How to Teach the Forced Fetch to Any Dog Part 1

by: Larry Krohn

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hey guys this is Larry effect matches dog training today is step one of teaching the force fetch or force retrieve I'm getting more and more calls from everyday dog owners who want to teach that skill to their to their pet dog and today we're going to start that with Luca this is day 1 he hasn't he hasn't done this yet yes he'll chase anything and bring it back there's a difference between chasing things and picking things up that he wants to and teaching them how to use a real soft mouth to pick up anything that you request of him but today the only things we're going to use I'm going to be using a regular working glove here one glove we're going to use a chair to keep him elevated and I have some food as always whenever we're teaching anything new we do up a lot of a lot of positive rewards and this is a very complex command so we're going to break this up into several steps so today is just part one we're going to do this step for several days it could be four days gonna be five days maybe even longer it depends how he progresses and we're going to do it several times a day for very very short sessions okay and it starts off a little up like this I'll show you how we get started Luca come place so as soon as he gets up there I'm just going to give a little food just to reward and start making this positive look a calm place he wants to go play with his big block of ice over there okay he's not going to like this he's going to fight this because no dog likes a glove being put in their mouths with your hand in it so I'm going to show you how we start off we open his mouth and we slide the side of our hand starting with our index finger towards the back of his mouth and just keep him calm okay I'm not using a command yet my thumb is under the bottom of his mouth so I hold my hand in there and I just relax it and he's trying to spit it out okay so we're going to relax

just relax let them keep fighting it you'll see a lot of Pro trainers fasten their dog to something so they can move around this that definitely makes it a lot easier but most everyday pet owners don't have those tools or capability so I'm just going to use the chair okay so now he's fighting really hard and this is normal okay as soon as he calmed down I stop and feed release them okay I'm not marking it I'm not using a command but as soon as he eased up a little bit I stopped gave him some food and let him go off now he's running around with his ice again but again whenever would teach anything new I always resort back to nape Oppo ok negative positive positive and of course the negative here is me sliding my hand into his mouth he doesn't like that that's negative to him no it doesn't hurt or anything but you wouldn't like something being forced into your mouth that's the negative part okay the first positive is me releasing that pressure taking my hand out of his mouth and then the second positive is the food name po po negative positive positive we always try to follow for two positives behind the negative okay so I'm going to call them over and we're going to do it again Luka come place sit okay very gently with the side of my hand I just open his mouth and he's going to fight it but that's okay keep it in there nice and gentle and I had my thumb on the bottom of his mount so he can't spit it out

I'm going to relax again no commands yet okay you can I can start telling him fetch fetch good fetch but right now just choosing not to do anything but get him used to my hand coming to his mouth

good soon as he relaxes we stop then he learns to be calm air calmer and I pee I give food we always keep the positive okay got to keep this positive he doesn't like that so I'll do this two three four times just like I did just now and then release them let them do whatever he wants a couple other things you can do this is just one technique okay there are several ways to teach almost everything in dog training this is one technique I like to combine different techniques when I'm teaching especially something complex so a couple other things you could do in your home if you're just walking through your kitchen you have some training treats nearby you know another thing you can start to do right now to make it a little easier as you progress is this premier look say okay just take your hands one on the bottom one on the top grab his snout gently he's come we release we feed that's going to help you later on down the road - another thing one of the biggest problems with the force fetch is even once they start taking things from you they have things in their mouth as soon as you give them another command or they start moving they want to spit it out so another way that you can help prevent that is start right now and you can do this tomorrow okay so very gently like camara we've got the tongue so like we did the last step grab his snout and move he moves forward nice and easy with your hands on his snow reward and he hurts me even when he takes food he's such a lunatic okay but hold it is snout nice and easy getting him used to moving that's going to later on help you when when you get further along with this command you want him to start moving with an object that it was now so really it's just combining a couple of different techniques that I have found very very useful in the past with with a lot of dogs this is frustrating you're going to want to quit because a lot of dogs are very tough to do this with it's not an easy thing to teach you have to be patient don't get frustrated don't get upset with the dog take your time I don't care if you do the first hit for three weeks there's no rush here okay so this is part one I'm going to continue with this for a few days we'll see how Luka progresses and then when we move on to the next step we'll do another video and keep you posted around progress I hope this helps all you guys out there a

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, professional dog trainer Larry Krohn shows one way to teach the forced fetch to any dog. Larry is the owner and trainer of Pak Masters Dog Training which services the Nashville, Tennessee and Bowling Green, Kentucky areas
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