regards to mega-cool Feeny sheep

okay so I've got some epic robots right here and in ratchet Clank gladiator slash deadlock that the fourth game that came on the ps2 I think it's the final game that you run with this dude these guys took exactly like those robots and there we are letting escape hatch right off the bat this game is just explosive and you got all these new weapons I got this kind of a new thing that I'm about to show you guys in a second very very epic things and now we're gonna fight on the wing of a plane - let's take out the gravity bomb blast these guys better selection menu because now it pauses it while you're midair and it's just really cool looks for less it ain't broke will break right I'm on for some security you'll bring the cash we'll bring the thrash wood I need your best men to meet me at these coordinates I don't know why but it seems like a lot of these cutscenes are pre-rendered it doesn't seem like they were made on the graphic engine we see we'll see that in the later on them and pick up these and then there's some boxes over here no Clank to sprint forward into it and then if I shoot it people be like why you shoot boxes I retract oh shoot Abraxas push the button and there we go oh I really like this lock-on system it's way way better than the first one and Ratchet and Clank is one of the few series ever where it's like the jak and daxter every game something changes and it's just just it just gets better and better but for me I like Jack to the most if it was jak 3 and jak 2 jak 2 the most just because I just like his hair and the environment I just love the blueish color of Haven city and if you guys know every time you see the color blue you kind of up it releases a chemical in your brain that helps you relax so that's why blue became my favorite color I guess what's up here this looks like a setup take you out take you out BAM that's adverse the camera controls go that's it you're a freak alright that's it let's get out of here


ratchet checking in sir incredulous I didn't expect to hear from you again so soon there was a slight problem the thief escaped with the experiment and I have no idea where he was headed huh don't worry I just received an emission which may lubricate the matter do you have any knobs for this quadrant of the galaxy you bet mister we got galactic Maps 3d maps fold-out cutouts maps to the stars and their homes top of that ah I forgot my watch is Kudrin watching her this

you forgot your change okay so now we lend it in this next planet and you guys were probably gonna be like no don't leave if I wasn't gonna leave all right so we got ammo system here when you buy it just one click of a button then you got it got a couple of new paths we have to take sure it's get to work yes I just bought ammo and I'm shooting stuff I don't care I love to grab this stuff like that I am I talking Japanese hey this swamp area is pretty cool I like these new enemies it makes a lot more addicting to know that when you kill enemies you're slightly leveling up you're going and then on top of that you're getting nanotech I love the experience because when you have an exp system in any game it separates the new players well it separates the new players from the I guess veterans is a bit of a gap between your skills and this is multiplayer to see the difference and that's how like I like being able to see that people that put the time and effort into a game or even in anything in real life like YouTube for that matter as well you see the difference between a two VC the subscriber counts but I put I put a lot of effort in my videos I'm not even gonna lie I actually think that some of my videos are better than the quality you see on me up the biggest channels out there I'm not even trying to be cocky that's just that's what I strive for just to be better and better than them and that's what makes my channel like the way it is and one more shot on one of these things and I should look like my nanotech there we go an extra head point in this game you're gonna need every single one because it gets a lot harder from here on out and that there is really no way to rejuvenate them during combat I don't think so that was a blank pausing there for a second okay these things look like a Lapras is from from my point of view I can jump over here okay could have got in those boxes but I'll leave that for now and oh no no no no yes coo coo coo coo oh by the way guys today is Tuesday and my birthday is on Thursday I think what day today's the 14th if today's the 14th I'm born on the 16th of August turning 18 guys and I don't know this is one birthday I'm not really excited for because when he turned 18 apparently reality slaps you in the face so I've been told show up thank you guys for selling me happy birthday like two weeks ago when it was my birthday bestow it really means a lot to me to know that knowing that people out there are actually caring about that type of stuff take you out and then at you I am oh it's gonna light post get off me you'll fry okay six thousand six bolts and I actually like this game a lot more than the first one a lot of people say the first one is better I don't think so I I like the first one I don't really like laugh matches voice honestly I really did not like it it's so weird it's like Rafael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that's what someone told me the comments that was a long time ago they told me that but I actually that was also one of the fastest less cuz I've done and check this out guys new gadget welcome welcome if everyone could take their seats we can proceed with today's demonstration first I'll need a volunteer anyone excellent your names are ratchet and there you have it the mega cop tractor beam in action let's give it up for our volunteer sir how about taking advantage of our show special dude I want to punch this guy let's just buy it thank you sir you won't be disappointed the tribe to be I like how whenever he gets a new gadget it's always like that sells a type of beam where he's like better and better and then link holds it up to the camera for everybody see oh wait what are you doing okay this new gadget right here ah empty it's really cool because look at this epic looking beam it looks even better than HD than it did before but it's very very epic because when you are when you take two beam and then you can move big objects around very cool very cool hey there's a cool a plan number what I think was platinum or titanium in this game and remember guys I don't get until the end of the game so see that I'm not getting until the end of the game remember that I make a small guide a lot of people were confused and I started missing them because I don't think I mentioned it all the time but here's a shortcut ership really cool very cool and we don't have any corners to next planets so I think we should end this off right here I'm gonna make the next episode longer don't worry but this is just the intro to know that just let everybody know that I'm still continuing the series alright guys anyway if you guys liked it please remember to leave a rating preferably a like if we can get over 100 likes maybe in the future if I have a thousand of the even epic er but if you can get a hundred that's my goal for every video and as soon as I see that that means that everybody seen it and well at least mostly you guys have seen it and then I can upload the next one see you guys next time

don't screw this up kid


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