Minecraft Feed The Beast #57 - Twilight Labyrinth!

by: Hat Films

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[Music] there's a song crossing a narrow Burmese cont'd affair it's got to be me oh wow there's a dark note in here guys and it is evil let's go a mint on you oh shit do I kill two squirrels and wake up alright let's wake away it wicket lay down see you later Jean but always always smashing who zombies everything that's evil Oh everything's over there whoa ouch ham cheese oh there's there's any more lessons faunas leave them share leave them what I just three to them what happens does it done absorb them into my soul what's one of choice what - something mini oh you bust a soul shard which I can absorb suck it up make boxes a nice bronze helmet not a diamond truss you pick up those diamond diamond Thor making got get in nice - thorn we can go all knowledge fragments Smith you need those another one sweet or sorry or four of them oh wow that's amazing you need those to get something that you are normal yeah yeah yeah you put nine of them together right I think so broken silver Nuggets in here sir right I think I've got enough now it's 21 nipple absolutely see what again alright you getting it back me and Russell I don't know where the redstone six I'll show you you you found me the way I'll show you they want cocoa beans yeah it's not another one now what is that there that's the next boss for me no need cocoa beans okay smaller we what's the use of books Rock myth the direction I'm trotting and you use the books that you stand on me and walked forward there are water any search code and you'll see it no no Ross I got tons well 64 books on me okay let's go tackle this dungeon with us miss rip AP I help me let's go stay off are you from outside okay come on you bugger going through the portal now good luck I throat hello hello come on I'm coming when I come into this deep dark cavernous place with me let's try and keep it one touch a wall blinding me thinking you know that let's see so left side left side bored again lost its tackle that's a right sort of dungeon Oh brain in a jar I still need to do that crap you want to come back for now I guess you want to get onto that I've got this unknown theory now I really need to research it is unknown so you didn't worry about it Wow dark I needed a Stein - tears that's why I need trot oh Jesus right now there it is for you mate - ever their torches in here naturally Trump no maybe if they're embedded in the walls only put them on walls only put them on the left side of walls yeah do we have an ever poor self and I'll try yo D but it's a book remember at the back of the instead of the same place there aren't any ghasts trot ghastly what a ghastly fact makes me think that they might not be spawning for some reason mm-hmm was explosion point as anywhere I've left down here right where you wait there's a room filled torches in this room really yeah all right I'm lost it's like it's right here hello what the hell is this well you hear that I'm worried that something off in there a blast hole in it yeah I'll anything Oh Oh what's this look at this it's a chamber with chests in it oh what's that happen he's running at me Jesus Christ I killed him you can mine at all it's a minute arms minute chest high spawning again there's a spawner there all right oh I want to sort of bastard can we keep that yeah that's not helping there you can gather spawn of that no don't don't kill it don't kill it don't kill it I sort want to utilize it I'm just gonna bring all the spawning me yeah I'm just gonna disable it for now by putting it's really odd this root bizarre place tie it for us mate for the bizarre so these are random Elise is still labra in this chest you can get through things so quickly our own wood ingots still leave pic and still found another chest instant health cracking into it Oh potion bits with my brain so more steel leaf a charm of keeping fuck me out of fire explosions a cello keeping fuck me Jesus Christ ah julie:thanks nearly 3 wow he's got some interesting properties I don't know how I said that off birth daily flex-fuel oh no I didn't get iron wood saw I didn't get to collect those things all right do you die no but I didn't get good things tell us where you are from shut up oh sorry lucky I see well this did you put torches down cuz I did but everything blew up on me oh I see your name but I'm not a name Joe so that's just what everything in those chests yeah did that's the idea no like these still locks yeah we lost it yeah well I don't know what it was that said off because I did it for a distance as well so much all that is peculiar but I'm sure the cupboard it'll tell me I did sell the Roses the chops trough was that cornice of chumps what corners ah just ready Chris ball alright 1 through walls report for the hole follow me and a boom corners I ran out charge Oh God it's Christ completely lost now thanks to that know we're finding out well I don't even went through water I found another chest you did Macau sin it take all you can be quick go on Apple to go in there just take it that's what causes trap Smith you stupid boy yes you'll get the clap laughs OH Edison I'm so itchy there's no medicine for a long time so itchy you stuck with the clap where are you mate why is he staying in there I'm out oh okay onwards we must go this is I mean it's very labyrinth II isn't it it's very big isn't that means I know it's a labyrinth we've we've been through the seven on I mean like a three more corners is quite done frontier so lost cutting off the other corners I can go down that level Oh doesn't go down level shit fucking up whole Road on another chest what's in a bomb another level Jesus Christ yeah goes down mate this is insanity no do you know the definition of insanity something the same thing over and over again I guess it's on the board in expecting it to change maze wafers I'm in also may use lovely some ways wafers me it's so dark down run up torches guys use the fireflies don't have high fives bugs don't have any on me stick the bugs down mate ha I don't have any other me name Smith use torch drain I don't know see what's maybe dumb yeah shut dear inmate you hear me you can't do it you shut your mouth tourists I see oh there's nothing there's nothing that's a voit see worry I see one on Ross I I guess there is no floor below then it was this or they somehow stopped Oh what what happened a pretty week on it is I'm in the dark guys Minotaur is getting very well ah charge Minotaur where are you well you can't get you yeah I think we're like the level where you can't see very far in front of you I'm pretty much on that level yet shit I don't have any torches either says just yeah we're all blind let me see if I can make no no no Benny right it's a chest just haven't got them juice needed how about the things I need all right what's in these chests Oh a maze map focus what's that is it amazing a charm of keeping is that the thing that you blew up last time was maybe a child keeping baby Venturi oh that is exactly what it does and it's gone is it no I got it you've got one go on so if you die I think child keeping one only keeps your armor but I know it plate two months two and three because I'm so lost I'm smooth look at this lost hmm troll oh this next room there are other chests sauna yeah ma check them all out think come have a look-see try with this room mastered some mushrooms just TP to us Ross oh but I'm on a level I can see where I am you're the same level oh I see let's see we are can't get to you yes also run this corner hello although you know tortures in no Oh what's this I'm set oh what's that what the fuck is that that's always it also like a cent or mooshroom mooshroom yeah it's Christ he hits really hard stop lightning hello everyone King me let's don't smoke no crosses don't cross we can dream it's Jesus wow this is really cool stuff here guys keep his boots and hoes wow it really takes a whole hammering doesn't it he's dead did you get is that awesome axe I pick it up don't have space uh some TNT in here really I do space for this okay I got it it's called a manotaur axe Wow extra charge damage pretty cool maze map focus take it another charm of keeping a song what's wrong bit gunpowder that I've got no space in my inventory I'll take it put the child on the site called maze map focus yeah I've got that as well I see what it's used for it's used for a blank maze map so you can actually get a map of this place I think oh you can also make an uncraft entail do you know what that does face if you can touch base companion yeah so if you'd like put an accent and you'll get the weather components bear um that's a really good thing to house just obvious what it does say oh he's my Burnie a bit nervous made you feel like a dick isn't he a bit I would foggy dick potion of instant healing so it's nice steel leaf helm what you have to say about that I don't steal helm it's available through my whole what an iron what Ironwood guys is that like a special thing unless you kind of yeah yes carry it take it cuz it's got good magical properties I use the you can use caught one you can carry it I'm chock-a-block is stupid mule right so we've done the big boss this one so you don't want it matter let's go up smoking oh there's a TNT knows well doesn't go anywhere no maybe no gunpowder fine fuck you what what a pretty wait where'd you guys go don't worry where are you I'm in the torture room you mean talk to you room up oh that's bedrock can't go through that that's why I see we sleepy I'm a bit sleepy yeah little drowsy we need to find the room with a big square in the middle where you go up you're the square they drop all right we're gonna get these shitty could legitimately be stuck down here ever OS we've somehow managed to slowly bore our way out of this thick if I had unbreakable materials bedrock mate I had paper I could make him if I had a million you'll Terrell and he's got more charge I'll go to the center uncle well actually you can but you could get us out of it could you well I'm trying to find a middle of it yeah right I'm following this guy this guy's who's there what he's doing I found two more chance of keeping well aren't you just mister when when does nothing we're not juice how'd you charge it a charm it charges from the aura so as oh wow so it's Auto sucking from the land but does it let you go through it do you see that what if you did it black as his bedrock Wow us you know let's kiss for bedrock shocking right here we go what is this shocker ring yep did we put opal hold down yeah we're doing yeah we might I found the roots the roots the roots the roots oh yeah we could follow them good do this guy good doozies no doesn't doesn't really lead anywhere oh man we need to get out of this labyrinth ASAP I'm going insane day two of labyrinth music special sucks music is still questionable hey 3-nothing still not made anything good labyrinth come in labyrinth Lauren come in lab change your style labyrinth so bad what this music is terrible I can't hear it no no no not not this because his music tab Wow doesn't get probably just bump into each other yeah I did fucking how we're in a circle I don't like a mushroom place circle jerk and a realist Galvis Jesus was pretty an exit right by the air well you trot you were there a second ago Knight may be a figment imagination no I found another chin up pastor Bell we haven't so when do we start a circle jacking would you already asked me what look as a lot last Resort first result this is how could be the first resort holiday resort may trust most of pre-holiday rizzo process berries this is a new area we have been here you sure hit the chest I checked this chair right okay it's not so new I can't pull we're all together again Firefly bar fly put a firefly down there then call your bar fly here maybe we should start placing stuff over we've been Oh guys guys where I guys right I found a Firefly from whence I came huh I found it found a hole how'd it come to be how nice ever get to him how we need to do all that why wait I just went in a big circle just TP to one of us it's stupid I've got hope guys here to me three oh come in come in here it is isn't it great Oh God guys guys guys come back come back to us come back oh come here would you wait Oh head up fuck fuck ah I can't risk it he's stuck in there he's ducking to happen he's like in there Jesus surprise my team Stern would have been embedded in the ground no what's that hello teleporter out hahahaha very light it was so scary yeah oh happy time I can't a minute ospa wait wait what is that what you were doing while we're getting lost in the labyrinth how did you defeat them became my friend very good I took their seed it's now in me but it wasn't cold right three bosses that's pretty good who shot me through thick one our time is it there's some other bosses in toilet for us but we'll come back at another time I'll go first I'll go in go right I'll go neck hot wait until he's fully through yak are you oh no I went through again shots so you risky cock go on give it to all right okay sorry throw it away for just get away from it hello guys I'm waiting on the other huh coming up free we're doing this because we might crash every time we go to yeah it's always that race on trata wait for you ha feed us through all right come along come along I'm so happy to be free on some maize wafers made way for everybody a midwife is all around celebrate survived our journey hey slap pat so I put on these steel leaf stuff I want to seal it looks like I've got like a full scoffs - I still got seven still if you want to know why I got the armor well rubbing prick on wood so I don't care what you've got your live roots got roots maneuver me library some sounds like some sort of radio one initiative yeah my brews live on the main stage live roots oh my possible holes recharged twice as good as ah right well the harness URI chacha-chacha-chacha-chow Mouse accessories GG jet pack just a WoW hope you can go to suits to truly twist we're making some but you're having one person's mood first we'll be back thanks for joining us in this episode go fuck yourself what that's not the episode I'll read it it's a gal from the episode is now idgaf what take that home with you is that mean it calf it gaffe makes me one what does it was that mean I don't give a fuck hey it gaffed you hate dad for my deed got from us Jesus Christ you you styled it ya know I did you just die potato take that to the bank no wallet for us we'll carry on our original pursuit I'm gonna find out what that knowledge fragments about I'm gonna go be an onion raw let's do this charts gonna go brewing cuz I ginger yeah he's gonna go ginger oohing is it wish him luck good days ed gaff good day good day we'd like some sort like silo physic then Dan blog post and did we like the trumpet's and it's gonna be like like Lovejoy and me Lovejoy no no but I barely remember it but it was really cheesy theme everyone Google's stop recording okay what a Google Lovejoy its trot why you can't fish why why is it you you made him a catch I didn't wait stop being a cat for you know me like this I don't make me this monster I'm a monster if he comes towards me I'm gonna shoot him but if he does if he does there's no point in getting what's your name you got lovely horns he's got a gun put down your utters

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