Oscar Valdez vs Miguel Marriaga - Apr. 2017 - WBO World Featherweight Championship

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the WBO featherweight world championship introducing first the fighter standing in the blue corner he enters the ring as the Challenger and wearing the colors of his homeland yellow blue and red this iron-fisted power puncher enters the ring with 25 victories one lone defeat 21 of his victories coming by way of KO from Alcorn a Columbia Ella scorpion Miguel

on cross ring in the red corner the reigning world champion wearing black with gray trim and he answers the rank an undefeated professional with 21 victories 19 of those victories coming by way of ko defending his WBO featherweight world championship representing the Espinoza boxing club he pulled on Nogales Sonora Mexico [Applause] so let's see who's got the speed we know who's got the power mind you Mariana's got plenty of power through he's get 21 knockouts in 25 wins about exchanging with Valdes I wouldn't suggest wherever's a little bit bigger

just leave [Applause] this is round one it's scheduled for 12 some are over Telos I don't expect this fight to go the distance somebody out here clip Today Show lot of the artists fights he showed a lot of speed to so

the fight between these two guys but I think that when I came taking the chains of those kind of exchanges because I found business [Applause] punches is moving well [Applause] I'm so happy is Neal [Applause] so he throws with the reckless abandon - for all of the that people wanted to see in the last fight and this fight they get to see it run away here right number one different style of fight all together sorry car that I I'm sorry yeah this is not the aphelion opposite this guy that came to fight right after back planning love was early as Valdes he's the black-and-gray try colors of the flag of Colombia is Whitsitt marry a girl wearing all right I go with the name on the back and I'll show his first name in the Prime [Applause] you know this doesn't have any problem in him with that high right hand up on the high side of the left ear now this catches it with a straight leg coming in mrs. the right that misses the left but catches over the light right going right handed sands over there yeah you know and I think that is already kind of got a veal that and he's good has gone under it like two or three times I think he sees it now that that is a white right hand and a few you should not be able to get hit with that I see that bunker get under and actually once you get under it it's just too much she gave me I think he's got a straight out a little bit to hit this guy because these guys back that this is ready for that already hello forget his head some quick knockout so Valdez he loved to throw that punch here you go yes I carried that he threw it they're calling me the kind of shiny head no yeah I say yeah come on try Jeff Huson that's that's important well there he is again using his jab to trying to keep this guy off and you know he's not afraid to try some power shots either as a stiff jab blended by Valdez those really gone head hunting gear and the early going on two or three occasions in the first ring [Applause] but he himself says this is the toughest fight of it is fought the best boxer that he's fought [Applause] now those is like the Energizer Bunny he just keeps moving moving any sense of Sathyan forget this by Mary Hagen I did exactly two solid shots right there Maria doing a nice job slipping punches moving back and forth pulled up and down for Valdez all this sets up and from the now steps off to the right stops

does only this how to fight one way that's done [Applause] Marcus come to fight again this is a second world title shot he lost his last role title shot that Nicholas Walter who was in his prime [Applause]

but in that fight he meant the distance weakened blocks and waltzes in those days but really back but similar to this fight [Applause] it's not a fat round for Mary Yaga at all

first round with the Valdez [Applause] the wind is written with 43 seconds to go Valdez looking to get in position we can get that left hand through he got it through the gloves of our egg of America's and some hard shots in this round harder I think that important bill does is that does it save it does get some light left hand throw I think so far this is marios [Applause]

which is good they'll disrespect take a look at the replay you see Valdez scores all right man and second up and I look at her body another right hand yep yes I like guarantee you the people watching down go to Colombia tonight I'm pretty excited presume to get down Sweet Pea Whitaker style sweetpea to do it but he gets down there pretty low then we've seen a nice job when Belle is comes in frozen's right-hand to getting his left hand catching the the either will wait at that punch in the back of his blood still feel it up against your ear right like I said you can see that punch gun mm she went under at this time it's out on the grub got the club because you handed catching that flawless shot like your captain of the ground but you pointed out you know the fact that he can see it coming so important a good eyes in his port bus the reflexes as true in every sport but you know the punch that hurt you is the one you don't see very evens for the first seven on this frozen again the Yeltsin Cheers

[Applause] today is his best punch in a while mangas up boxing him through the first two minutes of this round you just get the ID you didn't want to get caught by second business by Valdez but Valdez punches a while but there's a lot of snap to them as he get the jab who tries to get through again wondering about the two and a half inches in the you know the reach advantage is not great to marry aggregate [Applause] helping to go down [Applause] he's only respecting our call this is PI lays his chickens okay okay then he's got called is on the run this is unusual 22 seconds to go when I get the my angle winning this round yep it's close Bell does his head his moments look at the amount of punches at Mary Auguste thrown right now now this is oh you know doing the drug kind of punch ow this is some water [Applause] makes a statement at the end of that run take a look at this replay Carlos romário Yeah right on the ear but that's lucky that it wasn't on the chin they might have had something else might happen and that's a good hook right there baby we go to round number four top ranked boxing here StubHub Center in Carson California the WBO featherweight champ each is on the roll


poor brownie continues here [Applause] really trying

him out for the jet this is a tough fight on the Sun does she felt that Livi shot yeah [Music] he was scoring heavy shots [Applause] back upstairs loads up the right-hander's Valdez [Applause] does it point tension but he's loading it up for this is a tough face for this fighter these guys that just unloading on every shot every chance they get midway through round number four both guys loading at the shots Bell dings haven't been around this round though he is he'd landing some more shots and this is what he needs you don't want this thing to swing towards oh we go we have up front by a point as it is but this is some sort of action in this fight this is a terrific another way championship fight so far well does a big circle around of his right now our Agra stays on top and touches him up with the jab eats t just hit me that he doesn't give him any room does he stays right on top of Mon Mari Anka force in the fight this is something that Belle does duty usually does even consume off my sight Valdez touched him up at his merrie egg on his salt again the belt does handle a fight that says stop man we're gonna find out his topics he was right above the marry egg of being the toughest guy he's faced shakes his head no no no so Oscar having a decent tens is a bit of the noise of Miguel Miguel on the assault when the bell sounds these guys don't stop throwing fighters over take a look at this replay now that's the right hand left hook by ball that's just loading up [Music] right in everything is wide enough hit hard and heavy and here comes more hang out with this shots it gets countered this it's a super fast pace for this 12 rounder let's see who has more gas let's see if Marianna can get it going back his way now in this round that's been see-sawing back and forth valdez winning the first round marrying at the second and third Valdez the forefront lands on that very good plants [Applause] shots again down the right hand power does it is done stuffed wrong tries to set it up at the jam mega not landing has been e shots now as he was back in the second and third round but Bell des has felt the pressure in the power of this guy on several occasion during the course of the fight he'll des boxing better through there as he bounces it off the boy head downstairs to the spleen side of the body that's the left side of the body of Mary on the noggin again just to chose a hands open comes a little on the upside that time for these little Shakti the time he caught a bit of this he's gone

well des movie extremely well here now where he's been tested in his Ansan test well because this particular stage right now because he's a boxing with movement his baby 53 shots right there did he did he catch him yesterday but sometimes sometimes God is good [Applause] there's a stiff [Applause] [Music] does just want to sit down his punches in Katniss Oscar Valdez in the black trunks he yelling the Tri colors of the country of Colombia Mariana taking some these jabs in this round trying to gets him off but he's not [Applause] [Music]

closing seconds now the fifth round among the body shop area hasn't landed anything real heavy but that was a really solid bodies well he landed threw away yeah yeah that's right

Mario a magnificent physical condition me what do you think his body fat dead contest

you know he's just making this a very comparative fight but here expected a law and it is very very very smart is getting other punches when you get to keep that it catches that right because he's it's too light his puffiness beneath both hands of Oscar Valdez jr.

business we're not trying this is my selfie girl right there miss three uppercuts of in Valdez comes back [Applause] for this tough fight

back and forth at gos and looking at working Maria needs to come about in there steady goes over the shoulder there he is to the hottest ever say that then looked at the body lifting come here that's the right hand get resume of the right hand stiff jab Papa's almost came out this is anybody's reading right now Lena - Mariana o rasul'allah need to speed on the landing [Music] loads up that right hand again miss take it on the back of the GOP's the eyes of Mary augustson safer disease block [Applause] closing seconds Oscar gets a jet through a gay clubs him with one take a look at this do that jab right they that Jap insist a given of all this a lot of trouble yeah it is fights dead even in our score sheets [Applause] yeah I know this gonna test him because he's used to be they can for this is ready some changes or adjustments they get well he meant a little bit of adjustment and then he's back to his jab he's about I would say eight jabs already in this round exactly and that's probably what I was taught and the pan they're back get your jab working and let's see if we can work something behind the jab see this jabs working point is and then he can throw his right hand behind that but he doubled tripling instead he likes to come with me [Applause] Vargas [Applause] he just did do two straight lines split down the middle more arch to them so he's made an AC Johnson there's a machine now he was cleaned up until now he's dumping his jab Ellison and then he landed his fuck where's the hook big adjustment it all has to do with the jab [Applause] now it's Maria who's sleeping shots downstairs and missing just barely grazing in the coffee shop [Applause] Newport News guys we're sorry too to each other challenge each other see who's gonna be the good man tonight well the first two minutes to this round I give too much weight charcoal you mentioned the adjustment that he had the man whose shirt he has made the adjustment and the jab is what it's all about it keeps landing it and that opens up the right hand for I react before back on his heels a little bit smaller by Reagan mess with his right hand run sighs right stocks again backside again he gets clipped a little bit nothing here because he's moving but the difference in this round code but Oscar Valdez genie is the jab the jab in the story right and he's

with the right hand the body heat that held the landing clean of punches really falls down you see right now my gazpacho they mean something to define us because it sets him up the right hand land at that time by Mary Agha stop this up let's see if Oscar goes back into jab and he does and then the right hand you said the exact right thing as doubt of that seventh run that he had to make an adjustment and he has that's the plan big his work for Oscar Valdez swollen underneath the eyes nobody's been down don't be been shaken both guys have land that heavy blows both guys have done a nice job box both guys a puffy around the eyes from the amount of punches to him and landed and taken [Applause] when he goes back to that jab is a different fighter he's Valdez exactly look at that that's beautiful [Applause] he's been using that Jeff for the big boss on [Music] and in a right hand there all right a very good box room and again Oscar's say you know he sees the best box that I wanna face including twenty his world title

it's clipped behind the left ear as he's running away Austin Valdez epoxy marry again this the eighth round got half the round still the Gulf - he's been boxing the whole that the whole fight of the differences and when his boxing some tase's now Lana and this one he has landed it's a genius and so up to him in order to understand how pop is we have to be [Applause] come to this point in this round is working birthday for him because he hasn't taken a big shock from Miguel and Miguel is getting a little frustrated right now he's gonna mouse underneath this tough time but he's not landing here the amount of punches that he was landing in the earlier going and his belt does lands a shot up setback with Mario Mario sets up right in front of them and he's not landed because of Ava's Jericho you know he's got that jab in his face in the making as many he's got worried about that George [Applause] punches and caisson side-to-side movement and he very rarely pulled back straight up he pulls up his say even awkward get some in the top of the head [Applause] there's no quick karega I'll tell you take a look at the replay that said shall we hit him on the top of the head and at the end of the round that's that's the good flurry that was showing you marry Agra I think that was about the only floor he had in that in that round most people thought that develop des Junior with of dispatch Mariana by now well does Junior wasn't one of them he knew it was going to be a tough fight this is an important fight for him because he's been working this fight in fact he had to change his tactics after the sixth round and he was able to do that going back to the way when he throws that jab missing leg like that straight then it opens up the straight right hand takes a pretty good little shot the adjustment they made in the pants just he's he'll notice the pylons what while he is [Music] and I really like what he's doing now throwing that jet spray right right down the middle keeping his purchase short but precise and that's what he needs to do we're talking about Oscar Valdez meanwhile mario has made an adjustment to this round he's short of his punches a little bit gone back to his bed straight right hand see that jet cut him good and spun that Valdez will this stand-up everything going his way to the strongest around and Mariana is back in this round it seemed the land the clean truck that has to do with the movement in the development of that Jam and the straight right hand this with your ask them to throw there it is again when he doesn't go really what he's been getting away with the real lights right hand with a lot of people but he hasn't got away with the type of this guy when he throws the straight right his movie throws the right hand straight I shouldn't say it's much more effective this is tough boxing Jack Reese's watch hit him in the back of the head right hand stand back and let these guys fight which is great the difference in the fight and it looks like it always meditating control is the movement he's killing me again a lot of trouble

come to tear for changing room [Applause] straight one downstairs

[Applause] noriega drop put pressure on is only about 17 16 15 seconds to go in the ninth round this is a very close round I don't think it's clearly a bell des drowned it is adjustment no big Cory at the else's round take a look at this replay go ahead Carlos well there's there's it's going right there as he's come sort of a thing this is the big shot because of the movement of our Valdez and then ball this comes right back does the reigning champion from Mexico one point separating him with three rounds to go and Valdez junior out in front in the fight that last round to have gone either way Annika went about Dez's way that he he's got to be out in front with these three rounds to go Oh and I'll tell you this the Gilman react Barmes the tensor has you know talking to second line so good [Music] [Applause] is feeling the pressure to America's definitely got a second wind here let's say that Valdez jr. this is when it's really tough guys is we need training [Applause] right hand right hand again to this [Applause] he is up at 7:00 II just [Applause] taught him [Applause] quite man [Applause] getting closer lockdown but there's no quickness guy he's exhausted has been falling and Valdez Judy putting the track runner more power the heels a very heavy of marina he's shaking him again is he gonna manage [Applause] he stepped out of there 49 40 27 seconds ago this round Wow having a pretty good 10th round he met his adjustment got a second late and all of a sudden he gets clipped by an ellipse and this rod changes dramatically [Applause] this is terrible he's coming after right

and the uppercut misses [Applause] one but boxing closing seconds Mariana [Music] [Applause] you won't see if you take this oh yeah it's just scoring in the head Valdez in trouble and this is the shot that gets from this out of trouble all the time now left hook over the top and down ghost or Jaeger his neck was like a corkscrew when he get it but oh there is Wow here we go what more can they get into Jesus crowd this is sensational stuff top-ranked boxing at its best [Applause] Valdez had Mary Hagen to test Ram only to see Mario come back that's to ditch you that's training Oh gonna try to get after this is the way to standing up the last round it looked like you go the second winner who's trying to around and things are going his way until he get a hellacious left hook that turned his head like a cork screw up the left hand of Valdes jr. Oscar Valdez sit there you don't want to sit down in the Hodges but again we took at the last 10 seconds of the [Applause] he was exhausted he got to the corner I don't think [Applause] niggas niggas yes he is Javan his face jam in his face tell this trying to set up another big left hand if he possibly can but he's pretty exhausted right now Maria's a guy who's that said that he clubs him on the left hook Wow when he came right back with his own right hand I was just fight this Jenna those Knicks exhausted he's caught flat-footed right now Martha's walkers I think Marietta you know is positive more damage that when Valdez sometimes in this range this is this is cool once at the most [Applause] the overhand right again we haven't seen in a while to tell this big push right now limite splendid [Applause] three wines [Applause] straight left hand

there's the left hand getting through the right hand again [Applause] 37 seconds ago in this round this has been a dandy to think of those dumb enough to take this Freddie's get covered this room I think so too does that say that he's live mine is a decent left 10 bits 22 seconds 21 20 seconds to go in the 11th round [Applause] he's totally exhausted - Wow [Applause] you take a look at the replay I mean Marianas on top of him Arriaga gets hit with a couple of shots this is the end of the round and went through the whole round goes walking him down and hit them to jab hit your shots inside outside so they have been around heal a couple shots or not enough to win that round this has been some kind of war Mariano is down in the 10th round but then came back in the 11th round and had a real decent round Oscar Valdez jr. at the end of the round and we both gave him a test round who wanted the most his he needs us right both guns bead around his girlfriend you know you need everyone because of the hardness fight has been hard go see the fireworks they sure have Tobin is made don't take anything for granted finish this fight we by two points going to this round in his fight you just don't know because Mario and certainly come to fight and put on a great show walks into the right hand that time by Valdez Junior we slow down just for a second here two minutes to go for you talking about these guys but you know back after the six round the fight the dead even is sick you know find out what those juniors get from he made an adjustment in that seventh round dan was able knock down he was having a terrific tantrum Soviet corkscrew and his benign bucks on this run little by Valdez junior who's on his boat he can move the pace of this fight has been absolutely said safe [Applause] but ask for sheets the difference in the fight was the knockdown and didn't last he was losing for sure yeah I left okay yeah change the question the plate now 50 seconds to go still up in the air he gets all that right hand [Applause] the head back [Applause] now this is trying to put an exclamation point No right now stands forty seconds ago the five yes his money [Applause] backs up the rugs [Applause] sensational prizefight [Applause] I thought middle dense won the last round yes she did touch Letterman scores it 119 to 108 judge young 116 to 1 11 and judge Marla scores it 118 to 109 for the winner by way of Hyun Animus decision [Applause] [Music] Oh God you told me earlier this week that you felt like he was the number one contender regardless the sanctioning body he put up a hell of a fight tonight how would you rate your performance I mean obviously no one's perfect I would say a nine eight I'll let my my training my dad my manager decide for me what I did I'm just happy I won the fight you were able to rock him there and the 10th round got his legs wobbly got him to knock down what did you see there on that punch it was a great left hook it seems like you were setting him up for that I know he was he had his hand up he knew I was gonna throw that left hook I saw we kept out throwing that jab so he can you know get a little comfortable and we can add that left hook was there ever a point in the fight where you were hurt oh not hurt but I did feel his punches he's a hard-hitting fighter like I said it wasn't easy and thank God I just wanted to fight there's a lot of talent in this 126 pound division I know you talked about the want to unify titles where would you like to go from here who would you like to fight I mean how what am i finding the world champions unify my title for the champions right now a champion is no Santa Cruz Gabrielle Solis I'll be more than happy fight them a lot of people here at the StubHub came to see you a lot of people watching back at home anything you'd like to say to

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