Messed-Up Bible Stories 14: Exodus from Egypt

by: Samination

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exodus from egypt

are we there yet no it's so hot well it's a desert my feet hurt I don't care are you sure you know where you're going look just shut up all right you're so testy geez I'm only asking questions my goodness who well this is boring as shit huh I think I will harden Pharaoh's heart that he shall follow after them again wait a minute why have I done this let's get juice back now we're talking I need some popcorn honey when you made me some popcorn huh honey I am getting tired are we almost there yet no shut up I don't really care for your attitude look if you want to lead this Exodus be my guest I don't have to put up this shit what's that sound is that rain rain makes my joint say no it's not rain it's just Pharaoh and his men charging after us okay oh shit well this is just great hast thou taken us away to die in the wilderness will you shut the hell up I've got this and Moses stretched out his and over the sea and the Lord caused the sea to go back and the water oh we got a badass overhere happy now it's a nice wall of water but I'll find something wrong with it follow them for some reason and the Egyptians pursued now check this shit out I'll miss the show-off and the waters returned and cover the chariots and the horsemen well I had a good run now what bitch oh yeah huh who the man is Moses and the whole congregation of the children of Israel murmured against Moses did you bring us all out here to die of hunger wait what seriously after everything I've done you're still complaining well sure I mean is the Lord among us or not Oh manna from heaven that's good a little unsanitary but give us water that we may drink are you fucking kidding me Moses go on before the people smite the rock of horeb and there shall come water out of it happy cups would have been nice who's ever heard a drink of what out of a rock Oh God just let's go we've got a 40-year walk to Canaan ahead of us forty years I didn't sign up for that you didn't say nothing about a taking no forty years before we laugh you don't be quiet I will turn us right around and go back to Egypt fine no need to be rho gz always getting angry all the time at me it's like it personally hate me or something I mean what did I ever do to you oh poor Moses now what

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