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all right listen in today's video I'm gonna show you how generated over a million dollars as a direct result of creating this t-shirt let's go [Music] what's up record breakers Chris record here another day another vlog if you guys are a subscriber here on my channel you know that we do trainings every single day 365 days in a row if you're not yet a subscriber make sure to smash that subscribe button make sure to hit that post notification bell join the army we're called the record breakers every single day taking massive action leading an entrepreneur movement called edutainment we provide you education and entertainment every single day here on this vlog now today we're gonna talk about something called print on demand print on demand is where you literally come up with almost any idea that your mind can conceive and you can put it on hats you can put it on t-shirts you can put it on shoes you can put it on phone cases you can put it on coffee mugs you name it and here's the thing print-on-demand allows you to have no inventory literally no overhead creating the products at all all you do is you create a design and you upload it to a website and they put it on all of this stuff for you then these websites automatically build sales pages for you they don't even charge for it so imagine having your own sales page where you can sell hats or t-shirts or watches or canvases no matter what it is you can sell it all on your website and as soon as the customer orders the vendor that actually creates the canvases or creates the phone cases prints your logo prints your design on that image and ships it out directly to your customer you guys it is the most amazing process ever it's called print-on-demand or p OD now in the description of this video i'm gonna provide a training to where i do over an hour of detailed walkthrough on exactly how to set up your own print-on-demand business literally i'm gonna provide you lots of training in the description of this video but for right now i want to tell you the story of how this t-shirt right here is responsible for generating over a million dollars in revenue for me this story is powerful because this is a true story in my life so here's what I do I'm gonna start at the beginning I'm gonna walk you through this step by step by step and tell you how print-on-demand literally revolutionized my life first things first it was 2013 this summer and my friend Arthur Tubman was starting to make a lot of money and he was living down in Costa Rica and I asked him I said listen Arthur what are you doing whatever you're doing right now is like making tens of thousands of dollars per month I want to learn and he told me goes Chris it's crazy I was down in Costa Rica and I met this guy who was a surfer who was making like ten to twenty thousand dollars a month passively from Facebook and so he would just go out and surf all day Arthur said he went to this guy and said dude can you teach me what you're doing this sounds amazing and the guy basically showed him how he built up these big Facebook fan pages with hundreds of thousands of fans and then would make posts and would sell them stuff for example he would build a fan page all about the walking dead and it would be like the Walking Dead fan club and every single day he would post pictures like memes and pictures of the actors and countdowns to when the next season is showing and then on this page every like couple days he would sell something maybe a Walking Dead t-shirt or an offer whatever it might be he said that this was absolutely crazy and it was creating like ten to twenty thousand dollars a month for him so the big thing was how can you build a big audience so Arthur literally started researching how to do this and Arthur figured out a way to copy this guy and to build up these big Facebook fan pages for literally one penny per fan we called it the penny click method literally for one penny per fan you could build up a huge fan page so for example for one dollar you could have a hundred fans for ten dollars you could have a thousand fans for a hundred dollars you could have 10,000 fans for a thousand dollars you could have 100,000 fans so think this through literally you could build a fan page of a hundred thousand fans for just a thousand dollars if you knew how to do it properly and it took some practice but he learned it he cracked the code and he started building up these massive fan pages then he started finding things to be able to sell them in that journey during that process I wanted to copy Arthur so what I did was I reverse engineered his entire process and I started doing it myself I started building up these big fan pages I remember one was all about the walking dead another one was all about bible scripture quotes stuff having to do with like Christianity another one was all about sports and having to do with the San Francisco 49ers a football team that I liked at the time and the San Francisco Giants I just built up all of these big massive fan pages literally I just started building fan pages in several niches and seen how big I could always trying to get fans for one penny each so fast-forward I've got all of these fan pages and now it's time to start monetizing time to start making money from them so I'm looking for little offers and looking for stuff at that time I came across an ad on Facebook and it was this guy named Tanner Larson who was teaching how to be able to do print on demand okay I had no idea what this was I had never heard of it before what print on demand was is literally what I saw from the ad was he was basically creating t-shirt designs putting them on t-shirts and selling them okay that's simple he's creating designs like this he wasn't even putting on t-shirts himself he was just uploading them putting them on a site called teespring back then and then selling them and he had a course teaching exactly house so you know I had to buy the course so I bought it I started going through it and I started learning from there he introduced me to another guy named Don Wilson this guy named Don Wilson had an amazing Facebook advertising course okay and it was called the laboratory we would all get together every single day in this Facebook group and ask questions and network and help each other out and so I started selling t-shirts I started posting pictures of t-shirts and all of my Facebook fan pages and I started getting sales you know one here one there they were trickling in maybe a few hundred dollars a month but I was still out of los because I had paid for the fans and it was taking too long to make back my money so I wanted to speed it up so what I did was I went inside the lab and I started seeing what other people were doing now there was this guy who literally had this big long post and he said you do not need to have a Facebook fan page with a lot of fans to make money that was the intros post like you do not need to build up these big fan pages owner to make money he says watch this case study I took a niche that I have no fan page in and I ran an ad directly to those people and I spent $100 and I turned around and made $1000 just like that literally overnight in my mind was blown here was this guy openly sharing what he was doing but he flipped $100 to make $1000 and he broke down the case study of it here I was building up these big fan pages and trying to do it all free here he was just placing an ad directly to his t-shirt so for example if you had a t-shirt design that said like Walking Dead it was like some sort of fan of The Walking Dead or something having to do with it now again we're not gonna get into copyright issues you got to be careful with like you can't use brands you can't use copyright infringing content nothing like that but let's just say you came up with some creative line that a fan of the Walking dad would know all he's saying is you take the picture and you make a post on Facebook and then you advertise it and then in the description there's a link to go buy the shirt that's all that he did he spent a hundred dollars made a thousand dollars and then everybody in the comments started doing it saying does this really work does this really work is this like you don't need a fan page and what happened was the entire industry was like revolutionized I was right there at the forefront of it I've had hundreds of thousands of fans on all these pages right at the time everybody was telling me you don't even have to have it so I tried it myself you are looking at my very first design that I went ahead and tried myself this says farewell candlestick it's got a silhouette of Candlestick part and it says 1971 to 2013 San Francisco what I did was I basically went online I knew I had the San Francisco 49ers page I felt comfortable because I was from the Bay Area in California so what I did was that went online and I said I need to find something that fans are passionate about I did a Google search and it was like San Francisco 49er fans okay I started saying maybe there's a fan site maybe there's something where I can see what they like and I went to Google Images and I kid you not one of the first Google images was a San Francisco 49ers fan who's holding up a sign you know when you go to a sports game you hold up signs he was holding up a sign and it said farewell Candlestick 1971 to 2013 that's exactly what it said so when I saw that I'm thinking to myself that's it I'm gonna make a shirt with that design and here's why Candlestick Park was where the 49ers had played all those years but the stadium was being torn down and they were moving to San Jose to a brand new stadium it was being torn down in 2013 so that was the last season they were gonna play there so all the fans were very sentimental about this I literally sat there and thought I'm gonna make this into a design so I went on to a site called up yupi were calm and I typed in graphic designer and I found the designer who would design this for $25 so this design right here cost me $25 okay so he designed this for me then what I did was I took it and I uploaded it to a site called teespring and I put it on a long sleeve like this I also put it on a short sleeve I put it on a v-neck type shirt for girls and then I put it on a hoodie now it was winter of 2013 so I spent the most of my majority of my time on these long sleeves and the hoodies and the hoodies you can sell them for 39.95 for $40 and your base cost is like just under $20 so essentially your cost is $20 customer pays $40 now you don't have any overhead out-of-pocket the company at that time was teespring they took all the overhead okay so here's what would happen I spent $25 I uploaded my image to teespring and I had a nice little site built for me I didn't even have to do anything okay I just chose what to price it what's elections there were stuff like that and I have a video in the description to be able to show you exactly how to do that next I had to get people to go to the page so what I did was I went on Facebook ads and I targeted people who liked the San Francisco 49ers but the audience was too big it was like millions and millions of people so I thought in order to get this audience to convert I need to make it smaller like five hundred thousand or a million people so what I did was I said San Francisco 49er fans who also live in San Francisco I thought that's gonna be the most loyal people people that actually have gone to Candlestick Park and that was another ad I did I targeted people who had checked in to Candlestick Park you know Facebook has check-ins right they allowed me to target people who checked into the park what a perfect audience people that actually have gone to this stadium have checked in are likely to purchase something like this to commemorate this and those little ads would target like two hundred thousand five hundred thousand people when I started running those ads I was only spending five dollars a day okay so my first day I was spending like five dollars and I would sell like five dollars I would sell like two hoodies and I'm sitting there going this is crazy I spent $5.00 the hoodies are $40 so I sold $80 in product and about half of its my commission so I'm making $40 so I'm spending $5 in making 40 some days only one would sell so I would spend five and make between twenty to forty dollars in profit okay crazy this is insane right so I'm sitting here going okay if I'm making three or four or five times my money let's turn it up so what I did was I created like about a hundred different ads that were $5 a day each so now I'm spending $500 a day and you guys might say that that's sketchy but I had already gone through the training I felt comfortable I knew that the shirt was selling because I had already tested it and I felt I just felt comfortable about it so you know what sometimes in life you've got to take risks so literally I spent around $500 a day advertising this and here's what I would do every single day I would go into my stats and I would see is this ad converting in sales or not if each one of these little five dollar ads imagine 100 of them if they weren't converting sales I would pause them and if they weren't converting sales I would let them run so eventually those hundred ads went down to like 80 because I would pause 20 of them then it went down to 60 cuz I would pause another 20 then it'll go down to 40 after lying two weeks all I had was 20 ads running so what I had done was I had paused all the losing campaigns but kept the winning campaign so essentially I had about 20 profitable campaigns going and it started printing out money like crazy this first shirt run that I did I ran in two different accounts one of them did about thirty thousand and the other one did about twenty thousand so together about fifty thousand dollars in profit this one shirt did about fifty thousand dollars in profit my entire life is like revolutionized the entire game has been changed for me because now all I gotta do is think of an idea have a designer do it for $25 and upload it to this website and then run ads to it worst case nobody buys it I'm out five or ten dollars right or I'm out twenty dollars I could live with that because it's like gambling but it's more calculated it's like calculated risk right because I could always just cancel and then I could just keep try and keep trying keep trying until I finally find a winner once I find a winner it's game on I'm gonna go crazy so here's what happened once I started having success like this everybody I knew was saying Chris please teach me dude this is amazing you're literally printing money in the facebook newsfeed teach me teach me teach me so what I did was I documented all of this into a case study I broke down exactly how I was making tens of thousands of dollars with this exact design and I created a little course the course was called dark post profits and because it was so real it was so authentic and it was only a hundred dollars that course started going viral that course literally sold over 5,000 customers at $100 apiece over five hundred thousand dollars generated just by sharing the testimonial so here's the first big business tip is that what I did was I basically spent time learning and then I positioned myself in front of the trend then when the trend hit I capitalized on it and I started running with it like crazy once I started making money I took screenshots I documented the process and I created my own digital course okay a little membership area with my little videos and I sold it so it's more than just the shirt the shirts marked up an extra five hundred thousand dollars so yes fifty thousand dollars in profit over here and another like after expenses another like three hundred thousand dollars in profit by teaching others how I did and it was going viral people loved it so much that they actually wanted a part two of the course so I created dark post profits part two and in that course I interviewed a bunch of people what are the greatest advertising strategies that you have for beginners we launched that course and that course did over a million dollars in sales in a single month and it was all based on this concept literally the concept of using Facebook ad to sell products that you don't have an inventory that's it I was just taking pictures of products people were buying them and somebody else was shipping them the product somebody else was had the inventory on the shirt somebody else was the one using the printing machines all the inventory on all the print-on-demand equipment somebody else was handling all the shipping somebody else was doing everything all I was doing was coming up with the design and uploading it to a site and then advertising that page that was it I was out you know like sometimes I would be out of hundred dollars with no profit but then I would cancel it and then over here maybe that's spend a hundred dollars no profit I would cancel it and I would keep trying until boom I spent a hundred dollars make a thousand then I got the winner and I no longer care about these losses and now I just scale that thing you guys this one shirt resulted in over a million dollars if it were not for this design if it were not for this one shirt I never would have created that course I never would have made that kind of money that's crazy to me right this one shirt what's proved to me that the model worked and I had the foresight to turn around and teach it because barely anybody was teaching it at that time you guys can you believe it now here's what's crazy is that I went on for the next several years that was 2013 I went on in 2014 2015 2016 2017 to continue teaching it now I've taught hundreds of thousands of people around the world how to make money from home with their computer and I can teach you as well and I'm doing it every single day here on my vlog all you've got to do is subscribe you guys this is exactly what we do it's like my way of being able to pay it forward I've been blessed to have generated tens of millions of dollars in sales online I'm blessed to be able to live in the house that I live in to drive the cars that I Drive and I'm blessed to have so many students with testimonials the least I can do is pay it forward so this training is free when you subscribe it's free here on this vlog sometimes we're doing entertaining stuff sometimes it's more education we combined them together we call it edutainment and the reason we do that is because we want to reach a broader audience instead of just boring teaching we want to mix it up and we want to have fun so today's episode was all about a story on how I was able to start literally from scratch learned friend get results position myself capitalize on a trend capitalize on an opportunity teach other people how to do it and create a massive amount of wealth in the process you guys should be reverse engineering and modeling after my success because there's not many people willing to share it openly like this and I'm doing that here for you today so today's vlog was a little bit different today is a travel day I've got to go jump on a plane I knew I wasn't gonna have time to film so I spent time with you right here in my hallway at my front door and I just wanted to kick it with you guys spend some good quality time and focus on education focus on life-changing principles hopefully you guys have enjoyed this and I look forward to seeing you in tomorrow's vlog

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