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hey everyone my name is Suzanne and my channel is found in Alaska and today we are going to Old Navy to do can I style it this is a series that I'm doing in 2019 and so we are going to hit Old Navy I'm kind of gonna just see what they have in there it's been a long time since I've been shopping there and I was thinking maybe like a girls day out city shopping kind of outfit but it depends on what they have so let's go check it out so I happen to go to Old Navy when they were having super cash like you use it not you earn it so that was a little bit of a problem because they don't have as good as sales when super cash is going on because they want you to use your super cash instead of drawing you it you win for sales so I kind of stuck to the clearance area and I try to look into you know maybe what was on sale because I didn't want to pay full price because I didn't have any super cash at all so I just wandered around I was trying to see I wanted some spring items but as you could see they weren't like on drastic sell and I also didn't want to find items where I was gonna have to do a ton of ironing to be perfectly honest so this is what I ended up with a big old basket that's my outfit of the day where I started I got the torrid jeans and a local sweater on this was the first outfit that I put together I have some skinny jeans a light blue sweater and then oatmeal colored cardigan I was actually kind of surprised with this first outfit I I liked how the jeans looked with the cardigan and even though I'm not normally one to wear jeans that stop at the ankle I actually did not mind them too much the blue sweater though I just felt like it wasn't very nice quality and it was a little too fitted so I couldn't really see myself wearing it without the cardigan so it wasn't versatile enough for me to say like yeah I love this okay I was really trying here I was trying for an alpha real hard and this was just a huge no I like the concept of the button-up under a sweater but dear god those pants I can't even I just I those pants I love the color but they looked so horrible on me and it altogether it was just a big fail so I like this shirt it was flowy I like the colors I like the flowers for spring but I just felt like it did not look good on my apple shape I kept those hideous jeans on because they were comfortable even though they look horrible on me I love the color of them so I tried to make them work but I love the flowy top but I just felt like it I don't know it just wasn't doing anything for me it just kind of was like laying there so I decided I'm gonna keep looking now this sweater I actually really like it had like a cream base and then it was purple throughout of the sweater and I just had this horrible t-shirt underneath I shouldn't have paired that together but I was trying you don't know unless you try the sweater was a high in the front low in the back I didn't have it pulled all the way down and it was comfortable but once again I felt kind of how I felt with the floral shirt I felt like it I didn't have any shape when I wore it the black jeans were comfortable enough and I decided just to keep trying that wasn't it for me I kept the same black jeans on and I put on a floral top in a size smaller than the other floral top it was the same idea same design I really really liked this I felt like the top was more fitted to my body I felt like it gave me a little bit of shape because the peplum how it did the ruffle at the bottom there I did not mind it however I felt like I did at almost all black outfit last month I didn't want to do the same idea this month so I was like you know what I'm gonna keep trying keep putting outfits together now this was an easy go-to outfit for me I loved it it was so comfortable it was my favorite colors I've got gray I've got the light pink I loved it but it did absolutely nothing for me and I was kind of looking for an outfit with I had a little bit of style sense to it and this wasn't it as much as I loved it as much as it was comfortable that was not it okay so I stepped out of my box for you guys on this outfit that shirt is not anything I would have ever tried on ever if I wasn't trying to step out of my box I would have never picked it and the funny thing is I kind of liked it I felt like it draw attention to maybe like my tummy area and I didn't like that but I actually I don't know I thought it was kind of cute the jeans they're a little bit too big but I didn't mind the wash on them I thought they looked kind of nice this coat I saw and I fell in love with so much I love the color there's a light pink but it was kind of it was kind of cheap there wasn't lined or anything so I tried pairing it with this dress the dress I didn't mind I don't think it was right for me but it wasn't a horrible choice it just wasn't my favorite and it definitely didn't go with the jacket even though I was trying so here I really thought this was going to work I thought this was going to be the outfit when I put it on I was actually shocked at how bad it was the shirt was just way too big the pants were okay but the cardigan was way too big also it was supposed to be a swing shirt so they're supposed to be kind of flowy but this was just way too big and it was longer in the back it went way too far down and the cardigan just I felt like I looked sloppy it didn't feel like a put together cute outfit I felt really super sloppy and I was kind of surprised because I was really expecting this too work when I was picking it out I was like oh this is gonna be it this is gonna be it and when I put it on I was actually surprised of how bad it was I decided to try a different jacket to see if maybe that changed my opinion because I really liked the cut and the style of the shirt but it was just too big I should have grabbed a different size but I think I was just so shocked at how it didn't work but I was just like no I'm not gonna I'm not gonna go back and try different size I was trying my hardest though I wanted that shirt to work and I also wanted that coat to work because I love the coat but how it hung really far down the back I did not think it looked good I was so excited for this and when I put it on it was so hideous that I almost didn't want a video it it was so bad the jeans were horrendous the shirt I don't know what is with the cut of these shirts lately where they kind of dipped down really far in the front it does not look good not my cup of tea so I decided to take those pants and the oat milk cardigan from the first outfit and pair it with a t-shirt that I saw when I was shopping around the store that I loved I thought it was really cute and I actually really liked this outfit I thought it was cute for a girls day out a shopping day and it felt like put together like an outfit once again I wanted to give that coat one last try because I liked it so much so I took those jeans from earlier the dark wash I got an active wear t-shirt and I put the pink coat and a scarf but it just wasn't working the scarf was overwhelming the outfit the activewear shirt wasn't going the jeans were too big it just wasn't working so I decide decided to try one more time I didn't want to give up on that coat I put those hideous jeans back on with that gray t-shirt from the previous outfit and it looked hideous I don't know what I was thinking but I had to try so I tried but no I also like to look at accessories one amethyst or it's not something I typically do but I'm trying to step out of my box and I was looking at their necklace and bracelets I even tried a bracelet on but I just for the price I didn't love it enough to purchase it there so I decided to wait on the jewelry and shop my own jewelry at home and end up spending $30 and 45 cents on my outfit t-shirt was ten dollars and 49 cents and the big long cardigan was 17 49 and the jeans were two dollars and forty-seven cents for a total of 30 dollars and 45 cents the original price on the sweater cardigan was $49.99 I do not know the original price of the jeans and the t-shirt the original price was 14.99 alright guys so here is the outfit that I ended up purchasing from Old Navy I spent a total of thirty dollars and forty-five cents and I stepped out of my comfort zone a little bit I never expected to get a long cardigan I didn't see that coming and I did not see ankle jeans coming either but when I paired it all together with a t-shirt that I fell in love with as soon as I walked into the store and it says in case in case you can't see it it says see you next weekend love Saturday and for love it just has like a heart there anyway I thought that was so cute I love the whole concept together I did pair it with some of my own accessories I use some hoop earrings that I had and a little diamond necklace and I thought I kept it pretty simple I paired it with some booties that I already had in my closet I liked how they looked with the length of the jeans so that is my outfit I hope you guys enjoyed I'll see you

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